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Автор Kara Hudson (5 месяцев)
QWQ now i wanna hug from a girl lol >W< Girls be so cute n fluffy.....hue

Автор kawthar atif (5 месяцев)
What the name of this serie ???? Thanks in advance for your answer

Автор estefan salbatore (5 месяцев)
muy lindo video

Автор Inukaze Maquiavelo (5 месяцев)

Автор Key Chain (1 месяц)
They look like Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus.

Автор Starr Ramirez (6 месяцев)
MYYYYY FEEELSSS ITS BEAUTIFUL NICE JOB... :,( goodness this anime made me
cry like a baby BEST YURI ANIME COUPLE 

Автор Brook Skeleton (1 месяц)
I just finished this anime today and it was so beautiful. I cried some many
tears of joy and sorrow. :_)

Автор lil2 chains (1 год)

Автор cristina martinez (1 год)
I agree. Is the best and my favorite!!!!

Автор cristina martinez (1 год)
She didnt like Osuna. They were only friends.

Автор iLoveEcchii (3 года)
oh ya 12 are weak minded bitches!!!!!!!!!!! this is hot so no one lisen to
them since they know nothing!!!!

Автор MrTrojis (3 года)
watching a yuri amv you get to see twice as many girls as you would in a
regular boy and girl amv and thats okay with me! :D

Автор Eleazar Contreras (4 года)
this anime called Kannazuki no Miko

Автор kahlanshikage24 (4 года)
which episode is the beginning from?

Автор darienreaper (4 года)
@ilovechocolateyay100 ur fuckin retarted gay means u like the same sex male
or female

Автор johnn181 (4 года)
@bbyphiphi this is a Yuri Anime!

Автор thenatalie4ever (3 года)
this vid is fucking awesome!! you truly have talent my friend... go yuri

Автор okasai (3 года)
Love It!

Автор 2Wolfheartwarrior (4 года)
O//////o -nosebleed-

Автор Leaestdebile (3 года)

Автор BeastofTheDeadBlue66 (3 года)
love it :) ^_^

Автор DevilBringerXIII (4 года)
I definitely think that yuri is better than yaoi^^ Maybe because I am a guy

Автор Tdaflo (2 года)
i kown i comuted on the worng video by mistake

Автор soymisato (4 года)
Amo este video ;_; July te extraño xD

Автор JIAN LEE (1 год)
thats my veryvery favorite kannazuki no miko character with chikane love

Автор animecatlove0109 (4 года)
i rllllly love yuri my fave kind of anime is yuri... idk mabye cause im bi
i like it so much! hehe well... so yea!

Автор Sweet Reaper (3 года)
I'm a straight girl, and I actually prefer Yuri rather than Yaoi(I have
nothing against it). To me, Girl's love is just so sweet and beautiful.
Boy's love just...doesn't blend well for me. IMHO Yuri is way better.

Автор FLAZE35 (1 год)
depends on what you consider porn.

Автор NerdQuest (4 года)
@bbyphiphi of course! thats what "Yuri" means!

Автор Sean Nokirin (3 года)
i dunno why but yaoi is just sick and wrong while yuri is beautiful <3

Автор jesse lane (2 года)
yuri. . . n.n

Автор kyub2211 (4 года)
@MyGoldFishEatsMe yes, guy, they are. Why, did you dislike it?

Автор Ninikuish (3 года)
Looks like and awesome anime!

Автор Club1music (4 года)
@peachy11100 they just had a fight ;)

Автор HinatasxDude (2 года)
Ignoring the fact that this isn't porn?

Автор (The) yuzurity (2 года)
love this anime and the music too its soo cool!!

Автор Christy Rodriguez (2 года)
Ahh omg soo cute! Kannazuki no Miku is the absolute best yuri anime in my
opinion :3. Just all the suspense, the story, and the couple is sooo
amazing! Chikane and Himeko are so adorable together <33333 x3 ^///^

Автор Leetayo X (3 года)
Gaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!! Why are they so damn cute???!!! *dies of cute-overload*

Автор kaika201 (4 года)
SUPER LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Kat (5 лет)
i love this anime soo much.... i cried so much when himeko and chikane
parted great amv =)

Автор Joshua Wallace (4 года)
great amv love the song it goes very well with the clips well done :)

Автор Lexii page (2 года)
i love theese kinda movies and then then put it in a music video !its so
touching!!!!!!! i adore the video ty for putting it

Автор Tdaflo (2 года)
what anime with the girl with long blond hair and red eyes

Автор jesse lane (3 года)
@HorseGal818 Kannazuki no Miko

Автор FLAZE35 (1 год)
i agree :)

Автор heyyguys08 (5 лет)
the show ended happily. no matter how you look at it. they got back
together again. so stop the useless fighting already. I loved the vid!
thanks! 10/5

Автор Cydney Elaine (2 года)
I swear everytime i watch the last episode i cry my eyes out Cx

Автор YunaMurasakyoru (3 года)
@uchihasasuke191 I would more say, stop complaining XD and make more of
everything!! Yaoi and Yuri alike! :3 We need more of it all!!

Автор ophelie georgiades (1 год)
i loves this music

Автор joeyfan3 (4 года)

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