Every Time We Touch - Yuri AMV - Kannazuki no Miko

Another KnM music video :)

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Автор Mikoto Himemiya ( назад)
I love Kannazuki no Miko. Chikane X Himeko forever!!

Автор Chris Ricca ( назад)
I love this music video

Автор Diana Rosas ( назад)
fuck 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор Queen Norly Frozen ( назад)
I wish they would do more yuri anime like KnM.

Автор Nor-ain Pangcoga ( назад)
LOVE has no GENDER indeed.. This movie is a real depict of TRUE LOVE--it'll
remained unchanged for eternity. This is one of the MOST ROMANTIC yuri
anime i've ever seen.. I was really moved, specially the last episode.. it
made me cry :)

Автор AlliCat Martinez ( назад)
It's been a long time since I've seen this anime, didn't someone get raped?
ahh, good times

Автор Zachariah Dylan Ambrose ( назад)
Crying forever most favourite anime ever

Автор trang linh ( назад)
this is truely the best anime, the best shoujo-ai Ive ever seen. I have
already seen this 3 years ago. but every time i watch this again, the
beautiful love between Himeko and Chikane makes me cry so hard. Thank you
the author that have brought kannazukinomiko to all of the fans. And thank
you, Chikane and Himeko, for reminding me that true love do last forever,
regardless of sexes or even time. I love Kannazukinomiko so much, this is
the first and the most touching girl love story Ive seen.

Автор Slopy Nice ( назад)
a girl and a girl really I thought that prince who accept her feelings

Автор Slopy Nice ( назад)
a girl and a girl really I thought that prince who accept her feelings

Автор JosefIna Guerrero ( назад)

Автор Christine Irinco ( назад)
love it.. they're so cute ^_^

Автор Nhi Doan ( назад)

Автор Katestheo Ouroboros ( назад)
hoooooly I remember watching this 6 years ago!~ this is where I first heard
everytime we touch~ I'm glad it's still around buunya~

Автор affanbad Ahmed ( назад)
name of any other animie like this ??

Автор adhten covell ( назад)
I love this anime it made me cry when I found out that they didn't have a
second season but I have to admit Himeko and Chikane are a cute couple!!!:)

Автор Key Chain ( назад)
They remind me of Sailor Mars & Sailor Venus. Because of the red bow.

Автор Joshua Toney ( назад)
i just stop wacthing this lebian crap

Автор Joshua Toney ( назад)
i just stop wacthing this lebian crap

Автор Cora Garrett ( назад)
This is my favored song

Автор The_Shadow_Wolf ( назад)
cris evry tiem

Автор Brook Skeleton ( назад)
I just finished this anime today and it was so beautiful. I cried some many
tears of joy and sorrow. :_)

Автор kawthar atif ( назад)
What the name of this serie ???? Thanks in advance for your answer

Автор estefan salbatore ( назад)
muy lindo video

Автор Kara Hudson (1024 года назад)
QWQ now i wanna hug from a girl lol >W< Girls be so cute n fluffy.....hue

Автор TheUnknownAMV ER ( назад)
MYYYYY FEEELSSS ITS BEAUTIFUL NICE JOB... :,( goodness this anime made me
cry like a baby BEST YURI ANIME COUPLE 

Автор cristina martinez ( назад)
She didnt like Osuna. They were only friends.

Автор cristina martinez ( назад)
I agree. Is the best and my favorite!!!!

Автор LastTram 90 ( назад)
i think yuri's fans are more girls,actually, rather than boys...

Автор LastTram 90 ( назад)
you're not mean, chicane/himeko is my fav couple... :P I was just wondering
because ppl said she liked Souma as well, but i didn't think she liked him

Автор Bayonettamachinekill ( назад)
hard core lesbian but wanted to be with soma out of pity...not to be mean
but chikane is like soooo much hotter

Автор Lorella farrugia ( назад)
excuse me but i'm a girl and this yuri isn't boring for me so say some girl
don't say for all girls.

Автор 赤ん坊月raknando.. ( назад)
himeko lesbian o bixe?

Автор LastTram 90 ( назад)
I'm confused...Is Himeko bi or gay??? And did she like souma or not???

Автор JIAN LEE ( назад)
i love the music this my one favorite song by cascadar

Автор JIAN LEE ( назад)
chikane x himeko shizuma x nagisa kaori x shizuma nanami x yuuna tamao x
nagisa reo x mai thats my favorite anime 

Автор JIAN LEE ( назад)
thats my veryvery favorite kannazuki no miko character with chikane love

Автор ophelie georgiades ( назад)
i loves this music

Автор Kumbe Park ( назад)
This great Warning will happen soon. Every single one of My children will
be shown their lives, their sins, their wrong doings and every single
insult they were responsible for against their brothers and sisters, all
during a mystical experience. When the sun spins, the cross appears, and
the skies burn red by the collision of two comets, do not be fearful to see
this spectacle and receive my Mercy with great joy!
w..thewarningsecondcoming.c.. Nov. 22, 2010 Our Lord 

Автор FLAZE35 ( назад)
i agree :)

Автор HinatasxDude ( назад)
Well, there are no genitals showing or actual sexual scenes depicted.
...Not porn.

Автор FLAZE35 ( назад)
"Yuri is more...boring" for girls.

Автор FLAZE35 ( назад)
depends on what you consider porn.

Автор Eternalmystery70 ( назад)
Chikane x Himeko Shizuma x Nagisa Shizuru x Natsuki Shinobu x Momoko Best
couples ever IMHO. I'm completely in love

Автор (Misty)yuzurity ( назад)
love this anime and the music too its soo cool!! 

Автор santa king ( назад)
yo vi Kannazuki no Miko por los robots (si claro xD)

Автор HinatasxDude ( назад)
Ignoring the fact that this isn't porn?

Автор FLAZE35 ( назад)
Story could have been condensed (to about 6 episodes), fight scenes weren't
memorable, and overall it isn't anywhere near my favorite, but the couple,
I must admit, was awesome.

Автор Sindragosa ( назад)
Loved this anime sooooo much, even though the end made me cry like a
toddler :(

Автор Christy Rodriguez ( назад)
The story is what makes this anime amazing, not the "boobies". You could
find thousands of anime's about girls showing off there bodies etc, but
this was SO different. It was the first yuri anime I ever watched and it
was the best I've ever watched. The ending made me cry so much TT^TT! Them
being good looking was just a bonus i guess ;o Anyways, Chikane x Himeko
make an amazing couple! I'll always remember this perfect anime <3 it's so
cute! x3

Автор Tdaflo ( назад)
i kown i comuted on the worng video by mistake

Автор Marissa Arballo ( назад)
Kannazuki No Miko...

Автор Tdaflo ( назад)
what anime with the girl with long blond hair and red eyes

Автор shahar シャハル ( назад)
kannazuki no miko best yuri anime ever!!!

Автор OtakusROCK lml ( назад)
whats the name's song? 

Автор Cydney Elaine ( назад)
I swear everytime i watch the last episode i cry my eyes out Cx

Автор Kara Hudson ( назад)
*-* 134 likes.....this is a moment where i love people lol

Автор Yen Jou Chang ( назад)
Although my English is poor, I still wanna express my feeling-this video is
very beautiful and perfect!! I watched it recently, I very like this

Автор Christy Rodriguez ( назад)
Ahh omg soo cute! Kannazuki no Miku is the absolute best yuri anime in my
opinion :3. Just all the suspense, the story, and the couple is sooo
amazing! Chikane and Himeko are so adorable together <33333 x3 ^///^

Автор Generic Name ( назад)
Try Fanfiction

Автор MarinnaGlz ( назад)
OOWWW <3 Mi novia me dedico esta cancion <3

Автор Sammy ( назад)
Yuriii! >///<

Автор Lexii page ( назад)
Helllo who's lexie i might know who ur talking bout

Автор Lexii page ( назад)
i love theese kinda movies and then then put it in a music video !its so
touching!!!!!!! i adore the video ty for putting it

Автор deathgod301 ( назад)
what show is this

Автор 13Eagleheart ( назад)
Chikane & Himeko!! we need you by our sideeee!!! XD

Автор jesse lane (1824 года назад)
yuri. . . n.n

Автор (Misty)yuzurity ( назад)
when i saw this anime was the time when i started to watch yuri anime,and
until today i think that kanzuki no miko is my second best anime,and when
wathed i just went into gaze!!!!!

Автор Ms1animefreak ( назад)
i just relieze you can make a video that sucks and this song will make it
better and im not talking about this vid i love it;)

Автор SketchyMochi ( назад)
interesting :). just remember that yuri is produced by men, so therefore
they are just men's fantasies and lesbians are not like that irl. not that
i'm saying that you would not

Автор Sweet Reaper ( назад)
I'm a straight girl, and I actually prefer Yuri rather than Yaoi(I have
nothing against it). To me, Girl's love is just so sweet and beautiful.
Boy's love just...doesn't blend well for me. IMHO Yuri is way better.

Автор Brooke Bourgault ( назад)
awesome video :))))

Автор Otaku4554 ( назад)
@Mr1durwall I can see how some people would think that way, not everyone
enjoys certain genres :) Your ok man

Автор Stocking Anarchy ( назад)
@Mr1durwall rofl what you don't realize bub is most of us do have a life
and we watch this just as someone would watch a movie because anime like
this is for the more mature crowd in example Kannazuki no Miko / Strawberry
panic / Candy Boy and so on...pass your judgements all you want but I'm
sure you have a hobby just like the rest of us so meh to you and your

Автор lacy patrick (1468 лет назад)
you a dumb ace if you dont like anime 

Автор TheSopherzz26 ( назад)
Are these guys in any other Animes?! I've got Chikane & Himeko Fever!!!!

Автор A Dragons Channel ( назад)
Best Yuri couple ever. With a great song. I just love those 2, I even saw
all episodes of Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora just becuase I wanted to see more
of them.

Автор XxXemichanXx ( назад)
yuri is the best !! <3 chikane x himeko forever!! :D

Автор Leetayo X ( назад)
Gaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!! Why are they so damn cute???!!! *dies of cute-overload*

Автор Graham Martin ( назад)
best anime ever and fave couple i agree we need more episodes

Автор Megan K. ( назад)
im sorry, but i just dont like yaoi. nothing against it, but oh it cant be
explained how much i love yuri♥

Автор Trez Holton ( назад)
0:14 ass grab.. ;0

Автор LifeIsAStyle ( назад)
@SketchyMochi u r such a complicate synthesis. i didn't get ur point. I am
saying that yuri is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutest one。

Автор SketchyMochi ( назад)
@uchihasasuke191 sry but i disagree with you. i'm bi-sexual (a girl), and
in real life a actually prefer girls, but yaoi is way better than yuri.
yuri is more fake and boring, it doesn't turn me on or be as interesting as
yaoi. i like yuri too, but yaoi is just better. plus, you can find lesbian
porn from all over the internet but you can't find much porn that is ment
for women (real man gay porn doesn't count, it's just disgusting).

Автор BreathInSpaceFilmz ( назад)
I was so happy when i found out that this was yuri!!!!!!

Автор okasai ( назад)
Love It!

Автор Isabela Ana Maria Boldeanu ( назад)
@iLoveEcchii kannazuki no miko xD

Автор YunaMurasakyoru ( назад)
@uchihasasuke191 I would more say, stop complaining XD and make more of
everything!! Yaoi and Yuri alike! :3 We need more of it all!!

Автор aoi nagisha ( назад)
@vampiricsloth06 same as me

Автор aoi nagisha ( назад)
@mikborres I agree with you

Автор aoi nagisha ( назад)
@uchihasasuke191 what do you mean I love this so don't say like that...!!!

Автор iLoveEcchii ( назад)
oh ya 12 are weak minded bitches!!!!!!!!!!! this is hot so no one lisen to
them since they know nothing!!!!

Автор iLoveEcchii ( назад)
what anime?

Автор mik borgz ( назад)
yuri is the besssssstt!!

Автор MrTrojis ( назад)
watching a yuri amv you get to see twice as many girls as you would in a
regular boy and girl amv and thats okay with me! :D

Автор Sean Nokirin ( назад)
i dunno why but yaoi is just sick and wrong while yuri is beautiful <3 

Автор Sean Nokirin ( назад)
@uchihasasuke191 true that!

Автор Joshua Wallace ( назад)
still a great video. watched it quite a few times over the last year or so
finally got around to watching KnM and it was good enough to make me cry. 

Автор Agnes ( назад)
i liek the way that in nearly every manga there is gigantic robots XD

Автор Agnes ( назад)
waaaait is this lesb0s pr0n?

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