HEXXIT: The Best Swords & Bows!

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HEXXIT: The Best Armour:
HEXXIT: The Best Staffs:
HEXXIT: The Best Shields:
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Просмотров: 207093
Длительность: 21:7
Комментарии: 377

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Автор Morgan Brunk ( назад)
A Glaive is a pike type weapon. Very useful against calvery. or used from
the 2nd or 3rd rank in a formation, poking from behind the ranks in front
of them.

Автор KezNei ( назад)
what is this mod?

Автор bamboohitter ( назад)
There is a more updated and more to point version on my channel if anyone
is interested :). Not saying this is bad just mines a little more to the
point/more variety of weapons

Автор SeaWolf_LP ( назад)

Автор MADMILK ( назад)
Thanks, but those are not the best swords yet.

Автор PoGa YT ( назад)
if you didnt know the swords has a critical damage

Автор JSQ - Epic Minecraft! ( назад)
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Автор Douglas Jonson ( назад)

Автор BoHoogland ( назад)
What Mod Is All Weapons From?(Im Making A Modpack And The Weapons Look

Автор Theodor Evensen (h0tt3ntottnor) ( назад)
The infiminer is also the best weapon it is like the bane of pigs but it
mines 4×4 and never breakes

Автор windgod110 ( назад)
Nice This modpck is going to be fun 

Автор Ábris Kubina ( назад)
The flintlock(Revolver) can't spam.(only in creative)

Автор jack george ( назад)

Автор Marsh ( назад)
um, the revolver only rapid fires with creative on.... it has a a delay in

Автор GeorgyJo * ( назад)
this is not the best armour it's the fiery

Автор LizarusMovies ( назад)
What is with living metall and biomass?

Автор spilldetHD ( назад)
You are talking too much!

Автор ImaCaleb ( назад)
Wrong the best sword is LivingMetal giant sword

Автор Nathan Diep (628 лет назад)

Автор Yuu Dayz ( назад)
Miss derect5ing theres a scythe

Автор Isaac Hirsch ( назад)
And a now in tinkers construct can do 25 damage and takes .75 secounds to
draw back

Автор Isaac Hirsch ( назад)
Acualy in tinkers construct u can make a sword that does 23 damage and is
not affected by armour

Автор Spinosaurus1212 ( назад)
You have yet to see orespawn

Автор theamazingamin#1 ( назад)
so inacurate

Автор Pohan ( назад)
What mod is the giant swords from

Автор SuperSlashSplash ( назад)
Wehre is bane of Pigs this is the best sword

Автор Red Games (1277 лет назад)
Fiery sword is really good

Автор ToiletbrushCoveredInEbolaInfectedPimples ( назад)
Royal guardian sword does 550 damage

Автор Tbs DrNgg ( назад)
What is with the Livingmetalsword?

Автор m1ksu ( назад)
Ender Giant Sword has more durablity than Diamond.

Автор SaSsY HD ( назад)

Автор SaSsY HD ( назад)
are u from wolvo

Автор CadeVsGaming ( назад)
Bane of bigs is stronger then all the swords and bows combined it does a
million damage I looked on the wiki 

Автор Kenneth Boudreaux ( назад)
Dude the best sword is a fully enchanted giant diamond sword

Автор wongwanchap ( назад)
Best melee weapon should be belong to tinker construct weapon with
modifier. And after you add fortune modifier, you can actually enchant your
tinker construct weapon, making them stronger than any other weapon.

Автор R P G a m e s ( назад)
Hinters Handgun is Vetter than the Revolver.

Автор OrangeKProductions Gaming ( назад)
Walker is the best sword with 13 hit points.

Автор Dusty Storm ( назад)
The elder sword makes you telaport

Автор zach riley ( назад)
wat about the rift blade

Автор GreenCore23 ( назад)
The legia bow (Which fires two arrows) has a chance to fire 3 arrows. I
tested it out by firing an Infinity bow randomly and found it out by
chance. Its kind of like a crit chance deal. Buuuut instead of two
arrows its 3.

Автор Crocodile ( назад)
I like the Walker sword but its not in the Video :(

Автор Laura Michalec ( назад)
What about the Bane Of Pigs??!?!?!

Автор Diving Lp ( назад)
Magicbane is the best sword when all enchantet thinks are on the sword Than
make the sword 40damage

Автор Leggorable ( назад)
They are the best swords, but you didn't say why. I mean you didn't show
the special abilities for exampel that giant swords negate all damage while

Автор Taktik Kuchen ( назад)
You didnt put the livingmetal Giant sword

Автор robert_stjc ( назад)
You forgot Biomass sword Livingmetal sword and kneknorite sword :D

Автор Justin B ( назад)
Rapiers for Tanky Bosses (Fast Hits) (Shit tons of quartz stack with 7
Giant Swords for Offensive Bosses (Block)
Scythe for Groups of Mobs (R-Click) (Singleplayer only)
Also if you enchant sharpness 5 on a scythe and get hexxit armor you mostly
one hit kill all normal mobs with R-Click.
My personal favorite is of course the scythe

Автор Luis Blunschi ( назад)
There is allso the ban of pigs 

Автор Sami Al ( назад)
Ender bow?

Автор Alvin GamingChannel ( назад)
What mod is the ender giant sword?

Автор MrFaiL zuchti ( назад)
no the best sword is the livingmetal giant sword

Автор FreeK Clan ( назад)
You forgot the kreknorite sword witch does 9 damage

Автор Cody Campbell ( назад)
Rapiers are best for PVP, Giant Ender sword does same as Dia Giant but has
less dura.

Автор WowItsTCK ( назад)
i found the revolver really easily

Автор Dost Thou Even Hoist ( назад)
The diamond glaive is a spear. I teven looks like one, but it is probably
on par with the diamond scythe and from my opinion they are the most
"useful". They are the basis to the harken scythe mod so yeah.

Автор Marcus Andresen ( назад)
can you please stop saying "actually" and "basically" so often...? 

Автор Destny Dey ( назад)
13:00 ''shooting blaming arrows'' XD

Автор iCrazyBitchTV ( назад)
The legia bow is the strongest bow if u enchant it to the max it could hit
up to 40 hit damage

Автор BumbleMunch ( назад)
What about the Monking sword?

Автор MoeyKH JAN-DEC ( назад)
If you have meteorite armour it does same thing as sword

Автор PlasmatheShocker ( назад)
The best "swords" are the Ninja dagger and the Biomass Sword, and the best
bow is the crystal bow.
Well of course there is the Bane of Pigs. I counted that out since I don't
think you are expecting to get that.

This message is more useful than the video you just watched. Your welcome.
Oh, and decapitate gives you a chance to pick up the head after killing a
mob. :P

Автор PlasmatheShocker ( назад)
So slow! Get to the point!

Автор Gregory Moore ( назад)
I found the best weapon ever but im not sure if its in survival or creative
only its the "Bane of pigs"
Btw its a frying pan

Автор Crykton ( назад)
I'm surely no hater, but it seems like you didn't really inform yourself.
Revolver doesnt shoot that fast in gamemode 0 btw... and maybe you should
change to gm 0 for showing the weapons because the attack range isn't that
long.. -__-

Автор JhonToTheConners ( назад)
And with the ender sword you can teleport

Автор Ert Tre ( назад)
Not trying to be offensive or anything but I think you don't completely
know everything about this modpack.

Автор Zorrack grans ( назад)
what is with the living metal giant sword

Автор Emmersblader ( назад)
Dia sword 7 base dmg
Giant die and ender 9 base dmg jsut for sure :)

Автор Sandvich ( назад)
I usualy think the crystal bow is good for range attacks, while the legia
bow being more of a tacticle bow

Автор Steven Sutterer ( назад)
You forgot the bane of pigs

Автор TammyAnne Afragola ( назад)
Isn't that the best

Автор TammyAnne Afragola ( назад)
Bane of pigs?

Автор TammyAnne Afragola ( назад)
I'm a sub I've watched 2 videos and have loved them they are funny and very

Автор The Lobster ( назад)
Where's the bane of pigs?

Автор Frank Twix ( назад)
Living Metal and Kneckroite sword are the best

Автор Adam Fattori ( назад)
Shift And Right Click With The Ender Sword
To Teleport

Автор Arnold Searles ( назад)
Bane of pigs is the strongest sword in hexxit

Автор levance myers ( назад)
the strongest item in the game is the bane of pigs

Автор cookiemon27 ( назад)
The glacé and south are from
The same mods and are both
Mele wepeons 

Автор Joe Brown ( назад)
Thanks for the video man. I just enchanted my Giant Diamond Sword to
Sharpness III and it does an amazing 17 dmg.

Автор It's Too Late To Be Doing Homework ( назад)
Earth crusher is the best sword. When you right click you make an explosjon
and if your enemy is in a long distanse IT will make the ground hit it!

Автор mcDBX2 ( назад)
You talk to much get to the damn point woulda took 7 mins if you didnt talk
so much

Автор OneLessBot ( назад)
Thanks for the help finding the best choice of bows & swords.

Автор Dat Boi The Forced Meme ( назад)
and legia bows actually shoot three arrows its just that it dosent show
third on drawback

Автор Dat Boi The Forced Meme ( назад)
I have three legia bows from battle towers LOL

Автор Timbo ( назад)
The scythe does aoe damage just a tip ;)

Автор Ola Hoffmann ( назад)

Автор Tiffany Taveras ( назад)
+Thinknoodles Hope this helps u! :)

Автор Ror shach ( назад)
If a sticky mob picks up your bane of pigs though.... gG

Автор derJeff ( назад)
What's with the walker sword?!

Автор Peter Aldrich (TXbearclaw) ( назад)
The thing is that the crystal bow actually takes more arrows and the others
take less and still do tons of damage

Автор sasuke uchiha ( назад)
you r a big fuck

Автор RyminalGames ( назад)
Golden bow is faster than the Crystal bow

Автор Bob Smith ( назад)
You forgot the bane of pigs...

Автор vimarctube ( назад)
You are boring. Be more srraight to the point.

Автор Raphael ( назад)

Автор CoolyoboyGaming ( назад)
Hunter's handgun? Its wayyy better then all of the bows and pistols.

Автор Rayman ( назад)
The scythes are from the Harken scythe mod and are use to collect souls and
the javelins are used to collect blood. Just wanted to point that out.

Автор dieter rodriguez ( назад)
In the 3rd time with the crystal bow against the zombie it was 12 HIT

Автор SupremeGaming2013 ( назад)
not sure if he made a video about it but i have one explaining the blood
and souls it is a part of harkens scythe mod srry if he has one and you
think i am spamming :P

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