Alien (1979) Trailer

Trailer for the 1979 movie Alien

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Автор FittedMeerkat22 ( назад)

Автор Matt Chamberlain ( назад)
What the fuck is up with the cat in this trailer

Автор Francesco Romani ( назад)
Spectacular trailer!

Автор michela derry ( назад)
the trailer is no good

Автор Joseph Hoffman ( назад)
One of the best trailers out there along with The Babadook! And one of the films ever!!!

Автор Diskhate ( назад)
Still the closest thing to a nightmare's recreation i've seen in my entire life.
Proof that trailers could be regarded as an entire genre

Автор nick diaz ( назад)
timeless movie

Автор Ben Sona ( назад)
IMAGINE THIS......I saw Alien in the theatre with my buddies when I was 15. We didn't know what this movie was about. There was no long trailers, no internet, no spoilers at that time.. Just a poster of an egg in space. We didn't know who Sigorney Weaver or Ridley Scott was. This was the first movie with this kind of look and realism. First time an alien organism raped a human on screen and burst through a human chest. First time a creature looked like your worst nightmare. First time a woman was left standing alone at the end. By the time Ripley was running through the ship in the dark, alone with those self-destruct sirens blarring, I wasn't laughing or smiling. I was terrified! I wanted to leave the theatre and never come back but I didn't. The following week I had nightmares. This was the only time a movie scared the living crap out of me. I was just at the right age seeing the just right movie which was groundbreaking. No movie will ever scare me like this again. Ever!

Автор Cance r ( назад)
Who's here from ihe?

Автор Sadiqur Rahman ( назад)
How can they make a movie like this in 1979?!

Автор Brandon Silbor ( назад)
Is there a name for the Alien scream sound effect?

Автор Active Dynamics ( назад)
wtf beat this for best picture? are you fucking kidding me????

Автор lenny mcready ( назад)
i just realize they barely show the alien! makes the trailer more genius

Автор Alex ( назад)
didnt realise that prometheus sound was in this first

Автор Lenny Savino ( назад)
RIP John Hurt

Автор John Big Boss ( назад)
Man movie trailers used to be really horrible. Oh well at least now they know how to make an awesome trailer for an awesome movie (which this is)

Автор Triaxial ( назад)

Автор Petr Hajek ( назад)

Автор Best Moll ( назад)
something about watching this trailer nice and early in the morning a little hangover...sh t...was the scariest trailer ain't no trailer today touching that.....oh. rip John hurt...

Автор jim68 ( назад)
May the great John Hurt (Kane) RIP. Passed away 1/27/17 at age 77. Quite the career he had.

Автор Zach ( назад)
This trailer was way ahead of its time. So creative and thrilling at the same time

Автор ALISTAIR COOKIE ( назад)
I remember seeing this trailer in theaters when I was 11 years old. Reminds me of Kubrick's trailer for The Shining -- that one static shot of the elevators and the waves of blood pouring out. Both trailers were mysterious and scary. They told you nothing about the actual story but perfectly and chillingly conveyed the right mood and tone of each film. Brilliant!

Автор Peter Tran ( назад)
The quality of this film just makes it stand out from the time period. Feels like a movie made in the mid 80s or the early 90s.

Автор taimen asu ( назад)
Possibly the best trailer ever made!!

Автор villaparis2 ( назад)
Alien hasn't dated at all, I think that's why there still making sequels of it, the director's cut of Alien looks like it could have been released yesterday

Автор Jai Simmons ( назад)
just a radom youtuber just got 3 millon views

Автор Benen Falkner ( назад)
this makes me want to see it even more!


Автор SK ( назад)
That space shot at 1:51 is so damn good.

Автор Tungsten Tourniquets ( назад)
Fuck me, I love this movie.

Автор Maria Gen ( назад)
That was a really well cut trailer even for the standards of today

Автор Joe ( назад)
This is how a movie trailer should be. Movie trailer's now a days are so terrible they give out the whole plot before the movie starts!

Автор Pero Perić ( назад)
Still better then 80% of todays movie trailers...

Автор DeathRocket4990 ( назад)
I remember when I first saw this trailer...

Автор Pudding ( назад)
Then I saw the Convenant Trailer and laughed...

Автор Salijamidzic ( назад)
La mejor película de ciencia ficción nunca, la mejor película de terror nunca, la mejor película de la historia.

Автор Finkardop ( назад)
the first time i ever saw this trailer i was probably 10 years old in line for the great movie ride at mgm studios, disney world. i was so amazed by it because i had no idea what it was about and i asked my mom. She said it was a really scary movie about an alien and i wouldnt wanna watch it. It was then the ride went through the make shift set and i was blown away by it all. I felt like i was in the movie. For years i wanted to watch the movie but i was never able to because i was so young and my parents were strict on what i could watch. i was probably 15 or 16 when i finally saw it and its one of my favorite movies of all time. Im now playing alien isolation straight through for the first time and the game is legit making me re live the awe and wonder of something so terrifying and thats why Alien is THE best horror movie of all time. its realm real sets, real costumes and real pure terror. nothing in modern time can top it and i hope the new alien movie coming out is worth puting on my shelf right next ro alien.

In space, nobody can hear you scream

except thelegend27
he keeps bursting from my chest.

Автор Gabriel Petricevic ( назад)

Автор mrghostkiller11 ( назад)
Best trailer of all time for a movie

Автор Koby Romigh ( назад)
Omg this is like watching Don't Hug Me Im Scared

Автор Zeugl Cockatrice ( назад)
now that's a motherfucking trailer and not the piece of shit made for alien covenant,but I guess it fits the movie because it's probably going to be a piece of shit

Автор Lee Everett ( назад)
that trailer its a fucking shit dude

Автор Alexander Wetton ( назад)
best alien movie ever

Автор انمي دحك ( назад)

Автор fsffsa5325324 ( назад)
What a perfect fucking trailer, man.

Автор xxthehuskycaboosexx ( назад)
Watched alien covenant trailer, then went to watch the Prometheus trailer, now I'm here to see where it all started. Also, I didn't know that the Prometheus trailer had the same sound effect this trailer has.

Автор Xeno426 ( назад)
Just saw the Covenant trailer. Gotta appreciate how little of the plot this trailer gives away. Like, you can't even tell who's going to die.

Автор Zyd Crimson ( назад)
This is much better that the Alien Covenant trailer!

Автор Dragon lair ( назад)
I remember seeing this trailer at the end of ALIENS

Автор Alexander Hudson ( назад)
In space no one can hear you scream.

Автор MrDaithi240 ( назад)
Movies now a days can't make trailers anywhere near as good as this but yet they can somehow make fast and furious 8 :/

Автор Santiago ( назад)
One of the best trailers that i've ever seen. Compelling, intriguing, very well paced, creates an accurate atmosphere of what the movie will be. This is an example of what trailers should be imo.

Автор Zachary Lewis ( назад)
What's the name of that noise?

Автор musgrave68 ( назад)
...a thing of beauty is a joy forever...this trailer is infinitely better than most full-length horror flicks...

Автор Senior Adrian ( назад)
Alien covenant trailer is a pile of shit compared to this trailer.

Автор Aldo Silva ( назад)
filme foda d+.

Автор Yougi G ( назад)
hey does anyone know what big ass alien was lying dead in the spaceship?

Автор FirePhoenixFilms ( назад)
Just watch the new Alien Covenant trailer.
The sad thing about it is to understand that they will never get an atmosphere as here again.

Автор Dragon Cat ( назад)
Мне было три года... :))) (I'm was 3 y.o.)

Автор Shalashaska Burn Dat Mustache ( назад)
are there any other trailers like this?

Автор Lion Kashmir ( назад)
this is how they should have done the alien covenant trailer

Автор Rodimus Prime ( назад)
this is how you make a good alien trailer! this was 1979 and it's 100 times better than the new shitty trailer for alien covenant!!

Автор Carlos Zavala ( назад)
I'm here after the Covenant trailer, I am too fucking excited!

Автор ecgameplayer ( назад)
this is one of the most unnerving trailers I've ever seen, that's why it's so awesome to me

Автор Daniel Anyamele ( назад)
In space, no one can hear you scream.

Автор UNKNOWN NAZI ( назад)
Beautiful with only the music to say what this movie is.

Автор john Thaerough ( назад)
This is how you make a good movie with a female lead. Not force feeding sjw bullshit like feminist awakens amd rouge one and new ghostbusters where those idiots act like gone with the wind termintor and alien series and hunger games and princess leia never existed to begin with.

Автор mark224 ( назад)
This trailer was incredibly ahead of its time

Автор 1bottlejackdaniels ( назад)
"last word."
"i can't lie to you about your chances, but ...you have my sympathies!"

Автор Azat L ( назад)
every scene is a masterpiece, even small, such as landing on planetoid, or chassis take of ... but now everything is computer graphics, when character looks at breathtaking views, and any single muscle not even move, thats where magic of movie became is lost... when characters doesn't awake compassion or sympathy, or hate and disgust... but we have non related to reality action like marvel DC, or spiderman vs electric man...

Автор 今後ともヨロシク ( назад)
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    /.. ::::::::;;;;;;;;:::;;;_,,.',,,))ノノ  ::::::::::::::::i :::: i|/ ::::::::゙ーう ) ヽ、........__
    /. :::::::;;;;;:.:.:.:::/ rノ /メ/` :::::::::::::::::| :::: |  ::::::::::::/ /  )))`ー--
   i  ::::::::;; : . .,゙ ),rノ ,ツ  ...:::::::::::::::::::,| :::: |  :::::::::,,"/    `==""
   !  ::::: : : : ,,゙ 匆,,))'  、`  :::::::::::/  ノ ::::::::::/ /,ノノ)))))),;、ニ=-
   i、__,,,,,,..... =",,イ' ヲ|  ,f   、、、 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::  ' ',,,ヾ  /ノノノノ
    ゙リ升チトト!"イ( |゚l'/r''~r'"ソ ノノノ ::::::::::::::: /   ゙、_,,,ノ >''ー''-''-''-''
    ゙ ノ  リリyノ゚ ノ゙/、"~ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: / ヽ/  // i i,' 7/
     ,i|ェェェイ|゙',イ/ ヾ、、 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ /,'' /,' 丿"
     f-ー-';;';/    \  :::::::::::::::::::::::::: _,,/// ,,"/

Автор Ivo van der Avert ( назад)
Like the film, its dated looks are outshined by supreme craftsmanship.

Автор Jason Coleman ( назад)
i saw this when it friyist came out in the big theate with the loudest sound possible it busted out my ear drums and i gave up on trying to watch. it was to loud and scary especially when she was finding her way to the shuttle that was torture

Автор Schänder MOnd ( назад)
Somebody know what this "Egg" is ? It doesn't look like the Xenomorph Eggs

Автор Arsenal RSL ( назад)
*_I love that cat..._*

Автор jared deswart ( назад)
A perfect trailer that really made things interesting

Автор legreat Spacejockey ( назад)
i freaking love that fast racing heartbeat sound buildup and that alarm noise soo damn much..

Автор Colorful Notes ( назад)
I've been searching for this and I finally found it! The perfect trailer

Автор dmcguigan90 ( назад)
Hollywood, can we have trailers like this again please?

Автор Manor House ( назад)
Subtleness goes a long way in a film's trailer. Makes you want to GO to the theater to see it and not wait until it's on Netflix or Bluray. This is the way it's done.

Автор Buttsex & Chill ( назад)
Whats that movie where kids get trapped in slime cocoons!!! ??? very creepy movie!!
Been looking for ages!!!!!!

Автор h jacobs ( назад)
love this movie

Автор nico b ( назад)
wow i really have to watch this great movie again

Автор john smith ( назад)
Human music-that's what it is-scare right back

Автор Kirsty Cotton ( назад)
I love how it shows next to nothing- just the title and weird shit happening
can't imagine seeing this in cinemas back in 1979

Автор Theo Mourat ( назад)
A trailer better than most today's movies

Автор The Proper Gentleman ( назад)

Автор Beverly Huttinger ( назад)
Alien & Aliens are two films that should be watched at night in a pitch black cool room. Also, they would not have been as great as they are if they were made in any other decade other than 1970's & 1980s. These were great decades for movies and they had an eerie feel to them. The films that mostly come out today are garbage because the people who produce them and star in them have no talent.

Автор Glassfleetfanatic Mangaisawesome! ( назад)
this did not scare me,yet i have heard that the movie itself is much more terrifying.have wanted to see it,my favorite game series being somewhat based off of it,no space jellyfish here though.

Автор MysticMavi ( назад)
This movie wasn't just great as a horror movie. It was absolutely brilliant too at creating a suspenseful atmosphere. Nowadays you have shit horror movies that even don't deserve the name horror. Hope the new Alien movie will be like this. I don't have high expectations but still, I hope it will be okay and will do the name justice.

Автор R.G. Kooper ( назад)
one of the best trailers of all time - although it shows a hen's egg :D

Автор Juan Pablo ( назад)
shittiest trailer ever

Автор Adam Tatti ( назад)
The trailer for Alien: Covenant better be like this!

Автор Paul Beenis the Parrot ( назад)
I better hear that whiny noise in the first trailer for Alien: Covenant.

Автор gingersleep ( назад)
I love Alien but I don't find it very intense. But this trailer...

Автор maximusdarkultima ( назад)
trailers back then we're so good.

these days you already knew the story and in some cases even the ending and filled with overused inception boom

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