Camp Rock Girls-Our Time Is Here-Movie Clip

The "Camp Rock" girls singing "Our Time Is Here" from Disney's original movie "Camp Rock".


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Автор Sophia Thompson ( назад)
Hey Guy's

Автор zakiatheshewolf ( назад)
i remember of this song omg

Автор laura lorca ( назад)
this song sounds like the dont forget album, i swear. it's her style of

Автор ScaRlet ( назад)
1 thing
2 say
3 words
4 you:
It is NOT

Автор Manu Crazzy BR ( назад)
i dont remember this song

Автор Laylah Jimenez ( назад)

Автор Zoya Din ( назад)
This was my all time favourite song back when the movie came out (I was 6)
and then I forgot the name of it. Just a few days ago, I was on Spotify and
found it. I was so happy that I had an urge to Snapchat it. I didn't
though. Just thought I'd share that story.

Автор Victoria Alvarado ( назад)
anyone else from snapchat???

Автор k.t uzimaki ( назад)
i meant cry

Автор k.t uzimaki ( назад)
i be about to get sometimes watching this thinking about the old data when
this movie first came out

Автор Katisha Monica ( назад)
you need to shut up cause you don't know what you're talking about

Автор Katisha Monica ( назад)
shut up all these people who had come in

Автор djcomotose ( назад)
so this is where Wiz got the hook for Were Done

Автор Jennifer Saha ( назад)
2016 viewers ?

Автор cameronchloegabby ( назад)
i love this song so much it makes me happy i love tess shes the best in the
group of girls shes a diva and popyouler in camp rock i love her so much

Автор Vanessa Maia ( назад)
muito bom adorei

Автор Aisha Rosero ( назад)
this is a beautiful song

Автор Vegan Moll ( назад)
Good times : (

Автор Lucky Ahmed ( назад)
i miss those days... :(

Автор Shut Up ( назад)
With that high note she humillated all of them.

Автор Cecila Hill ( назад)
you guy are just hater

Автор Antonio Junior ( назад)
they are good and they do got rhythm

Автор Bruna Wesliane ( назад)
estou escutando demi lovato é muito bom

Автор Alexis Makaila ( назад)
brb crying

Автор Desiree Espino ( назад)
Im crying right now

Автор Beverly 5363 ( назад)
My favourite song ever

Автор Alexandra Brown ( назад)
I'm just now finding about this song because I'm reading this Camp Rock &
HSM crossover fanfic and the author used the song. I was like, why haven't
I heard of this?

Автор Rachael Cowell ( назад)
This is film was like my childhood omg love both films. i miss my this kind
of Disney

Автор Catarina Andrade ( назад)
this was my jam!!

Автор stephanie contreras ( назад)
camp rock :( tbt

Автор Lmanoela Official ( назад)
uma das musicas que mais gosto , meu Deus que saudades !

Автор lightningshock12 ( назад)
Was I the only one who thought these bitches had like no type of rhythm
what so ever? Lol

Автор Jamella Brown (806 лет назад)
its great

Автор Marie michelle Pepin ( назад)
i love thé song

Автор KafeGaming ( назад)
wiz khalifa anyone?

Автор Mlp Silver Pie ( назад)

Автор Samanta Rodriguez ( назад)
amo esta cancion

Автор Shazrah Hannan ( назад)
Memories.I wanna cry.I want this side of them back not the rebel side

Автор Romi Skipper ( назад)
It was in the movie but a little after they show the cast

Автор here to listen ( назад)
I love the song and the movie

Автор Patricia Daniela ( назад)
Amo esta película! :)

Автор Christopher Patrick ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Gilmar Mota ( назад)

Автор Cata Payne ( назад)
Almost 6 years ago, good memories 💙👊

Автор X Solamon ( назад)
It's great and funny

Автор Gis Sel ( назад)
Nunca habia visto esto....

Автор Mara W. ( назад)
it good

Автор Martina Maria ( назад)
old memories:')

Автор Gianna H2O ( назад)
Was this in the movie?

Автор Ivonne torrejon farro ( назад)
Me encantaaaaa *-*

Автор Hajanirainy Dinasoa ( назад)
COOL movie

Автор MAXILY ( назад)
Love this movie

Автор Assia Filhon ( назад)
Trop belle chanson xD

Автор MVMirella ( назад)
The chills ❤️❤️ from all the beautiful memories ! Love this song so so much

Автор Suleima Gomez Sarmiento (906 лет назад)
Escenas que los españoles no vemos 7.7 pff a saber k mas cosas nos hemos
perdido, flejaso seguro pss

Автор Donis Lyrics ( назад)
Good old memories...

Автор Yuval Lev ( назад)

Автор Slbcampeao1 ( назад)

Автор vivis ( назад)
Best song ever

Автор Joshua Del Rio ( назад)
Anyone else notice how inflamed her gums look....

Автор Mimi Joe ( назад)
nice song

Автор Leroy Quintanilla ( назад)
I love this song!!

Автор Alondra Lovato ( назад)
Love this song3

Автор Ronja Kellett ( назад)

Автор Deep red Thread ( назад)
Great voice, decent song I just wish Demi could lip sync better.

Автор Breena Hearts ( назад)
6 friends

Автор Sandra Dolores ( назад)
ESo no lo vii o.O

Автор Anthony Santo ( назад)
I only know of this song because Wiz Khalifa used a sample of it in one of
his mix tapes, Ripley's.

Автор Ashley Flores ( назад)
This is not camp rock 3 they did not even make camp rock3

Автор lovelimpy ( назад)
I was ten10 back then, its been so long

Автор Frederique Dessauvagie ( назад)
Love this song so much! <3 

Автор Agnès JP ( назад)
I was 13 years old... :o <3

Автор Daniela Loza ( назад)
Love this song

Автор BollNick ( назад)
c'mon c'mon you know! 

Автор charlyne colson ( назад)
je kiff grave <3

Автор Aliyah CHAVEZ ( назад)
This song thoo❤

Автор RoOrOo ALsiyabi ( назад)
I want awards

Автор Aliyah Chavez ( назад)
This song is DOPE! Cx

Автор Choirunnisa Fadhila ( назад)
I like this

Автор Miranda Franco ( назад)
I looove this song i havnt heard It since i was in 2nd grade ;o

Автор Olisa Odele ( назад)
This is my favourite song from the movie 

Автор Jadiie Baiiley ( назад)
Its amazing love you demi <3 

Автор Clara Alonso ( назад)
This is camp rock 3? 

Автор Jackin Kupapa ( назад)
I loved this funky

Автор Sarah Elly ( назад)

Автор Melani Alexandra Estrada Pucheta ( назад)
I like camp rock :-)

Автор SparklyCakeForever x ( назад)
I loved this movie, Demi's voice has matured so well since this movie
happened :)

Автор Evan Mendez ( назад)
Demi is so cute.

Автор Aija 102 ( назад)
I still LOVE THIS.

Автор Gemma Minutolo ( назад)
demi come cresciuta la mia michie

Автор Sterling Pierce ( назад)
Its a little too fast

Автор Joseneidy Azevedo ( назад)
I love so much that song since I was in 7th grade(2009)

Автор Anna Schmitz ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Demi Sophie (myownparadise7) ( назад)
Demi's voice has grown up/increase, but it has always been powerful.

Автор Irene Belén ( назад)
es una parte eliminada de la pelicula, digamos que inedita

Автор Chuck Steve ( назад)
Nice movie

Автор schleichlg ( назад)

Автор Tilly Tally ( назад)
Peggy ?

Автор Tilly Tally ( назад)
1st movie ever :) and theta a 2nd movie :)

Автор Syafiq Fatimah ( назад)
Nice movie

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