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Автор maza xaker (1 год)

Автор ekuwa69 (5 лет)
I had that happen to me, the video was on Youtube, but I forgot to ask they
guy what the name of it was.

Автор JelteRocks (5 лет)
fake.. down movie is oldddd

Автор funnykids5763 (5 лет)
@poopykid55 ' you mind maybe sending me the vid?

Автор Gorebane (5 лет)
@RockGodFuck Kinda old, they don't make any new pranks soo THIS fails,,
pplz are just soo lazy to make a nice prank, like dead guy on chatroulette,
thats a good one

Автор niklas foss (5 лет)
where do i get this fake webcam thing?

Автор Zomg16 (5 лет)
What program did you use to put the random video in your vid frame?

Автор dtcmac (5 лет)
Damn what the fuck

Автор iLLSoMe (5 лет)

Автор lolfabio1 (5 лет)
lol :D:D:D nice i want see more.

Автор baconupyoursleeve (5 лет)
@MaikBey ahhhh LOL do u have the link to this vid??

Автор 100weirdkids (5 лет)
when the pole came down from the ceiling thats when i started laghing

Автор DontFlaMe (5 лет)

Автор Cesar Zuzu (5 лет)

Автор HondaTuner402 (5 лет)
hate to break it to these homos but this is actualy a vid from like years
back. its a girl caught on webcam not on chat roulette

Автор narmin0007 (4 года)
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has proved to be one of the most rocking site for all roulette lovers…!

Автор steffi l (5 лет)

Автор Tom Forsyth (5 лет)
i've had that guy on chat roulette he's really odd and he thought a guy was
cute :P

Автор Lyssa L (5 лет)
How do you get a blue screen? When I go to the site, it is gray...

Автор PPPinacoladaaa (5 лет)
Check out my chat roulette reaction video.

Автор Scottathan (4 года)
These are so fake, you do realize that though...

Автор pwnwner (2 года)
best ad ever

Автор haja808 (5 лет)
@CrimsonKissez it's the new version

Автор KiniArgentina (5 лет)

Автор Gooberjelly11 (5 лет)
Hey dude can you show me how to do this on chat roulette

Автор snake161616 (5 лет)

Автор funnykids5763 (5 лет)
@niklasfoss its called manycam, just google it :)

Автор IFLUiiD (5 лет)
thats brilliant xD

Автор kevin de cesare (3 года)
it's a fake realized with a true

Автор ProductionsPitBull (5 лет)
this happened to me 2

Автор Tim Bing (5 лет)

Автор paigypie98 (4 года)

Автор hispaniccheese (5 лет)
hey how did you do that i seen that video before but how did you get it to
play on your camera

Автор Samuel Perron (4 года)
ahaha, this is really funny and well though lol

check out my chatroulette reactions videos

Автор BlackWolff6 (5 лет)
Search for video Girls gone wild on webcam. or somethin'

Автор Lewis2931 (4 года)
how do you get this chat one?

Автор NsXLogo (5 лет)

Автор Sequoia Brown (5 лет)
LMAO!! was that all fake or something!! ahahahaha

Автор wiimen909 (5 лет)

Автор David W (5 лет)
I had that happen to me!!!

Автор Alec Prado (5 лет)
it must be a video haha

Автор flamejens (5 лет)
das video ist ja nur alt......

Автор chiachhu (5 лет)
hahahah the guy is going nuts

Автор shannyishere (5 лет)
@metalheadxo duh, its a fake :3 its supposed to be

Автор Kristoph109 (5 лет)

Автор girlie347 (5 лет)
I think it was an Axe commercial

Автор Orysia lovin (5 лет)
Thiss girl is gross.

Автор curlytopgir (5 лет)
hahaha lmao!

Автор sean9820 (5 лет)
Damn sucks to be him LOL.

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