Queen - somebody to love

Queen - somebody to love live in Montreal

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Длительность: 6:58
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Автор Correia Lilia ( назад)
Homme spectale, pure talent .....

Автор iMagnuz ( назад)
Only Queen can get 63 million views with a 240p video.

Автор Jorge Butron ( назад)
F... me!

Автор Malcolm Fairgrieve ( назад)
Amazing person

Автор Joseph Coronado ( назад)
freddie Mercury eterno por los siglos de los siglos!!

Автор Atamiris Atamiris ( назад)
Pode passar 50 anos e os caras continuam atuais. Muito top!!!! #thebest

Автор Bren Hiddelstone ( назад)
the best singer ever love it

Автор Toby Britstone ( назад)
Amazing song. Watch Geroge Michael who does an amazing tribute to Freddie and sings this song. Both were the best of the best!!

Автор Leila Hg ( назад)
He was one of a kind! This is better than 80% of what we hear today on a radio and will always be!

Автор skyelight ( назад)
Magnificent voice. Wow!

Автор Chris Kellison ( назад)
Simply the master of live and studio vocals, long live queen.....

Автор nancy peck ( назад)
why does something as pleasurable as sex kill people?

Автор nancy peck ( назад)
what an amazing performance this was, before he got AIDS

Автор Damian Trejo ( назад)
I love this song! Rest in piece.

Автор mary anne ( назад)
valentines day and its my best song ever

Автор Ethan Murray ( назад)
R.I.P. Freddy. We shalt not forget you, or your incredible fashion sense.

Автор purplejesus28 ( назад)
Lou Gramm is better looking and cooler, and I'm a straight guy

Автор Frances Watford ( назад)
I feel horribly ironic listening to this on valentine's day

Автор Ross Nendick ( назад)
I love Roger's backing vocals! He sounds similar to Rod Stewart imo

Автор enzo artistico ( назад)
Sei vissuto in me e vivrai per sempre nel mio cuore freddy...che Dio possa darti sempre la luce numero 1!

Автор Jason Vázquez ( назад)
God , why you take freedie and you put here Justin Bieber ?

Автор William Metz ( назад)
Freddie Mercury reflects the power we all have within...

Автор alvaro carrasco schwartz ( назад)
send him a queer to love, but without aids...because then he die and I need him

Автор Mike Hawk ( назад)
there is always a few half drank beers on the piano lmaoo

Автор eric mc clair ( назад)
more aids music

Автор Ciaran Ryan Health ( назад)
What an incredible vocalist

Автор Romina Aparicio ( назад)
Una maravilla😍

Автор gonz velaz ( назад)
Forever commercial announcement!, Heineken beer!, I've been seen he liked it much!. .....

Автор Christian Farina ( назад)
Some people were impressed by Beyonce or Lady Gaga's performance at the Super Bowl...

Автор Kwang Myun ( назад)
i miss you


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Ver Vídeo

Can anybody find me somebody to love?
each morning i get up i die a little
can barely stand on my feet
take a look in the mirror and cry
lord what you're doing to me
i have spent all my years in believing you
but i just can't get no relief, lord!
somebody, somebody
can anybody find me somebody to love?
I work hard every day of my life
i work till i ache my bones
at the end i take home my hard earned pay all on my own -
i get down on my knees
and i start to pray
till the tears run down from my eyes
lord - somebody - somebody
can anybody find me - somebody to love?
(he works hard)
Everyday - i try and i try and i try -
but everybody wants to put me down
they say i'm goin' crazy
they say i got a lot of water in my brain
got no common sense
i got nobody left to believe
yeah - yeah yeah yeah
Oh lord
somebody - somebody
can anybody find me somebody to love?
Got no feel, i got no rhythm
i just keep losing my beat
i'm ok, i'm alright
ain't gonna face no defeat
i just gotta get out of this prison cell
someday i'm gonna be free, lord!
Find me somebody to love
can anybody find me somebody to love?

Автор MrSentenza1966 ( назад)
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! hic ...

Автор juan def ( назад)
Freddie was a real queen. lmao

Автор Greg Crain ( назад)
and for those who grew up with gueen we new but didn't give a shit ... come on a name like Queen ... I'm 51 years old I've played Queen 10,000 times .... and counting.. middleman

Автор Greg Crain ( назад)
if everyone was gay and sang like this ... then find me a Fucking gay guy .... middleman

Автор BusterBeaver Always ( назад)
Freddie Mercury was the best of the best!

Автор scabbard1597 ( назад)
King Mercury

Автор elodie sheraton ( назад)
Come back to life Freddie ! xxx

Автор CheriAnn Peavy ( назад)
good song

Автор CheriAnn Peavy ( назад)
fix the #LandLinds

Автор John Spencer ( назад)
Came here cos I saw the beer on top of the piano

Автор Juan Gonzalez Saenz ( назад)
un muy buen vino malbec y FM.....que mas

Автор Yaiza Cabellos ( назад)
El mejor artista vocal que he escuchado. Era todo un espectáculo.

Автор Giada Sera ( назад)
sooooooomebodyyy tooooo loveeee

Автор Zachary Taylor ( назад)
that bulge though ;)

Автор Virginia Gonzales ( назад)
Very nice song

Автор Ailenis The Heroine ( назад)

Автор Maria Da Conceição Lello ( назад)
Luan Santana

Автор Michael Lunburg ( назад)
Freddie is missed. There will not be another.

Автор Alfonso Ferrara ( назад)
best sound for Ever

Автор silver wolf ( назад)
Forever Freddie.
I love you.

Автор AART21 ( назад)
Was freddie indian or english?

Автор marko kotisaari ( назад)
nero=genius?... rakastan tätä musiikkia tätä kaveria. rest in peace!

Автор will of fire ( назад)
freddie is better than all gods of world

Автор gabriel sandoval ( назад)
como me hubiera gustado haber nacido en los 70 donde se hacia y escuchaban música genial y donde valía la pena asistir a un concierto. me hubiese encantado asistir a un concierto de Queen.

Автор Kristyleigh Hallman-North ( назад)
gay or not i would of taken his ass

Автор ARS RIV ( назад)
Why world, why he? ):

Автор nika mujiri ( назад)
you are death and fucking Justin is singing :'(

Автор Riza Hasani ( назад)
he was funny man

Автор Lucia Vasquez ( назад)

Автор Nilton Marques ( назад)
Nothing compares too much

Автор Joe V ( назад)
so much beer lol!

Автор Leon Spashett ( назад)
How's it possible for SOMEBODY to be as talented as Freddie Mercury?

Автор jesús noel bueno ( назад)

Автор debbie green ( назад)
mais oui!!!

Автор carlo carosi ( назад)
immenso amore che non torna

Автор Pam Nichols ( назад)
Love his...OK let's do it!

Автор Iam India ( назад)

Автор Weedamanda ( назад)
amazing, always amazing....god bless

Автор Vivian Andrew ( назад)

Автор Giuseppe Di Giovanni ( назад)

Автор 1Peezy1 ( назад)
This is THE BEST Mercury live performance bar none! THE BEST

Автор hannia _cs ( назад)
wow with his voice it's all 😍

Автор Людмила Людмила ( назад)

Автор Imam Harir ( назад)
there is better singers but unknown bcause they don't sing in English.

Автор 염지숙 ( назад)
forever good!

Автор Alice Fantini ( назад)
Wtf? Freddie has a superman's shirt? What?

Автор JKDMan2000 ( назад)
was listening to marc martel doing this, and while he would be way better then lambert is for queen IMO, listening to this after martel is a huge difference. Night and Day. No one can touch Freddies voice.

Автор Santiago Irene ( назад)
My Paforite your Songs Queen

Автор Pete Davies ( назад)
i would give my front teeth to sing like that...

Автор Муветон Муветон ( назад)
2017 )) !!!

Автор Salvatore Nobile ( назад)
senza parole sei stato unico

Автор israel ruiz ( назад)
Painter, writer, poet, musician, singer, ok let's just say freddie

Автор Preetha N ( назад)
nobody can come close to the way he has sung this song i was comparing it some at his memorial

Автор Fiontan Cahill ( назад)
The missed chord kind of annoys me but its all made better by the rest of the performance.

Автор amazingdany ( назад)
These days, no musicians will have alcohol mid-concert.

Автор Schwanzus Longus ( назад)
owen wilson hittin da shit outta the drums tho

Автор André Luís Nazareth ( назад)
Freddie, we love you <3

Автор William Gualdron ( назад)
Fortunately, he was a queen, on the contrary, he was got pregnant a lot off women

Автор William Gualdron ( назад)
Afortunadamente era Queen, de lo contrario hubiera preñado a un montón de mujeres

Автор Lucas De Moura Ribeiro Moura ( назад)

Автор felix34jyg ( назад)
Hands down

Автор marialaura cassiano ( назад)
i preferr George Michael

Автор Angelica De Oliveira ( назад)

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