MSTS Indian Railway New Shatabdi Express

Indian train (Shatabdi express) in MSTS run by two Diesel engines :)

All the routes n trains have been downloaded from

trainsim . com
for any doubts do visit

go to :
ir-msts . in/Tutorials/List.html

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Wag 9 was attached to Deccan Oddessay it is a tourist train running in india by indian rail the route and Train was edit version and made by amjad
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Автор Anupriy Pandey (1 год)
do you have windows 7

Автор Anmol Marwaha (2 года)

Автор Arun Pillai (1 год)
go to ir-msts . in/Tutorials/List.html

Автор IndianRailways (4 года)
Wow no humans in India?

Автор Kashish Awal (3 года)
hey what should i do if it is wriiten in the map signal-approach do i have
to stop my train do do i have to ignore it what should i do

Автор Senthil Kumar (1 год)
contact mstsupload@gmail.com

Автор Sanjay Chandra (2 года)
plz email me the link its sanjaychandra285@gmail.com plz plz do it quick!

Автор Pratik Bharadwaj (3 года)
is this BVE?

Автор rahul sharma (2 года)
pls tell me from where can i download this game....and how to install??//

Автор Pranav Soneji (2 года)
From WERE I CAN GET MSTC plzzzzz give me the link

Автор Senthil Kumar (1 год)
Contact mstsupload@gmail.com for getting the game..

Автор Arun Pillai (1 год)
go to ir-msts . in/Tutorials/List.html

Автор Anupriy Pandey (1 год)
it is saying failed to open .ace file

Автор Rohit kumar (2 года)
i am rohi yadev. maina aap ki msts ki video youtube par dakhi.mujha msts
games (eg. rajdhani,express etc) very favorite lagti hai. maina is game ki
search karna ki kosis ki but i am not successful. please aap mujhsa contact
kijiya. Thank you Rohit(rkumar_819@rediff.com)

Автор Naveen Meena (4 года)
This is Mircosoft Train Simulator.

Автор Priyabrata Ghosh (2 года)

Автор akrabakra1234 (4 года)
Hehe... Yeah seems to be a test track

Автор Souvik Mukherjee (4 года)
@angad005 Hi! You can download the route as well as locos and coaches from
the irfca.org site

Автор Mohit Sharma (4 года)
i install the route and loco what can i do now.

Автор Gourab Bhattacharjee (4 года)
This is roni's test route,probably the first diesel and coaches made by
him.There are plenty coaches and locos to download with real sound and
accurate detail.:)

Автор Anupriy Pandey (1 год)
hi i have seen this video of you i also have this game and i tried very
much too put indian routes in it aap ne kaise kiya ye bataa dijie

Автор Priyabrata Ghosh (2 года)
Hi Souvik, I have installed MSTS game. When i am installing A Small world
Signal Test Route, the prob occurred. It will not run. Plz Plz Plz Plz tell
me Step By Step procedure to install the above mentioned Route. My Email
Address: priyabrata.pbg@gmail.com

Автор Atreya Bardhan (3 года)
Where can i get the indian version... is an iso available????????

Автор Naman Gupta (3 года)

Автор Arun Pillai (1 год)
go to ir-msts . in/Tutorials/List.html

Автор Mohit Sharma (4 года)
can u tell that url from where u can download this route plz.

Автор Mohit Sharma (4 года)
nice videos can u tell me plz from where u get this game. plzzzzz

Автор 1001dogoman (4 года)
from where can i get this game

Автор Anupriy Pandey (1 год)
downloaded this then

Автор Arun Pillai (1 год)
go to ir-msts . in/Tutorials/List.html

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