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Автор CarlM1997 (10 месяцев)
"So ears your oleeeyaaayy yooyuuu enjoy ihh this time you gave it all

Автор CarlM1997 (10 месяцев)
"You're already theoice inside my ed"

Автор xusurper (3 месяца)
Okay why is Tom singing completely out of tune? It sounds horrible. He
wasn't out of tune on the albums...

Автор Andrew Shenesey (2 месяца)
Can we all take a second to appreciate the guy at 53:30 flipping out
because he got Travis' stick.

Автор Awsumdude123 (7 месяцев)
Tom's singing ruins these songs in this show. Especially First Date 😑...

Автор Steve Jepsen (2 месяца)
Tom Tom Tom, tisk tisk tisk. Awful performance. 

Автор Musictoskate (3 месяца)
there amazing i idolize mark hoppus i try and copy the way Mark dresses and
i try and copy the way mark acts i have been doing this since i was 12
years old in 6th grade in 2007 and i am currently 19 years old in college
and i still try and act and dress like mark 

Автор otircomed.jr (5 дней)

Автор xPureDeth (1 месяц)
Mark nailed it. Tom fucked this show up. He wouldn't do the harmonies with
Mark and just took over the vocals on parts where they are supposed to sing
together. Mark looked peeved.

Автор Pamella Sielemann (2 месяца)
tbh tom's voice doesn't match old blink songs anymore but it sounds very
nice with the songs from neighbourhoods + his AvA songs. 

Автор D Nelson (1 месяц)
is nobody going to mention the fact that Tom finally nailed the intro
'What's My Age Again?'

but this is definitely when of my favorite post-hiatus performances from
them and Tom's voice actually sounded great here. They all killed it

Автор otircomed.jr (5 дней)

Автор younghacker09 (4 месяца)
This took awhile to muster up but, I know Tom never was that great at
singing, but know he's taking everything into his hangs and not supporting
Mark or Travis. I understand that his voice is not so great because of the
strained cords + the cancer but, still he's not trying. I'd rather have
Mark and Travis bring back +44, it has the old blink style without a member
who used to be great, but now takes things into his own hangs and thinks he
controls the two good members who actually put heart and soul into it. In
case you haven't noticed. Travis kicks ass and Marks still doing good. It
sucks thinking that Toms not the guy he was but, that's just how it is

Автор matthewgd3 (3 месяца)
Tom isnt even singing..thats like fucking whimpering lol

Автор S. Cowan (3 месяца)
Toms singing sux ass! 'Can a drummer get some' was awesome. Love the band
though, and always will!!

Автор rooeeez (3 месяца)
One thing I love is how back in the day Tom would make a joke about how
What's My Age Again is really hard to play and during this show he goes
into it with the greatest of ease. That might be expected by now but
still.. Really cool to see

Автор Nick R (10 месяцев)
This is my favorite Blink-182 live show

Автор Bmf TwoThousand (4 месяца)
I really wish Tom would lose the fuckin' hat.

Автор Andrea Martinez (9 месяцев)
Amo a estos chicos!! Saludos desde Uruguay a todos los fanáticos de Blink

Автор miguel cruz (6 месяцев)
tom has aged so much and it shows... 

Автор Ashuri (1 год)
If you guys will just say these kind of words to tom, or eomeone else in
the band. You can't blame them because they are doing everything they can
just to entertain you guys, just saying...

Автор JustJoshinInc (8 месяцев)
On't waste ooor yoime on me or already the yoice insoide my ead.

Автор George Hubert (7 месяцев)
Awesome concert

Автор biznachos1 (8 месяцев)
I've noticed that the more times I watch this.. the less annoying Toms
"taking a dump" singing gets :) 

Автор Ethan Grantges (7 месяцев)
In my years of obsessing over blink, I've grown to actually really like
tom's voice now! He was never a good singer live, even in the old days. He
sounds closer to how he does in the studio (Neighborhoods & Dogs Eating
Dogs) nowadays than he did back in like the TOYPAJ & self titled era.

Автор simon Heapes (7 месяцев)
If you have even been to a Blink 182 show Especially this tour, you would
know how much it doesn't matter how they sound, that's not what Blink has
ever been about, Its one of the most fun gigs Iv ever been to and they are
such an amazing energy on stage and do honestly do their best :) Go see
them and I assure you if you walk out of it complaining about toms voice
then you really didn't spend enough time have fun :)

Автор Rahmat Fadillah (4 месяца)
pls goes to INDONESIA :)

Автор ej Tiggz (9 месяцев)

Автор Caroline Murphy (1 год)
Gotta admit, this wasn't their best show...

Автор Eric Daubney (1 год)
I think tom should do some vocal warm ups before shows..

Автор Ashuri (1 год)

Автор DaviDeskorbutin (5 месяцев)
toda mi adolescencia resumida en blink <3 :3 

Автор jimboleeni (1 год)
Everyone is so worked up about his voice. I hope you all realize he lost
his tone (MUCH OF IT) but still hits the pitches very accurately. And what
do you expect? Musicians are human, too, and we all get old. I'm kind of
used to Tom's "new voice," but I wouldn't base my views of Tom DeLonge as a
musician just because of how his voice became, because this guy is
legendary. Plus, it's been 3 years since this performance and I can
guarantee you that he sounds so much better live now. Just don't criticize
someone who can't sing as good as they used to, because Tom DeLonge,
himself, probably hates it as much as you do.

Автор xxxilenooo (10 месяцев)
heart's all gone to save gaza !!!!

Автор Eliot Brown (1 год)
I miss you is the best!!!!!!! 13:30

Автор Gage myers (1 год)
glad im not 10 and think this is punk anymore lord what was i thinking

Автор zeanco ktlids (1 год)
oh god, "felling this" was so bad

Автор Peaches Blossom (1 год)
New Zealand concert please 

Автор Andres Mariño (1 год)
I will love blink 182 for all my live, its like a eternal love, cuz my
brother. I love him and we Really enjoy to play their music

Автор Impeccability (1 год)
Вы лучшие!

Автор Minely Ceron (1 год)
I'm still love Blink 182 after ten years, but I have to accept the voice
and energy of Tom isn't the same... Mark and Travis are excellent. 

Автор marcelo soares da silva (1 год)

Автор Isaac Irons (1 год)
After Midnight was performed well, especially by Mark, although Tom did
better then usual.

Автор Brad Meader (1 год)
I don't see his voice as much of a problem anymore. They still play well
and I still enjoy their songs. Regarding Tom's voice, when people get older
thing's change. He's had to adapt and so have the fans that truly care.
Looking forward to this year's Summer concerts and the new album whenever
they decide to release it

Автор Jameson Bornholdt (1 год)
stop cutting out the swear words! Its blink 182! If you are watching this
then you know they swear therefore STOP!

Автор kurtblau0001 (1 год)
if you like blink in this video, you should see them live.

Автор kurtblau0001 (1 год)
if this doesn't prove that Travis is the best drummer alive, i don't know
what does.

Автор Hayden Nork (1 год)
Wow, Tom should really start speaking English live. BUT, Blink is one of my
all time favorite bands.

Автор Achmad Romadhona Hidayat (1 год)
Tom vocal? -_- What wrong with you guys?

Автор Brvckbo (1 год)
can't wait to see these guys again at leeds fest this summer! 

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