Concrete Canvas Shelters (Civil Applications)

Concrete Canvas Shelters (CCS) are rapidly deployable hardened shelters that can be deployed by 2 people, in under 1 hour. CCS have two major advantages over conventional tented shelter:
Operational: CCS enable a hardened structure from day one of an operation. They provide much better environmental protection,
increased security and vastly improved medical capability.
Financial: CCS have a design life of over 10 years, whereas tents wear out rapidly and must then be replaced. CCS are a one stop
solution, saving effort and cost over the lifetime of medium to long term operations.
The key to CCS is the use of inflation to create a surface that is optimised for compressive loading. This allows thin walled concrete
structures to be formed which are both robust and lightweight. CCS consist of a revolutionary cement based composite fabric
(Concrete Cloth) bonded to the outer surface of a plastic inner which forms a Nissen-Hut shaped structure once inflated.

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Автор archanth (17 дней)
Beyond weight and cost, I see possible problems with this contraption:
1. You couldn't set it up in the rain.
2. Assembly would consume lots of water.
3. The pump needs power.
4. Ventilation.
5. Light.

Автор Regola (3 месяца)
Regola porta avanti la ricerca nel campo dell'emergenza da anni, questo ci
porta a conoscere aziende molto interessanti sotto molti punti di vista.
«concrete canvas» è un esempio di invenzione geniale che potrebbe avere
importanti applicazioni soprattutto nell'ambito della gestione delle
emergenze umanitarie. Questo materiale, che si presenta morbido, è infatti
in grado di solidificarsi in pochi minuti con l'aggiunta di acqua,
diventando estremamente resistente al peso e agli agenti atmosferici. Date
un occhiata.
Concrete Canvas Shelters (Civil Applications)

Автор Dean paul (10 месяцев)

Автор David (6 месяцев)
You can do the same with shotcrete but much cheaper.

Автор Ron Angel (8 месяцев)
How do you hydrate with hose pipe in -18 + centigrade conditions. Water
will freeze ( if you have enough) not absorb?

Автор CURTIS BAILEY (1 год)

Автор palef02 (3 месяца)
I can do this cheaper 

Автор Larry Moore (8 месяцев)
yea if you have $37000 to waste on a hut. work on reducing costs. 

Автор TheSalamanderAnder (1 год)
Now make it atmosphere capable and we can colonize and terraform Mars.

Автор Transfac Capital (9 месяцев)
love the application, but it isn't cost efficient.

Автор telorinodelhoyoo (1 год)
that thing should be called armadillo shelter lol

Автор JACK RANGER (1 год)

Автор Derek Drakes (1 год)
With all these random acts of God so to speak globally this looks like a
good idea, especially from a medical perspective.

Автор youareonthetube1 (1 год)
"Has the potential to last over 25 years". "Made of a ceramic material".
Well. How long does it ACTUALLY LAST. Not its potential based on variants
of useage. A simple lifetime material degradation from natural exposure
will due fine. Ceramic, It shatters very easily. almost ANY force directed
at ceramic will break and shatter it. The idea is sound its the shifty
sales pitch i do not like.

Автор pgut213 (1 год)
I want one :)

Автор jim kidman (3 года)
cool i want one

Автор Ang M (3 года)
The fact that this can be used with sea water is INCREDIBLE, and perfect
for use in disaster-ridden places like Haiti. Absolutely incredible.

Автор Tristan Radeboldt (3 года)
its 20,000 to 30,000 dollars

Автор InspiredMuse74 (3 года)
This is brillant. This could be the wave of the future for diaster housing.
These could be delivered to people who have lost their homes due to
tornados, hurricanes or fire, and also to house the homeless. I just wonder
how they are heated and cooled? Between shipping contianers, earth
bag/natural homes there is no reason for homeless to exist in the world. We
have the resources and ways to make low cost homes.

Автор PopeShaitan (2 года)
You have to go outside to fart.

Автор DrTokeru (1 год)
on the next Breaking Bad...

Автор sifrmsctln (2 года)
If I were to buy one of these as a storm shelter/bunker, how do you keep
water out of it. Is the base concrete too?

Автор compwiz101 (1 год)
Another vid shows people easily standing on top of the structure.

Автор Grady Bledsoe (1 год)
drawkcab si draobyek ym <

Автор MeTubeu333 (2 года)
I like this technology, however.. it looks fragile... perhaps if they used
carbon rods in the fabric it would increase its durability

Автор Hisham Baharin (2 года)
what about ventilation?

Автор Sathya SaiBaba (1 год)
2:39 there is a window on it near the fire

Автор Steve White (2 года)
give me a break...and do me a favor don;t vote for that fucking loser oboho
again....oh that's right people like you don't vote....good

Автор trazerbot (1 год)
can we use this in mars?

Автор vishee2906 (1 год)
yes if you can make it on mars the fuel to take them there would be
staggering. they already have concept earthen shelter plans for moon and

Автор Tyler Heal (4 года)
Okay! Where can I by one?

Автор Yondaime Namikaze (1 год)
shut up and get my money!

Автор deserthunter73 (1 год)
Yeah. Those Natural Disasters in Afghanistan...

Автор OneCapsule (3 года)
@MaTchBoOkPoEt Did you forget that Canada is over there with the U.S.?

Автор PK Images (1 год)
where can this be bought in the US

Автор Grady Bledsoe (1 год)
tib llridcrette cona eed nya do

Автор tobigforyou (3 года)
It would be really nice if it had some built in insulation. Maybe a thin
layer of cheap Aerogel fabric. Aerogel Fabric is thin, so you get great
performance in a small package.

Автор ZombieTex1 (1 год)
Once it is hardened, drill holes and set up what ever air venting system
you like.

Автор gerdacato (3 года)
Qué buen invento!!!

Автор bib Bab (1 год)
OF COURSE! but i wonder if the marsions laser guns can shoot through it?

Автор Kon Paku (1 год)
On the next recession these shelters can be used for living space.

Автор Steve White (2 года)
@bongojim420 ...no wonder you think like a fucking retard bongo jim
420....smoke another joint and STFU

Автор Gomer Pyle (1 год)
you can drill holes in it to instal things

Автор Al Waxman (3 года)
My question is at what temperature does this product cease to be effective?
And if you can tell me, how have they have exceeded current limitations in
what are potentially extremely ardous conditions?

Автор jeetendrag10acc2 (3 года)
just describe the price per sq m!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор VeiledDraconis (1 год)
Who cares about the shape? Or the time? Those things aren't really
important to the average Joe building a shelter in their backyard, unless
they wait until the day before a major storm to build it. The price tag is
just not worth it imho, not when you could pour a similar sized structure
at a fraction of the cost with a higher durability. Concrete only takes
around a month to properly cure in most temperate climates, and it is
stable in just a few days. Why pay for speed you don't need?

Автор DATAENT (3 года)
@imkraft Well, no, its only concrete, so its only bulletproof against small
arms like pistols or smgs. But, it is posible to cover them in sandbags,
Kevlar or even extra layers of the concrete canvas.

Автор ZombieTex1 (1 год)
It really depends on your need. If you want to build a shelter in your back
yard ... probably not your best option. But if you need to drop an instant
emergency shelter some place with limited resources and available labor, it
may be exactly what you need. It takes 2 people to set up in a couple of
hours, and it's hard within 24 hours. Not a lot of other products can give
you that.

Автор James T Kirk (3 года)

Автор Al Waxman (3 года)
The chemical reaction involved in the formation of concrete requires the
cataylst, usally water or treated water' to be wet. Even with accelerants
this creates a limitation upon the occurence of said reaction, with
accelerants and antifreeze this limitation is more flexeble than 0 celsius
but in current commercial applications is still limited to around -4
celsius before the water ceases to function effectively as a catalyst, and
requires hording.

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