HEXXIT: The Best Swords & Bows!

HEXXIT: The Best Armour:
HEXXIT: The Best Staffs:
HEXXIT: The Best Shields:
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Автор theodor Evensen ( назад)
The infiminer is also the best weapon it is like the bane of pigs but it
mines 4×4 and never breakes

Автор windgod110 ( назад)
Nice This modpck is going to be fun 

Автор Ábris Kubina ( назад)
The flintlock(Revolver) can't spam.(only in creative)

Автор jack george ( назад)

Автор Marsh Man ( назад)
um, the revolver only rapid fires with creative on.... it has a a delay in

Автор GeorgyJo * ( назад)
this is not the best armour it's the fiery

Автор LizarusMovies ( назад)
What is with living metall and biomass?

Автор spilldetHD ( назад)
You are talking too much!

Автор Cronus Ampora ( назад)
Wow... I already have all of those and i didnt even realize it

Автор Eray Icoz ( назад)
Gold bow is fastest

Автор Darius Thompson ( назад)
But a rapier is still the best

Автор Dr Washcloth ( назад)
and they both have a chance to block arrows and projectiles by holding RMB

Автор Emma Tracy ( назад)
The ender sword and diamond sword are the same damage but ender lasts longer

Автор Iray Mc ( назад)
Hunters Handgun is the best weapon. With concussive Magazine I think.

Автор Alyssa Merchant ( назад)
What about the bane of pigs??

Автор Jack Lett ( назад)
i like the crystal bow

Автор Trevor Actor ( назад)
I love how you say inventory.

Автор Jakob Bunse ( назад)
hey good video but you have to test the revolver without gamemode than it
shoots really slow

Автор Sirjoddelgames ( назад)
Very good Video

Автор VeroxKrankheit ( назад)
Fuck offffffffdfddsxoa 7s 65 e 77v jtfii GL7f Ougdi88Kdhk Llkaurk

Автор Mustapha Senhadji ( назад)

Автор Jimmy V ( назад)
Live metal is good

Автор TheFreshBanana12 ( назад)
a little hint for you actually in case of damage the living metal giant
sword hits the most dmg it actually hits average 11and12

Автор DerkaDerkaDragon ( назад)
Nice video mind checking me out

Автор Funnyrunner Weise ( назад)
The Iron long sword Taks 10 hitpoints

Автор TheRenegadeStarr ( назад)
shit wheres the water staff?

Автор Kelvin Woodley ( назад)
Ender giant sword is more durable and X2 strength of enchantments so
sharpness V is boss on it.

Автор Der Typ der keine Smileys benutzt ( назад)
Whats with the kreknorite Sword?

Автор Cladic list ( назад)

Автор DanielFrequency ( назад)
I think the Hunters Gun is the better. It have variation Bullet LoL

Автор BruilRok ( назад)
The tinkers construct weapons are the best

Автор luke marini ( назад)
revolver can shoot fast cause url on creative if not then u would have a
reload time

Автор L3giteliminator ( назад)
Legia bow enchanted ( can shoot 3 times ) is actualy 40 damage! or 25 to 3
enemies .. better than revolver , wich doesnt do damage in each shot , when
u spray

Автор L3giteliminator ( назад)
ender sword can tp if shift + right click , dia not soo its worth getting ,
( not the gia the normal )

Автор L3giteliminator ( назад)
ender gia sword has half the durability as the dia gia sword , dia gia
sword is best , the dia is best anyways , max dam 7 is actualy average ,
and meteorite is 6... and dia has 1k+ durability and ender has 550 .. dia
is also easy to get and as good as thief scale and tribal only diff is the
bonuses , they have same armor just the bonuses dia should be there

Автор L3giteliminator ( назад)
1 less damage than dia sword , and less durability

Автор Filip Holmqvist ( назад)
kneknorite sword then ?

Автор zBeeDee ( назад)
Thanks! Doing a survival let's play and this really helped!

Автор Paul Randøy ( назад)
Ninja dagger deals 10 damage

Автор Zer0dog ( назад)
best mod pack ever

Автор Veronica Wong ( назад)
The legia bow shoots 3 arrows only when it is enchanted with powerful

Автор Sabre Knights ( назад)
Subscribe to me I do hexxit vids two

Автор Sebas AK47 ( назад)
The Legia Bow shoots 3 arrows not 2

Автор Optimal Destruction ( назад)
guess who forgot about the ninja dagger! best weapon....

Автор Maxwell Pilzer ( назад)

Автор Andrei Talanga ( назад)
Aw god End-Game Tinker's Construct Longsword deals 21 hitpoints per hit ...
And aswell Ender Sword Ninja Dagger Magic Boomerang Rift Blade Soul Reaper

Автор LVgamerTeam ( назад)
You can teleport with ender sword by pressing shift+right cluck

Автор king drago ( назад)
Decapitate 1 and 2 are the same but 2 gives you a higher chance of getting
the head

Автор HydroHypo ( назад)
Lol that revolver what mod is it from not complaining but it's so

Автор nikolaj leganger ( назад)
it makes them bleed because you can use a bloodvessel and do kinda the same
as enchanting (you can do that aswell with the souls) :) so the blood has a

Автор JSQ - Epic Minecraft! ( назад)
I have now uploaded The Best Enchantments In Hexxit Video! Go check it out
on my channel!

Автор Samikasta Derp ( назад)
The Scythe can hit more than one

Автор Radude ( назад)
*facepalm* the Modpack is called Hexxit the mod he wants to know is called
"???" cause i dont know

Автор Jonathan Thomsen ( назад)
actually a rapier with manullyn might be the best u cant see u must make it
with tinkers construct it doesnt do much damage in 1 hit but it hit double
as fast

Автор funnyroro123 ( назад)
4:46 miniature heart wtf

Автор mammas son ( назад)
hexxit ;)

Автор Dude ( назад)
What mod is the giant diamond sword from? Can someone tell me? I'm here
because of that.

Автор Danny Drew ( назад)
This guy I stupid I'm going to make a good vid on this stuff soon

Автор N3TH3RKOALA ( назад)
I find the blazing bow quite pointless why don't i just go put flame 2 on
my legia bow and do fire damage to two enemies at once

Автор obelix wianto ( назад)
if ur iventory is full the stuff will fly around if u have the magnetizm

Автор KS I ( назад)
Crystal bow with fire arrows is making 25 damage with 1 shot!!!!

Автор XiFuZeDBeAsTX ( назад)
At the same time btw :)

Автор XiFuZeDBeAsTX ( назад)
Hold F3 and H to see the durability like so he can see! :)

Автор MrWilliamo ( назад)
Anyone know what individual mod the diamond great sword is from? :)

Автор Geometry Dash RubyPhire ( назад)
Nice I subbed

Автор TheMagicalBean ( назад)
Guys, Zombies have 1 defense, so when he tests on zombies, there damage is
1 less than it should be. When he tests on something else, it makes that
sword seem better than it really is

Автор Chunskuru ( назад)
What about the tinkers construct swords......

Автор TheEliteNuclearGames s ( назад)
well find it out yourself noob its called google duh

Автор Razkharn ( назад)
>Best swords and bows >Talks about gun. No.

Автор Sagi H ( назад)
u are rewiewing this SOOOOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOOW! just say what u wanna say
and end it

Автор Dennis Tran ( назад)
NOOB i must say,but the big/giant swords actually block hits/damage if you
block also it will show a armor bar on top of the hunger bar.it shows how
long you can block damages/hits for.Tumbs up for him to see!

Автор Alexis Negron ( назад)
the souls with the sythe remind me of soul eater

Автор stin7271 ( назад)
whats better diamond plated scale armor or just the scale armor (hexical

Автор ColtonXan ( назад)
Anyone got a NEW Hexxit server? Factions would be nice, and PLEASE make it
new, or atleast a new map because I hate maps that's been completely
cleared out or looted.

Автор MiningToCraft ( назад)
Also the Steel Battle axe does 11 damage without charge up

Автор MiningToCraft ( назад)
LOL You Forgot the hunters handgun which (depending on the ammo) is

Автор Nulx ( назад)

Автор LJG ( назад)
Great video man! You just gained a sub :)

Автор Xorrin Draekelon ( назад)

Автор Mr.Dynamite ( назад)
what is the giant sword and stuff in

Автор ravercorum20 ( назад)
Best DPS weapon is a Many rapier, using the tool forge to give the sword 2
more modifiers and then use all 5 modifiers to add quarts to the rapier.
Once all 5 modifiers have been used up, you can then use an anvil to add a
sharpness 5 enchant onto the rapier. Once enchanted you can now put the
item into an enchanting table to add whatever enchants you'd like for free.
The outcome is 20 damage per hit (rapiers hit a lot faster than swords), 24
if wearing tribal armor.

Автор pawarej ussayaporn ( назад)
excuse me what is '' Ward, after something the word that im not sure and
soulsteal did take life how many'' that all i ask

Автор Leo Stern ( назад)
um why is the kreknorite sword not in this video?

Автор SweetandSourAppel ( назад)
the best weapon is the bane of pigs stupid

Автор RedBananaHD ( назад)
Yeah but it's banned on most server and causes lots of lag

Автор Francisco Mayer ( назад)
the better bow is the ender bow

Автор deathdefire507 ( назад)
btw kreknorite sword has a better crit chance than the meteorite sword so
its slightly better

Автор Cosmic Paudel ( назад)
You're ignoring all the tinkers construct swords as you can modify them to
do more damage.

Автор BlizterFrost ( назад)
The ender sword also lets you tp through walls while pressing Shift+Right

Автор offypoffy ( назад)
the ender sword (walker drop) right click give resistence and shift right
click to teleport

Автор Thats Not a Knife, This is a Knife ( назад)
I gave my legia bow power V and it does 35 damage per hit

Автор NVK x ( назад)
Nice:) U saw my comment and did a vid!

Автор GOD GAMER ( назад)
the best weapon in theg ame is bane of pigs and another custome weapon that
can 1 hit to

Автор NVK x ( назад)
The best melee weapon is the 'Bane of pigs' found extremely rarely in
dungeon chests, dealing over 1 million damage. The best ranged weapon is
the holy hand grenade, a craft able weapon dealing over 80 damage.

Автор Deathstrike0921 ( назад)
The ender sword will teleport you with shift-right click

Автор Iced Gamer ( назад)
With the Crysal bow you can just right-click 1000000000 times and your
opponent is dead meat

Автор SpiderKing7777 ( назад)
Personally I think the Tinkerer's Construct Scythes are the best weapon due
to their AOE

Автор Zeb Peep ( назад)
U said that the revolver has a high rate of fire thats true but thats only
valid in creative in survival the revolver shoot really slow for a low
amount of damage

Автор Adrian Radford ( назад)
dude the revolver is good and all but seriously dude learn what ur talking
about cas in survival the revolver takes almost as long as the bow to
reaload and if u get a head shot it does more damage

Автор Peter Paik ( назад)
you can teleport with the ender sword -________-

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