Here it is guys! The ultimate Japanese commercials compilation with the very best in Japanese advertising from 2015 (☆^ー^☆) This wasn't and easy one to make as there were quite a lot of cool and unique ads to choose from so I really hope we share the same tastes already (∩_∩;) Well, take your seat and, please, enjooooooooy! (^_^)--b

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Автор Sharlene Bueno ( назад)

Автор Victoria bloom ( назад)
4:50 iit remind me of shinchan movie.... where they were escaping from those monkey 😂😂

Автор Mamaya Papaya ( назад)
1:54 I DONT MIND 😂😂😂

Автор Adi ( назад)
Doesn't understand, still laughed.

Автор s t i n g y ( назад)
if ads were like this on youtube, i wouldn't skip.

Автор bilvotel ( назад)
these noodle commercials are hilarious

Автор purpleahaze ( назад)
The person at 1:49 is Kanjani 8's Nishikido Ryo in drag, Right?

Автор Debarati Barma ( назад)
is the front girl in 3:40 Suzu hirose of shigatsu wa kimi no uso?

Автор junyop kim ( назад)
6분4초에 노래 좋네요

Автор BlaNeon ( назад)
Wonder Core is ny favorite.

Автор V. R. ( назад)
mosquito coil song was pretty good ....does somebody know the name XD

Автор Trey Wants Dat Ass ( назад)
i cant deal with jsb and the pocky sticks LOL

Автор chimiki bang bang ( назад)
omg the cat part is too cute

Автор Guardiansolo ( назад)
2:39 I've seen it all now...

Автор rap mon said take off your panties so I did that ( назад)
9:00 wow

Автор IC Henry ( назад)
I've had cup noodles and I never had those experiences! Damn it!

Автор Ashlie Marie ( назад)
the guy at 2:07was so handsome

Автор MiA pO ( назад)

Автор Debbie Random ( назад)
8:40 can someone translate this add? Like...please😭?

Автор July Gitana Arashi ( назад)
el del gatito cómo lo puedo encontrar por separado? :3

Автор FordGT007 ( назад)
Pause at 9:22
That's just so beautiful!

Автор FordGT007 ( назад)
I just knew the one in the thumbnail was a transgender xD

Автор Miss Monochrome ( назад)
6:18 i could listen to her sing all dayyyyyyy

Автор Jonathan Baldock - Art Work and Lessons ( назад)
I'm comfused

Автор Jonathan Baldock - Art Work and Lessons ( назад)
I'm comfused

Автор Niko Sanroq ( назад)
omg from that egg commercial. Wasn't that Sumire-chan? From Kimi wa petto? 😄😄

Автор France love ( назад)

Автор France love ( назад)
I've watched them😂😂😂😂😂

Автор adam of greyskull ( назад)
Japan is like what the west was told would be the future

Автор Syu Man ( назад)
ikuta toma!

Автор Juanita Guerrero paz ( назад)
4:41 !!!!heidi¡¡¡¡

Автор Maria Isabel Giordano-Scott ( назад)
I have no idea what the very last one said, but it made me cackle

Автор 丸ちゃちゃ ( назад)

Автор Lucas Peixoto ( назад)
Japan, please, never stop making these. They are perfect.
With Love,

Автор Skeptical Frog ( назад)
cupu noodleuuuAAAAA

Автор Neivikhotso Chaya ( назад)
Papa ja nai!!!!

Автор 임윤지 ( назад)
2:39 dab

Автор 弱者 ( назад)

Автор Akhmad Supriyadi ( назад)

Автор katie williamson ( назад)
whats the music to the candy crush soda commercial? i've heard it somewhere before but i dunno the name...:/

Автор sumarani hari ( назад)
from where does the ad at 8:35 come ? Please tell me

Автор Tala ( назад)
8:38 okay you might judge me but he is so freaking attractive

Автор mitsuke Brasil ( назад)

Автор Jammy- Boy ( назад)
I knew that was a dude

Автор Gurren Gambit ( назад)
2:03 link please ?

Автор Layby chat noir agrest ( назад)
Me gusta este tipo de cosas

Автор グレゴリウス江戸川 ( назад)
wot…… 2:48

Автор Kou ( назад)

Автор Josue ( назад)
Japanese are the best !

Автор Wait. Who got no jams now???? ( назад)

Автор DaPigs InHats ( назад)

Автор Azhiru ( назад)

Автор Sapphire Crook ( назад)
And here the West is, with really floaty car commercials.
Fuck, I'd kill for a little goddamn energy in my adds. :V I'm not going to buy a product if it just puts me to sleep.

Автор Aidan Ma ( назад)

Автор Deniz Meriç ( назад)
They're very cool :D Just wow.

Автор DaPigs InHats ( назад)
This video questioned my logic for a moment

Автор NumoNumo Boy ( назад)
ahhh)) that was awesome, weird but damn awesome!

Автор dita novianti ( назад)
6:06 lovely song!!! i can't stop repeat it..

Автор FArts GAMiNG ( назад)
cup noodle are that good ?

Автор Bamford Steele ( назад)
To say this is some crazy bizarre shiz is an understatement! I love it.

Автор Kevin ( назад)
What was the last commercial about i look just like the guy in the end lol.

Автор Kathreena Darza ( назад)
IKUTA TOMA!..O__o Though have to admit that I didn't recognize him at once - my eyes were bleeding from the previous commercial. Omfg those cup noodles' superheroes...that's something...how to put it...totally wicked but hilarious.

Автор Leah Rhodes ( назад)
The Cup Noodle commercials are so funny

Автор monica yuan ( назад)
I see Toma!!!!!!

Автор Richard Leech ( назад)

Автор Exo tixa ( назад)
compared to 2006-2012 commercials these are much more tame

Автор Angiepewpew ( назад)
9:20 is that... a crossiant?! or maybe its a shrimp since its nissen noodles..

Автор Chris Gonzalez ( назад)
3:05 by far the best one

Автор 風爽やか ( назад)
What the hell must i do to be part of this

Автор Mylifeas Magdalene ( назад)
what is the song called at the pocky commertial

Автор Sound of Silence ( назад)
Damn Japanese are wierd as fuck

Автор number 318198 ( назад)
wow I wish I lived in Japan

Автор Quin_ RBLX ( назад)

Автор Anew Anew ( назад)
hope all you niggas out there are staying hot

Автор Tsengeg Staticx ( назад)
2:03 why cant anime CG be like this? I would watch it even if the entire anime is CG if it is like this

Автор SicariusPlayz ( назад)
OMG THEY HAVE FRIEZA GRAPE SODA :O but what about FRIEZA grape Fanta

Автор Red General ( назад)
omg that bank has some badass commercials.

Автор Ezzel Official ( назад)
Great, now i'm craving noodles

Автор mitsuke Brasil ( назад)

Автор sakurai ryoji ( назад)
I know  well that  white dog  of  Softbank  Companys  CM  is  always  their  familys  father ! I  thnik  black  actor  is  also  father  .    I am  very  confused  this  family  has  two fathers  !

Автор Modimus Prime ( назад)
Looking forward to seeing one for 2016 at the end of this year.

Автор Modimus Prime ( назад)

Автор Garythestormtrooper ( назад)
These ads are actually quite entertaining compared to the ones here in the UK

Автор ケーラド ( назад)
2:10 Perfume!

Автор Syd Brown ( назад)
Dear GOD.

Автор んほっしゃ ( назад)
waching every day this CM…

Автор Uehara Tochigi ( назад)
I didn't know perfume was in that ad 2:16

Автор Sp33dster96 ( назад)
Old Spice!!!

Автор AnimeWatcherXD アニメウォッチャー ( назад)
jagd. panzer xD whahahahaha

Автор なか ( назад)

Автор 11232111 ( назад)

Автор Kimi i ( назад)
6:25 Name of the song????????😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор MattyBlue99 ( назад)
6:06 anyone notice the penis lollies?

Автор Yua Tsukuyo ( назад)
Wtf was the dragon ball one?!

Автор DoGe clan 2.0 ( назад)
guys is this fuck u in japan

Автор Alex Kaplan ( назад)
Well.............................................................,to much internet for me tonight!

Автор Ernest Lanham ( назад)
Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BabeGirlsHere.BlogSpot------------------c0m

Автор Bcell01 ( назад)
57 and 37 chapters

Автор Memes Guy ( назад)
2:04 wonder what the Germans will be thinking about about that. Lol

Автор Alexander Colon ( назад)
The devil endorses a very awesome toilet

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