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Автор chris serpico (4 месяца)
why cant you use tap water?

Автор Trey Ivey (4 месяца)
The continuous burping makes you retarded and a disgusting human being 

Автор wingmanalive (3 месяца)
Dear god what a hilarious video lol!!!! Just about everything you've done
to this point is 100% WRONG!!!!! I'm gonna pour myself a brew and sit back
and watch the rest of tonight's entertainment lol!!!

Автор Charless Hunt (4 месяца)

Автор Gilbert Ehret (2 месяца)
If you use a funnel for canning it will work better 

Автор Nkosi Dasilva (4 месяца)
when you share your thoughts let it be of something positive that is of a
natural livity of life . Drink of the natural ,Eat of the natural
vegetation , and always say and do the positive . And remember the natural
livity of man is what the girls ball and scream for because of the energy
we bring forth to comfort there soul .

Автор Jesse Funke (5 месяцев)
do you put all that in the pusher cooker 

Автор matt harry (4 месяца)
This guy funny AF

Автор barryo20011 (4 месяца)
next time try using the sink! maybe you wont make such a mess.

Автор Steve Tipps (6 месяцев)
comment at 1:03, learn how to cuss ,,,lol

Автор Steve Tipps (6 месяцев)
no beer was spillit during this video,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol

Автор Steve Tipps (6 месяцев)
first laugh was at 49 seconds and continued from there.

Автор James Clarke (8 месяцев)
Thanks for that you nutbag! Right from the tiny funnel to the condom-(I
know the condom works but sheesh buy an air lock) NOW onto part 2.
For you youngn's out there please do not do it this way. Email me and I
will explain.
Excellent video for comedy- thanks stardogpirate!!

Автор shaff0011 (8 месяцев)
fuck this guy is the funniest cunt ive seen in a long time!great video!im
gonna try this,i have a still but have never tryed making proper
moonshine,only vodka which is a simple water,sugar and yeast mash.Keep up
the good work!Moooonshine!!!!!!lmao!!!!😂😂😂😂

Автор Steve Tipps (6 месяцев)
another big laugh at 5:08, how to spill water,,,,,,,,,,,,lol

Автор William Thomas (1 год)
I think he has been hiding his recipe in the toilet too long.

Автор Steve Tipps (6 месяцев)
this is funny and yes your wife will commit murder later.....

Автор Steve Tipps (6 месяцев)
funny....let your wife make it the next time...

Автор Jeff Fox (11 месяцев)
Ummm, yeah canned corn should work, and if you don't have any sugar, gummie
bears will work.

Автор cee jay (1 год)
yo stardogpirate, what state do ya live in? i would really like to meet
you. you seem like a awesome person to party with. My wife and i love your
mash video and thought it wouod be cool to meet you. we live in mn

Автор Tom Peel (1 год)

Автор Ricky Ricardo (1 год)
another fucking fucktard What? On YT? No way.. OH YA, fucking moron

Автор Holly Ashford (1 год)

Автор cobra45cola (1 год)
Stir that up a little. Funnel...beer..

Автор John Unruh (1 год)
this dude should stick to drinkin it instead of makin it haha

Автор AMAC (1 год)

Автор cobra45cola (1 год)
Frikkin hilariously crazy Mexicans

Автор Drake Lee (1 год)
dude it would be awesome to c u make it FUCK 

Автор Todd Mondak (1 год)
I have 5 gal of mash how long should it take to distill ? 

Автор papakeetee (1 год)
i am 393,001 yeeeeah!

Автор QueefJuiceOverflow (1 год)
What? He didnt add the oil???

Автор Jason Ross (2 года)
not town or city water thers chemicals in it also use soft water if you use
tap water from a well i would recomend ro water

Автор stardogpirate (2 года)
there is a part 2 fool..And i can tell by yer comment that you dont know
shit bout shine..2 cups..what an idiot.

Автор bamaoutlawxxx (2 года)
Your a funny guy.

Автор Lawrence Aytman (2 года)
Love this guy

Автор Damon Wendt (1 год)
how do you do all grain? do you just add corn yeast and water?

Автор markohoppis (2 года)
airlock, glass carboy, wine yeast, siphon. moonshiners never seem concerned
about the quality of their mash. i would just sugar, water, and wine yeast.

Автор Mad Mark (2 года)
How much moonshine did you get out of the batch you did on the video?
Thanks, Mad Mark

Автор steeliedan5150 (2 года)
Do not try sober

Автор BigGuns Will (2 года)
would you be able to use canned corn and add sugar? or does it have to be
dry corn?

Автор eric halsey (1 год)
do i shake it all or just let it go

Автор Trent Boykin (1 год)
this dude is awesome lol

Автор Dennis Smith (2 года)
also i made about 2 1/2 gallons of mash so how much shine should this

Автор Chuck Hall (2 года)
you see that big tree in your yard ?...go hang yourself from it

Автор timothy jones (2 года)
where do u git the yest from

Автор Brian Salkas (2 года)
If drinking moonshine will make me as cool as you, than I'v gotta do it!!
Ill post a respons video and let you know how it goes!

Автор stardogpirate (2 года)
well..thanks for watching!..add another useless comment cause that really
helps me out..if your gonna be such a prude maybe you should watch some
Disney video's..Stay out of a mans world. Now add another comment and make
me some more money dip shit.

Автор Gary Lennon (2 года)
Hey luke, i have a vid on here that shows you step by step on how to make a
good still for cheap

Автор XxFreshkicksdudexX (2 года)
when ur a redneck u dont care if ur a dam slob seriously its moonshine

Автор stardogpirate (2 года)

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