[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Hallelujah - Pentatonix

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Просмотров: 115772948
Длительность: 5:6
Комментарии: 72176

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Автор iL CR!O ™ ( назад)
Me in the other videos: "Why doesn't Avi sing some strophes himself?"
Me in this videos: "Why did Avi sing a strophe alone?"
Ehm... Yeah...

Anyways i love Avi's voice, he's my favourite in the group.

Автор Ariana Grande ( назад)
I love this song so much

Автор Jr Moss ( назад)

Автор Marelyn Velez ( назад)
i love you

Автор Marelyn Velez ( назад)
i pove your song

Автор Monica Baltazar ( назад)
😍 Well damn! Took the soul right out of me on this song.. Beautifully done
a day I'm so surprised I'm just now hearing about them but I'm a fan 🤗

Автор Justbeingme❤ ( назад)
man Avi blew me away

Автор Roberto DSR ( назад)
3:30 that part blessed my ears 😍

Автор lisa tovmash ( назад)

Автор Clashing 101 ( назад)
the 3min mark is a beastly section

Автор mrscorpion1829 ( назад)
This feels insulting I don't know how but it feels like this is spitting on

Автор NORA G. ( назад)
Voces muy bellas !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Josh Carter ( назад)
Mitch Grassi Made this song like 10000% better! Good job man!

Автор Oля ( назад)

Автор mario nainggolan ( назад)
awesome . for the glory of Christ

Автор Thomas Petit ( назад)
continuer comme sa ses super

Автор Eliane Liz Carvalho Da Silva ( назад)
que música!!! 😍

Автор leverdia ( назад)
I love Mitchell's hat. :-D I like all of their styles and their voices,
too, of course!! :-)

Автор Raymond Rodriguez ( назад)
i love thiss song so plz sing more you guys are the best singers in the

Автор Giuseppe Pincopallino ( назад)

Автор Dorota Strzelecka ( назад)
Piękne do obłędu!!!! Brawo!!!!!

Автор Donia El Achlouji ( назад)

Автор Donia El Achlouji ( назад)

Автор Donia El Achlouji ( назад)
e bellissima questa canzone resterei secoli ad ascoltarla 😙voci
fantastiche,senza troppa musica e ragazzi bravissimi.canzone della vits

Автор PENTAHOLIC 19 ( назад)
All the non PTX fans asking who "the guy in the circle hat is?" 😂😂😂

Автор GOKU 888 ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Maddy Hannah ( назад)
whos the girl?

Автор korex3 doesminecraft ( назад)

Автор Rita Haydu ( назад)
thank you to Leonard Cohen for writing such a beautiful song, lyrics... RIP

Автор Cristina B ( назад)
Loved this! Such a talented band.

Автор Sarah Zimah ( назад)

Автор Paulo Araujo ( назад)
I have really loved ! You are all angels !!

Автор Mahala Holloway ( назад)
mine and my cousins cuz died when he was just born

Автор gelu halmac ( назад)
i like hallelujah

Автор Splano Goat ( назад)
There 25k people hat diluted this video and I want to strangle all of

Автор Eniye Donbraye ( назад)
God bless your gifts

Автор Alejandro Nara ( назад)
copiaron al sacerdote que sorpende a los novios en su boda con esta misma
versión......el mérito para el sacerdote

Автор 2 TheHomelessGumba ( назад)
this song was in shrek lol i just realized that when i was typing

Автор Cipi SixZeroFour ( назад)
Leonard Cohen made this

Автор 2 TheHomelessGumba ( назад)

Автор leverdia ( назад)
How could anyone dislike this? This is majestic!!! I simply love
Pentatonix!! Keep up the good work Pentatonix! :-)

Автор ум няша TV-_- ( назад)
здесь есть русский?

Автор Alìz Szeri ( назад)
Nagyon jo és én le töltöttem de nem engedi hogy meg hallgassa na mindegy
nagyon jo❤❤❤❤❤❤

Автор Em Rose ( назад)
The guy wearing the hat has such a beautiful angelic voice! Absolutely
stunning, I keep repeating his part!

Автор Rain song ( назад)
The One of them that does the Bass Voice ... Wow ...just WOW

my Sound-Station almost exploded

Автор Shanell Lovelace ( назад)
OK so this is the youngest version of this song and it has the most

Автор Katherine Tineo ( назад)
this song is so calm

Автор Mads Lund ( назад)
Hail satan

Автор paula maier ( назад)
It's so amazing, I'm touched and close to tears 💕

Автор Natalie S ( назад)
Omg you guys are amazing I love it would so cool if I could go to a concert
or if you even commented on this comment I love you guys sooo much words
can't describe

Автор yoshi nozo ( назад)
I totally love this PTX version hallelujah❤️

Автор BIG G ( назад)
The thing that bugs me is all the 'muh divesity' fags that act like these
people are god because their are minorities in the music industry. The only
reason why they are truly special is because of singing talent. Each of
their voices are incredible in their own ways and are unparalleled by
anyone in the industry right now imo. But Saying they are good BECAUSE they
are gay or black or a woman is stupid. They are good because they are
talented individuals. But anyway, anyone that's worth anything will
understand what I mean.

Автор Danijel kavečič ( назад)
Great !!!!

Автор Izabella Gonzalez ( назад)
Plz send me a pic

Автор Heydi Ramirez ( назад)
que hermoso cantan

Автор hải hoàng ( назад)
tuyệt vời 🐙

Автор Urte Gevorgianc ( назад)
labai graikė

Автор Elsa perfect ( назад)
bravo c'est super vous etes tous génial

Автор Peyton Davis ( назад)
you guys are really good

Автор Theresa Rose ( назад)
OK so I am hooked hubby threating to leave lol ,,SOME PEOPLE DO NOT LOVE

Автор angel ke ( назад)
love this song!!!!!

Автор Raspberrydragon ( назад)
I just noticed that the rain black in there in the middle of the desert😂

Автор Kevin O'Shea ( назад)
TAKES the stress of daily life for a few minutes,,,,,,, soothing

Автор 김은찬 ( назад)

Автор Fata_ Aia ( назад)

Автор zoeee ( назад)
Avi's vocals never fail to amaze me..

Автор Hal Jordan ( назад)
They all are great! I don'thave a favorite cause they sing soo great.

Автор The Weirf. ( назад)
Guys, I love you so much that my car plate number is LITERALLY
PTX at the end!! (I'm British)
I love you too much! 😭

Автор Reyna Pace ( назад)
ptx is unbelievable.
Mitch nd scott r gr8

Автор Benjy Bumbrix ( назад)
1:00 well your faith was strong but you needed poo~~

tears to eyes*

Автор Melissa Hahn ( назад)
mitch omg his voice

Автор lana Ebner ( назад)
Thies is so 😔😥😥

Автор Maria Domingas ( назад)
muito linda essa musica

Автор All by Kell ( назад)
So best song!!!

Автор Lar Issa ( назад)
Por que tem tanto deslike?
Mano do Céu, amei eles!!! ♡♡♡♡

Автор Anne Drewes ( назад)
eure Musik ist in meinem Kopf in meinen Gedanken, besonders Halleluja ihr
habt diesen Song so wundervoll umgesetzt, aber auch eure anderen Songs
finde ich klasse, die ihr in eurem besonderen Stil interpretiert. Danke das
eure tolle gruppe gibt.macht weiter so, ihr seit alle wunderbar.... mfg

Автор Adriana Sarmiento cordero ( назад)

Автор Canal do Pimenta ( назад)
good music!!!

Автор Herbert Anetzberger ( назад)
i Love ju

Автор JJ ( назад)
Oh... My heart....!

Автор Janni Windhorst ( назад)
ich muß immer an die verstorbenen denken wenn dieses schöne Lied läuft und
fange an zu weinen

Автор Janni Windhorst ( назад)
I love this Song 😭

Автор Ooood Ooood ( назад)
Is a good song

Автор Delfina Rodríguez ( назад)
At 3:16 I thought my phone died lmao

Автор melissa rasley ( назад)
Beautiful...simply beautiful

Автор IgnoranceIs Bliss ( назад)
those low notes that the guy with the long hair was doing were amazing!!!

Автор Igor Korablev ( назад)

Автор Stephanie Espinoza ( назад)
5 beautiful and amazingly talented singers. But my goodness when Mitch
comes in on this track my heart flutters. I wish his part was longer

Автор Mario Esposito ( назад)

Автор wasif amin ( назад)
is mitch gay ¿ no hate though i actually like him

Автор Kai Li ( назад)
Love Avi soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

Автор Marvel Lover ( назад)
YESSSSSS! You guys are so talented and I love u!😍

Автор Leor Goldberg ( назад)
One thing I don't think pentatonix gets credit for is just how well
produced their sound is. It's clean, crisp and detailed.

Автор LivingSantiago ( назад)
her voice is beautiful

Автор Kim Moberly ( назад)
I can listen to this all night long!!!

Автор Nemo Sundry ( назад)
I now understand why I always rejected the "first world problems" concept
(even as a joke it's meant to be real). By that idea, how could people with
the tippy top of 'first world success', like Pentatonix, be able to sing
this song so genuinely and intensely? You'd be blind to the essence of
music if you think a person can make it solely through technical,
mathematic skill.
No. The reality is there is no world, including "the first", that people
can escape the gradient of anguish to attraction, pain to joy. The way it
manifests just changes shape.

Forgetting who you are prevents you from living fully. Supressing natural
suffering with an idea of the "first world" means being robbed of something
that makes you whole.
From the sound of the music, I believe Pentatonix has not forgotten that
and each person has continued to find the music in suffering.

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