HEXXIT: The Best Swords & Bows!

HEXXIT: The Best Armour:
HEXXIT: The Best Staffs:
HEXXIT: The Best Shields:
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Автор Cade Griffin (14 дней)
Bane of bigs is stronger then all the swords and bows combined it does a
million damage I looked on the wiki 

Автор SuperAwesomeMan (3 месяца)
And with the ender sword you can teleport

Автор SpartanpigLP (2 месяца)
I like the Walker sword but its not in the Video :(

Автор Arnold Searles (4 месяца)
Bane of pigs is the strongest sword in hexxit

Автор Cody Campbell (2 месяца)
Rapiers are best for PVP, Giant Ender sword does same as Dia Giant but has
less dura.

Автор JSQ! EPIC GAMING VIDEOS! (5 месяцев)
Remember, these are the best non Tinkers Construct Swords & Bows! I have a
separate video showing you the best Tinkers Construct Swords & Bows! It's
on my channel so go check it out! :)

Автор Zombi Hunter (1 месяц)
Hinters Handgun is Vetter than the Revolver.

Автор wongwanchap (20 дней)
Best melee weapon should be belong to tinker construct weapon with
modifier. And after you add fortune modifier, you can actually enchant your
tinker construct weapon, making them stronger than any other weapon.

Автор FreeK Clan (2 месяца)
You forgot the kreknorite sword witch does 9 damage

Автор CoolyoboyGaming (4 месяца)
Hunter's handgun? Its wayyy better then all of the bows and pistols.

Автор Ert Tre (3 месяца)
Not trying to be offensive or anything but I think you don't completely
know everything about this modpack.

Автор Kick Rico (2 месяца)
What about the rapier

Автор Diego Segura (3 месяца)
The legia bow is the strongest bow if u enchant it to the max it could hit
up to 40 hit damage

Автор Stanley Tzeng (5 месяцев)
Where is the bane of pigs???

Автор Frank Twix (3 месяца)
Living Metal and Kneckroite sword are the best

Автор DailyDaves (5 месяцев)
I think you'd find yourself obtaining way more likes and subscribers if you
would get to the point in these videos. You make good content, but all the
sidetracking I think makes people impatient. Maybe try recording your
videos first and then voice over them after they've been cut down to the
"meat" of the video- I hope you take this criticism positively. Good luck!

Автор Naruto Uzumaki (3 месяца)
The best sword is biomass giant sword i thinked

Автор HalfAndHalf Gaming (3 месяца)
I usualy think the crystal bow is good for range attacks, while the legia
bow being more of a tacticle bow

Автор Bob Smith (4 месяца)
You forgot the bane of pigs...

Автор Mallard Bothers tjelta (4 месяца)
Earth crusher is the best sword. When you right click you make an explosjon
and if your enemy is in a long distanse IT will make the ground hit it!

Автор The Hot Chocolate Gamer (3 месяца)
wow, cheers man. Video helped a lot!

Автор Rayman (4 месяца)
The scythes are from the Harken scythe mod and are use to collect souls and
the javelins are used to collect blood. Just wanted to point that out.

Автор Luis Blunschi (2 месяца)
There is allso the ban of pigs 

Автор Bryce Chan (2 месяца)
The diamond glaive is a spear. I teven looks like one, but it is probably
on par with the diamond scythe and from my opinion they are the most
"useful". They are the basis to the harken scythe mod so yeah.

Автор michelin lopez (3 месяца)
If you have meteorite armour it does same thing as sword

Автор dieter rodriguez (4 месяца)
In the 3rd time with the crystal bow against the zombie it was 12 HIT

Автор BumbleMunch (3 месяца)
What about the Monking sword?

Автор Ror shach (4 месяца)
If a sticky mob picks up your bane of pigs though.... gG

Автор Marcus Andresen (2 месяца)
can you please stop saying "actually" and "basically" so often...? 

Автор Justin Brookman (2 месяца)
Rapiers for Tanky Bosses (Fast Hits) (Shit tons of quartz stack with 7
Giant Swords for Offensive Bosses (Block)
Scythe for Groups of Mobs (R-Click) (Singleplayer only)
Also if you enchant sharpness 5 on a scythe and get hexxit armor you mostly
one hit kill all normal mobs with R-Click.
My personal favorite is of course the scythe

Автор Cat V. (4 месяца)
+Thinknoodles Hope this helps u! :)

Автор Anthony K (1 месяц)
Walker is the best sword with 13 hit points.

Автор GreenCore23 (1 месяц)
The legia bow (Which fires two arrows) has a chance to fire 3 arrows. I
tested it out by firing an Infinity bow randomly and found it out by
chance. Its kind of like a crit chance deal. Buuuut instead of two
arrows its 3.

Автор Joe Brown (4 месяца)
Thanks for the video man. I just enchanted my Giant Diamond Sword to
Sharpness III and it does an amazing 17 dmg.

Автор Robert Stojnic (2 месяца)
You forgot Biomass sword Livingmetal sword and kneknorite sword :D

Автор sasuke uchiha (4 месяца)
you r a big fuck

Автор Englebert Magentaschweiger (5 месяцев)
"It looks big in your hand..."

Автор MrRyminSimon (4 месяца)
Golden bow is faster than the Crystal bow

Автор Ola Hoffmann (4 месяца)

Автор Dic Soupcan (5 месяцев)
The "Bane of pigs" literaly does 20 mil damage, but it is the rarest spawn
in all of minefaft

Автор zach riley (1 месяц)
wat about the rift blade

Автор Adam Fattori (4 месяца)
Shift And Right Click With The Ender Sword
To Teleport

Автор mcDBX2 (4 месяца)
You talk to much get to the damn point woulda took 7 mins if you didnt talk
so much

Автор Carl Rorstrom (3 месяца)
the crystal bow can be pulled back extra far for a really powerful ranged
still great video

Автор Steven Sutterer (3 месяца)
You forgot the bane of pigs

Автор Laura Michalec (2 месяца)
What about the Bane Of Pigs??!?!?!

Автор Gregory Moore (3 месяца)
I found the best weapon ever but im not sure if its in survival or creative
only its the "Bane of pigs"
Btw its a frying pan

Автор Abdullah Fahad (5 месяцев)
The giant ender sword has the ability to protect you...you hold the right
click and you will be indestructible for a period of time 

Автор Alvin PlaysMc (2 месяца)
What mod is the ender giant sword?

Автор SupremeGaming2013 (4 месяца)
not sure if he made a video about it but i have one explaining the blood
and souls it is a part of harkens scythe mod srry if he has one and you
think i am spamming :P

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