How to Resize Your Bootcamp Partition on Lion

Make sure that you back up all of your important documents before you do this because WinClone is not 100% reliable. Do this at your own risk we are not responsible for what might happen to all of your data if it is deleted in the process.

Once I booted back into Windows I had all of my data so it worked perfectly for me just make sure that you follow my directions EXACTLY and have the latest version of WinClone (Link Below)


If this helped please give us a thumbs up and if you have any questions please leave a comment below and we will get back to you soon.

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Автор saamejia ( назад)
Can I clone my bootcamp and install on the SSD before delete the HHD or can
I keep two bootcamps please let me know thanks

Автор saamejia ( назад)
Thank you the video is good I have some questions does winclone free
version works in mavericks ---I just add a SSD drive on Mac mini but still
keep my HHD with mavericks and bootcamp (windows) and installed fresh copy
of mavericks on SSD can I clone my bootcamp using this app to my new SSD
drive before delete my HHD or maybe can I keep two bootcamps please let me
know thanks

Автор alx64uchiha ( назад)
5:22 it doesn't let me increase it more than 32 GB, why? I deleted files
from OSX after backing up to free space but nothing changed, it still
doesn't let me. Help, I suck at this stuff..

do you enjoy long romantic walks to the convenience store?

Автор airsoftwhermatch ( назад)
dude, please shut the fuck up about that winclone, just say: you have to
download this, rather than wasting 5 minutes of my fucking time.


Автор Desmond Low ( назад)
you will need Winclone 3 and above in order to work on Lion and Mountain

Автор のあ ゔあん りええうゑん ( назад)

Автор のあ ゔあん りええうゑん ( назад)
omg, thank you so mouch!

Автор のあ ゔあん りええうゑん ( назад)
you're saying at 6:16 that youre back in windows. that isn't right!

Автор DaGibbityGab ( назад)
Can i just uninstall the windows partition with the bootcamp assistant
instead of the disk utility? And can i install windows more than 1 time
from my installation CD?

Автор James Vaneperen ( назад)
Does not work in Mac OS Mavericks developer preveiw 1.

Автор Tim Smith ( назад)
The link doesn't work for lion

Автор catt3911 ( назад)
Thanks dude

Автор Nicolas Vasconcellos ( назад)
Do you think this same process would work for windows 8?

Автор Tracey T ( назад)
If anyone's still wondering, yes, this DOES work with Mountain Lion. Just
finished, worked like a charm. Thanks for the tutorial, I got a little
worried after I tried to use Disk Utility to make a Windows partition,
which wouldn't let WinClone restore. Thanks so much!

Автор Tsk221 ( назад)
only backup the windows files, since you only "messing" with the windows

Автор fatfreak2000 ( назад)
Does this work without the windows cd?

Автор DayTimeDork ( назад)
I just deleted my windows and I don't have the disk. Plus the file I used
to backup said "No windows partition". Damnit!

Автор MrHDFeeds ( назад)
should we backup our mac files too

Автор Antoine Fleury ( назад)
When you make a windows 7 install it's necessary to format the disk with
windows utility when rebooting on the install. In the case of Winclone,
does it work whitout this format ?

Автор ZombieNative90 ( назад)
if u guys need WInclone download a torrent from kickasstorrent.... im to
cheap to buy it...

Автор WarMachineGX ( назад)
I thoughr this was to make a partition for windows lol wow stupid me

Автор Nyx Bug ( назад)
So do i need to have the windows 7 disc or can i just install windows 7?

Автор 陳 雪文 (544 года назад)
How to use winclone to clone win7 from the Mac os 10.6/win7 to another Mac
os 10.8/without win7?

Автор Spriters ( назад)
Sorry if you say it in the video , but i'm not really good in english

Автор Spriters ( назад)
Does i lost file ?

Автор tiancho305 ( назад)
can i make a partition with mac time capsule to use it like external hard
drive to put more hard drive in widows partition and no use memory from the
mac ?

Автор Minseok Bang ( назад)
Thank you so much! It worked for Lion! By the way for Lion users, Winclone
should be at least over 3.0.0, then you can open it on lion.

Автор GenCollado ( назад)
Does this work on Mountain Lion?

Автор GiantSquidStudios ( назад)
does this work with Mountain lion?

Автор Jien Hua ( назад)
where you install windows 7, did you need to re-enter the windows7 S-codes?

Автор Martin Jørgensen ( назад)
What happens when you are done and go into Windows? Do you have to
re-install, or will i open as it was before, but with a bigger partition?

Автор Avery Rosa ( назад)
love this guide helped me alot!!!! thanks :D

Автор justmybass ( назад)
hey do u really need the win7 disk in your com when u remake the partition?
cause i've accidentally misplaced my disk..

Автор Soren Anderson ( назад)
You're not in lion

Автор Giroutte ( назад)
Do I need the windows 7 CD for this? cause I didn't buy the actual Windows
7 copy...

Автор deroink ( назад)
winclone 2 doesnt work with lion, if you want to use this with lion you
need to purchase winclone 3, which costs $20 i believe, or get it a
different way.

Автор Hallow Mohammad ( назад)
it doesn't support lion

Автор SigmaCZ ( назад)
What you aren't seeing is that when we are all opening win clone for the
first time it says we need to be running leopard or snow leopard

Автор Leteleban ( назад)
Do you have to back up you're mac side aswell?

Автор ThePod Crafters ( назад)
Thanks :D I think this has worked :D Restoring now, had a little problem
with resizing my Macintosh HD but that was easily fixed with 'fsck' in
single user mode :) If any one else has this problem, this helped:
osxdaily.com/2012/03/05/fix-partition-failed-error-mac/ &

Автор ThePod Crafters ( назад)
It works fine with lion, you need Winclone 3.3 for the lastest Lion, which
is $19.99, unless you find a cracked Winclone 3.3, Google is your friend...

Автор jorrit hoekstra ( назад)
look man when i wanted paritate my bootcamp he sais that i don't have the
windows installer on. so he just doesn't want to paritate i have a macbook
pro 13 inch with mac osx 10.7.3 with 4 gb ram and 2,4 ghz i hope you will
reply because i'm stucked

Автор Schwarzn8tor ( назад)
You need to download NTFSProgs and install it

Автор Nicklas Gade ( назад)
Will it make any difference deleting the win7.winclone file and Winclone
after you have resized and completed?

Автор LAKEdrummer123 ( назад)
thanks it worked

Автор LAKEdrummer123 ( назад)
is this safe man?

Автор TeraTekEntertainment ( назад)
I did this on lion, let me see if I can find a version that works with the
latest version of lion.

Автор Joshua Parkinson ( назад)
Yep this version of Winclone isn't compatible with Lion 10.7.3.

Автор Haagen ( назад)
Same here. Not working for Lion, what has changed?

Автор TeraTekEntertainment ( назад)
This should because that is what i did it on. What are you having trouble

Автор TeraTekEntertainment ( назад)
This does work for Lion because I did it on Lion and so did many other
people and it worked for them. What are you having trouble with?

Автор ArtemissimetrA ( назад)
This tutorial does NOT work for Lion.

Автор christoffer501 ( назад)
Thanks!! Your the best. Subbed

Автор Feartjeh ( назад)
thanks for the vid, helped alot!

Автор Applekage ( назад)

Автор StrikerzzFX ( назад)
i downloaded the link in your description but when i run the installer, it
says it only works on snow leopard or lower

Автор TheRandomIphone ( назад)
Great video man. I love the way you explained everything like have your
windows disk inside. No one ever says that :)

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