F1 2014 V6 Turbo Engine - ERS Explained + Renault Engine Sound Clip

An explanation, with a drawing, on how the new engines in formula 1 in 2014 will change from previous 2.4L V8's with KERS to 1.6L V6's with ERS. I also try to explain how ERS works and there is a sound clip of the new Renault "Energy F1" engine.

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Автор Abdelfattah Nassar ( назад)
yes environment is important but at least play V10 sound on tape for the
audience at the circuit the new engine sounds less hazardous than my Toyota
starlet 1.3 crippled 25 Years old engine

Автор janusroenlev ( назад)
Allow me to elaborate on your explanations

the "spin" and "heat" you mention, is the rotational energy in the shaft of
the turbo, that is converted into electrical energy by attatching an
induction motor.

As for the energy that is "stored elsewhere"
The electrical energy is now stored in the hybrid electic battery, where it
can be used to increase total engine output.

Автор Roy Daroyni ( назад)
JPetrolhead, thanks for the explanation. But there is something needs to be
In 2014, KERS still exist and it is NOT replaced by ERS. ERS contains two
generation systems, they are: KERS (with MGUK) and HERS (with MGUH). KERS
in 2014 remains the same as KERS in previous years.

The new system is MGUH. Computer control the MGUH, when it becomes
generator it store excess-energy from turbo to a battery and when it
becomes motor, it restores the energy back, from batt to the turbo. The
parameter, that the computer refers, is fuel consumption (as you know there
is a limitation of fuel consumption). In high rpm, when the fuel
consumption is about to exceed the limit, Computer tells the MGUH to be a
generator, thus it slows down the turbo rev by storing the energy into the
batt. At the opposite condition, in low rpm, computer tells MGUH to become
motor, to restore back the energy into the turbo, thus it revs up the
compressor. By doing this, turbo-lag (in low rpm) is eliminated, and the
engine is also saving some fuel in high rpm

So, MGUH and MGUK does not connect to each other.
As a motor, MGUK connect to engine crank-shaft (to boost power), while as a
motor MGUH connect to turbo-shaft to rev-up compressor 

Автор Felipe Montejo Barnes ( назад)

Автор importfilta ( назад)
Kool vid. So the ers replaces the kers? Also is the ers programmed in or
can you use it manually?

Автор adrian vlad ( назад)
this year it's much drama end no show !!! the most uglyest cars !!!

Автор GhostCarbon0911 - ( назад)
Renault 1.6L vacuum cleaner

Автор Martin Singer ( назад)
I love the new concept and the innovations! Best of all is that the turbo
finally made it back into F1! Going to follow F1 racing again now since
1988! Stay safe out there lads! To many of you have died far too early!

Автор tim jones ( назад)
fuck, you're one stupid cunt!

Автор dos4fix ( назад)
what next? v-twin turbo? i hope harley-davidson makes engine for that lol

Автор Mark Ervin ( назад)
Thank you for clearing that up..... it really cool technology in action but
what if this similar technology was placed in a v12? 

Автор deezynar ( назад)
Maybe some of you guys can help me out here. I've never understood
turbochargers. Is there a lot of excess expansion in the ignited fuel/air
mixture? The exhaust valve opens and the exhaust starts to come out the
valve port either under its own excess pressure, or it waits until the
piston comes up and shoves it out. If it waits for the piston, then the
power picked up by the turbine is just coming from the other pistons that
are on their power stroke pushing the exhaust stroke pistons and acting
like an air compressor sending exhaust gas to turn the turbine. If there
is excess expansion of the fuel/air mixture, it will come out of the
cylinder on its own. But to turn the turbine it needs to push against the
piston. That backpressure creates resistance to the pistons that are on
their power stroke. That isn't much different from the air compressor
scenario I described before. In short, how is a turbocharger better than a
supercharger that is turned by the crank shaft? 

Автор Brandon Zobisch ( назад)
curious where you found most of the details and whether there is an
estimated horsepower for these motors?

Автор Backmarker Vali ( назад)
subscribed.thank you!

Автор blackbox1490 ( назад)
this is the actual new sound of the Lotus 2014: watch?v=9cIC0l7ZiLg

Автор OldVillain ( назад)
It's "aitch" not haytch; there is no "H" in "aitch".

Автор sidewayzM ( назад)
it sounds like crap

Автор Linda Adams ( назад)
GREAT! All they need now is some fenders over the rear wheels. Then
Formula-Vettel can go race in the INDY series with all the other Barbie
Dream Team "race cars". Sheeesh!

Автор Marc Van Masten ( назад)
THE TRUTH is that since 2010 the world of Formula 1 has been distorted to
make it more interesting. Ferrari , Williams, McLaren , teams which have
been damaged after a revolution on the regulations . Quite simply the team
Red Bull was clearly favored to be able to make it more competitive and
then trying to be able to collect that interest on the formula which had
waned .
The interest of Formula 1 in the years 2008/2010 has touched the bottom ,
and by doing so they wanted to bring the Formula 1 back to important
Unfortunately, doing so has ruined a sport that today has an interest equal
to moto GP if not less .
I am an aeronautical engineer , and I will not go into intricate details ,
unfortunately the advantage of Red Bull on the big is remarkable, that
advantage has delayed the development of the car.
A standardized level the gap can not be bridged before 3/4 years , and it
is what we have seen in recent years.
I'm sorry for the fans of Red Bull, but it was a historical concept of F1
to do know .

Автор Nutelko8 ( назад)
And the new sound of the engine sucks

Автор Nutelko8 ( назад)
I understanded nothing

Автор Al Jones Jones ( назад)
'MBU Haitch lol 

Автор mickey chudhabuddhi ( назад)
so next, we'll have a v4, and finally a v2?

Автор GameNinja83 ( назад)
Yea yea yea. Blah blah blah. Not only is this vid very boring but ffs tell
me something I don't know!!!

Автор Gord Hooker ( назад)
Also, FWIW, the sound of the V6 sucks. I loved how the shriek of an F1
motor (particularly the V12/V10) would make your blood boil... 15k rpm?

Автор Gord Hooker ( назад)
Many extreme opinions here, I was sad to say goodbye to the V12, and the
V10. I never really did like the V8 engines. The racing was good and KERS
and DRS did add additional elements, but lets face it, the FIA had to have
Pirelli mess with the tires to keep it interesting. Hopefully the unlimited
boost pressure will introduce new variabiles with boost, a/f ratio and
their affect on durability. IMHO cooling is going to become a big factor in

Автор krunksoft ( назад)
I swear some of you won't be happy until F1 starts using jet engines.Stop
whining because you know damn well you'll be watching next season and the
next after that too. Surely you don't watch these sports simply because of
the sound of the cars. You love the competition, the pageantry, the
glamour, the intensity that comes with F1 no matter what kind of drive
train they use, and that will never go away so STOP BITCHING!! Who cares
why they made the decision to switch to 1.6l V6 turbos??? It doesn't
matter. Either you're gonna watch or not. If not, there's no need to let us
all know. Just enjoy whatever other racing gets your rocks off because F1
will continue to change and evolve whether we like it or not. You have no
power to change it so just enjoy it as it is or watch reruns of old races
with engines you deem proper. Just STFU with all this bitching and whining
like a bunch of spoiled brats and give the new formula a chance.

Автор SuperWinwolf ( назад)
I have a feeling you're describing this from the perspective of some one
who isnt very mechanically savvy. I don't watch much formula one but all I
can gather from your attempt at an explanation is that they are using an
electric motor to pre-spool the turbo chargers to cut down on turbo lag. It
is unlikely that they are converting heat into a stored electrical charge,
this would require a medium with witch to transfer that heat (A fluid or
gas) into kinetic energy (driving a shaft) which would then be used to
generate electricity. Doesn't make sense because the kinetic energy is
already present the only thing using heat to do this would accomplish is an
increase in parasitic loss. All this seems incredibly unnecessary to begin
with but formula 1 regs are screwed up. There is plenty of excess kinetic
energy being thrown away on one of these cars and grabbing it from the
exhaust would be absolutely pointless when you dumping so much of it into

Автор Youil Aushana ( назад)
Dude you get an A+ for effort and your technical Photos were cool.
Everything else was pretty retarded but thanks anyway!

Автор daniel ward ( назад)
Turbo's naturally reduce engine noise, so it's all exhaust note. And if the
new ers can take waste heat from the turbo and convert it into an
electrical charge, there must be a way to do the same from the exhaust
itself and get more boost for the ers

Автор Davey Nature ( назад)
it will be a race to the pits no doubt, not unlike the introduction of

Автор Larry David ( назад)
whats next 4 cylinders? It is a terrible and very telling thing that the
vast majority of fans are against this change, yet it is happening anyway.
shouldnt it matter what the fans of f1 think?, shouldnt the FIA want to
make the fans happy? Who the fuck else is watching?

Автор Larry David ( назад)
they are slowing down and ruining formula 1 yet again, im seriously not
excited and considering not watching anymore. formula one is supposed to be
pushing the limit, that is not the case these days and it has ruined f1 for
me and others ive spoken to. FUCK YOU FIA, you are the worst thing to ever
happen to motorsport

Автор znmo0nlight ( назад)
For all you dumbasses, the engine will not sound that bad. That sound clip
is from the dyno which is conducted in a room indoors, most likely with
sound proofing installed.

When out in the open, it will sound much better. Just watch the vid of
Ferrari's secret 2014 engine test.

Автор 27kurt1967 ( назад)
It sounds like SHIT !!!

Автор Sander Kamp ( назад)
If I'm correct in understanding, does this mean that it's not really TERS,
but just a generator making energy from the movement of the exhaust

Автор Jardel Cardoso ( назад)
2:45 The new F1 engine sounds like an Indycar engine

Автор whyasking formyname ( назад)
i hope people realise that turbos have been in f1 before.. Sennas first
championship was in a Mclaren which had a v6 honda turbo...

Автор Marco Baraldo ( назад)
Che merda.

Автор Tajil Black ( назад)
Nice. F1 2014 is going to be crazy.

Автор Oliver Ullrich ( назад)
If you too wonder about the V6 1.6 ... which our ears will welcome in 2014

Автор TÜNDI Vagvolgyi ( назад)
If you too wonder about the V6 1.6 ... which our ears will welcome in 2014

Автор Isabelle Lepez ( назад)
If you too wonder about the V6 1.6 ... which our ears will welcome in 2014

Автор Robert Smart ( назад)
so what this means is the engines cannot be tamperd so easly and limited to
a degree where the driver is the mane force ? hard luck vetel

Автор Vitamin J ( назад)
Are you sure that's how it works? I thought the turbo's would use a
brushless motor/generator on the impeller shaft and instead of a wastegate
the generator would take the energy out and convert it to electricity and
store it in a capacitor, and then the brushless motor can accelerate the
turbine wheel when at low RPM/spool.

Автор PlaystationgamingFM ( назад)
V8 will be back when v6s fail

Автор PlaystationgamingFM ( назад)
Well played FIA. You may have just ruined the sport.

Автор Seekers Powerbuild Mobile Mechanic ( назад)
so 2015 will be restricted to 1.0 non turbo 3 cylinder engine. Well done

Автор Diego Arancibia ( назад)
stupid new sound, fuckin fia

Автор engared ( назад)
Did you say that last bit with a straight face? HAHAHA

Автор TESTICOSTRALS ( назад)
That engine sound is shit, are they trying to kill off F1, why not go to
electric cars.
Is this to appease the hand wringing, bedwetting, green wankers. BASTARDS.

Автор Hjembrent Kent ( назад)
"5 - 3.5 bar boost" lol i don't think so, in that case they would be
immensely powerful

Автор david carolan ( назад)
That's not how it's going to work! The ERS is like a mini KERS running off
the impeller shaft that charges at high boost removing the need for a
wastegate, then the energy that has been stored spools the turbo back up
when turbo rpm is low so that there's no lag

Автор TheMiguelangel12 ( назад)
El mejor sonido era el del ferrari de 2004 y el de 2012

Автор slug Face ( назад)
the change from V-10's to the gutless V-8's was bad
so let's add the stupidity of KERS
wait that's not enough to run up costs and
ruin interest in the sport Let's make em run these stupid power units
AND limit the fuel so that there's no chance in hell of anything other than
a boring show

Автор nfsm654 ( назад)
I don't think ERS is going to be any different to KERS, other than it's
just going to support a larger power boost.

Автор TheKeenaX ( назад)
Guys you all want the V12 back.. why? Noone of these F1 pussys could drive
one not even 1feet without crashing... oh and i dont say i can do i just
say they cant

Автор Mikey D ( назад)
I quite like where F1 power units are going these days. It's interesting
and different, which is what F1 has always been about. Sometimes it just
needs a rule change to facilitate this.

Take out DRS and, tbh, I think F1 would be a marvellous series next year. I
miss multiple lap battles where a slower car could actually defend. 

Автор So Isaidtogod ( назад)
Well the "tuners" will be happy. 

Автор Andrew Rogerson ( назад)
N.A. V12, no KERS, no ERS

Автор Gerald Ladera ( назад)
Do I must pull my balls until they bring back the v12+turbo???? damn!

Автор Frank B ( назад)
Boooo, we want V12s.

Автор Hayabuzapro ( назад)
V6 sounds like a hardcore vacuum cleaner.

Автор Robert Flagg ( назад)
I dont think the ers will run off the turbo. the turbo doesn't produce much
torque plus you need the turbo to run freely otherwise you will get massive
turbo lag, Its probably run off the wheels and flywheel.

Автор avarmauk ( назад)
Thank you, very informative. But I must admit it sounds like a vacuum
cleaner. Also the gear ratios are so short.... Errr... Let's just hope it
gives us some good racing.

Автор Yazid Elias ( назад)
more boost power for 33 sec, more fuel use, only 1.6 litres of fuel..
surely the drivers not allow to use boost for every lap.. how boring

Автор desertfox2020 ( назад)
Well you can't really go any smaller without going to an inline 4 so I'm
sure that'll happen.

Автор TheMegapixelProject ( назад)
What's next, Straight 4s?

Автор Supakilla44 ( назад)
If the new turbo V6 sounds good I'll be happy. If I can hear the Turbo
spool up like it did on the old turbo F1 cars I'll also be happy!

Автор Michael Burke ( назад)
Jesus there were a lot of lines in that drawing. I expect to see a lot of
engines blow up next year!

Автор Nick Scott ( назад)
really useful thank you

Автор Manu14Smoke ( назад)
It sound like a vaccum cleaner !! F1 has became boring for several years
now. Look at the starting grid and you'll have the final classification !
Actual F1 looks like a GP3 car ! F1 cleam to be the top motorsport serie,
but it give no more excitment. These car should be unlimited like in the
good all days !! Fuck green philosopy !

Автор Ichiban Moto ( назад)
Really? They're going to save the environment with this> > ? F1 should have
no limitations other than dimensions and weight. It should be the pinnacle
of motorsports not a contrived entertainment platform with a dull green

Автор Lasse Bækkel ( назад)
exactly! :D

Автор Norman Abdullah ( назад)
Already motogp and superbikes are limited to modification and now its F1
turn...Racing world of the future is damm bored

Автор Spencer Staltari ( назад)
I've heard it, it sounds shocking...

Автор klaus ledda ( назад)
if honda supply a turbocharged v6 engine for mclaren in 2014, what would be
sound like? i hope it's the same as the 1988's v6 turbo engine... that
would brings back the glorious day of mclaren

Автор Nate Chatigny ( назад)
Love the V6. Not a fan of "Push to Pass". I think It's basically a bitch
button. These racers are the top drivers in the WORLD! They don't NEED it!

Автор mariok64 ( назад)
we'll just have to wait and see

Автор KartDodger ( назад)
And it isn't just for the engines people watch the sport for. There is a
lot of action and tension in races which I love watching the sport for as
well. Also all the sound clips have been from dyno's and haven't come from
an actual car. Once they get a transmission in them and a good track for
the sound to bounce around a lot more it will sound much better than these
sound clips.

Автор KartDodger ( назад)
I'm actually quite interested too in how next season will turn out next
year with these engines. If you think about it for a second these engines
will produce the same amount of power but will also be lighter than the
previous engines so F1 may actually be faster next year. I don't know why
people are saying they're not going to watch F1 anymore just because the
engines won't sound as good. I know they don't sound as good as the V8's
but still sound a hell of a lot better than a lot of cars.

Автор Wiryan Tirtarahardja ( назад)
2014 F1 engines, Y U NO sound like 1988 engines? =/

Автор Lasse Bækkel ( назад)
I'm excited for the next season.. The regulations are pushing the engineers
to make engines to perform with a smaller amount of power... like LMP
cars.. Can't wait to see how fast these f1 cars are going to drive!! though
I will miss the sounds from earlier engines! I bet that in 10 years it will
be a quiet sport ahahaha!

Автор eLemonAter38 ( назад)
I really right now dont give a sh*t about the environment, this bullsh*t
Philosophy about saving the evironment is really ruining the sport. I dont
think that this small little thing will even effect the evironment at all.
What I can say is that the V6 engine sounds a little tiny bug I mean come
on is F1 going to turn into Junior Go-Karting now ?

Автор Tom Baker ( назад)
It's not about making f1 green as much as it's about giving manufacturers a
frame work that enables manufacturers to have technological advances that
can flow down t ao commercial level. I.e. Technology created in f1 cars
that will innovate road cars etc etc.

Автор bruvvamoff ( назад)
Ahh, I should stop commenting before the video is finished. But the
principle is the same, heat into electricity. Just sucking heat from the
Turbo instead of the Brakes. Will the cars still have kers? Will the 2014
F1 cars have kersers?

Автор bruvvamoff ( назад)

Автор Patrick Walston ( назад)
Bring back either the V12 or V10's and let them burn through as many
motors, tires, and as much fuel as the teams please. The problem the FIA
sees with this is the smaller teams who cant afford to do this will be
humiliated, but if theyre strong enough to compete for at least a season
and win they should gain more sponsorship. Let there be capitalism in F1
not socialism!!

Автор Patrick Walston ( назад)
Its not to save to the environment, thats just ONE excuse theyre making for
the change in displacements. Its all about cutting costs. Somebody at the
head of development for these F1 teams finally complained about the costs
of parts and fuel consumption to the point the FIA agreed. Theyre just
being greedy bastards trying to optimize profit. Cut cost but prices on
everything remains the same if its not inflated... politics need to be kept
to governments.

Автор Jimmy Gill ( назад)
Great job!

Автор Benedocta ( назад)
This is sooo stupid. The fuel burned by the F1 cars themselves is a
fraction of the fuel burned for their transportation all over the world. F1
is supposed to be the TOP CLASS OF RACING, which means it's all about
speed! Restricting the engine size to nearly half of what it was 9 years
before is just STUPID!

Автор Carlos Martinez ( назад)
Well it does sound like a vacumm cleaner...

Автор Vaas Montenegro ( назад)
they can also be awesome and use bugatti's W16

Автор mariok64 ( назад)
but everyone will have it

Автор Red Skull ( назад)
Fucj nature - Go V12 once again!

Автор GiZZzZipOo ( назад)
so as the sport progresses the speed decreases, yh very good NOT!

Автор iskradevice ( назад)
Turbo is back (The future).

Автор 31blackflash ( назад)
there were no turbo v12s, i believe that if there were no fuel flow
restrictions and no 15,000 rpm rev limiter, i think it woyld be like the
80s turbos including ERS

Автор Lee Miller ( назад)

Автор Lee Miller ( назад)
I heard somewhere Renault pretty much forced this change, presumably the
tech developement will eventually work its way into their production cars.

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