The Most Aggressive Animals On The Planet

10 most dangerous animals in the world
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While many animals may display aggression when cornered or protecting their young there are others that have proven to be consistently volatile. While you wouldn’t want to cross the path of a mama bear with her cubs you really don’t want to cross the path of a wolverine. While being aggressive doesn’t make an animal innately ‘bad’ it does mean they require a much bigger buffer zone than other animals. While it’s not common to come upon some of these creatures without venturing pretty deep into the foods, they are definitely on the ‘do not approach’ list.

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Автор Ethan Coombs ( назад)
Black mambas aren't the most venomous snakes in the world

Автор azzabruz182 ( назад)
i watched a doco about these 3 sexualy frustrated male elephants who all
raped and killed over 100 rhinos. wow just when u thought mother nature
couldn't be any more fucked

Автор azzabruz182 ( назад)
what about bamboons? i thought they were the most fucked?

Автор Blayne “Ghost” Peterson ( назад)
number 1 German Russian Irish American male

Автор JR S. ( назад)
How about mosquitoes? They cause the most human deaths.

Автор JR S. ( назад)
Black Mambas are not the most poisonous snakes in the world, it's the sea
How come these people don't research their shit before they post.

Автор INSTANT GAMER ( назад)
No he shouldn't your u Mexican

Автор Hirosan387 Anime ( назад)
Ps Black mamba bite can kill a full grown elephant 🐘

Автор Super saiyan Trap ninja ( назад)
Where's Donald trump on this list

Автор Dab it On ( назад)
if trump was on ther that wood be funny

Автор Gerard Brown ( назад)
me fucking too

Автор Reklem123 HD ( назад)
And I live in a forest often refered to as "wolverine forest"

Автор Ismail Tiger ( назад)

Автор The Beastman ( назад)
The real worlds greatest athletes and best fighters in the world! They are
also fun to study about. For a dam good reason we got nothing on them
except guns, knifes and other weapons. They are very inspirational and
amazing animals.

Автор Haeden Muller ( назад)
Lmao this bitch put a pic of a moose for an elk lmao

Автор Ryan Fullgrabe ( назад)
What about the *TASMANIAN DEVIL* I mean it has the word *devil* in its name

Автор Ricky Chanthavong ( назад)
You know who the coolest person is

Look at the First work
The sentence

Автор Natedog365 ( назад)
Why aren't humans on here

Автор IchBinScheisse UndIchKannNix ( назад)
Number 1: Humans

Автор Logan Playz ( назад)
man what bout the ant that animal can kill a dinosaur

Автор Joshua Edralin ( назад)
not cool bro not cool bro

Автор DeathTrick 101 ( назад)
Warthogs "Phacochoerus africanus" are wild boars? No

Автор Gaming on Edge ( назад)

Автор Firebender 1000 ( назад)
Black mamba isn't the most venemous snake

Автор Nathan Smith ( назад)
Humans?? We kill and attack if something steps on our land

Автор SirVapingAlot ( назад)
the inland taipan is the most venomous snake in the world. that's the be
all and end all of it. the reason when not many people get bitten isn't
because they aren't aggressive, it's because mostly the population if
Australia is coastal. there are also 3 different species of the taipan. the
coastal is thought to be more aggressive because as mentioned before it
lives closer to the human population of Australia so it has more contact
with them. it ranks 3rd most venomous

Автор Matthew Mcgill ( назад)
Saltwater crocodile, honey bear, shrew wait what?

Автор John Punt ( назад)
Not a single fuck given by the Honey Badger

Автор SegaDisney ( назад)
I would think Bed Bugs would be on the list.

Автор Tanks and gaming ( назад)
First one attacking a lion is a mongoose idiot

Автор Bryan Caballero ( назад)
I came here to see a gorilla fighting a bear....smh

Автор James Ellsworth Fan ( назад)

Автор James Ellsworth Fan ( назад)
Lol 1:10 that's an American badger not a honey badger and at 0:44 that's a
wolverine seriously is it that hard to tell what type it is by using the
internet? smh

Автор Angel Cosme ( назад)

Автор ניוט אלמרר ( назад)
when you told about the honey badger you put a picture of a woolverine...

Автор Georgiebeans ( назад)
one of the pics for the wolverine was an american badger

Автор Randy Newman ( назад)
To bad wolverines are afraid of Buckeyes 😏

Автор II UndeadDetroyerZ II ( назад)
i thought the inland taipan was the most venomous snake

Автор Kahdarius Nunnery ( назад)
which is the most bad ass animal in this list

Автор Joe Savage Deadpool ( назад)

Автор Kenneth Yee ( назад)
in asia we eat wild boar

Автор BasicBall3r ( назад)
the dog at the end of my street

Автор David Austin Oliva ( назад)
If i had a shrew for a pet i would name it either Sanic/Sunix/Sonic or

Автор Nathan Schaeffer ( назад)
They said elk then show a picture of a moose

Автор De irriteerbeer ( назад)

Автор Kelly Neubauer ( назад)
I think the Tasmanian devil is vicious

Автор FUNKY MONKEY31 ( назад)
They should of put people on number one for always killing for no reason

Автор ESZ0TIC BUGGED ( назад)
trust me, i did not know most of the animals in this list.

Автор Phoenix19Gaming ( назад)
No Humans?

Автор Brandon West ( назад)
Crocodiles don't have "the strongest bite in the animal kingdom." Killer
whales bite way harder at almost 20,000psi.

Автор Emilio Rendon ( назад)
Tasmanian Devil should be on the list

Автор hayden Grant ( назад)
I think they meant sloth bear they are a lot more dangerous and can and
will kill tigers

Автор Daniel rembert ( назад)
ok guys honey badger vs wolverine which one would win?

Автор XTM Gaming ( назад)
Black Mamba? I guess Kobe Bryant is dangerous then...

Автор JASON SUEDMEYER ( назад)
A mamba might be the most aggressive snake but it is not the most venomous
, although it is up there .

Автор Kelly Easley ( назад)
He u

Автор xXdabstersal980Xx YT ( назад)

Автор migue valdez ( назад)
I have 2 pitbulls one is fearce the other is lazy,1 matis. and a baby lion
we found it in the wild🐯🐶🐶

Автор migue valdez ( назад)
El chapo should be on the list

Автор manuel punsalan ( назад)
I don't get it

Автор Said Abdi ( назад)
What about Harambe

Автор Cobra Views ( назад)
Where's the polar bear

Автор Naqarimite Aj ( назад)
no tiger?

Автор Arachnattack Gaming ( назад)
You forgot the goose they are so mean that they will take anything on that
it thinks is messing with its babies and will fight until it or the Enemy
is dead and it kills its enemy by drowning them by shoving there head in
the water and standing on it so they can get they're head out and this
might sound crazy but there are reported of people dying to them

Автор Stuart Bunton ( назад)
damn wolverine damn

Автор suside squad ( назад)

Автор Kaylee's Korner ( назад)
I'm sorry but I had to crack a grin with the honey badger. Honey badger
don't take crap!

Автор 1Million Subcribers ( назад)
See you can be deadly/aggressive/strong at a small weight wolverines are
30-60 lbs and they are strong. So me being 95 lbs I can still be strong

Автор dream life ( назад)
the most aggressive animals are humans

Автор Dallas Cowboys ( назад)
Honey bagers dont give a fuck

Автор keepa boy ( назад)

Автор Wild Hunter ( назад)
That "elk" was a fuckin moose

Автор Sean michael ( назад)
Black mamba no wonder they don't mess with kobe

Автор A Sall ( назад)
These guys say the weight in lbs the entire video but change to kg for some
reason at the end

Автор Jake knippenberg ( назад)
Why isn't Bill Cosby on here?

Автор Mark Wilson ( назад)
How were hippos not covered?

Автор That Gay Guy ( назад)
harambe got ass

Автор Ryan Fullgrabe ( назад)
What about the Tasmanian devil

Автор Ryan Ribbel ( назад)
Where's hippo?

Автор ULTRAJay ( назад)
When someone sings "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas," they're saying
they want to be mauled brutally.

Автор Josief Marshal ( назад)
bad video

Автор Waddles The Classy Carno ( назад)
The Inland Taipan is the most venomous.

Автор gattling glaceon ( назад)
how come magikarp isn't on this list

Автор Snappy reviews with rehaan Delai autumn ( назад)
Great white shark

Автор InformalPiano3 ( назад)
Can I name another aggressive wolverine? THE MICHIGAN WOLVERINES! Go blue!

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
ohhh so that's why on the Saw movies they use a boar mask

Автор Xavier Edwards ( назад)
immigrant scale cooperate criminal scatter legitimate after king lovely

Автор saul hernandez ( назад)
I would take these suckers on any day

Автор Cam-Lynn Swanepoel ( назад)
but honey badgers are extremely smart and if you have them as babies they
can make amazing pets♥♡ they are just misunderstood

Автор Psychotic Bacon ( назад)
U forgot the racist legend Donald Trump

Автор Psychotic Bacon ( назад)
When I was thee or four, I thought that a wild raccoon was a puppy, so I
tried petting it and immediately had my knee split open😱

Автор Right Away ( назад)
So humans didn't make the list? I call bullshit

Автор Omer gaming Awc games ( назад)
actuali the titanoboa is the biggest snake

Автор Jahid Hasan ( назад)
Hyena must be the most aggressive animal

Автор Ezequiel Borrayo ( назад)
The black mamba isn't the most toxic the king cobra is

Автор Wade Sharp ( назад)
Whats there talking doing through this vid? Goodbye

Автор Hieme lux ( назад)
Channel Cuby stole all your content in a video ( I 10 animali più
aggressivi del pianeta )

Автор Ryder Robinson ( назад)
No Hillary deserves to be in the body of one for Benghazi

Автор Gabriele Babolin ( назад)
porco dio = quby
saranno sicuramente loro copiare 😂😂

Автор Ruben Barajas ( назад)
They forgot the Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Bull Shark, Great White Shark, Polar
Bear, Grizzly Bear and the Moose. What about the Hippo, Walrus, Leopard
Seal and the Orca?

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