10 Most EMBARRASSING Sports Photos

Top 10 most embarrassing sports photos
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Charlie from #Top10s counts down the top 10 most embarrassing sports photos. Cheerleaders are known for their aesthetic poses and incredibly flexibility. However these can backfire, just like on this cheerleader. This cheerleader at a basketball game apparently didn’t realise that her costume is white, which turns transparent when wet. This photo looks like it’s taken straight out of an anxiety dream. But unfortunately, for the woman, it’s not. This photo was taken at a tennis match where a female player’s underwear fell down as she was playing. Don’t freak out… Ok, freak out but not too much, as the brown stuff around the shoes is vomit, not fecal matter. However, by the looks of the bystanders, they likely thought that this runner had some toilet trouble when running. In this funny photo, a jockey’s pants have fallen down, causing him to moon the whole track. But unfortunately for him, he didn’t just moon the track, but millions of viewers on television. This water volley ball player looks like she got a bit too into the game, as one of her breasts came right out of her swim suit! Unfortunately, a questionable sports photographer captured the event for all to see. In this soccer match in the UK, a player desperately tries to chase an opposing player to tackle him. He then found himself falling over and instinctively grabbed the players shorts. It looks like this Japanese hurdler didn’t quite make the jump. And when I say didn’t quite make it, I mean he missed it completely. In this unfortunately timed photo, 2 soccer players are warming up before a match. The players training made it look like they were doing something very inappropriate! Wrestlers can sometimes get into bizarre and inappropriate-looking positions when fighting. This photo is an example of one of these positions. In this rugby match, a player tries to get the ball from an opponent. However, he ended up grabbing the player’s shorts instead of the ball. #sports

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Cheerleader Skid Marks
Tennis Underwear
Runner Vomit
Mooning Jockey
Underwater Nip Slip
Gone With The Shorts
A Man Walks Into A Bar
Wacky Wrestlers
Take A Peep

Mirage - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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Автор Chorp Stik ( назад)
Aaaahhhhh...das funneh

Автор Elisabeth Gaffney ( назад)
Ok but what's so bad about a woman's nipples showing? What's so bad about a
woman's nipples in general? I mean it's a a part of their body... If men
can show their pecks, why can't we show our boobs? It's not our fault that
pretty much everything on our bodies is sexualized, so why do we have to
deal with this?! #FREETHENIPPLE

Автор Dragons Rule ( назад)
Well done nomber three 💪🏻

eww can't wipe her ass

Автор ps s ( назад)
Too bad that people enjoy such things...! Those are some really hard
working people engrossed in their passion and some idiots with a camera
shoot this!!...Ridiculous..!!

Автор P L ( назад)
How can anyone be "shocked" by a naked nipple?

Автор morgan holborn ( назад)
roses are red
vuolets are blue
i came for the thumbnail
so did you

Автор Diamond Fox (DiscoFox) ( назад)
I guess the 1st girl had a shitty day xD

Автор Θανος Συρο ( назад)
not the garry lineker incident?

Автор zorra Smith ( назад)
is that poop?

Автор cookieman123 omg ( назад)
shit and that whst the the fuck man 😂🔫

Автор Olivia Sherin ( назад)
every thing

Автор Maddie Maddie ( назад)
How do you know that it was a skid mark? It could of been her period.
For the one where peoples pants fell down, I bet you at least someone there
was secretly gay and got all horny!! =)

Автор Stick Dodo ( назад)
The football one

Автор stephen kelly ( назад)
All of em

Автор Rapunzel Cabrera ( назад)

Автор Robbie Rotten (Bre) ( назад)
penis chase

Автор Lisa Boliaris ( назад)
Sorry but that's not a skid mark.. She clearly had her period start and
didn't know. Happens to the best of us..

Автор Blakkroze Sina ( назад)
I can't find you on Facebook :(

Автор Supergirl 2000 ( назад)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
U came for the thumbnail
Didn't u

Автор PaulaGamesGD ( назад)
i subscribed. reply? xD

Автор apostolos Kolias ( назад)
2:20 that happened too in Greece vs Bosnia

Автор prestley wright ( назад)
It's not a skid mark..... it's her fucking period

Автор Denise Siplin ( назад)
last 1💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😱

Автор Mary Robertsl ( назад)
hahaha thats funny

Автор Glitter Butterfly ( назад)

Автор Cheyann Valentine ( назад)
that is not cool lol that is funny

Автор Hedon Primary School ( назад)
The cheerleaders and the last one I think Charlie

Автор wtf clifford ( назад)
Why dafuq is it embarrassing when a woman's nipple shows??

Автор Holosexual Hot ( назад)
The cheerleader one!!!

Автор wjb7 ( назад)
yeah the first one it looked like she was on her period

Автор Top To Top ( назад)

Автор Max Tickner ( назад)
Embarrasment due to the 'pixilation' of photos which surely all adults
(except American) viewers can cope with.

Автор Rachel Levandowski ( назад)
the 1st one

Автор Demi Davies ( назад)
the guy is pooing

Автор dab on it 231 coolgirl321 ( назад)

Автор Tiana Kamble ( назад)
l think your next video should be .....
Top 10 People who had Their last breathe after a selfie

Автор Taylor Roberts ( назад)
u should do disgusting pics

Автор pacino_007 the boss ( назад)
the first one...what a fucking shit..

Автор Comfort Monyatso ( назад)
the tennis pants

Автор Tom barlow ( назад)
Jumped way too early, not too late.. guy who missed hurdle.

Автор Zoya Mahmood ( назад)
the last one and the one wer the ladys breast came out

Автор E Grace ( назад)
The first one had me like "TF. EWWWW"

Автор Simone Atkinson ( назад)
I saw a story about the runner and it said that it was diarrhoea not vomit.
If he threw up it would be on his top too and it's not. Pretty sure it's

Автор Alexis Cookie ( назад)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
And OMG they pooped there pants

Автор Baby alive club ( назад)
The last one

Автор Bernie Stokes ( назад)

Автор Misiry M ( назад)
U should do most embarissing kids

Автор Restaurant 057 Pizza Pizza ( назад)
the last one

Автор Wicked Houston ( назад)
the cheerleader had too much taco bell

Автор The Primates ( назад)
This is my favourite channel

Автор sbucciami bakeka ( назад)

Автор Lan Dimson ( назад)
i love the first 1 im gonna kiss the first

Автор Windy McGuire ( назад)
i subscribed 😆😆

Автор Sophie Hoogendoorn ( назад)
I subcribed!

Автор squishy lover ( назад)
I subbed

Автор Amal Farah ( назад)
very funny

Автор Nakayla Dancy ( назад)
i think the cheerleader one

Автор Rachel Cronin ( назад)
I subscribed to top 10

Автор Evelyn Villatoro ( назад)

Автор Evelyn Villatoro ( назад)

Автор Evelyn Villatoro ( назад)

Автор Evelyn Villatoro ( назад)
ew ew ew ew ew e w e w ww

Автор Pug Life ( назад)
the most embarrassing photo was the people doing sex

Автор Bobby Ye ( назад)
Rack be one

Автор Jeniah Jackson ( назад)
do a most embarrassing football videos

Автор cara streather ( назад)
I subed

Автор Kyleigh Wilson ( назад)
you are very smart!!!

Автор Mike Gamer101 ( назад)
Your the best

Автор Mike Gamer101 ( назад)
Love you

Автор David Wheatley ( назад)
just making brown

Автор Lucy Krueger ( назад)

Автор Leticia Meza ( назад)
cheer lider

Автор Kevin Rogers ( назад)

Автор Olivia Blackwell ( назад)
I think the most embaresing photo was soccer sex

Автор Mark Bamber ( назад)
Love ur vids but they have to do. The Bottom bit

Автор Summer Jones ( назад)
All of them are lol

Автор Erica Jackson ( назад)
the last one

Автор Maddie lpslover58 ( назад)
Soccer player's lol wtf hahaha LMAO OMG!!!!

Автор Andrea R King ( назад)
I think that the most embarrassing one was the hurdling picture

Автор P Jr ( назад)
lol 😂😆

Автор Shakhia Cheers ( назад)

Автор Markey Boy MKDKH ( назад)
who would still tap that cheer leader, shit n all!

Автор Matthew Pedersonm ( назад)
Hey shit happens haha I will leave now

Автор Lucina Liborio ( назад)
mostrando emberesing lastime one

Автор Edward Round ( назад)

Автор Edward Round ( назад)
the chearleeder one i think was the worst that one must be really
inbarassing because u can see her face so the world knows who she is no

Автор Mike S ( назад)
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money but this is pretty good way but you have to put in a good 30 mins a
day to make good$$$

Автор Francisco Perez ( назад)
for me was all of them

Автор Bhavita Singh ( назад)
10 facts about india

Автор Muditha 747 ( назад)
Lol I've been to a live Rugby match where a Fijian player pulled down the
pants of an New Zealand player xDD But he pulled it up super quick!

Автор lady boywonder ( назад)
The cheerleader is so megga fucking obvious
Sone of her colleagues had a grudge and sociopathic behavior, made X lax
cookies for the girl
It's so damned obvious

Автор Mel Bygrave ( назад)
The last one and I subscribed! xXx

Автор Joey Pippin ( назад)
5he last one

Автор Stacy Cute ( назад)
I hate u top 10s

Автор Sikh kuri no1 ( назад)

Автор happy face ( назад)
at 1:15 that not vomit it poop

Автор Patricia Velasco ( назад)
🍔 anybody want a cheese burger

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