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Автор JSQ - Epic Minecraft! (1 год)
Remember, these are the best non Tinkers Construct Swords & Bows! I have a
separate video showing you the best Tinkers Construct Swords & Bows! It's
on my channel so go check it out! :)

Автор jack george (3 месяца)

Автор Caleb Dafish (9 месяцев)
Wrong the best sword is LivingMetal giant sword

Автор Marsh Man (4 месяца)
um, the revolver only rapid fires with creative on.... it has a a delay in

Автор GeorgeManSoCool chanel (5 месяцев)
this is not the best armour it's the fiery

Автор LizarusMovies (5 месяцев)
What is with living metall and biomass?

Автор MLG Pingu (1 год)
Royal guardian sword does 550 damage

Автор Nathan Diep (10 месяцев)

Автор Spinosaurus1212 (11 месяцев)
You have yet to see orespawn

Автор spilldetHD (5 месяцев)
You are talking too much!

Автор Tyler May (10 месяцев)
dude what about kreknorite its rlly good it does like 11 and 12 and what
about the fiery sword it does 10's and 11's i think so i think u kinda
messed up xD

Автор SuperSlashSplash (1 год)
Wehre is bane of Pigs this is the best sword

Автор Miksu112 1337 (1 год)
Ender Giant Sword has more durablity than Diamond.

Автор Cade Craft (1 год)
Bane of bigs is stronger then all the swords and bows combined it does a
million damage I looked on the wiki 

Автор DopeDoesMC (1 год)
Fiery sword is really good

Автор Feath Wolf (10 месяцев)
Miss derect5ing theres a scythe

Автор SpartanpigLP (1 год)
I like the Walker sword but its not in the Video :(

Автор Jman1225Ron (1 год)
Ok. The Ender Giant Sword and the Diamond Giant Sword does the same amount
of damage (8 Hit points) but the Diamond Giant Sword has more durability
than the Ender Giant Sword. And the Revolver has a cool down, in the video
you can rapid fire because you are in creative.

Автор Lucas Williams (11 месяцев)
What mod is the giant swords from

Автор theamazingamin#1 (11 месяцев)
so inacurate

Автор Isaac Hirsch (11 месяцев)
Acualy in tinkers construct u can make a sword that does 23 damage and is
not affected by armour

Автор SaSsY HD (1 год)

Автор Arnold Searles (1 год)
Bane of pigs is the strongest sword in hexxit

Автор SuperAwesomeMan (1 год)
And with the ender sword you can teleport

Автор Isaac Hirsch (11 месяцев)
And a now in tinkers construct can do 25 damage and takes .75 secounds to
draw back

Автор Tobias Derbaba (1 год)
What is with the Livingmetalsword?

Автор TammyAnne Afragola (1 год)
Bane of pigs?

Автор SaSsY HD (1 год)
are u from wolvo

Автор wongwanchap (1 год)
Best melee weapon should be belong to tinker construct weapon with
modifier. And after you add fortune modifier, you can actually enchant your
tinker construct weapon, making them stronger than any other weapon.

Автор Diving Lp (1 год)
Magicbane is the best sword when all enchantet thinks are on the sword Than
make the sword 40damage

Автор Serkan Sevgin (10 месяцев)
iron bigsword the best 

Автор R P G a m e s (1 год)
Hinters Handgun is Vetter than the Revolver.

Автор BumbleMunch (1 год)
What about the Monking sword?

Автор OrangeKProductions Gaming (1 год)
Walker is the best sword with 13 hit points.

Автор zach riley (1 год)
wat about the rift blade

Автор Ert Tre (1 год)
Not trying to be offensive or anything but I think you don't completely
know everything about this modpack.

Автор Cody Campbell (1 год)
Rapiers are best for PVP, Giant Ender sword does same as Dia Giant but has
less dura.

Автор Laura Michalec (1 год)
What about the Bane Of Pigs??!?!?!

Автор Dusty Storm (1 год)
The elder sword makes you telaport

Автор GreenCore23 (1 год)
The legia bow (Which fires two arrows) has a chance to fire 3 arrows. I
tested it out by firing an Infinity bow randomly and found it out by
chance. Its kind of like a crit chance deal. Buuuut instead of two
arrows its 3.

Автор Stanley Tzeng (1 год)
Where is the bane of pigs???

Автор The Hot Chocolate Gamer (1 год)
wow, cheers man. Video helped a lot!

Автор Taktik Kuchen (1 год)
You didnt put the livingmetal Giant sword

Автор Robert Stojnic (1 год)
You forgot Biomass sword Livingmetal sword and kneknorite sword :D

Автор Gregory Moore (1 год)
I found the best weapon ever but im not sure if its in survival or creative
only its the "Bane of pigs"
Btw its a frying pan

Автор Alvin PlaysMc (1 год)
What mod is the ender giant sword?

Автор Justin Brookman (1 год)
Rapiers for Tanky Bosses (Fast Hits) (Shit tons of quartz stack with 7
Giant Swords for Offensive Bosses (Block)
Scythe for Groups of Mobs (R-Click) (Singleplayer only)
Also if you enchant sharpness 5 on a scythe and get hexxit armor you mostly
one hit kill all normal mobs with R-Click.
My personal favorite is of course the scythe

Автор Luis Blunschi (1 год)
There is allso the ban of pigs 

Автор FreeK Clan (1 год)
You forgot the kreknorite sword witch does 9 damage

Автор joshua johnston (1 год)
i cant find the ender sword in my game has i been removed?

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