The final What's My Line? 1967 - John Daly as Mystery Guest

On the final episode of the original "What's My Line?" (September 3, 1967), moderator John Daly was the mystery guest. The panelists are Martin Gabel, Arlene Francis, Steve Allen, and Bennett Cerf.

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Автор mkl62 ( назад)
A sad moment in television history as after 17 years, What's My Line was no
more. A lot of memorable moments on this show.

Автор prgwbtd ( назад)
CBS needs to bring this show show back with a modern version, but still
replete with the same class.

Автор Paul A Kosik ( назад)
Loved this show growing up as a kid-staying up late Sunday night watching
Live from New York-All the sign in signatures of the many Mystery Guests-if
they were all saved over the years how much would they be worth-of course
is impossible-Paul was here-04-14-16.

Автор DoctorWhoBAMF ( назад)
Probably my favorite episode of WML, well here I say that about so many
episodes but this one is just so iconic! I would've loved him to conference
with himself, would've been a riot! This is still so great, that voice he
puts on, haha!!

Автор Kathie Adams ( назад)
John Daley The Mystery Guest

Автор Leading Man ( назад)
My favorite mystery guest on What's my Line!

Автор just4mygrl ( назад)
I'm so glad I stumbled onto this show a few months ago, I still have a lot
of episodes to watch. :) I love it!

Автор dukeallen2001 ( назад)
Loved it! A great show, they'll never be another.

Автор SF1906Survivor ( назад)
This was great :D

Автор Peter1999 ( назад)
so funny

Автор Jan Rene ( назад)
So awesome!! I just love John Daly!! RIP

Автор Kathy Jones ( назад)
THIS IS SO FUNNY, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор I make prank calls to radio programs. Play them on my page. ( назад)
i make da prank calls to da radio stations

Автор Scott Evans ( назад)
Thanks to the OP.
John Charles Daly's contribution to the long running success of What's My
Line are equalled, if not surpassed, by his earlier triumphs -- as both a
White House reporter (...during FDR's administration), and also that of a
respected and trustworthy voice providing commentary during an anxious age,
the days leading up to and throughout WW2.
In other words, he was kind of a big deal.

Автор Barbara Tran ( назад)
What a wonderful way to end this show! The only thing that could've made
this better is if there was a moment where Mr. Daly had a conference with
himself :)

Автор bundeligafan ( назад)
haha awesome

Автор lokirna md45 ( назад)
oh my god, he looks old !

Автор trent100100 ( назад)
I don't know where I heard this, but it is rumored that Johnathan Goodson
has a copy of this in color

Автор pcmerano ( назад)
John Daly was born 100 years ago today. Great show and a great host.

Автор UncleMike43 ( назад)
John (I aly was He dyslexic ???

Автор Observer Guy ( назад)
John Daly always looked older than he was. He was only 53 when WML ended,
but looked 10 years older. Bennett Cerf, OTOH was 69 at this time, while
Arlene Francis was almost 60. 

Автор Observer Guy ( назад)
Arlene later said she thought for sure that the final mystery guest would
be President Johnson. She said she read where WML was one of LBJ's favorite
TV shows. 

Автор Observer Guy ( назад)
The "mystery guest with one minute to go" was Judy Garland. She actually
was at the theater on time but demanded to be paid in cash, that moment.
Mark Goodson refused, saying all mystery guests were paid by check after
their appearance. She walked out while the show as on the air, live, but
returned during the commercial break before her scheduled appearance. 

Автор roselle lu ( назад)
to the people asking, what was cerf saying in 1:13. He said he smells a
rat, at that time/instance it is obvious that cerf already knows Daly was
their mystery guest. heheheehhehe so funny. give the credit to cerf by not
blowing it much too early in the game. hehhehehehe, cerf even let the
others ask more questions even though he knows it was daly himself. i just
love this show. i am addicted to it. hilarious bunch, one in a million in
fact. :D love arlene, cerf, dorothy and john, they're the best.
RIP to all of you.

Автор roselle lu ( назад)
to the people asking, what was cerf saying in 1:13. He said he smells a
rat, at that time/instance it is obvious that cerf already knows Daly was
their mystery guest. heheheehhehe so funny. give the credit to cerf by not
blowing it much too early in the game. hehhehehehe

cerf even let the others ask more questions even though he knows it was
daly himself.

i just love this show. i am addicted to it. hilarious bunch, one in a
million in fact. :D

love arlene, cerf, dorothy and john, they're the best.
RIP to all of you.

Автор Joemurph10 ( назад)
@bigoldinosaur At 1:13 Bennett says, "I smell eight rats."

Автор Albin Kampfer ( назад)
When they went into syndication, it was Goodson who would be the mystery
guest when someone didn't show. At least one time when he was on the panel,
Todman did it.

Автор Chris Ducat ( назад)
Still blows my mind they took this show off the air...definitely the death
of the Golden Era of TV. It started with networks foolishly assuming that
game shows were no good in prime time. 

Автор Brad Saint George ( назад)
I love this show. I have seen many of them and I miss this era, even
thought I'm not from that era : ) thanks to OP for this great video.

Автор 7s29 ( назад)
You betcha !!

Автор coolguythinking ( назад)
You seem like a happy guy.

Автор Webb Surfer ( назад)
John Daly said there had been a mystery guest that showed up with one
minute to go. I wonder about their identity.

Автор LastEmperor28 ( назад)
In 1967 segregation was still the law in some states and Martin Luther King
will be assassinated next year. Women were banned from running the Boston
Marathon. Abortion, even in cases of rape, incest and danger to the
mother's life, was still illegal in 30 states. Anti-sodomy laws were still
in place in 32 states. US suffered 11,153 deaths in Vietnam in that year
which is more than the entire Iraq and Afghanistan Wars combined. 

Автор 7s29 ( назад)
@failtolawl ...said the parasite.

Автор failtolawl ( назад)
wow you are so edgy.

Автор tomitstube ( назад)
end of a great show and end of an era.

Автор Jaydoggy531 ( назад)
Entertainment certainly, but I wouldn't say most parts of society are going
down the drain. Sociologically, medically, and scientifically we're doing
much better. Politically and economically is a different story.

Автор Elton Davis ( назад)
How can you possibly look around this world and believe that we are better
now? One needs to take off their rose colored glasses I think.

Автор Elton Davis ( назад)
Amen to that. Your comment is spot on!

Автор Jascha Callanza ( назад)
Your comparisons are not valid. Whether or not they were scripted is of no
importance. It is the entertainment factor that is the primary appeal.
Crosby & Hope's comical interactions were scripted to the last comma & yet
they were funny. Today's reality shows will not be around 60 years from now
entertaining - I have to believe this otherwise our decadence will surely
be fatal. These treasures free me & leave me in a happier state of mind.
Perhaps that's a way into a brighter tomorrow...

Автор 7s29 ( назад)
@faisal4242 Let me guess, you must be part of the ME generation.

Автор Faisal4242 ( назад)
Not really, things are better now.

Автор diane brocker ( назад)
don't give up on us!

Автор James McGonigle ( назад)
You mean the time when everyone but white men were treated like second
class citizens. While there were good things about the time, it was not
perfect back then. It's not perfect now but progress is better then

Автор Lars Andersen ( назад)
Besides kind of proving my point, citing a work from 1918, Spengler is
hardly anything that you would call a scientific source. He was a
philosopher, and a social darwinist and his entire thesis is based on the
idea that history is "cyclical", which is just borderline nonsense. He was
a Nietzschean who didn't understand Nietzsche. I can see how his right-wing
anti-intellectual pessimism would speak to modern american conservatives,
though. When all you got is the past, the future is bleak.

Автор Moosekarloff1 ( назад)
The real decline in the country started with Ronald Reagan. At that point,
the new sensibility was to look out for yourself solely, and that the only
thing that counted was financial wealth. Every man for himself. F*ck
everyone else. And, who cares what happens to society? I got mine...

Автор Moosekarloff1 ( назад)
It has, pinhead. This is known as "Spengler's Downward Helix."

Автор Moosekarloff1 ( назад)
You're full of crap. Write on a third grade level. And, if your in such
demand in Hollywood, how come you're on this board. One would think you had
better things to do. Phony.

Автор Aritosthenes ( назад)

Автор Kevin Steward ( назад)
I can still remember watching this on TV that day, I still love this.

Автор Emmanuel Jones ( назад)
It's amazing that in 17 1/2 years how John Daly AGED!!!! OH MY time for

Автор Raine Ford ( назад)
this is TeeVee. Attempting to assess a culture strictly by it's comedy
shows, is silly.

Автор Moshe Holmes ( назад)
Bennet Cerf is the coolest

Автор michael missiras ( назад)
This show, in many ways, was no different than the "reality" shows of the
2000s. Anyone who has ever followed the dialectical train of thought would
see that these people were complete fools(which they were not)or it
was,like all of the entertainment industry:rigged.I speak from experience
as a performer on shows such:Tonight Night w/ Johnny Carson and my work in
Hollywood.Its still fun;which is the whole point.Just like the cinema,all
is scripted.Except some of the response to Black Celbs.

Автор Shhh! I'm Watching Silent Films. ( назад)
Ironically, as I type this, I think that a great deal of it has to do with
computers. Many schools are no longer teaching script-writing; neighbors
and communities don't communicate with one another like they once did.
Everyone is in their own world.

Автор 7s29 ( назад)
@aleksa If you don't get it, you'll never understand. Look around you, does
todays society really look good to you.

Автор jsg6532774 ( назад)
Your so right the society of today is the worst, i lived through those days
and believe me there is a big difference, give me the good old days with
out every piece of crap living in this country taking jobs and money from
US citizens, and don"t get me started on MUSLIMS! 

Автор Aleksa Stojanovic ( назад)
And what seems to be the problem?

Автор marthafarquar ( назад)
"John Taly"?

Автор Marla Singer ( назад)
Did you write that?

Автор mitchell colen ( назад)

Автор 7s29 ( назад)
People like me aren't wound up so tight as people like you, go pull someone
else's legs for a while, mine are long enough already.

Автор Retro Spectrum ( назад)
Well said. I was thinking the same exact thing. Oh and by the way, each one
of those generations you used as examples? They all thought life sucked

Автор Lars Andersen ( назад)
They said the exact same thing in 1967. And 1950. And 1920. And 1820. And
1500. And 4000 BCE. If we believe people like you, who have always existed,
humanity has been on a constant downfall and heading towards certain
destruction since the first ever pang of nostalgia hit anyone.

Автор liduck52 ( назад)
Loved Arlene Francis as James Cagney's wife in "One,Two,Three".

Автор Kennith Autie Umperovitch ( назад)
For today is the begining and tomorrow is the end... Yours was a life gone
and come full circle. X marks the spot in which we land! And we shall all
go back home...

Автор Bennett Silverstein ( назад)
Even if you could have another "What's My Line?", and you lined up top
stars as mystery guests, it wouldn't be the same. Nothing today has the
same class as the TV shows back then. The Goodson-Todman shows of the 1950s
were 14 karat gold. Today's shows are pieces of imitation junk. People just
no longer care about what they create.

Автор Derek Davis ( назад)
This almost makes me want to cry 

Автор Antoinette Tussuad ( назад)
Few truer words have I heard in a long, long time! I agree with you

Автор sallygoroundtheroses ( назад)
So true. Recently, my friends and I discussed the same scenario. Can you
picture a modern day WML and have them trot out mystery guests like, say,
Blake Lively and Nicole Richie?

Автор Shhh! I'm Watching Silent Films. ( назад)
That's intriguing to see Daly pen his "D" backwards, when writing it.

Автор Holdenon3 ( назад)
"Overtime", you say? In baseball we call it "extra innings". There is no
clock is baseball. Only sport.

Автор Holdenon3 ( назад)
I believe that John is refering to Judy Garland, but don't take that to the
bank. Judy Garland was notoriously late, but I'm not 100% sure that she was
the "1 minute late" mystery guest that he and the panel had in mind. But,
if we were playing Trivial Pursuit, I would confidently answer: "Judy

Автор LKKruse ( назад)
Another close one was Ted Williams, because the night he was suppose to be
on, the game went into overtime. He was literally putting his shirt on
while heading to the stage.

Автор CalabusDabus ( назад)
He should have just said the guest won't be talking, and acted as moderator
for himself.

Автор Melissa Jacobson ( назад)
Mr. Daley is awesome

Автор DougJrFan93 ( назад)
I wonder who the last minute mystery guest was that John referred to at the

Автор Topper Madeline ( назад)
What a bittersweet video.

Автор Cerph ( назад)
It's amazing how intelligent and perceptive these people are. 

Автор stanleycoleman ( назад)
final episode... so sad :(.

Автор Jeff Missinne ( назад)
You can find some of the good spirit and intelligent humor of this show
today on radio, in a series called SAYS YOU. It is an independently
produced program (not NPR) but is carried on a number of public radio
stations. Please listen for it if available in your area.

Автор Calvinosaur ( назад)
eight rats

Автор ThankYouForTheMusic8 ( назад)
There are two reasons why I don't think they can re do this show No one has
class like that anymore and it wouldn't be a fun loving family show anymore
There are too many stars nowadays that no one has heard of so no one would
be able to guess.

Автор ThankYouForTheMusic8 ( назад)
I know! If it weren't for these videos and old movies and stuff, I'd be
depressed. I just wish people knew how to act. Where did it get lost along
the way?

Автор binx alonso ( назад)
i love john daly's laugh... 

Автор 7s29 ( назад)
You watch this youtube clip, the next day you're walking in the street and
wonder, WTF happened? Why has our society become the way it has? I can't
ever see it returning to times like these ever, again. Society is
definitely circling the drain, it won't be long before we get flushed away
into the abyss.

Автор Adoniram1986 ( назад)

Автор raditechman ( назад)
malcolmbryant -Whats Mine Line was on British TV as well. It followed the
same format as the US version. The chairman was Eamond Andrews, Gilbert
Harding, Barbara Kelly, and Isobel Barnet among the regular panelists.

Автор Heidi Glauser ( назад)
Unhappy 45th anniversary of this day.

Автор bigoldinosaur ( назад)
What does Bennet smell?

Автор Bakr ( назад)
Things weren't like that back then. Unlike these days, people back then
used to respect most of the times, their marriage.

Автор Terry Corcoran ( назад)
The current crop of celebrities just don't have the class of these old war
horses. Craig Ferguson as host might salvage it, though. He would be crazy
enough to liven things up. 

Автор frozenturd007 ( назад)
that was pretty gat dern funny

Автор melancholiac ( назад)
I am the same age and bemoan the decline in civility and class. But (being
in the UK) I would never have known WML if it wasn't for YouTube. Arlene is
class personified and John Daly the epitome of a genial and authoritative
host. Sigh!

Автор Heidi Glauser ( назад)
Think I've got a future, do you, Arlene?

Автор c3cubed ( назад)
100% class, that woman. And a beautifully modulated voice to boot.

Автор smokey1255 ( назад)
What a wonderful show and what a great end to a great run. I was born in
1948 so I remember it live. It was a different time in the US. While there
were some scary things (McCarthy, racism, the bomp) it was also a time of
basic civility. The panelists always showed class, integrity, personality,
and cordiality. Daily was the perfect moderator. I do long for those days,
if only for a little bit.

Автор Chris Cross ( назад)
That sneaky son of a bitch John Charles Daly! Why, I bet he was also
screwing Dorothy and Arlene all those years. And Bennett Cerf, too.

Автор fosterslover ( назад)
You also have to take into account though just how different television was
back then. There were only 3 channels. Coming onto a program like this
would be worth it just for the publicity.

Автор Robert Rauschenbach ( назад)
Today's self centered selfish celebrities would never come on a show like
this for free just to have fun.

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