The Most Interesting Thing I've Ever Done

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I went over-time on this video, but I still don't know that I was able to do this topic any sort of justice. First, I have to say that I said "I" a lot in the first paragraph because I was focusing on my own life but, of course, I had a lot of help doing those things I did (most of all from John.)

Second...we've had ups and downs in the strength of this community, and it's also a certain amount of scary for me when it seems like the focus of it is not as much values and goals, but me or John as people. There's a weird line between being the doorway into something bigger and more interesting and getting...stuck in the doorway.

I want you to like me, but I don't want you to be here for me. I want you to be here for whatever message I'm sharing that day, whether it's one of joy and silliness, or of compassion, or of knowledge.

But I also think I can sometimes be distracted from the importance of what we're doing here on Vlogbrothers by all of the new things that this community has allowed us to do. And since Vlogbrothers is still just me and John, while our other things have whole teams, it's easy to get dragged into those things by the great ideas those teams are having.

Which is a bummer, because I don't want to be distracted from our work trying to figure out how cohesive and constructive community can find new ways to exist as the old ways are working for fewer and fewer people.

Thank you for an amazing 10 years...good god, how lucky am I...

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Автор Greg Moberg ( назад)
I'm don't think I see individualism as pervasive in society as Hank does. I
see people choosing a niche (honestly, a stereotype at this point) to
identify themselves with. Its heavily shaped by things like the political
philosophy they adopt, the music they like, or how they choose to dress.
Its like none of us ever grow out of high school. We're standing on the
shoulders of giants. Human thought doesn't just come from no where. Without
other people, the individual would have no direction. Definition is
contrast. There is no individual without community.

I don't consider myself a nerdfighter. I'm not even sure what that name
means or represents. I just think Jo(h)n and Hank have interesting
thoughts, and sometimes I feel like chimming in.

Автор Annette Vernon ( назад)
I have a few questions: I have been watching your videos regularly for
several years. You are always talking about community and nerdfighteria. I
have been trying to become part of this community, but I am having a
difficult time getting engaged. I have followed you on tumblr, watched your
other channels, visited your websites, joined nerdfighter groups on
facebook, filled out the nerdfighter census, but I still don't feel a part
of this community or that I am interacting with this community. Am I not
trying hard enough? Is there something that I am missing? I want to be able
to find meaningful interaction with people who have common interests as me
through the internet, but maybe I just don't know how.
Also: should I go to VidCon? I have the time and resources to go, but I
don't know anyone who is going and I am not sure what I will get out of it.
I would love to meet people passionate about youtube, meet some of the
youtubers I love, and visit Amsterdam as it is one of my favorite places in
the world, but I am nervous.
I hope this comment gets some responses, these are questions that I
genuinely would like an answer to.

Автор Carolyn B ( назад)
I started watching vlogbrothers with Accio Deathly Hallows in 2007 and
haven't stopped. It's been a great ten years. I have a kid now too. I
mostly don't feel connected with the Nerdfighteria community, even though I
feel a kinship with it. It's always been hard for me to jump into a
community and commit time and energy to it. It's intimidating and
exhausting to me. But I have loved the Thoughts from Places videos, videos
in which you talk about family, and videos like this. I loved the Lizzie
Bennet Diaries, sexplanations, and Crash Course.

Автор Jessica Caroline ( назад)
I was 22 when I first started watching :) Congrats you two (and to all of
us!), may you make many more videos!

Автор Ria Upreti ( назад)
I've been watching vlogbrothers since I was in 7th grade and I am now in
11th grade. This channel and these videos have helped shaped the way I see
the world and made me a more thoughtful person. The idea of imagining
people complexly has resonated with me so deeply and is really my core way
of seeing the world. Thank you guys so much for making such a lovely
channel and letting us help you along the way. I have really enjoyed my
time here and plan on enjoying it further.

Автор sumyrah kahn ( назад)
I was 8 years old when vlog brothers started and now i am 18. i am in
university and vlog brothers has really helped me be a more informed and
well rounded individual with a strange feeling of offering the world
goodness, in my own way , the green brothers have impacted and shaped me
and raised me in a way that they will never know. there is a really low
percentage of chance that you guys will see this youtube comment but thank
you, for being mere children stuck in bodies of men and teaching me that i
really dont have to grow up to be a grown up. i will always ..( imagine im
saying this in witney hustons voice) love you.

Автор MrFindX ( назад)
Hey I was 11 in 2007 haha

Автор Aubree Nash ( назад)
I worked on a couple projects with a girl from my major. She asked if I was
a Nerdfighter. I responded that I considered myself a nerd, but did not
know what she was talking about. She told me about the channel, and here I
am. That was 2011. I came late to the party, but I'm so glad to be a part
of this community. It's improved my life in many ways, from introducing me
to Kiva and decreasing world suck, to helping me be more introspective and
thoughtful. When I start to get cynical about the world, I come here and am
reminded of the beauty of our world (not to mention epic Target
punishments). Thanks for doing what you do. Btw, congrats on parenthood.
It's amazing. DFTBA.

Автор Marschmallow Girl ( назад)
fandoms are Communitys........right?

Автор Rebecca Oratto ( назад)
The tiny human now living in your house didn't make the list?!

Автор Ian Glencross ( назад)
I only came to vlogbrothers and nerdfighteria in 2015. I can't remember
what led me here, I only know that once I found it, it felt like home.
Which is possibly strange as it's not my demographic: I'm one of the few
nerdfighters in the 50+ age bracket. I don't tweet, I don't tumblr,
facebook, snapchat ... but now I do do a lot of this. And that is because
it's a true community, and I have never felt that my age was an issue. I'm
hoping that we are all still here when the rest of you are 50+.

Автор Katrina Eames ( назад)
I did first watch you when I was 11, and I can get drunk now. Astute

Автор Ryan Cook ( назад)
I have always felt a part of many different communities, but I have rarely
felt like an enthusiastic participant in those communities. Family,
friends, school, work, neighborhood, writer's groups, theatre groups,
Nerdfighteria, social and political activism, and other online communities
have always invited me and welcomed me, but I often fail to make myself
available and active for them.

Communities rely not on the numbers of their members, but the actions of
their members. Nerdfighteria is a large community in some ways and small in
many others, but a significant number of our members are very active, which
is why it thrives to this day. I am not one of those members. I am a silent
member. I am an occasional participant. I offer a thumbs up or share a
video or donate a few dollars to a cause, but I leave it at that. This is
maybe the third comment I've left on a video in the ten years of videos. I
do not expect every member of Nerdfighteria to be a vocal participant. I do
expect MYSELF to be a vocal participant. It's true that what you get from a
community is proportional to what you give to a community.

That said, I will try to speak up more. I will try to engage more. I will
try to invite more and welcome more and seek out diverse perspectives more.
I expect this of myself as a member of Nerdfighteria because I expect this
of all of Nerdfighteria.

Автор Olivia Giles ( назад)
You are so right there bro

Автор Thegirlwhowaited Eleven ( назад)
You guys are both amazing. You have accomplished so much and you're so
inspiring. You inspire me to become smarter and think deeper. You thanked
us for participating in this thing, and I think I speak for all of us when
I say thank you both for everything you have done. ❤

Автор R MH ( назад)
Hank is so genuinely humble, enthusiast, and compassionate that sometimes
I'm just...astonished by it. Like, this kind of person still exists, wow.
Gives you hope.

Автор Indubitably Zara ( назад)
It's been a great ten years, hasn't it? Nerdfighteria has been an essential
part of my life for nine of those years, and has been - continues to be -
formative in a way that I never could have imagined, over a period in which
I have changed so much. Thank you.

Автор JeeWeeD ( назад)
Actually, by being in a group of people that told me "Yeah, you have your
strange quirks, and sometimes I don't get you at all, but you are you, and
I love you as you are!", I found my own individual self. And now I have
found that, and enjoying it (even though I am jealous sometimes about other
peoples' ability to draw and paint ;-P), knowing that I am me and that's
the best me I can be, I can help others find their me's too, and helping
them to help others in the way they are able to (and that can be as simple
as keeping appointments and promises to do something or, sometimes better,
saying in advance "Do not let ME do that, because that is just not one of
my strengths, you are much better in that"), thus creating a community of
totally different people.

Not all of those people can work together easily: not with everybody you
can have that something, that je ne sais quoi. But even then you can learn
to respect someone for who someone is, their (cap)abilities and without
becoming friends do things together so it's a success.
With the rest? Well, enjoy them for who they are, enjoy their company, cry
with their crying and jump around of joy when they are happy about
something, give them the opportunity to do so as well, so you can enjoy
life to da max!

There's an awful lot more to say about what one can or cannot do (do the
first, don't worry about the second and let others take care of it, much
more relaxing than trying it for yourself, knowing it's not your cuppa),
but that'll be probably subject of another vid anyway, so I'll come back to
that later ;-) (Yes, this was a hint)

Автор Kate Berger ( назад)
I was that 11 year old who can now get drunk 😂 been here for the whole
ride. Thank you for an amazing 10 years.

Автор R Em ( назад)
I started with this channel almost 8 years ago and the changes that I've
gone through and that the channel has "seen me" go through have been
intense and immense. I'm so grateful for this little place where thoughts
can be heard and where ideas can be sorted out and words are put to
feelings I didn't even know I needed to hear. It's all very big and a lot
but thank the universe for it, you know? Congrats on 10 years, guys. This
community owes you as much as you think you owe it.

Автор J3ella Bellantoni ( назад)
Oh, Hank.
First off, YOU GOT BABY! CONGRATS! Are you finally back, then? Also... hm.
I feel like every community I've come across has had walls that I somehow
needed to break, walls that separate "us" from "them". Sometimes they're
family, sometimes they're following a religion, sometimes they're watching
the same shows or playing the same type of instrument, so when I see a
group of people that I admire, I automatically try to find the walls and
break through. This has led to some awkwardness around a specific group of
extremely smart nerds (I do not think of "nerd" or "geek" or "dweeb" or
what-have-you as an insult. I think of it as a compliment- someone who is
smart and interested in what they're doing and disregarding of the outside
world, which I sometimes am and sometimes pretend to be, and so I
automatically dislike people pretending to be nerds to be sexy or popular
or whatever they want and I just smacked grammar oh well) in my grade. I
still kind of want to know what I have to do to be part of Nerdfighteria...
I understand that there are open doors, but... I think this explains why
this generation is so cynical. *sorry my comment is so long I just wanted
to say what I feel*
Oh! Forgot! Hank, your Punishment. It's not necessary, you've got all your
Dad things to deal with and this was worth the extra two and a half
minutes... But I do want to see you be punished somehow... Wait. NerdCon.
How do I get to it?

Автор Frederick Setjadiningrat ( назад)
Never knew you have a masochistic side Hank. Getting punished by choice,
lol. But I guess the thing I love from this community is the filtering
mechanism of the users here. We strife for goodness, that's it. Engage to
thoughtful and kind comments, or innovative ideas, or perhaps joyful witty
ones. In our effort to uphold this identity of perfect goodness, we better
ourselves. By acceptance to our vices, while we celebrate each progress to
that perfection. Weird things about identity, the very act of its thought
define itself. And not only as a digital facade, actively transfer this
identity to our physical realities through actions. Community discussions,
program creation, volunteering acts, and so many other chances to struck
down a little bit of perfection, decreasing world's sucks one at a time. We
let ourselves change for the better, because this community managed to
endorse such thing.

Автор Anna Jonkers ( назад)
I can't stop seeing Hank in a cheerleader outfit..

Автор TaylorLynn FFA ( назад)
I was only 10 when i watch the first video... so i can not get druuunk

Автор randomdanceparty ( назад)
One of the 11 year olds who can now get drunk lol 😊

Автор Rob Bondy ( назад)
Hank, you have touched on something that is key in how society is shifting.
We are increasingly disconnected from each other. Finding community is hard
enough for many people. Finding new community structures is an important
unknown for the immediate and long term future. I've been fortunate to find
and help create a few. Very glad to be part of this one. Good luck with
whatever punishment comes from this.

Автор Shaheer 225 ( назад)
Are you here for long and thoughtful comments? Not this one kiddo.

Автор Cuatro Jones ( назад)
Hank, I would submit that this fiercer version of individualism is on such
a swift rise is also due to a form of communalism that has risen that is
almost militant in nature. For example, In my opinion, the federal
government has been trying to culturally homogenize America for a long time
via legislation. Why is it that people in my west Texas ranching community,
are forced to follow rules and regulations that were designed for cities
like Dallas? By the federal government using a one size fits all package,
we have been robbed of the ability to govern our own communities and as a
result are losing some things that made out communities what they are. As a
result, you individuals becoming militant themselves as they feel that is
the only defense against what they perceive as a culture turning against
them. Then you have the social justice warriors demanding that we all carry
the same intellectual and philosophical values and if we don't, regardless
of our reasons for having those values, we are labeled as racists, sexists,
or many other severe indictments just for daring to say, "Hey, maybe this
isn't such a good thing." "RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBE!!!!!" "Wait what? No, My
fiancé is Mexican my sister is gay my reasons are totally empirical based
on verifiable facts." "RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBE!!!" "Right.... yeah I'm
done." It's these types of conversations which are happening all over the
country that possibly lead to the individualism you are referring to

Автор Sye ( назад)
Why do they only refer to each other? Do they only make videos for each
I'm not John so i don't feel welcomed to watched:/

Автор Brianna Crawford ( назад)
I love the message and conversation surrounding this video! But I'm most
excited for the first punishment in a while?!!!!?!

Автор murrij ( назад)
what happened to Zefrank?

Автор Blaise ( назад)
"I don't know what I'm doing," but I do know that, "I am a good burrito.
There is no best burrito, only different kinds of good burritos"

Автор ForTheLoveOfRyan ( назад)
First off, in the last 3 years of being a nerdfighter (oh god it feels good
to say that! Wow! I've been here 3 years!) the single most communal moment
I had over that time period was also the only time I went to an event IRL.
I went to see you guys play music in San Francisco last year, and I felt
something very special, singing along with so many other people who had
found goodness via the internet.
But, second, that single night in San Francisco *PALES* in comparison to
the slower accumulation that has happened over the last three years of
watching your videos (and listening to pods, and reading books, and reading
twitters, and watching snaps, etc). Over the last three years,
nerdfighteria at large has shaped my actual way of thinking and questioning
the world....... I make a mental note of it every time that i use the word
"complexly", which is a lot these days, probably a few times a day. That's
the actual way that I've been effected most by this community--and it
happened over *years*.
I hope that eases a little of your fear, hank, about this channel being
about two internet celebrities. Was I so excited to meet you in San
Francisco that I had to practice my words? Yes. But that still can't touch
the slow accumulation. Cheers.

Автор Ontological Motivation ( назад)
Beautiful!, thank you. Such a wonderful articulation of the nuanced grey
dynamics of the essence of humanity.

Автор Chloe Hovind ( назад)
What I love most about this community is videos like this one. With today's
image-centered culture, there is a lot of fake people you encounter. But I
will always appreciate the vulnerability, thoughtfulness, and authenticity
of Hank and John. There are no hidden motives and no blatant
self-promotion, just a community participating in what they believe in.
Thank you Vlogbrothers for leading us towards awesomeness, and for setting
an example of making the world a better place.

Автор miti porwal ( назад)
i think individualism arises from belonging to your own combination of

Автор snowsurfer 251 ( назад)
Im coming to Boston!!

Автор Oliver Edmiston ( назад)
Make Hank eat a Ghost pepper 🌶 🌶🌶🌶

Автор vprince1173 ( назад)
We need Ze Frank back

Автор Barry Kort ( назад)
Here is one model of Community Building ...


Автор LoryRus ( назад)
I'm more of an observer of this community than an active participant. The
only action I'm involved in is advertising your channel to every english
speaker I know. But boy do I feel like a nerdfighter! My experiences
generally led me to believe that I can only trust in myself, but this
community makes me believe in people over and over again. When I forget how
to be awesome you're always here to remind me. All the love to you, Hank
and John! And to you, Nerdfighteria <3

Автор Tom ( назад)
"From Mark Twain to Vi Hart. . . ." I love the fact that my nerdy
modern-day still-living idols get put on the same footing as long-dead
folks who have had tons of time to become world-famous. I absolutely love

Автор FeetstheWombat ( назад)
This community is one of the most amazing communities on the internet, and
I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it for such a long time. I don't
normally leave comments, but I feel like this is a good video for me to
step back and tell everyone here how much I appreciate Nerdfighteria. I
hope that we continue to improve and grow in the years to come, and I want
to thank everyone for remembering to be awesome.

Автор TheShamois ( назад)
I've never managed to properly integrate myself into the Nerdfighter
community in my 6 years of watching VlogBrothers, but I have loved watching
it and feeling a part of it. Thank you so much for brining this community
together! (Also, I do think we should maybe let punishment slide for this
over 4mins non-specifically educational video ;) )

Автор Bevan F. ( назад)
I think it's great that this community started off sharing joy about the
things we love, nerdy as they are. I think it's even better that we've come
to a point were we can share joy as well as pain within the community and
build an understanding of what it means to relate to other people without
knowing them. The idea of using those communities for good is my favorite
thing I have witnessed as a result of this past personally and politically
troubling year. I hope using online communities for good becomes a trend
this new year. Whether to educate people, to have discussions, or to take
action, I want to see communities work together to improve itself, the
people within it, and the world it exists in.

Автор TrappedinaTardis ( назад)
With the dad jokes, and the giraffes I've been loving the nostalgia, but I
kept thinking 'if only they had a punishment, that's what I remember from
old vlogbrothers, AND IT'S HAPPENING!

Автор Madeline Johnson ( назад)
I love this. I think about the problem of community in the Internet age all
the time and agree that, even though like many other people in the comments
I for some reason would consider myself "on the fringe" of Nerdfighteria,
this community is real. As a socially conservative Catholic Christian I'm
almost certainly a political minority here, but that's one of the things I
value about it.

Just speaking for America, we're painfully aware of how divided we are as a
country, how little the extremes understand one another. Knowing you (Hank
and John) and a majority of other viewers were, in the most recent
election, Hillary supporters (not that I was a full-fledged Trumper, but I
am glad she didn't win), that you're adamant proponents of gay marriage and
probably abortion, both of which I think are wrong, and that you aren't on
the exact same page as I am religiously--knowing all this, I value the
genuine human connection I experience when I watch and reflect on your
videos even more than I would were they coming from my own corner. I'm no
relativist, but you can't have a conversation with people with whom you
don't have a relationship.

Nerdfighteria (nerdy as it is, lol!) is one the things I point to when I
feel like others in my conservative bubble have a reductive view of
liberals. "Look!" I say. "Thoughtful, articulate, community-oriented folks
trying to have real conversations, just like we hope we are!" All this
isn't to say that what I see when I see vlogbrothers is primarily some
Liberal Specimens, but it is one aspect of my appreciation for this
phenomenon, one important note in my overall cherishing of you guys'
generous sharing of yourselves through your art. Happy 10 years, and all
the best.

Автор CalindaSharisse ( назад)
I really don't know how to feel connected in a community. I've been with
y'all since 2009 or so but I feel isolated, like an outsider looking in. I
can't recall ever feeling like part of a community. I tried to be a part of
it, but mostly I feel like an outsider looking in. That isn't a comment on
Nerdfighteria. It is a comment on how badly individualism had made me feel
so absolutely isolated and I don't have the skills or knowledge to feel
like a part of a community. Well, now I'm wondering if my social anxiety
stems from that or if the social anxiety causes me to feel unable to

Автор sccello ( назад)
Hank, when I first started watching vlogbrothers, I was most drawn in by
the enthusiasm you and John had about what was going on in your lives.
Enthusiasm for your lives, but also about STUFF. Now, y'all are still
enthusiastic about what's going on in your lives, but the thing that has
changed is... what's going on in your lives now IS vlogbrothers. It used to
be when you went off on a rant about stuff you love, it was science, it was
philosophy, it was finding your own way of living best. Now it's about this
community and the internet.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with hearing about the joy you have in an
online community you participate a lot in. But it seems like that's all you
talk about. It's boring when that's the only thing you're into. At least
John is a little more circumspect, I suspect because he's working on new
novels, but even his entire most recent and successful book was based on
someone he met here and who we all knew about already.

I get that y'all love Nerdfighteria, but the thing that actually brings
people together isn't the community's love of itself; it's the community's
enthusiasm for things outside of itself. Let's get back to science,
philosophy, and joyful ways of living. We already know about the joys of
the internet.

Автор Josh Loh Music ( назад)
Hank, I love you. But please put your TelePrompTer/notes above the camera x

Автор Anna Sabatino ( назад)
it's so long. I love it. but pretty long, isn't that against a rule?

Автор Anna Sabatino ( назад)
so much joy. you give so much joy. thank you

Автор Sam Keep ( назад)
And jokes

Автор Thunder the Starbug ( назад)

Автор aaannarose ( назад)
I found vlogbrothers a couple months into brotherhood 2.0 and even
represented New Zealand in the nerdfighter happy dance compilation in 2007.
The community felt massive then and it's like.. mind blowing now. I was 21
when I became a nerdfighter (and secret sibling) and I'm 31 now - YouTube
has changed SO MUCH in that time but Hank and John have never once
forgotten to be awesome.

Автор Rabaheo ( назад)
I have probably only been watching vlogbrothers for a couple or maybe three
years. I consider myself on the very most fringe of nerdfighteria, but I
still want to consider myself a nerdfighter (which is allowable by the
rules as I understand it) but in a place where I as an atheist, as one who
doesn't fit into my family and who hasn't found a place in my community, I
am glad to have a digital community to be part of. It makes me feel less

Автор Damnatio Memoriae ( назад)
Hey guys, just got here this year but I honestly think this is one of the
most important channel on the platform.

Автор Taven Strickert ( назад)
Hey Hank, I'm Taven. I started watching your guys's material about 4 years
ago, mostly starting with crash course history with John. In that time my
attention to your content has grown exponentially and you and John have
become part of my life. I was always a creative kid, very outgoing and kind
to strangers, but for a long time that side of me seemed closed off by the
anxiety that came with my adulthood. I was always a lover of learning and
hearing John speak about people as he did in his world history courses and
hearing you talk about the mind and what we can call a soul in your
psychology and philosophy courses opened my mind to a deeper level of
empathy and understanding. I discovered vlog brothers much later and that
too brought me closer to feeling accepted in the world and accepting of
myself. of course our lives are nowhere near the same , but hearing your
stories and feelings made me feel more connected than ever before not only
with the community of nerdfighters, but also with myself. we have so many
of the same thoughts fears and feelings and then I realized it's not just
us it's the millions around the world who just want a better world . I find
in particular these days that hearing your thoughts gives me hope. you both
are so hopeful and giving and you provide this community with so much
security of feeling. the channels that I found through you have helped me
in so many ways such as sexplanations, healthcare triage and now John's
hundred days Channel. I have been stagnant in my job for a while now too
afraid to venture out but now I see there is a way to live a better life. I
want to live my life like you are not knowing what I'm doing and taking it
one day at a time creating a better world. ever since I was a teenager I
thought I wanted to start a YouTube channel now I think I will I don't know
what it will be about maybe it'll just be me talking but at least for once
it won't be a thought it will be an action. you have inspired me to take
the next step and just express myself like I did when I was a child...
Honestly. I always hoped that one day I could meet you or John or both
though I doubt that will never come to pass but I want you both to know
that although we have never met I consider you both good friends and
mentors. this will be a year of change and a year of promise and I hope it
is the same for you. you have a wonderful day and happy New Year... Thank

Автор Lillian Durr ( назад)
For a fairly extensive time now our history teachers have been showing us
crashcourse videos, but before today I don't think I'd ever seen any
vlogbrothers video before. I'm not sure what particularly convinced me to
pick, in a long list of videos, this particular one, yet it was exactly the
video I needed to watch. From day one, the world I live in has seemed to me
to be filled by people who know exactly what they are doing, exactly how
they are doing it, and how much people admire them for doing it; then there
was me. I didn't know, (I don't even know why I'm using past tense because
I definitely don't know any better now), what I was doing, and how in this
society I was going to excape life unscathed. Not soon after I realized a
life left unmarked wasn't one teaching me anyone, but it still shattered
little pieces of me any way. I'm ending my tangent here though, because I
didn't mean to get where I was, I meant to say this, it is so entirely
refreshing to find someone who people trust, and see as a leader, who
admits that they don't know what they are doing, and sometimes need to be
one of the followers too, to figure it out. In an incredibly drawn out, and
unneedingly lengthy way this is me saying thank you to both of you, for
making not just this video, but all of these videos, and giving me one
thing out there that tells me it's okay to admit I don't know what's
happening, and that I need to take a step back and follow someone else's
help before I am confident in myself. Thank you, for letting me know there
is someone else who needs that balance in the world too.

Автор Katie Rosenberger ( назад)
This video speaks what I think about, but never really knew how to say
aloud. Thank you both for this community and the messages you teach us

Автор Deborah Castro ( назад)
Thanks for your critiques on the internet and individualism. It's a hard
world to live in out there, but I'm sure we'll make it through this

Автор Kyra Fiber (fifi265) ( назад)

Автор Ben Aaron ( назад)
Punishments really bring the community together. I've been watching your
videos for years. You inspired me to create and become part of this crazy
internet world. Thank you for that.

Автор Ali Fleih ( назад)
Hey Hank --- summarize *"Fault in Our STARS"* in 4 minutes or less --- a
punishment too severe!

Автор Ellen W ( назад)
when you said 'we have viewers who were 11yos who can now get drunk i was
like OMG but i realised that is me.You are talking about me.

Автор Nik Milkoff ( назад)
I've watched almost all of your videos since 2011. DFTBA!

Автор ServantoftheKing ( назад)
Punishment should be replying to every comment made in a 24 hour period on
a certain upcoming video .

Автор Mariana Diaz Fernandez ( назад)
congrats guys! 10 years means a lot to all of us

Автор David Carroll ( назад)
For a long time I held some resentment from the fact that I felt like
"community" was loosing out to "fandom" in Nerdfighteria.
... But I've come to appreciate the fandom and the aspects of community
that surround it. I still miss the days where it felt like Hank is
describing here, that the show was being lead by (and spending more time
focusing on) what was happening in the fandom community. But what we have
now is something that can be appreciated too. The ideas that John and Hank
founded their brand on have followed them into wider popularity and
celebrity. So the world gets that gift, and we get to keep enjoying the
brand and seeing how that's making a larger impact on the world. And it's
helped shaped the rest of the YouTube community, which is awesome, and
wouldn't have been possible with a smaller inward focused series. So, all
and all, cheers. Here's to the VlogBrothers success. May we acknowledge
that it has changed a lot, and occasionally still find time for community
projects like doing research on lost libraries. And may we not get so
caught up in merch as an expression of community.

Автор Alex Harris ( назад)
The problem with this "+" system is people just get caught in a feedback
loop of false positivity. If only comments that make us "feel good" are
ones we see then controversial comments won't appear very often, but having
our commonly held beliefs challenged can be good as it may bring us closer
to a truth about something. Other times they are just nasty and unnecessary
but that's a small price to pay for diversity in thought and discussion
rather than just "I agree with Hank and John and here's why".

Автор Douglas Cordeiro ( назад)
Hank and John, please host a meeting of the Nerdfighteria Community in
Europe! :)

Автор Bardia Ghayoumi ( назад)
"Imagine others complexly" is probably the most important piece of advice
needed in the time period we're living in. Thank you for all your
incredible contribution to making humanity a better place anyway you can,
and using your influence for causes that coincide with your own values.

Most of all thank you for being genuine and humble throughout the entire
process; That aspect from you, being the de facto leader of the community,
really sets a solid model for the rest of the community to act upon. It has
influenced me in all my actions and my thinking, from meeting a stranger on
the streets to encountering someone who in the past I never thought I'd be
able to have any sort of connection with.

Don't forget to be awesome :)

Автор iyer23 ( назад)
thank you hank and john for changing m life literally. I never thought I
could be a deep, smart thinker kind of person and it's totally down to
vlogbrothers and nerdfigheria and the structures and sub structures you
keep creating for us to break our own boundaries and express more and

Автор Jet Oman ( назад)
John and Hank that you for overcoming your fear and continuing to post
videos over these last 10 years. You have been an amazing inspiration to so
many people including myself. <3 <3 <3 <3

Автор Rebecca Nordquist ( назад)
I've only been involved with this community and everything for a couple
months, but I just want to say that I have never ever ever felt like an
outsider or like I wasn't part of this community, even though I'm a lot
newer to this than a lot of nerdfighters. So thanks so much for that,
everyone. I love you all. 💙💙

Автор Matilde Cardoso ( назад)
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Автор grantio44 ( назад)
You guys were both pretty outspoken against Trump and are obviously none
too pleased that we are, in fact, living in the timeline where he didn't
just win the Primary. I know you guys try to stay relatively neutral
politically, but maybe throwing some of Nerdfighteria's weight behind Our
Revolution or looking to Robert Reich for guidance could be options.
Congrats on ten years and keep up the good work fellas!

Автор Girl InaHat ( назад)
see ya in Boston

Автор Josh Barrett ( назад)
This is one of the reasons that I like the old B20 videos, and The Show.

Because I can see myself in them. More importantly, I can see other people
in them. When I look at Hank's face in 240p, and Ze's grainy CNN
screenshots and fast jumpcuts, I can also see a rawness and a playfulness
that is so rarely seen on the internet now, and I can see a snapshot of the
person who made it, perhaps moreso than I can see now that glittery, shiny
people with high budgets and millions of views are the norm.

That was the lesson that I took from VidCon: Online video may have once
been for people like me, but it's not anymore. It's for the shiny people,
the popular crowd. The people who live and breathe Social Media, not those
of us who lurk in forums.

VidCon isn't even anything that I can recognize as a con anymore. It's
lifeless, all of the soul replaced with shine.

Автор Firaro ( назад)
Is this really a community? How does one join it? Youtube comments system
sucks so cant be that. Im just a dude who enjoys y'alls videos. I've yet to
see this community you speak of. I mean i see disparate voices responding
to what yall say. But do they really communicate that much with each other
except by communicating with you and then you repeating the good stuff?

Автор Firaro ( назад)
The thing im most wary of with community is it makes it easy to just
blindly follow what others in the community are doing. In the case of
nerdfighteria where it's mostly good then that's not bad

But other communities will be different and some will support bad things,
and that's dangerous. Hell even nerdfighteria is dangerous cause it can in
the future support bad things that people will blindly follow.

Maybe we need community, we may be built to need it. But i dont think we
need large-scale community, we need to downsize. Gatherings of maybe 100 or
so. But it's dangerous and hard to avoid othering with any kind of group.
Because with 100 or so there's no mystery where ideas come from and each
person is powerful in the community, and therefore feels responsibility for
what it does. And membership can be knowable so each member is held

Idk, just my thoughts. No matter what though we must be careful, othering
and blind following are some dangers of community that must be addressed.

Автор F00D1ES ( назад)
As a lover of all your creative and intellectual endeavours and an avid
watcher of your videos and reader of John's books, but also a person who
has drifted from the larger nerd fighter community, I would like to say
that I'm back in thanks to this video so cheers to you, Hank! Now work on
getting both of your bums back to Melbourne at some point in the future and
I'll be happy as a clam :P
All the love to The Green Fam xx

Автор Sebastian Delatorre ( назад)
Make hank run a several miles in front of people.

Автор Your loving Mother in Christ - Mary Queen of the Earth:You have all the saints working with you ( назад)
Your Jesus: My Light will shine like the sun upon all those places where My
beloved disciples respond to My Call at this time.
= thewarning-secondcoming dotcom

Автор Jude Bedessem ( назад)
I feel though, that every time there has been a social upheaval in the
past, community structure returned naturally. Not that Hank's statements
are invalid, just saying that we probably don't need to worry too much
about the end of social communities. I think places like Nerdfighteria are
a natural result of a changing societal environment.

Автор Heidi “Hurricane” Yagen ( назад)
Punishment: Bring his son on the stage? Is this a punishment?

Автор Jasom Al-Adsani ( назад)
Putnam's bowling alley.

Автор TheNumberScott ( назад)
I'm looking forward to having some REAL TALK, with some REAL. FOLKS.

Автор bohnstube ( назад)
First it was "My Post-Election" thoughts by one who just couldn't figure
out for the life of himself how to allow "into the Community" any political
thoughts which don't agree with these brothers own single leftist political
ideology, lest "hatred" and "cruelty" start 'running amok' here, and now
it's the other with "The Most Exciting Thing I've Ever Done" who just can't
seem to understand, much less even fathom, where people's cynicism comes

A large groupthink community of single and lockstep political ideology has
been painstakingly fashioned here over the last 10 years, let's be honest.
And it consists of overwhelmingly extremely impressionable individuals of a
mostly combination demographic of both "tweeners" "twenty-somethings".
These two brothers have not neglected the money making possibilities of
utilizing "the Community" as an extremely nice cash stream either, and *THERE
IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!* Charities use exactly those same
tactics as they present you with their heartstrings pulling emotional
appeals to persuade you to support them.

Where a lot of this sudden "incredulousness" from these two comes from, is
now in question. Certainly for the past 10 years of the existence of this
YouTube Channel, (and actually, more like the last 30+ years, if anyone's
counting), the "PC Police" movement has been censoring speech and language
of everyone to the point where the language is now almost meaningless,
because it's been stripped of both context and original intent over those
3+ decades. These two brothers absolutely cannot claim ignorance of this,
at least with straight faces.

That typically didn't really affect the vast majority of this audience all
that much though, since those community members were not only being
immersed in it here, their teachers at school and their favorite social
media platforms preached to them that contorting and stripping the language
of meaning, context, and original intent, was simply akin to "not wanting
to hurt anybody's FEEEEELLLINNNGGGSSS". And, after all, "Who would want to
be the "UN-AWESOME" douche bag who would want to be *that* person, RIGHT?"

And more recently, the regressive phenomenon of the "Social Justice
Warrior" movement has been THANKFULLY hilariously devouring themselves and
self-destructing slowly but surely, as they attempt to become "The
Authoritarian Storm Troopers" of What IS and What ISN'T "FREE SPEECH on
college and university campuses nationwide. Their big deal is simply to
just mouth off with vile epithets such as "racist!!!", "sexist!!!",
"homophobe!!!!", "trans-phobe!!!!", "mysogynist!!!!" "Islamophobe!!!" and
"xenophobe!!!", with absolutely no true facts or evidence taken IN CONTEXT
to back up any of their spews of hatred simply because someone or another
group has disagreed with them. The "SJW" crowd WANTS NO TRUE DIALOGUE with
anyone who disagrees with them, *they simply want anyone or any group which
disagrees with their extremist politics TO BE SHUT UP AND SHUT DOWN*, with
absolutely no consideration of anyone else's rights to free speech, except
for their own.

group which is sick and tired of being pushed around by those who try to
not only censor speech and thought through "feeelz over facts", but by
those who actively have sought to defame and ruin the lives of those who
simply disagree with their ultra extremist liberal spin on politics.

*Is The Brothers "DFTBA Playground" also big enough to accommodate those
whose politics don't agree with their own?"* Only time will tell, I guess.

Автор Bunny ( назад)
Hank! I have been with you guys since the beginning. I remember watching
when John misread Aero Fighters. I remember being excited for you two on
the ups and worried during the downs. The fear of trying to join the
community and you guys not liking me, or me not being awesome enough. But
being a nerdfighter, being part of Nerdfighteria, being part of Your Pants
and Ning... all of it matters to me. All of it helped me figure out hugely
important parts of my life. You, everyone else... all of Nerdfighteria has
made a huge part of my life.

My life has been weird. But... I do know that you guys have made a huge
difference to me so far. Thank you. You've educated me, helped me bond with
people, helped me through events that were going on that you couldn't
possibly have meant to help with, all sorts of things...Thanks for the last
ten years, Hank and John. Thank you for so jokes, DFTBA, and even French
the Llama (which I still use. Just so you know.) Thank you.

Автор Shelby Chris ( назад)
Please explain the Podesta scandal.

Автор Sarah ( назад)
communitarianism for the win

Автор Christopher S ( назад)
I really love this community because it is fun and for me at times it's a
little uncomfortable because the way i view the world is very different
than how a lot of people in this community view the world, i think, and i
love how this community makes me think about what is important to me and
why it is important while also challenging me to accept new realities and
question other ones and just make me grow as a person but it is always fun
and i never feel like I am targeted pr bullied which is more than i can say
for other communities. great job guys and thanks. dftba

Автор WorldOfHans ( назад)
It made me very happy when you mentioned Ze Frank. I really miss his
presence on Youtube. His content helped me through a lot of difficult

Автор Christopher Delude ( назад)

Автор Michelle J ( назад)
We can't wait to see you guys next month. :-)

Автор urbex and tea ( назад)
I feel like, after a decade, they should be able to make videos as long as
they want.

Автор Relaxananda ( назад)
Thank you so much for the last 10 YEARS!! And you make a great point on
communiies. Looking forward to 2017!!

Автор SidV101 ( назад)
I'm not sure I agree with the premise of this video (that the internet has
replaced community models with individualism) but it's a fascinating idea
to explore

Автор safe space ( назад)
lol..rich white liberal doesn't understand why poor people are cynical....

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