Broken - Niall Horan Fanfic on Wattpad

is depressed and alone. After years of practically being sisters with her cousin,Elena they drift apart. Elena went off and got the perfect grades, perfect boyfriend, and the perfect life, while Cassidy was stuck being the black sheep of the crowd, With only their bond of drugs still keeping them together. Cassidys life suddenly changes when Elena commits suicide leaving her clinging to her best friend, Harry.In his attempt to help he gives up but finds love of his own. In the grief of the loss of her cousin's life, Elena's ex boyfriend Niall and Cassidy meet and even though it doesn't seem right they are drawn to each other and fight against the odds. *Warning* contains violence, cursing, and sexual content. http://www.wattpad.com/story/4857318-broken

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Автор Olivia Baldwin ( назад)
this a real movie

Автор Barbara Rubi ( назад)
I love the video, I CREEAMED ALL TIME

Автор DaNextMCGeneration ( назад)
When Harry styles came on my screen I screamed

Автор Crystal Ruiz ( назад)
The song is fix you by Coldplay if anyone asks

Автор Crystal Ruiz ( назад)
How did you make this?

Like what app

Автор Caren Styles ( назад)
01:45 qual filme?

Автор Sparkly Paris ( назад)
Thank you for this fanfiction!

Автор Clara Flori ( назад)
i really cry at this trailer

Автор Fernanda Garcia ( назад)
what is the movie of the scene in a minute 1:35 ?

Автор DULCE GARCIA ( назад)
Can somebody tell me who wrote the book pls the author 😥 

Автор noneya bidness ( назад)

Автор Maria Cerimele ( назад)
I read all three of the books and I absolutely loved them!! Keep doing what
you are doing because you're great at it! ❤️

Автор Emma R ( назад)
Js, but the majority kff the scenes afe from the british tv series skins,
mainly season 3 /4 maybe 5

Автор mackenzi mcallister ( назад)
i cant find it one have a link to it?

Автор Gabriela Enriquez ( назад)
Can someone tell me where this scene it from 1:33

Автор lais machado ( назад)
What is the name of the song dust favor

Автор lais machado ( назад)
Name music? 

Автор Line Strauss ( назад)
You should make a movie

Автор Samantha Creek ( назад)
OMG that's Thalia Grace when she wakes up

Автор Alli Moore ( назад)
Where's the link!!

Автор Nell Ost ( назад)
I really want to read this fic but I don't find it on Wattpad ... Does
someone have the link ? Please :((

Автор Sara Hritz ( назад)
Where did you get that one scene in the bathtub was that like from a movie?

Автор Katherine Peirce ( назад)
I could read this story cause I watch skins 

Автор britney delgado ( назад)
Can someone tell me where this scene it from ( the one were the guy is
taking her a shower I need that for my trailer) 1:33

Автор It's us ( назад)
The song is fix you by cold play anyone who's wondering

Автор Kat Gomez ( назад)
Song name?

Автор Diana Escobar ( назад)
i really like this trailer!!

Автор Mystery'sChannel ( назад)
check out the trailer i made its in my channel, its totally worth it

Автор Sabina G ( назад)
Fix You from Coldplay :)

Автор kenna.copeland ( назад)
Wat song is thisssssss

Автор Layla Harrison ( назад)

Автор Åsta Mersland ( назад)

Автор kyla and kelsey ( назад)
I cant find it iv looked??

Автор gucci narry ( назад)
kaya scodelario

Автор Snigdha Vepati ( назад)
what's the girl's name, not in the book but in reality?

Автор Bonnie Payne ( назад)
Hey! Just wanted to ask when the story was going to be updated again cos I
read like 3 months ago and it has still not been updated! :/ Please tell
me! Thank you :)

Автор Lin Yang ( назад)
Skins :)

Автор Giuly Nacca ( назад)
Questo video è molto bello

Автор Bailey Pearson ( назад)
im crying a river

Автор Dakota Lynn ( назад)
omg where is the scene where the guy saves her from being hit by the van

Автор Lily GONZALES ( назад)
I don't know if someone answered you. But, it's from Skins, maybe season 4.
And the characters are Effy and Freddie.

Автор c sharma ( назад)
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Автор Izzy Anta ( назад)
wheres the car crash scene from

Автор Laurie-jo Hickling ( назад)
Live it and i think the sing is called fix you

Автор Annette Rachlin ( назад)

Автор Alina Word ( назад)
Effy ❤

Автор Audrey Luna ( назад)
I have to watch skins now lol

Автор Sarah C ( назад)
I love love love this. Song, trailer, everything. Just perfect.

Автор Ciara Hernandez ( назад)
Love your trailer!!!!

Автор sweetlittledevel ( назад)
that's so me i'm broken except my cousin didn't die

Автор Nicky van Bezouw ( назад)
I'ts from Skins.

Автор jijikin4o ( назад)
I love the trailer and I adore th story <3

Автор ashmillie 29 ( назад)
Hahahah XD why can't I stop laughing but it was good

Автор Julia Maguire ( назад)
Not this song.

Автор Bigniklasfan ( назад)
Where r the scenes all from ?! Please could someone tell me ?!

Автор Abby Schutte ( назад)
It's in the description x

Автор Emma carney ( назад)
Effy :)

Автор Maggie Romana ( назад)
Hi, can you send me the link, I cant find it on Wattpad, thanks :)

Автор Annette Rachlin ( назад)
go to netflex and type kaya scoliadrio and youl find it its aesy

Автор Anna Aase ( назад)
Have read it! it is amazing hope it will come more soon

Автор elsieisnotcool ( назад)
I am going to read this now.

Автор Veronica Reyes ( назад)
y did this make me cry.I no how much i keep loving Niall he wont love me
but i always will love niall

Автор Heidi Styles ( назад)
Hey. Can't you tell me what you make your videos on. I want to make my own
but I'm not sure what on xx

Автор Maddie Cooper ( назад)

Автор Theallydiaries ( назад)
What is the shower scene from it was so cute

Автор Amanda Pollard ( назад)
What is your name on wattpad?

Автор Ada Khang ( назад)
I see the same girl they use in every fucking fanfic omf

Автор Lily Fanta ( назад)
Fix you: by cold play

Автор Kayla Lynn ( назад)
What's the name of the song playing?

Автор Cæcilie Horan ( назад)
How did you made it? (:

Автор hemmoncake e ( назад)
awwww I cant find it on wattpad !!! = (

Автор hemmoncake e ( назад)

Автор Chloe Price ( назад)

Автор Chloe Price ( назад)

Автор Oriana Victoria ( назад)
Effy from Skins

Автор Oriana Victoria ( назад)
That's Effy from Skins...

Автор Justin208Bieber ( назад)
please answer!! who is that girl!

Автор bealimgenco ( назад)

Автор bealimgenco ( назад)

Автор DestinyXD ( назад)
These clips are from my fav shows

Автор Bonnie Payne ( назад)
hey i love your fanfiction and so far you've only made 3 chapters but i was
wondering were you got most of the footage for the videos in this?

Автор Bella Rivas ( назад)
What movie was that from

Автор Mikayla Vicente ( назад)
@heymikaylahere it's from Skins. It's a UK show, but I think you can watch
it on Hulu

Автор hannah carter ( назад)
This song is fix you by Coldplay but, Bryce Avenue is singing. They like
doing covers.

Автор lozza m8 ( назад)
I love how niall basically just walks into the video.

Автор Gabi Brooks ( назад)
The shows Skins.

Автор Josephine Leisenring ( назад)
Had me crying :'(

Автор itsjustkubra x ( назад)
from witch movie are the pictures?

Автор CheesyMcButtPants ( назад)
I see the same fucking girl they always use in trailers

Автор Shikha Jain ( назад)
simply great. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. its not
a joke, your address and mail id is enough to receive ur ipad3. dont run
away have a try now >>> bit.ly/14z4HQg?=dhlpue

Автор Kitty Cat ( назад)
can you give me the link of the program you made from this video???????
Plzz I need itttttttttttt!!! :(

Автор Shriya Patel ( назад)
The link's in the description

Автор Hani Nathania ( назад)
What the link ?

Автор Lolly Cooper ( назад)

Автор Brittney Leahy ( назад)
This is so perfect. I read the little that there is I just wish there was
more :(

Автор Stephanie Miranda ( назад)
Fix You by Coldplay

Автор Stephanie Miranda ( назад)
Fix You by Coldplay

Автор Stephanie Miranda ( назад)
What movie is this oh my god

Автор Naimi Norzah ( назад)
Is this on wattpad ? I cant find them :/

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