Vic Beasley's Top 10 Plays of the 2016 Season | NFL Highlights

Check out Atlanta Falcons linebacker, Vic Beasley's Top 10 Plays of the 2016 Season.

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Автор Anuj Bhyravabhotla ( назад)
Vic Beasley and Grady Jarrett by all accounts had breakout years. Now they need reinforcements, and with the draft coming up, who will they be?

Автор JuicyGucciMontana ( назад)
goff is such a loser

Автор harry mcmillan ( назад)
why do linebackers like beasley ahd von miller play like defensive ends? whats the difference? they just seem to be doing what defensive ends do

Автор Eric Brown ( назад)
they fa

Автор Diego Nava ( назад)
God 4:30 block was Ass You have 1 JOB!!! And you can't do it Block!!

Автор Diego Nava ( назад)
Honestly o don't watch college football so I can't say anyone a bust when I see there highlights on there draft day when picked so I don't I just wait for pick 32 hahaha

Автор Ian Betters ( назад)

Автор Alan Damon ( назад)
Ok all you fuckers saying this guy is overrated is wrong ok...this is only his 2nd year in the NFL and has already lead the NFL in sacks...he is gonna get even better along the line of his career and IMO he was a top 5 OLB this year whether you like it or not he had a good year and you can't take that away from him

Автор Tdog 26 ( назад)
He got injured

Автор calvin5041 ( назад)
2:58 is a Weird Position to be in

Автор Bonk Caesar ( назад)
Zero highlights in the playoffs

Автор Satryo Wibowo ( назад)
joe barksdale torturing my boy rivers

Автор nate desai ( назад)
Falcons are the best

Автор Detroit Fan95 ( назад)

Автор Tom Brady Shady #WOAT#CryBaby#StillCheating ( назад)
Remember when falcon fans said they played the toughest schedule. They actually ended up playing the 24th hardest schedule.😂😂😂

Автор Derek P. ( назад)
My teams are in order of most to least liked-- Pittsburgh Steelers, SAN DIEGO CHARGERS then Atlanta Falcons, so if kinda stung a bit seeing so many Chargers videos of Beasley taken them to town, but can't blame the Chargers. Vic Beasley is pretty good obviously not elite position wise, but he was a sack master this year.

Автор Ahnaf Shahriyar ( назад)
#1 play was a not top 10

Автор Andrew Luck #GOAT #AFCSouthKing #RichGuy ( назад)
I'm handing out L's at a discount! All non-Colts fans must hurry and get one!

Автор Viktor Vasilev ( назад)
Yall are some real hateful ass people. Considering he plays DE (even though he is listed as an OLB for some reason), don't expect him to make many tackles. Also he kept getting double teamed during the post season because offenses were scared of him

Автор Gage Killion ( назад)
My favorite play was when he didn't intercept Brady's goal line pass in overtime.

Автор CumaDekis ( назад)
I'd prefer to call him: Vic Beastly

Автор Elogical20 ( назад)
dont mean a thing if he dont got a ring

Автор Elijah VCG ( назад)
I'm trying to pass the ball but this one player keeps kicking my ass

Автор kaliel varnell-king ( назад)
Never got to see him play but this man is a dog coming out of Clemson I wanted my redskins to draft him but oh well

Автор Alex Quinones ( назад)
what no super bowl highlights?

Автор we ball ( назад)
vic is a young guy man... He doesn't have it all yet but i have full confidence that he will soon. He is a smaller guy but with time he will be able to be a strong presence in the run game and be an every down player. He isn't on khalil Mack and Von Miller level yet and that became very evident all post season seeing that he not only didnt record a single sack but only had 2 tackles all of 3 playoff games...

Автор mikestrong325 ( назад)
I really don't rate this guy, at all. Don't guy why everyone is so high on him. I just don't see that "it" factor that's part of being a defensive force.

Автор Godmoneywar _ ( назад)
Vic BEASTly 😎 #RiseUp

Автор Josh James Randall Videos ( назад)

Автор Jay Holy ( назад)
Is Dez gonna get a list

Автор Fuck What You're Talking About ! ( назад)

Too bad he couldn't do $hit when it mattered most in the Super Bowl.

Автор Jacob Brown ( назад)
But yet he didn't do nothing in the superbowl, all he did was miss the pick in the endzone..... I dont think he even had a tackle smh

Автор The Sphinx ( назад)

Автор Clash Royale Games ( назад)
Everyone who dislikes this video or does a negative comment bout him is just a hater for him. 2nd year! No, not 10! 2nd

Автор Abdul Bakheit ( назад)
way better in a 34 outside backer

Автор kingfish4242 ( назад)
Marcus Cannon dominated him in Sb 51

Автор Asad Lalani ( назад)
Vic beastly

Автор DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #0ne0fone #1hunna ( назад)
Non existent in the SB

Автор Big Blue View ( назад)
Waiting for y'all to post the top 10 Landon Collins highlights

Автор PacmanEMS ( назад)
still waiting for LeSean's top 10

Автор Kevin Goatrant for MVP #ItsStillFuckStephCurry ( назад)
Cant wait to see this defense when we get Trufant back, and a few draft picks. We should take another step forward this year, and give our team a good defense to compliment this offense

Автор Alan Damon ( назад)
Top 5 Linebackers in the NFL this season...
1.Kahlil Mack
2.Vic Beasley
3.Von Miller
4.Justin Houston (ik he was out for the season)
5.KJ Wright

Автор Martial Asura ( назад)
Linebacker or defensive end?

Автор GoPatriots#barrythegoat#tomthegoat#kobethegoat #100 ( назад)
Overrated lol not even a top 5 pass rusher he only does good aganist bad tackles

Автор Jack Lievsay ( назад)
I don't know how he didn't get a single vote for DPOY

Автор John Zalewski ( назад)
He's not really that great I mean.... He only had 39 regular season tackles. For an OLB that's ASS, 15.5 sacks, yeah he lead the league but Von Miller had 62 tackles, 13.5 sacks, Khalil Mack had 73 tackles and 11.0 sacks.

If I'm picking 5 pass rushers, he's not even in the top 5.
1. Khalil Mack
2. Von Miller
3. JJ Watt
4. Micheal Bennett
5. Aaron Donald

Автор EasyEasy123 ( назад)
Where's the play where he chased Kaepernick off the field?

Автор Yeezus Ambitions ( назад)
Had 0 plays in the post season though... so overrated. Von, Mack, and Wagner are all easily better....

Автор Patriots Fan ( назад)
Where is his pick in sb51? Oh wait...

Автор MisteryFarid ( назад)
That lateral post jump looked like an injurie :/

Автор DarkDenDan ( назад)
Anyone know what this instrumental is?

Автор Barney #PurpleGangster #SAVAGE #Ilikekids ( назад)
Beasley>>>>Overrated VON

Автор dj brezzy ( назад)
jj watt gon cone back and reclaim his title he is good but jj is the best and everyone knows it -Seahawks fan

Автор Confused Gamer ( назад)
This guy's gonna become a beast later in his career if he doesn't get hurt

Автор Alex's Sports News ( назад)
He's gonna be one of the best in a couple of years. He played amazing and has the right coach. Subscribe to me for the latest NFL news!

Автор Unbiased Bucs Fan ( назад)
Best edge rusher in the NFL

Автор Pudgy 8th Grader ( назад)
where's the pick he had in the end zone in overtime in the super bowl?

Автор Sean Plays ( назад)
Check out TDpresents

Автор jose alvarado ( назад)
and still lost in the Superbowl pathetic...

Автор Tacogamer129 ( назад)

Автор Jordan Hinkle ( назад)
This guy has a really bright future ahead of him, can't believe people said he was a bust.

Автор PacificBrim ( назад)
Why play the audio about the Broncos Tackle being injured? Just makes what Beasley did seem less impressive.

Автор EduardoBR falconsfan ( назад)
And people thought he was a bust.

Автор Akk Attack ( назад)
rise up ATL SB 52 CHAMPS!!

Автор Biladossauro ( назад)
Eu tenho pau grande

Автор J Martinez ( назад)
I'm the big papu

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