how to make moonshine (part 1) the mash

How to make the mash fer Moonshine! The other video "How to use the Moonshine Still" will follow soon...yup ya'all good ole White lightnin!

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Автор tips ( назад)
why dont you all go smooch a pickle.Thanks to this guy I learned how to
make moonshine then I learned to tweek it from there.Hes got it right he
just made a mess. Why does there always have to be some dumb ass anal hole
hero talking shit. Thank you for taking the time to make this vid.

Автор Graham Bate ( назад)
Did you buy the wrong size rubber, so you thought not waste it, next time
get the extra small

Автор Graham Bate ( назад)
Good try cob, next time get urself ready first

Автор Gilbert Ehret ( назад)
If you use a funnel for canning it will work better 

Автор wingmanalive ( назад)
Dear god what a hilarious video lol!!!! Just about everything you've done
to this point is 100% WRONG!!!!! I'm gonna pour myself a brew and sit back
and watch the rest of tonight's entertainment lol!!!

Автор barryo20011 ( назад)
next time try using the sink! maybe you wont make such a mess.

Автор Trey Ivey ( назад)
The continuous burping makes you retarded and a disgusting human being 

Автор matt harry ( назад)
This guy funny AF

Автор Nkosi Dasilva ( назад)
when you share your thoughts let it be of something positive that is of a
natural livity of life . Drink of the natural ,Eat of the natural
vegetation , and always say and do the positive . And remember the natural
livity of man is what the girls ball and scream for because of the energy
we bring forth to comfort there soul .

Автор Charless Hunt ( назад)

Автор Jesse Funke ( назад)
do you put all that in the pusher cooker 

Автор Steve Tipps ( назад)
no beer was spillit during this video,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol

Автор Steve Tipps ( назад)
another big laugh at 5:08, how to spill water,,,,,,,,,,,,lol

Автор Steve Tipps ( назад)
comment at 1:03, learn how to cuss ,,,lol

Автор Steve Tipps ( назад)
first laugh was at 49 seconds and continued from there.

Автор Steve Tipps ( назад)
funny....let your wife make it the next time...

Автор Steve Tipps ( назад)
this is funny and yes your wife will commit murder later.....

Автор shaff0011 (535 лет назад)
fuck this guy is the funniest cunt ive seen in a long time!great video!im
gonna try this,i have a still but have never tryed making proper
moonshine,only vodka which is a simple water,sugar and yeast mash.Keep up
the good work!Moooonshine!!!!!!lmao!!!!😂😂😂😂

Автор James Clarke ( назад)
Thanks for that you nutbag! Right from the tiny funnel to the condom-(I
know the condom works but sheesh buy an air lock) NOW onto part 2.
For you youngn's out there please do not do it this way. Email me and I
will explain.
Excellent video for comedy- thanks stardogpirate!!

Автор Jeff Fox ( назад)
Ummm, yeah canned corn should work, and if you don't have any sugar, gummie
bears will work.

Автор William Thomas ( назад)
I think he has been hiding his recipe in the toilet too long.

Автор cee jay ( назад)
yo stardogpirate, what state do ya live in? i would really like to meet
you. you seem like a awesome person to party with. My wife and i love your
mash video and thought it wouod be cool to meet you. we live in mn

Автор Tom Peel ( назад)

Автор Ricky Ricardo ( назад)
another fucking fucktard What? On YT? No way.. OH YA, fucking moron

Автор Holly Ashford ( назад)

Автор cobra45cola ( назад)
Stir that up a little. Funnel...beer..

Автор cobra45cola ( назад)
Frikkin hilariously crazy Mexicans

Автор AMAC ( назад)

Автор John Unruh ( назад)
this dude should stick to drinkin it instead of makin it haha

Автор papakeetee ( назад)
i am 393,001 yeeeeah!

Автор Drake Lee ( назад)
dude it would be awesome to c u make it FUCK 

Автор Todd Mondak ( назад)
I have 5 gal of mash how long should it take to distill ? 

Автор QueefJuiceOverflow ( назад)
What? He didnt add the oil???

Автор Damon Wendt ( назад)
how do you do all grain? do you just add corn yeast and water?

Автор eric halsey ( назад)
do i shake it all or just let it go 

Автор Clown Whisper ( назад)
BTW its easier to melt the sugar in a big pot first. 

Автор Clown Whisper ( назад)
Learn to do all grain. sugar shine is terrible. 

Автор Naomh Laoch ( назад)
Looks like the kitty is ready for some shine now.

Автор Trent Boykin ( назад)
this dude is awesome lol 

Автор Newtonflyer ( назад)
Hi , a lot of people "cook" the cornmeal first , you haven't, does it make
a difference to the taste or how it takes to stop "burping"?

Автор Joe Blow ( назад)
Star dor how much mash is left in the pressure cooker after you make a run

Автор Scott Wilson ( назад)
I fu#$^%& love this drunk. I must bee a drunk also. don't forget the beer

Автор takisgatos ( назад)
φιλος οντως το βρηκα ενα λεπτο μετα αφου το πόσταρα. το έφτιαξα χθες το
χαρμανι παντως σαββατο θα κανω την απόσταξη. αν σχολιάσω κυριακή θαπει οτι
πήγε καλά το πράμα χαχαχα

Автор Percevall ( назад)
Yeast..μαγιά γάτε....

Автор takisgatos ( назад)
at 4.20 2 packages of what?? i'm from greece and i don't understand

Автор Tyruelz ( назад)
use fruit instead of corn and you make Brandy. It retains some of the fruit

Автор Joel Oree ( назад)
use a five gallon gatorade cooler to hold the moonshine and honey and
fruits in!!

Автор Joel Oree ( назад)
by the way i will like to say that sarah murphy you are so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Joel Oree ( назад)
you ask how to add flavor to the moonshine? read my lasted comment !!!

Автор Joel Oree ( назад)
yo bro. i love your video!!! this is the shit!!! thank you so mush for
teaching me how to make my own moonshine!!! i do cooking competition and i
hold first,second,ant third place trophies here in philly!!! take this to
another level!! after making your moonshine. add honey and fruits and let
is sit in a large cooler for two weeks and served to your friends!! it will
be the best tasting moonshine you ever had!!!!!

Автор eric goins ( назад)
This is some bull shit doesnt work i made two batches of mash and cooked it
the same way the little bit that was able to drip tasted like shit

Автор eric goins ( назад)
i get my temp up to 180 and nothing happens so I turn it up and I get water
In my moonshine also how much does that recipe make thanks

Автор Scott Emmert ( назад)
You meant to say CARBON DIOXIDE not monoxide. Good video . You shoulda been
smoking a bowl too

Автор hillsrod ( назад)
so just good old corn starch is good , well hells bells , I thinks i'll
ferment me a tadder and make some vadka. 

Автор Kampela99 ( назад)
Hilarious and crude way to create it but when it work then its done Right
way. Watched video several times cause your way spweak english was so
nice... ;), make Moonshine is fun, but sadly illegal here in Finland, :(.

Автор timothy jones ( назад)
where do u git the yest from 

Автор Derrick Sell ( назад)
Rolling rock sucks

Автор getdrunk19902 ( назад)
What a tard you don't just add the corn its a starch in order for it to
work you have to boil it to turn the starch to a sugar. haha The only
reason he made any alcohol is because he added sugar. Anyone who knows how
to make moonshine knows this. 

Автор Don Srofe ( назад)
Nxt time use a half of a 2 liter for a funnel, works every time

Автор MrBobbysmithinhouser ( назад)
tequilla shirt on , drinking beer, makin' moonshine!!

Автор Nick Heimbeck ( назад)
good video, but the funnel issue ruined it for me. he could have cut the
bottom off to make it pour faster

Автор steeliedan5150 ( назад)
Do not try sober

Автор locnott2 ( назад)

Автор jason mcmullen ( назад)
That was hilarious!

Автор Noah Sibley ( назад)
And you do this in your house were it can blow up....

Автор Gabriel Ananea ( назад)
This was very comical and informative. I can see myself making a huge mess
in my kitchen too. Thank you

Автор Ancient One ( назад)
Try using a bigger funnel and do not make a video when you have been

Автор Randy McFarland ( назад)
Actually corn is for the taste here. The all grains are good tasting but
use natural enzymes(barley) to convert starch(corn) to sugar. The yeast
converts the sugar to alcohol, no sugar no alcohol.

Автор Drex Skywalker ( назад)
I mean no disrespect but Id be hard pressed to suggest anyone use this
video as educational since its pretty apparent you have never done this
before..i.e you would have know not to use the funnel and maybe figured out
a way to pour the water or not had to read the label to know it was
distilled water lol sorry just sayin

Автор brett cox ( назад)
man your vid is awsome...so if i made some mash would i filter it to put it
in the still? 

Автор Casey Underwood ( назад)
by shaking it you can kill your yeast 

Автор Brian Salkas ( назад)
If drinking moonshine will make me as cool as you, than I'v gotta do it!!
Ill post a respons video and let you know how it goes!

Автор Chip Douglas ( назад)
Hint: Buy your funnel in the kitchen supply section not the auto section.

Автор Daniel Parker ( назад)
love your first part. You are comical and a joy to watch. It will help
people remember what you did. Keeeeep goooing! Tiny

Автор papakeetee ( назад)
can i use this in my mr still automatic still????

Автор papakeetee ( назад)

Автор papakeetee ( назад)

Автор James Stone ( назад)
Any special yeast you like using? 24 or 48 hour? How much are you using for
your batch in the video?

Автор Danny Roberts ( назад)
hey just got one question. how much of each ingredient for a five gallon
batch? thanks

Автор Jimmy John ( назад)
dude... you are hilarious! 

Автор demondman50 ( назад)
youre not makin moonshine if you dont have a beer in your hand

Автор Cody Bixler ( назад)
Yes, it actually does matter. There are other chemicals in Tap water when
they clean it and reuse it.

Автор Cody Bixler ( назад)
okay so i have a stainless steel pot and lid i drilled 2 holes in it 1 for
copper tubing and 1 for temp taker. (wtf ever its called) what is something
cheap and safe that wont heat up an put toxic chemicals into the mash that
can seal it an make it air tight, reply asap. thanks , cod

Автор mark swishersweets ( назад)
that was funny lol 

Автор Lee Goins ( назад)
just a loud-mouth drunk. 

Автор Hunter Billiu ( назад)
Very interesting. So when you put the mash in the pressure cooker, did you
just pour it outta your jug? That easy?

Автор stardogpirate ( назад)
i shook mine a couple times..just to make it mad...lol..it's ok ta give it
a shake every now and then..then let it settle again.

Автор Tim Reynolds ( назад)
You're hilarious. I would love to try it that way.

Автор Mad Mark ( назад)
OK, Last question I hope!!! First thanks for answering my questions! So I
started the new mash and I want to know something. In most videos they say
to make it and leave it alone until it stops burping. A friend said I
should shake it at least once a day.Which is right or better yet what do
you do? Thanks again...Mark

Автор Drew Garcia ( назад)
man i have to tell you that your fucking funny as hell 

Автор Kevin Jaye (XXQUAZIXX) ( назад)
So were's the vid?? unless I did something wrong I went to your page and

Автор stardogpirate ( назад)
ya..you got mash in your line..it's gonna be yellow and you will see little
pieces of cornmeal floating around..i'm sure you can drink it if you
want..but nothin looks better than crystal clear shine!..just be careful
next time..you just want to pour the liquid in your pot..and dont boil
it!..just steam it..if it's boiling..yer not making shine...dont drink it
if it's to hot!

Автор Mad Mark ( назад)
Hey... I have another question if you don't mind! So I poured the mash into
my pot! started the process and tossed the first two shots away! I noticed
my moonshine has a yellow tint and I realized when I was pouring the mash
into my pot that it had some yellow from the corn meal! So shouldn't it be
good after the first two shots? # qts. have the yellow tint and I know its
not bad! Tell me what you think....Thanks, Mark 

Автор AyeJayeLovernVermont ( назад)
Funnel...beer...BUUURRRRPPP! LMAO my wife is gonna kill me, then lmao

Автор BigGuns Will ( назад)
Okay great. Also, Is the sugar just for flavor? Or is it necessary for
fermentation? Because I've heard of some pure corn whiskeys that added
barley and not sugar. Where as thin mash used both. Sorry about the
questions, just wanna get it right the first time!

Автор Gary Lennon ( назад)
Hey luke, i have a vid on here that shows you step by step on how to make a
good still for cheap

Автор stardogpirate ( назад)
trial and error is the best way..it's all still experimental to me
even...lol..good job man :)

Автор stardogpirate ( назад)
you can use canned corn..you can use almost anything..I used apples
(sliced) and it came out good..and even a lil smoother..you can use almost
anything with a natural sugar in it and adds a small bit of flavor..I think
if you use potatoes it might make vodka ( not sure on that)

Автор cello winters ( назад)
aww, clean the condom at least

Автор BigGuns Will ( назад)
would you be able to use canned corn and add sugar? or does it have to be
dry corn?

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