How to Play Latin Rhythm Piano Tutiorial 1

A simple,effective,easy to learn Latin Rhythm which can be used for Rumba, Bossa Nova, Cha Cha Cha or Tango by simply varying the playing speed. I use this rhythm ,with variations, in many pieces I play. If there is any nterest I will post further Tutorials with variations

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Автор LangaArchitects ( назад)
Can't hear the left hand, too blurry.

Автор Alexandre Silva ( назад)
Hello! Thanks for your tutorial. I am still struggling to fit the melody
with the rhythm... Could I the chord sequence for this song? Thanks.

Автор wjsrbdus9455 ( назад)
thank you so much!
I'm a (south) korean who began to love latin music.
so frustrated with lack of information in my country, but now your video
made me so happy!!

Автор MADAFAKINNN ME ( назад)
That was brilliant. I really enjoyed it

Автор Reggina Thompson ( назад)
I am a music therapist and needed some quick chords for my Cinco de mayo
Session!!! Thank you 

Автор Pasquale Verrengia ( назад)
love you

Автор eugenio iotti ( назад)
Very good. Thank you.

Автор jytkil ( назад)
Dear David Neal Thanks the bass rythm was very good but I didn´t know the
song so it would be helpfull with some explaining with the right hand too

Автор João Batista Machado de Lima de Lima ( назад)
Hola David! Me gusto tu clase. Me gustaria de ver la forma de "levar" el
tango en la mano isquierda. Por exemplo en la Tanguera de Mariano Mores.
Muchas grácias! Soy de Brasil.

Автор Hardtop Harry ( назад)
Thanks. This was great. It would be a big help to me to know what you were
doing with the pedal (when playing the basic rhythm). I find it best with
no pedal at all, yet you seem to use the pedal. I must confess that knowing
when to pedal is one of my biggest weaknesses, so much so that I usually
don't pedal if I can get away with it.
I am referring to modern music - jazz.

You play beautifully.

Автор ZarogZeta ( назад)
Thanks David,
greetings from Italy

Автор Jacque PF ( назад)
Thank you! It was very simple and easy to understand. 

Автор Shon Pinto ( назад)
Fantastic lesson ... Simple and to the point... Thank you 

Автор Chears ( назад)
Thanks, playing it right now :)

Автор Woolly Andrews ( назад)
Would love to learn variations of Solamente una Vez

Автор gerardo9402manuel ( назад)
real efect from orchestra then andre rieu. THen : take the firstone and
first semitone from scale blues. Progretion 251 is very used in the blues.
Now i can learn blues right now

Автор Piano ( назад)
Good...may we have a tuto for the right Hand ? And CAN you give the order
of the chords: C C D D G and again ? Sorry I m beginner

Автор Julio Bravo ( назад)
Execelent perform and explanation about the theme, what a pity that your
beautiful and well use instrument it's out of tune, with some fine - tune
and uptuning your will be, without any doubt, the king in youtube of the
latin Rhythm, please don't give up! Thanks and regards. ( sorry about my
bad english I'm working to improve it )

Автор johnnynoirman ( назад)
Thank you for your tutorial David. 

Автор Theodore Lillicrap ( назад)
its Desafinado. ;) 

Автор racelito carmelotes ( назад)
thank you very much sir

Автор Blunt Horace ( назад)
Thanks a lot! I'm a guitarist and started piano just last week. This is
damn good stuff... Cheers from Montreal!

Автор HowToBecomeRich100 ( назад)
Dear Mr. Neal, thanks a lot for your video. Can you tell me how to use my
right hand? I have no idea. Is it the same as the left hand? Best wishes.

Автор David Neal ( назад)
We think it's the same song that goes "dun dun dun dun dunnn dun dadadadad
dun". On second thoughts it could be the song that goes "bum bum bum bum da
dadadada dun" The team thinks it was originally sung by Chuck Norris and
his backing group The Orks. We hope this helps you to get on with your life
in a constructive way. 

Автор Iktomi Mendoza ( назад)
what is that song that goes dadadada da dadadadada daaaa dadadada daaaaa
dadadadada daaaaaa

Автор David Neal ( назад)
Thank you for your encouraging comment. The greatest gift I could receive
is for a You Tuber to post a video of themselves playing and using a
technique from one of my Tutorial Videos. Best Wishes David

Автор Frank Pham ( назад)
Dear Mr.Daivd, That's great to visit your channel and I've learned a lot
from your lessons. Hope every health for you to continue upload helpful
lessons like this. Warmest Regards ,

Автор Boris Jambrich ( назад)
It's good, I like that, sir !

Автор Jay Aponte ( назад)
Can you give me the chords you were using

Автор David Neal ( назад)
Thank you for your feed back. I am pleased you were able to learn from my
efforts. Best Wishes David

Автор Hieu Dinh ( назад)
Dear sir, I like this video very much. The explanation is crystal clear,
and it leaves the listener enough time to understand, and digest the
information . Consequently, there is no problem to go to the piano and
practice it. Thanks a lot. 

Автор Nadya Russell ( назад)
Thank you! I am so glad that you have a love for music and want to pass it
on. I only wish I could tune you piano for you, but I live in El Paso TX. I
learned alot, bravo!

Автор Nadya Russell ( назад)
Thank you! I am so glad to hear somene who has a great feel for music and
is willing to pass it on. A

Автор Ben Kenobi ( назад)
I'm training myself to have perfect pitch and I caught this right away lol,
you need to tune your piano bud,

Автор Aristotle Wrouls ( назад)
Thanks. Very helpful.

Автор Dong Duong ( назад)
I am looking forward to listen to your variations on tango rhythm.

Автор Dong Duong ( назад)
Thanks a lot for this easy to understand and easy to execute the rhythm of

Автор ImMusicallyYours ( назад)
great tuturial, but something is off with the piano. its not out of tune.
but seemingly tuned down half a step

Автор IndependentGeorge76 ( назад)
very nice. good practical, concise instruction 

Автор Travis Tran ( назад)
i can tell it is tango, but not sure can use for other rhythm for their

Автор marcxxzz ( назад)
Fantastic, its a great tutorial, really looking forward to some more
tutorials :)

Автор MichaelHchannel ( назад)
nice old piano! And great tutorial!

Автор Ada Ord ( назад)
Fantastic Beautiful 

Автор amazingvietnam247 ( назад)
Dear David, Thank you very much for teaching us. I am a beginner in Piano.
Would you please show us how to play the song Besame Mucho? This song
everybody know the melody. How to put it with the rhythm on the left hand?
Pls make a video tutorial. Tks alot brother!

Автор aaonair1 ( назад)
Solamente una vez...

Автор Brittany Tran ( назад)
Wickedly fantasic! Thank you so much, I've been dying to expand my piano
roots :) 

Автор checkabreak ( назад)
fantastic style dude !! love the movement and simplicity, nice sounds for
this cold NY weather cheers sir !! 

Автор jose CARLOS Silva ( назад)
Wow! that's really very nice. - Congratulations. 

Автор CRAIGOLEARYoz ( назад)
thank you i been practicing Your toutorial is very easy to follow thanks

Автор Sylvain Guinet (French Composer) ( назад)
yes very good expilcation for chord and rythm, I like the little mélody for
finish explication. Good for beginner...

Автор Sylvain Guinet (French Composer) ( назад)
thank for the explication...

Автор Tom Clemans ( назад)
Thanks David - This is the first tutorial I've watched in which I wanted to
go right to the piano and try it. Great job! Tom :-)

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