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Автор ben iceman (2 месяца)
they have anti - gay laws ,
but they are showing lesbians in their videoclips ,
these Russians are totally fucked up <333

Автор Heidi Bean (4 месяца)
need more of these 2

Автор Heidi Bean (8 месяцев)
Someone please tell me these words!

Автор Madndlucky (3 года)
their english is shit ;D in russian it sounds 100000 times better :)

Автор dcoolguychicagousa (4 года)
Hollywood FM)) Good Work with your english version of this beautiful
melody.I <3<3<3 u and adore your music.I respect and like other types of
music, but when it comes to the real thing.I must confess that I love and
adore with all my heart Ukrainian Music..Thank you Hollywood FM for your
great music,Thank you Ukraine for your talented artists and thank you
MamaMusicUA for your hard work..Keep up the great work <3<3Hollywood FM<3<3

Автор diana3102 (4 года)
there's nothin' on google about them D: i'd like listen more songs

Автор PatricStevs (3 года)
акцентище ужасноеееееее! но всё остальное в порядке) песня и клип не плохие

Автор iamlikeasea (4 года)
руда класна)

Автор Damnaged (2 года)
Hi Olesia not sure if you'll get this or not but at any rate I love your
work and I love getting to know you!I hope you feel better soon and get
discharged from the hospital! Oh and I hope you like the birthday gift I
got for you.Hugs and Kisses your way Tinoxxxx

Автор karmen gargola (4 года)
love it..we hope you in south america hollywood FM...claps claspsssss

Автор mar maj (3 года)
@diana3102 They have a new CD called 'Доверчивая' so look that up if you'd
like. Also, they used to be called 'Hollywood' without the 'FM' and there
was a 3rd member. They're on google, alright ! You just have to look ;)

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