F1 2014 V6 Turbo Engine - ERS Explained + Renault Engine Sound Clip

An explanation, with a drawing, on how the new engines in formula 1 in 2014 will change from previous 2.4L V8's with KERS to 1.6L V6's with ERS. I also try to explain how ERS works and there is a sound clip of the new Renault "Energy F1" engine.

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Автор Abdelfattah Nassar ( назад)
yes environment is important but at least play V10 sound on tape for the
audience at the circuit the new engine sounds less hazardous than my Toyota
starlet 1.3 crippled 25 Years old engine

Автор Andrew Rogerson ( назад)
N.A. V12, no KERS, no ERS

Автор Gerald Ladera ( назад)
Do I must pull my balls until they bring back the v12+turbo???? damn!

Автор Frank B ( назад)
Boooo, we want V12s.

Автор Hayabuzapro ( назад)
V6 sounds like a hardcore vacuum cleaner.

Автор Robert Flagg ( назад)
I dont think the ers will run off the turbo. the turbo doesn't produce much
torque plus you need the turbo to run freely otherwise you will get massive
turbo lag, Its probably run off the wheels and flywheel.

Автор avarmauk ( назад)
Thank you, very informative. But I must admit it sounds like a vacuum
cleaner. Also the gear ratios are so short.... Errr... Let's just hope it
gives us some good racing.

Автор Yazid Elias ( назад)
more boost power for 33 sec, more fuel use, only 1.6 litres of fuel..
surely the drivers not allow to use boost for every lap.. how boring

Автор desertfox2020 ( назад)
Well you can't really go any smaller without going to an inline 4 so I'm
sure that'll happen.

Автор TheMegapixelProject ( назад)
What's next, Straight 4s?

Автор Supakilla44 ( назад)
If the new turbo V6 sounds good I'll be happy. If I can hear the Turbo
spool up like it did on the old turbo F1 cars I'll also be happy!

Автор Michael Burke ( назад)
Jesus there were a lot of lines in that drawing. I expect to see a lot of
engines blow up next year!

Автор Nick Scott ( назад)
really useful thank you

Автор Manu14Smoke ( назад)
It sound like a vaccum cleaner !! F1 has became boring for several years
now. Look at the starting grid and you'll have the final classification !
Actual F1 looks like a GP3 car ! F1 cleam to be the top motorsport serie,
but it give no more excitment. These car should be unlimited like in the
good all days !! Fuck green philosopy !

Автор Ichiban Moto ( назад)
Really? They're going to save the environment with this> > ? F1 should have
no limitations other than dimensions and weight. It should be the pinnacle
of motorsports not a contrived entertainment platform with a dull green

Автор Lasse Bækkel ( назад)
exactly! :D

Автор Norman Abdullah ( назад)
Already motogp and superbikes are limited to modification and now its F1
turn...Racing world of the future is damm bored

Автор Spencer Staltari ( назад)
I've heard it, it sounds shocking...

Автор klaus ledda ( назад)
if honda supply a turbocharged v6 engine for mclaren in 2014, what would be
sound like? i hope it's the same as the 1988's v6 turbo engine... that
would brings back the glorious day of mclaren

Автор Nate Chatigny ( назад)
Love the V6. Not a fan of "Push to Pass". I think It's basically a bitch
button. These racers are the top drivers in the WORLD! They don't NEED it!

Автор mariok64 ( назад)
we'll just have to wait and see

Автор Death Penality ( назад)
V12 Turbo if they prefer ;)

Автор Death Penality ( назад)
V12 Turbo if they prefer ;)

Автор KartDodger ( назад)
And it isn't just for the engines people watch the sport for. There is a
lot of action and tension in races which I love watching the sport for as
well. Also all the sound clips have been from dyno's and haven't come from
an actual car. Once they get a transmission in them and a good track for
the sound to bounce around a lot more it will sound much better than these
sound clips.

Автор KartDodger ( назад)
I'm actually quite interested too in how next season will turn out next
year with these engines. If you think about it for a second these engines
will produce the same amount of power but will also be lighter than the
previous engines so F1 may actually be faster next year. I don't know why
people are saying they're not going to watch F1 anymore just because the
engines won't sound as good. I know they don't sound as good as the V8's
but still sound a hell of a lot better than a lot of cars.

Автор Wiryan Tirtarahardja ( назад)
2014 F1 engines, Y U NO sound like 1988 engines? =/

Автор Lasse Bækkel ( назад)
I'm excited for the next season.. The regulations are pushing the engineers
to make engines to perform with a smaller amount of power... like LMP
cars.. Can't wait to see how fast these f1 cars are going to drive!! though
I will miss the sounds from earlier engines! I bet that in 10 years it will
be a quiet sport ahahaha!

Автор eLemonAter38 ( назад)
I really right now dont give a sh*t about the environment, this bullsh*t
Philosophy about saving the evironment is really ruining the sport. I dont
think that this small little thing will even effect the evironment at all.
What I can say is that the V6 engine sounds a little tiny bug I mean come
on is F1 going to turn into Junior Go-Karting now ?

Автор Tom Baker ( назад)
It's not about making f1 green as much as it's about giving manufacturers a
frame work that enables manufacturers to have technological advances that
can flow down t ao commercial level. I.e. Technology created in f1 cars
that will innovate road cars etc etc.

Автор bruvvamoff ( назад)
Ahh, I should stop commenting before the video is finished. But the
principle is the same, heat into electricity. Just sucking heat from the
Turbo instead of the Brakes. Will the cars still have kers? Will the 2014
F1 cars have kersers?

Автор bruvvamoff ( назад)

Автор ITsIMP0RT4NT ( назад)
Bring back either the V12 or V10's and let them burn through as many
motors, tires, and as much fuel as the teams please. The problem the FIA
sees with this is the smaller teams who cant afford to do this will be
humiliated, but if theyre strong enough to compete for at least a season
and win they should gain more sponsorship. Let there be capitalism in F1
not socialism!!

Автор ITsIMP0RT4NT ( назад)
Its not to save to the environment, thats just ONE excuse theyre making for
the change in displacements. Its all about cutting costs. Somebody at the
head of development for these F1 teams finally complained about the costs
of parts and fuel consumption to the point the FIA agreed. Theyre just
being greedy bastards trying to optimize profit. Cut cost but prices on
everything remains the same if its not inflated... politics need to be kept
to governments.

Автор Jimmy Gill ( назад)
Great job!

Автор Benedocta ( назад)
This is sooo stupid. The fuel burned by the F1 cars themselves is a
fraction of the fuel burned for their transportation all over the world. F1
is supposed to be the TOP CLASS OF RACING, which means it's all about
speed! Restricting the engine size to nearly half of what it was 9 years
before is just STUPID!

Автор Carlos Martinez ( назад)
Well it does sound like a vacumm cleaner...

Автор Vaas Montenegro ( назад)
they can also be awesome and use bugatti's W16

Автор mariok64 ( назад)
but everyone will have it

Автор BigBoss9865327410 ( назад)
Fucj nature - Go V12 once again!

Автор GiZZzZipOo ( назад)
so as the sport progresses the speed decreases, yh very good NOT!

Автор 31blackflash ( назад)
there were no turbo v12s, i believe that if there were no fuel flow
restrictions and no 15,000 rpm rev limiter, i think it woyld be like the
80s turbos including ERS

Автор Lee Miller ( назад)

Автор Lee Miller ( назад)
I heard somewhere Renault pretty much forced this change, presumably the
tech developement will eventually work its way into their production cars.

Автор mark thilen ( назад)
How can heat energy be converted to potential energy? I thought that was an

Автор Ryan Garris ( назад)
Fuck the environment, bring back turbo V12s.

Автор E. C. ( назад)
What do you think about these engines? they looks interesting to me but I
bet all the teams will push them too much at the very beginning, I believe
we will see some white smoke at the frsts 4-5 Gps

Автор mclarenguy22 ( назад)
I like it how you have a higher percentage of likes compared to the V6
engine sound videos!

Автор Reece Mechanical ( назад)
Less cylinders also equal less airflow per litre which doesn't help with
volumetric efficiency. Although this is not true for turbos.

Автор scrfce123 ( назад)
Its because of politics. People tend to complain when they live next to a
track that hosts 20,000 RPM screaming V10's.

Автор JPetrolhead - F1 Technical Insights ( назад)
That and reliability.

Автор JPetrolhead - F1 Technical Insights ( назад)
Thanks mate! And yes, very surprising that they keep on lowering the engine
size... guess its just more efficient! It must reach a point where it's
gone too far though...

Автор JPetrolhead - F1 Technical Insights ( назад)
Good question! I think this would be too fast to be honest, less cylinders
mean less fuel used too = more efficient

Автор JPetrolhead - F1 Technical Insights ( назад)
Thanks! :)

Автор JPetrolhead - F1 Technical Insights ( назад)

Автор JPetrolhead - F1 Technical Insights ( назад)
Not sure, as good as it sounds, if I remember correctly, flames spitting
out the back wastes energy, so probably not if these engines are made to be
more efficient.

Автор JPetrolhead - F1 Technical Insights ( назад)
Haha! Hi.

Автор KevinTheSpecialist ( назад)
I love the new focus on efficiency,Its making F1 relevant again! Go Ferrari!

Автор vogliounacocacola ( назад)
I supposed they will lock the gear ratios for the season. I don't see them
using 8 gears in Monaco or Hungary.

Автор Gav A ( назад)
At this rate we are going to end up whit hybrid f1 :(

Автор Zoran Tot-Arvai ( назад)
Turbo FTW!

Автор Jack Dahi ( назад)
The angle between cylinderbanks of your drawings is not right!.....Just
kidding! thank u for a very good video!Greetings from germany

Автор Montenegro Montenegrin ( назад)
fuck i getting old in hope they will increase hp of engines to 950hp like
on v10s

Автор Georgebush76 ( назад)
are there going to be flames jumping out the exaust becouse of the turbo?

Автор Aaron Rohr ( назад)
Bummer sound just ruins f1 for me so basically I will be watching a high
priced Indy car

Автор Tim van der wiel ( назад)
you're you are welcome

Автор Alvaro carreton leon ( назад)
8 speed gearbox??!!! thats incredible

Автор Tom Braithwaite ( назад)
Gran Turismo is quite similar to these v6's... They sound like washing
machines with gears.

Автор Nuke Meltdown ( назад)
Turbos don't generate energy from the heat but from pressure...Exhaust air
spins a turbine that pressurize intake air for more power...Real simple,
more air, more fuel, bigger explosion, more power..!!!! They are back to
80's technology but with fuel restriction it will probably suck...I'm quite
sure you won't see 1400BHP cars like back then...!!! F1 spirit died in the

Автор Ivan Simionato ( назад)
Good luck to drivers trying to beat previos records with this new shit
engine. And let's stop this bullshit about ecological motors bla,bla...
they are changing to make more money, F1 managers are thinking in expend
less and profit a lot more.

Автор AllenGamezHD ( назад)
Only good thing about the new season would be more overtakes and racing
since the 33 seconds boost. However, the sound is bullcrap and doesn't
sound nice and not like a fast formula car.

Автор paulkazjack ( назад)
My TDi will sound better than the 2014 f1 season.

Автор Tj930 ( назад)
I find turbo technology exciting. Quite happy to pit 'your'
Normally-Aspirated 3.0 v10 against 'my' 3.0 v10 turbo (utilizing this
technology) and we'll see which is quicker, shall we?

Автор Tj930 ( назад)
Turbocharger (spinning up to 120,000rpm) is now connected to an electric
motor. This motor can then be used as an anti-lag system (way better than
WRC cars' system wastefully spraying fuel directly into the hot exhaust
pipe ahead of the turbocharger, when off-throttle and off-boost). The motor
can then charge the battery & regulate the boost pressure, far better than
a wastegate (a simple spring which diverts exhaust gasses away from the
turbo and straight out into the atmosphere)

Автор MosbeckSB ( назад)
I dream of the day....

Автор richardpurves ( назад)
You missed one thing. The MGU-H can also draw power from the battery system
to spin up the turbine too, as well as be spun by it. That'll allow the
removal of turbo lag from the engine response at the expense of performance
from the MGU-K.

Автор Thomas Williams ( назад)
I am no longer going to be interested in F1 any more. The cars are so lame

Автор ItalianSupercars12 ( назад)
lol, engine sounds like a weed whacker that's low on gas

Автор George Agalos ( назад)
the v10's were perfect revving 20000 rpm the v8's were ....hmmmm... good
enouph to keep you awake... but 1600cc turbo is my neighbour's citroen ds3
NOT AN F1!!!!!!

Автор George Agalos ( назад)
why is Ecclestone kiLing the sport whyyyyy ???????

Автор Mizou Hypnose ( назад)
Thank uuuuu

Автор giova2k6 ( назад)
Great video, but I must have missed something as how the ERS will work is
still not that clear to me. Could you please tell me what your guess is
about that? I didn't understand it from the video...

Автор 93DracoX ( назад)
I can see it now! 800cc 3 cylinder turbocharged engines, limited to 9,000
rpm. In all seriousness I hope this works out in a way that it doesn't
sound too horrible and we can all enjoy the races regardless.

Автор s preilly ( назад)
That wasnt the whole rpm range though, you cant be certain how its going to
sound based of 2k of rpm. They will almost never be that low.

Автор jazzykoenig ( назад)
That was a V10 actually

Автор maladsyko ( назад)
Fans who wants turbo back in F1 think that all the magic of the turbo era
will come back just because of the turbo ! they obviously haven't witnessed
that period. The only bad thing about the 83-88 era was the turbo and its
sound, as bad and almost as dangerous as the ground effect between 80 and

Автор Benji_X34 ( назад)
RIP F1 :( 1950-2013

Автор Trekker88888 ( назад)
Those new innovations are very interesting but the engine itself is going
to sound like a moped. Not cool.

Автор RGF543 ( назад)
What a lame engine sound! Its not a f1 engine sound enymore

Автор Stratahoovius ( назад)
Yeah, Hamilton would do well too, I think.

Автор fredfinks ( назад)
Top class informative video. No annoying music either. Thumbs up!

Автор Andrew Caracciolo ( назад)
I'm gonna miss the amazing unbelievable V12 coming from schumachers ferrari

Автор Stefan021 ( назад)
Why not combine the ERS with a NA V8 or V10? This way we get to keep the
brilliant soundtrack and still push the sport towards a new era.

Автор Magdiel Costea ( назад)
I really miss the high pitch of Schumacher's engine and Mika's and Alonso's
Renault. This sounds like a bloody vacuum cleaner. And yes, I'd love a
proper manual gearbox with any engine :D. But at least a 2.4 V8 with
semiauto would do for me if it has that high pitch that gave F1
personality. They didn't change the engine spec in NASCAR why should we?!

Автор testacorsa150 ( назад)
yeah me too. The sound from a test bench doesn't give the full impression,
as you mostly hear the mechanical noise, and not the exhaust. Indy cars are
v6, and the renault 3500 too, and they sound nice to me. Fingers crossed!

Автор testacorsa150 ( назад)
You could see it that way, but I think it was time for a change in the
engine regulations - 8 years of 2400cc V8s is enough. And F1 will continue
on being the pinnacle of racing, because of the technology that comes from
the massive budgets and the bright heads involved with the sport. Last time
turbos were around, BMW made ca. 1300hp from 1500cc! - and my guess is that
1600cc and 3,5bar of boost + ers will easily outperform the current V8s.
I'm looking forward to it all :)

Автор cuenta inactiva ( назад)
Great video, fantastic explanation. Thank you. I really love the turbo
sound but miss 1100HP of 80s :(

Автор Salpeteroxid ( назад)
rfactor 2 has no clue on how it actually feels to drive an F1 car that has
never been built

Автор Salpeteroxid ( назад)
Nah, Kimi. He's been racing with a stickshift in nascar etc. ^^

Автор Hal emmerich ( назад)
testing the car on rfactor 2 show little difference between the lap times
depends of the circuit because of the turbo boost, but it is very hard to

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