Broken - Niall Horan Fanfic on Wattpad

is depressed and alone. After years of practically being sisters with her cousin,Elena they drift apart. Elena went off and got the perfect grades, perfect boyfriend, and the perfect life, while Cassidy was stuck being the black sheep of the crowd, With only their bond of drugs still keeping them together. Cassidys life suddenly changes when Elena commits suicide leaving her clinging to her best friend, Harry.In his attempt to help he gives up but finds love of his own. In the grief of the loss of her cousin's life, Elena's ex boyfriend Niall and Cassidy meet and even though it doesn't seem right they are drawn to each other and fight against the odds. *Warning* contains violence, cursing, and sexual content. http://www.wattpad.com/story/4857318-broken

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Автор find the weird allicorn ( назад)

Автор Alexia Van Geffen ( назад)
hey, i can ask something?

Автор Sarah Rodriguez ( назад)
me favorite boy

Автор Nics Fangirl. ( назад)

Автор Konstantina style !!! ( назад)
I love this video ♥♥♥Its very famous in my school (Greece)

Автор TJ Perez ( назад)
I am a nobody in a world full of somebodys

Автор FiveSecsOfDanIsNotOnPhireThisYear aka Cherish ( назад)
The song is Coldplay fix you right???

Автор Letícia Lima ( назад)
I want to Know if I can translate your fic to portuguese. My Wattpad is

Автор Sarah Büscher ( назад)
nial is my vaworit boy

Автор MARIA LAMPETI ( назад)
that was adoruble

Автор Perry Gordune (970 лет назад)

Автор Olivia Baldwin ( назад)
this a real movie

Автор Barbara Rubi ( назад)
I love the video, I CREEAMED ALL TIME

Автор Hazzaboo ( назад)
When Harry styles came on my screen I screamed

Автор Crystal Ruiz ( назад)
The song is fix you by Coldplay if anyone asks

Автор Crystal Ruiz ( назад)
How did you make this?

Like what app

Автор becca kuhn ( назад)
what's the movie scene from 40-45 seconds?

Автор Uma fã Chorona ( назад)
01:45 qual filme?

Автор Chelz Marasigan ( назад)
Thank you for this fanfiction!

Автор Clara Flori ( назад)
i really cry at this trailer

Автор Fernanda Garcia ( назад)
what is the movie of the scene in a minute 1:35 ?

Автор DULCE GARCIA ( назад)
Can somebody tell me who wrote the book pls the author 😥 

Автор noneya bidness ( назад)

Автор Maria Cerimele ( назад)
I read all three of the books and I absolutely loved them!! Keep doing what
you are doing because you're great at it! ❤️

Автор Emma R ( назад)
Js, but the majority kff the scenes afe from the british tv series skins,
mainly season 3 /4 maybe 5

Автор videostar girl ( назад)
i cant find it one have a link to it?

Автор Gabriela Enriquez ( назад)
Can someone tell me where this scene it from 1:33

Автор lais machado ( назад)
What is the name of the song dust favor

Автор lais machado ( назад)
Name music? 

Автор Line Strauss ( назад)
You should make a movie

Автор Samantha Creek ( назад)
OMG that's Thalia Grace when she wakes up

Автор Allison Moore ( назад)
Where's the link!!

Автор Nell Ost ( назад)
I really want to read this fic but I don't find it on Wattpad ... Does
someone have the link ? Please :((

Автор Sara Hritz ( назад)
Where did you get that one scene in the bathtub was that like from a movie?

Автор Katherine Peirce ( назад)
I could read this story cause I watch skins 

Автор britney delgado ( назад)
Can someone tell me where this scene it from ( the one were the guy is
taking her a shower I need that for my trailer) 1:33

Автор J.A.B ( назад)
The song is fix you by cold play anyone who's wondering

Автор Kat Gomez ( назад)
Song name?

Автор Diana Escobar ( назад)
i really like this trailer!!

Автор tairi maoatewasters ( назад)
Whats the movie called of the part where she gets saved from the car in the
video?? please please

Автор Aye Unni ( назад)
For what movie IS the scens? :3 

Автор Selina Lee ( назад)

Автор Aprilla Lau ( назад)
Niall brightens up the whole trailer

Автор Lets Get Pizza ( назад)
can someone please link it? i cant find it anywhere +gaby denis 

Автор Breanna Godfrey ( назад)
Ok here's the thing I'm gonna watch it but you did steal some parts from
the song baby don't cut but I am gonna watch it cause I like that song and
the book sounds interesting

Автор chloe cartwright ( назад)
I can't find the book 

Автор Hali Horan ( назад)
I read the book I'm already On The second MOST AMAZIN BOOK EVER

Автор Courtney Compton ( назад)
This is such an amazing trailer. I just read it. You need to write more
it's so good!!

Автор Tochi Emeruwa ( назад)
Fix me is the song

Автор Ciara Brennan ( назад)
Omg the song plus the scenes made me cry :'( 

Автор Debra Pantier ( назад)

Автор Allyson Montanaro ( назад)

Автор Allyson Montanaro ( назад)
What song did you use for the trailer?

Автор Kris S ( назад)
What's the name of the movie you used to make your video please ? :)

Автор ciara rose ( назад)

Автор Tiiny ._Pookiie ( назад)
I was gonna read that book on wattpad...but now i know its about Niall WOO

Автор Erin Heffron ( назад)
What's your wattpad user name so I can find this book?

Автор Leil Bee ( назад)
♥ Like it....♪

Автор Jeawel Marie ( назад)
Does Kaya play Cassidy?

Автор Fish Fush ( назад)
Im so evil!!!!!! When she was about to get hit by the car I started

Автор Odalis Garcia ( назад)
effy <3 skins <3

Автор Dvirgen mary (1873 года назад)
It is a page where you can read or write fanfic

Автор Nathaly Torres. R ( назад)
0ola me puedes pasar el link de la nove plisss

Автор Nicolexcx ( назад)
Effy 😍

Автор Tori Montalbano ( назад)
Okay Wattpad is a site where you can write fan fictions and post them it's
an app on smart phones and you can also find it on the computer

Автор Cordelia Love ( назад)
Took me a minute to realize that I'm already reading this story, lol. I'm
so stupid.

Автор Savannah Conerly ( назад)
Wattpad is a website/app that u use to find all kinds of books written by
other people and you can write your own books. You get followers and you
make any kind of books yourself.

Автор alexis sanchez ( назад)
Can someone tell me how I can make a video trailer for my story? I'm having
a hard time.

Автор Charmaine Wells ( назад)
Loved the book so much!!!

Автор mylaida rivera ( назад)
Wattpad is an aplication where you read and make your own story's

Автор Reagelishous ( назад)
What movie are the scenes from?

Автор Im just Tiina ( назад)
It's perfect.. compliment! <3 I'm italian and is a problem for me to read
this story, however, the trailer will definitely fantastic.

Автор highvolume ( назад)
What's the point of watching WATTPAD TRAILERS if you don't know what
Wattpad is? Like get the App before you watch trailers .-.

And omf Who sings this song? 

Автор Kelsey Neal ( назад)
What movie was the clips from?!?!

Автор AndreaZavala13 ( назад)
I really want to read it but I can't find it on Wattpad who's the author?

Автор Adrienne Caylen ( назад)
om this is so good but where do you get all of the footage bc im making one
and i need footage 

Автор irisbilly1 ( назад)
@eleanorhoran check it out on App Store, it's a app to reading books :)

Автор Yusuf Kose ( назад)
Wattpad is a site where you can read books for free and people write these
books mostly consisted of fan fiction, and fantasy etc.

Автор Sophie G ( назад)
omg this is so cute... like omg

Автор Rebekah Pike ( назад)
Check out my new story Nialls Princess

Автор Brianna Sobey ( назад)
2 thumbs up for Niall for making the Watt pad and put in on You tube and it
brings me back memories and I am going to miss the good and bad ones too.

Автор Elisha Sanchez ( назад)
I like the song because it sounds depressing and you captured the main
character and how she feels with out her cousin not being their for her.

Автор Marina Ispiryan ( назад)
1:17 from what it is
when he pushes her off before the car could hit her 

Автор carmen adela ( назад)
trailer is good but can someone give me the link to this fan fic on
wattpad. I'm trying to find it 

Автор hann regine contre' ( назад)
the best but... why is not up
dated anymore....

Автор Alice Jones ( назад)
Many of the scenes are Freddie and Effy in 'Skins'

Автор nyssa soles ( назад)
OMG this was soo good. How do you do the moving links?

Автор LucyInTheSky ( назад)
From what movie is 1:16 ???

Автор Grace Sinclair ( назад)
I couldn't find it on watpad

Автор Cheez Whiz ( назад)
Isn't that the girl from the tomorrow people ?

Автор Simbas Konung ( назад)
What namne of this song? cos... I love it *_*

Автор Azea Stevens ( назад)
the song is called Fix You by Coldplay for all of you guys wondering!

Автор ang ( назад)
i never cried so much watching a trailer. 

Автор Phoebe Adams ( назад)
OMG!!!! I love it. Questions as it is called the music..?? :3 <3

Автор Anna Hill ( назад)
What song is that

Автор Eleanor Sykes ( назад)
Hey ! Can someone explain me what is Wattpad???

Автор Ashley Tomlinson ( назад)
OMG. I never read this, but just by watching this trailer it made me cry.

Автор Megan Pyne ( назад)
woah! I wanna read it now. Bye

Автор Hani Nathania ( назад)
What film?

Автор samantha “sexy niall horan” horan ( назад)
I read the book on wattpad 

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