Hutch Sniping (Commentary)

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Длительность: 8:25
Комментарии: 3105

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Автор PrinceJuvy ( назад)
Man.... Hutch was the reason I got into CoD. Watching his videos made me
buy World at War and 4 back in the day. Good times, gooood times

Автор Bryan Silva ( назад)
Hutch I miss this

Автор BCTV ( назад)
Look at the bk using steady aim..

Автор SWFT ( назад)
Good old days :c

Автор Austin smith ( назад)
Literally one of the worst players I've ever seen

Автор SonOfTheRightHand29 ( назад)
anyone else feel like hutch's voice/accent is slightly different back when
this was uploaded? only slightly, there just something..

Автор Owen Leach ( назад)
Add me guys for COD 4 guys, Eventful Carpet

Автор Dusty O'Meara ( назад)
I still love to play this game. Quite a few people play still on Xbox.

Автор CU Gaming ( назад)
hey retard i was being sarcastic

Автор The Awesomeness ( назад)
2:34 Oh he would never know. Haha

Автор Wictor Anderssonn ( назад)
I miss u hutch ;(

Автор Lee Russell ( назад)
Yh he would of been called a monster back then

Автор Skeleton Lord ( назад)
Tbh i hate it when people run around with the sniper not using it like a
sniper but if thats what you like doing then cool lol

Автор quas killin' it ( назад)
Idiot. This was in 2009. He was one of the best players back then.

Автор - Esdeath - ( назад)
Black ops 2 will never be good as CoD 4 !!!!

Автор seane113 ( назад)
like if u r watching this when black ops 2 is out

Автор Reci 123 ( назад)
Dude you are a retard this was posted in 2009...

Автор ByCharts ( назад)
no its not lol

Автор MerkuryxD ( назад)

Автор Seth419 ( назад)
Cod4 is now almost hack free I love it

Автор KoMmEnt4FuNn ( назад)
Needs alot of practice? I guess that's why he is consistently one of the
most recognisable cod commentators for the past years (:

Автор joejoe151000 ( назад)
That gun ak47 is awesome

Автор ShagarathTheGreat ( назад)

Автор CU Gaming ( назад)

Автор Marin Marinov ( назад)
back when cod was not frustrating

Автор ShagarathTheGreat ( назад)
You just went full retard man. Never go full retard.

Автор severi saaristo ( назад)
i almost started playing cod from black ops 1 but i decided to start from
cod4 good desicisionbut they are bought good call of dutys :) bo2 very good
too waw, mw2 and mw3 not so good all the times

Автор gtafan110010 ( назад)
from 4:29 the commentary gets back to the way i love it :) informative, his
view on the game mode, and showing his knowledge. all people seem to do
these days is talk about random stuff, and not reall show their thoughts on
the game to help other people further

Автор 98pancake1 ( назад)
Hey retard this was in 2009

Автор CU Gaming ( назад)
no cod bo2 is coming out not modern warfare

Автор CU Gaming ( назад)
right now black ops 2 just came out lol

Автор doesntlikeu ( назад)
your opinion is stupid, BUT THATS JUST MY OPINION

Автор XBLFoxes ( назад)
lol, that's retarded. I've played since CoD 1 on PC then switched to
consoles around the time CoD 4 came out.

Автор XBLFoxes (26 лет назад)
imo BO2 absolutely ruined sniping due to the fact that people found out
that yy/triangletriangle was back and started trickshotting

Автор CU Gaming ( назад)
i rage quit on that map

Автор JackTheToeCracker ( назад)
i look at this commentary so fondley..talking about sniping in cod and
spawn trapping when it was first established..classic stuff

Автор shuckl3 ( назад)
Yay Mw2 two weeks then black ops 2 two weeks now

Автор n00btube45 ( назад)
Good times.

Автор DeathsShadow505 ( назад)
CoD4,WAW,BLOPS...The only CoD's that took skill to snipe.

Автор Dylan Burgess ( назад)
| (=D)|----< |

Автор Dylan Burgess ( назад)

Автор TheArron96 ( назад)
Good ole machinima with good ole hutch.

Автор kingster20 ( назад)
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take

Автор XxbalisticsxX ( назад)
i never said he did but what he is saying is making out that sniping is bad
it is not sniping is good and machine guns is shit

Автор gyver45 ( назад)
he wasnt the one who started it dumbass..he is just good at it

Автор BobTheRedo ( назад)
lol welcome back hutch

Автор XxbalisticsxX ( назад)
he is a dumb shit cod wos made for snipin thats how it started bold action
rifles snipers and od noobs

Автор Austin Mack ( назад)
he is back

Автор Erik Jernberg ( назад)
Where do you live?

Автор atomz3pointer ( назад)
WTF,you can't even string a sentence together,and i what point did i say i
care? In-fact by you getting involved you clearly care,hence my now
ALL-WAYS calling you 'dick.'

Автор Erik Jernberg ( назад)
By the way, dicks also cares about it.

Автор ltlrenati ( назад)
Go to shaun0728 and you'll see that he is back!!!!!

Автор steve c ( назад)
HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Kinetic Kylos ( назад)
211 people are trick shooters

Автор aerozz7 ( назад)
hutch i will always remember u...watching very young girls

Автор atomz3pointer ( назад)
No,most people call it CoD 4; only dicks call it "modern warfare."

Автор Con shot ( назад)
modern warfare

Автор atomz3pointer ( назад)
Its CoD four....

Автор 007man23 (1480 лет назад)
lol ur a CoD noob xD

Автор theTP219 ( назад)
Twirling around and jumping off shit.

Автор Cool Username ( назад)
im guessing you have only played MW2, BO, and MW3?

Автор Mongo Philip ( назад)
Does anyone still play this game on ps3???

Автор DuffManTo ( назад)
haha Hutch:"i highly doubt people will be playing this game after mw2 comes
out" i'm still playing this game and mw3 is out ! oh the irony !

Автор Juquan Caicedo-Cozart ( назад)
y do u get low points when u kill

Автор Zinkrar ( назад)
Please add me on Xbox: TSR Zinkrar. I want cod 4 friends, I only have mw2
trickshotters :(

Автор Daniel Hegarty ( назад)
Hutch's commentries are timeless

Автор x Doir ( назад)
The beginning of call of duty snipingmontages. Way better than now..

Автор angelo torres ( назад)
Love u hutch not in a gay way . Come back hutch

Автор sniper123503 ( назад)
man! the old call of duty's look so much fun than the new ones

Автор AKFAirsoft ( назад)
And thus, the quickscope was born. Hutch back then was so awesome.

Автор Bryson Chapman ( назад)
i camp when somone makes me mad so i can make them really mad

Автор Lionel Messi ( назад)
what? he's not dead dude..

Автор SodasMc ( назад)
We miss you Hutch :'(

Автор Панос Gamer ( назад)

Автор iluvskylines1234 ( назад)
Today I got baked and watched old school Hutch videos. Best/Saddest day
ever. Love you Hutch.

Автор Savy ( назад)
<3333333333333333333333333333333 HUTCH.

Автор Blake Morehart ( назад)
"I doubt very many people are gonna be playing this game after mw2 comes
out" Here we are 5 or so years later and ppl are still playing this and now
so many wanna bring it back to its former glory

Автор PaulDennerz ( назад)
i miss this type of shit!

Автор PrinzeAssassin ( назад)
please check out my channel

Автор MegaLaban12345 ( назад)
Hell the fuck no. Pff, fanboy

Автор Orrin Black ( назад)
theyre gonna shut them down?

Автор Jack Hodson (1459 лет назад)

Автор JohnTheGreat7822 (1221 год назад)
No the inventer of quickscoping was in 2001 COD 1

Автор Scarce Tomo | Overall Leader ( назад)
i think i cried a little

Автор Andrew Long ( назад)
Wow, he said two weeks until the release of MW2. It's hard to think I
watched this video the first day it was put up Hutch was the biggest
inspiration to the Cod community ever. Good luck hutch We'll miss you.

Автор Josh Martins ( назад)
why did he have to leave :( he was my biggest inspiration

Автор Alex Duper ( назад)
oh ok then it was your mom, thanks for clearing that out! :)

Автор ryan. ( назад)
R.I.P hutch

Автор steve 125 ( назад)
are they gonna shut down the cod 4 serevers?WHEN???

Автор Luke Ormsby ( назад)
they wont for ages, cod 2 servers are still up XD

Автор arcaninedattebayo11 ( назад)
ahhh the good old days

Автор Alex Duper ( назад)
yeah im sure it was with a guy ...

Автор bmac ( назад)
No, they just have us help host. They can shut the games down whenever,

Автор thekaveman101 ( назад)

Автор ethan hope ( назад)
like this if you watched this because your gonna miss hutch

Автор Jack M ( назад)
The inventor of the Quickscope <3

Автор Vertiko ( назад)
This was the first video I saw of you. Now you leave us. don't forget we
will allways love you. full homo

Автор sirpoonscheeze1000 ( назад)
good thing they cant "shutdown the serrvers" since games are hosted on the
hosts internet connection.

Автор sirpoonscheeze1000 ( назад)
Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

Автор Jose Edwin Rodriguez ( назад)
This was the spark the started that call of duty community

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