RDR : Red Dead Redemption Funny Gravestones

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Автор Suomiweb ( назад)
That train thing is also in Odd fellows rest

Автор Equilibrium (1195 лет назад)
there is one good : the second fastest draw in Cholla Springs ;D

Автор fleur scarff ( назад)
there one in coots chapel that say 'never milk a bull' the irony was that a random bull walked past just before i read it:L

Автор Yan Magno ( назад)
@coltar1234 south of armadillo

Автор Yan Magno ( назад)
@crawlmen88 actually its close to armadillo

Автор Yan Magno ( назад)
where's Mordecai?

Автор FRRGC ( назад)
Killed by gunshot.

I did't know she was married

Автор Kevin Kamrar ( назад)
monty python life of brian made this video worth it

Автор Bernie Sexton ( назад)
@coltar1234 its close 2 black water

Автор Colton Watt ( назад)
Where is coots chapel

Автор Masked Bandit ( назад)
lol. i have the game but i dint bother checking the stones. il make sure to check :D

Автор april76301 ( назад)
@tiff92Productions There was also one in coots chapel that said never try 2 milk a bull.

Автор godstrong96 ( назад)

Автор Disposably ( назад)
Funny, but the by far funniest is this one:

"He stepped onto the track to see if the train was coming. It was."

Автор Omar Wageh ( назад)
oh that guy is gone for good but who found him lol found dead by jackass XD

Автор TheAmericanUhate ( назад)
@RavvGaming That's pretty interesting, you have a popular last name. My name sucks lol, I never hear it on anything.

Автор TheAmericanUhate ( назад)
@RavvGaming Lol, yours was "I guess it was more then a bad cough" and mine was "I didn't know she was married". Funny how you see your b-day or close to it on a video of a video game lol.

Автор TheAmericanUhate ( назад)
ha, #4 is my b-day, not the year of coarse but the day and month.....

Автор justin bowen ( назад)
i love this song isnt it from monty python life of brian

Автор franky1l ( назад)
there's one that says "never try to milk a bull" xD

Автор Nickcam0203 ( назад)
8 and 9 are my favorite

Автор dotsydude ( назад)
lol didnt know she was married

Автор undercoverluko ( назад)
Funny and mean 0:54 xD

Автор Kizzamore95 ( назад)
The music suits it

Автор Gilles DV ( назад)
those are pretty funny :D

Автор Daggerman2009 ( назад)
aw, 0:51 is so mean :)

Автор Zachary Arnold ( назад)
while i was there i saw a grave for a man named cole macfarline
and named ethan macfarlane

Автор tiff92Productions ( назад)
@MrcurlyNinja Lol. I think i saw that one. I wasnt recording at the time though

Автор Thomas Lord ( назад)
theres one in coots chapel saying he was seeing if the train was coming.it was

Автор Thomas Lord ( назад)
thumbs up for number 2

Автор dava4321 ( назад)
@mafiaman8962 what you sayin, it aint real? nooooooooooooooooooooo, ya blert.

Автор crazydog1223 ( назад)
You forgot one by the church (one by Armadillo) one of Bonnie's brothers died of "diarrhea" haha. Also if u throw firebottles at some of the gravestones the open up some have bodys in them some dont.

Автор dava4321 ( назад)
all of these will be coming alive in the undead nightmare pack, cant wait for that to be out

Автор EyesSnake224 ( назад)
#4 happens to everyone LOL

Автор Patient 71 ( назад)
@XxAlfedxX He gave you a spam cant hanle the critics.

Автор Patient 71 ( назад)
Use your binoculairs.

Автор TheAnimNerd ( назад)
you do know this video will gte like 100's of thousands of views. its verry unique and alot of players will be intrested.

Автор TheBause ( назад)
Love the music and the last one is awesome

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