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Автор Bryan Silva (3 месяца)
Hutch I miss this

Автор SWFTEdits (1 год)
Good old days :c

Автор SonOfTheRightHand29 (1 год)
anyone else feel like hutch's voice/accent is slightly different back when
this was uploaded? only slightly, there just something..

Автор BCTV (10 месяцев)
Look at the bk using steady aim..

Автор Austin smith (1 год)
Literally one of the worst players I've ever seen

Автор Dacknomortifex (3 года)
Call of Duty 4 has better realism, weapons, gameplay and all of the other
modern warfare and black ops games.

Автор TheBeastInsane (3 года)
hey hutch. i have the same name as you and i also love sniping.

Автор thesamsin (3 года)

Автор Con shot (2 года)
modern warfare

Автор xgreen55 (3 года)
I agree man i have been playing this game on and off since it came out. I
hope they never do

Автор AKFAirsoft (3 года)
And thus, the quickscope was born. Hutch back then was so awesome.

Автор quas killin' it (1 год)
Idiot. This was in 2009. He was one of the best players back then.

Автор BobTheRedo (2 года)
lol welcome back hutch

Автор Gustavoa1011 (2 года)
in this commentary hutch never used the term quickscoping

Автор Daniel Dickson (3 года)
@JBOTTSIOWA no, CoD2 is, but CoD3 is awful

Автор gtafan110010 (2 года)
from 4:29 the commentary gets back to the way i love it :) informative, his
view on the game mode, and showing his knowledge. all people seem to do
these days is talk about random stuff, and not reall show their thoughts on
the game to help other people further

Автор Jose Edwin Rodriguez (3 года)
This was the spark the started that call of duty community

Автор Mongo Philip (2 года)
Does anyone still play this game on ps3???

Автор joejoe151000 (2 года)
That gun ak47 is awesome

Автор PaulDennerz (3 года)
i miss this type of shit!

Автор Erik Jernberg (2 года)
By the way, dicks also cares about it.

Автор Seth419 (2 года)
Cod4 is now almost hack free I love it

Автор Saúl Borboa (3 года)

Автор Jon Garcia (2 года)
211 people are trick shooters

Автор angelo torres (2 года)
Love u hutch not in a gay way . Come back hutch

Автор Alex Duper (3 года)
oh ok then it was your mom, thanks for clearing that out! :)

Автор iamRevan117 (3 года)
is there a set date?

Автор SiMoN93207 (3 года)
this shows it's a really old vid they even didn't have MW2 released yet and
now i am watching this whilst playing MW3 LOL

Автор MrXDipsyx (3 года)
There isnt enough gamepkays like this! and modern warfare gameplays!

Автор timothy castonguay (3 года)
just bought this 2 day on pc

Автор aultbrothers (3 года)
I think im gonna cry when they shutdown the servers..

Автор Checkit12321 (3 года)
Pass this on stop the modders on cod 4 and cod 5 they are ruining the game
for other people R.I.P. COD4 COD5 and soon to be MW2

Автор JohnTheGreat7822 (3 года)
No the inventer of quickscoping was in 2001 COD 1

Автор Jack M (3 года)
The inventor of the Quickscope <3

Автор Andrew Long (3 года)
Wow, he said two weeks until the release of MW2. It's hard to think I
watched this video the first day it was put up Hutch was the biggest
inspiration to the Cod community ever. Good luck hutch We'll miss you.

Автор MightyGamble (3 года)
@LoganProctor15 True dat brah.

Автор Lee Russell (1 год)
Yh he would of been called a monster back then

Автор uncrownedEXTRA (3 года)
This is the first hutch video I ever watched, he was the first person i
ever subscribed to on youtube at that time... crazy

Автор Julio Bungholio (3 года)
best cod ever ! commentary posted in 02/12/12

Автор Панос Gamer (3 года)

Автор Ex Deadshot (3 года)
No, they just have us help host. They can shut the games down whenever,

Автор UR BONED (3 года)
they wont for ages, cod 2 servers are still up XD

Автор Dezrt (3 года)
@JBOTTSIOWA Treyarch made CoD5. CoD4 was made by IW.

Автор Kali phate (1 год)
Tbh i hate it when people run around with the sniper not using it like a
sniper but if thats what you like doing then cool lol

Автор Zackied33 (3 года)
I love how he almost got the same amount of kills for a nuke while talking
about mw2 before it came out :P

Автор kingster20 (2 года)
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take

Автор ShagarathTheGreat (2 года)
You just went full retard man. Never go full retard.

Автор JackTheToeCracker (2 года)
i look at this commentary so fondley..talking about sniping in cod and
spawn trapping when it was first established..classic stuff

Автор blackysimon1 (3 года)
@Dacknomortifex there's only one black ops

Автор NoSupermanHere (3 года)
@taskforce141513 good luck with that one, tell me how it works out

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