A aduly dolphin tryin to have sex with its trainer


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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор senorretard (3 месяца)
forget the dolphin rape, what is that god-awful sound she is making

Автор Contressa Dozier (12 дней)
Who ever laughing like that sound the dolpin

Автор john jingleheimer (3 месяца)
That dolphin is a rapist.

Автор Robert Robinson (3 месяца)
Dolphins are not rapist. She is in his tank laughing like she wants it.

Автор playingfor4 (2 месяца)
Did she get hurt ? I mean skratches ...

Автор Tamaki742 (3 месяца)
Goddamn it Dolph Dolph...

Автор Pam Grant Gilmore (27 дней)

Автор Max Walczak (2 месяца)
I'd have fun with that dolphin :3

Автор Lily Spencer (3 месяца)

Автор Mjkl Simpson (5 месяцев)
creepy laught

Автор Christina Rubino (5 месяцев)
can't blame a guy for trying

Автор MegaCaptiva (2 месяца)
so are they going to book a case against the dolphin ?

Автор Kaylynn Ta (4 месяца)
lol haha I feel kinda bad for her I think.

Автор SUPERNOOB565 (1 год)
And so the legacy of Aquaman was born

Автор spacdud (1 год)
Oh so it's okay and funny when dolphins to rape bitches, but not me?

Автор Tony James (2 года)
All dolphins are rapists,

Автор Jonathan Herr (2 года)
@ViLeViZiOnArY kinda its called a beak but it's not A beak

Автор Clemens Yu (1 год)
i think that's dolphin's noise?

Автор defiythelie (2 года)
@Unremarkable1000 Yes there is a guy that wrote a book about him and a
dolphin having a 9 month relationship.

Автор BoneThug Bryan (1 год)
Dolphin: " Let me get in dem pants girl! "

Автор farmvillerice (2 года)
Makes me laugh every time, my own video ahaha

Автор theamazingslazas (1 год)
why the hell am i watching this~!!!!!

Автор Judy winston (1 год)
lol must have smell fishy ..lol or smelt like his own kind....LMAO

Автор Fluffykittyz13 (2 года)
umm...how did i get here...from makeup tutorials!?...lmaoo.

Автор Клон Клонов (1 год)
дельфинчик учуял самочку :D

Автор ncarney12 (2 года)
she forgot to duche this morning it smells like a rotten fish thats why the
dolphin wants it so bad

Автор Jk8Z (1 год)
Just kick it in the dick. It'll get the message. ;)

Автор operations1000 (2 года)
Can't blame it, GET SOME WINTER!

Автор Africaswildzebra (1 год)

Автор jimmy johnson (1 год)
Smells like fish, tastes like chicken, hold your nose, just keep on lickin'.

Автор MrMekune (1 год)

Автор Ice MasterPT (10 месяцев)
thats how mermaids are made.

Автор Joe Lazarus (2 года)
I guess she smelled like home sweet home

Автор TheEmsann (2 года)
i think it is a dolphin who films this XD

Автор ViLeViZiOnArY (2 года)
She wont be laughing so much if his beak went in her....... Wait do
dolphins have beaks? lol

Автор Pastor TL (11 месяцев)
She had sent off something

Автор Wolflove (2 года)
RAPE !!!!!!

Автор protectbodythetans (1 год)
maybe get the bitch with the smelly twat/asshole out?

Автор PigeoN951 (2 года)
dolphins like fish her fanny must be fishy then

Автор kimmyfreak200 (1 год)
dolphin rape caught on tape

Автор Alam Gómez Canales (1 год)
Rapist Dolphin!

Автор Dildo Baggina (2 года)

Автор thorburnt (2 года)
she must have a seriously fishy odour down there.

Автор jen Ibrahim (1 год)
at least there is foreplay

Автор beanaldo (2 года)
oh the dude trying to act all heroic and tough , get out of the way and let
the dolphin take care of business u douche

Автор Jorge Lourenço (2 года)
That's what happens when you don't have hands and can't jerk off...

Автор mlxcutie (1 год)
don't know if it's true or not but it scares me

Автор Tony James (1 год)
i have since changed my mind about dolphin rapists, i now believe all
dolphin rape is a social construct.

Автор allanonmage (2 года)
Lookit that move! Sideways! We'll call it the dolphin! That dolphin was so
horny it didn't care if it went for the girl or the guy!!

Автор Ethan Clarke (1 год)
Hahaha lol I can feel myself about horny now x-D

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