A aduly dolphin tryin to have sex with its trainer


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Автор Sacha M ( назад)
the dolphin was smelling fish

Автор Agustí Guerola Garcia ( назад)
Can't blame the dolphin ^_^

Автор Ernafortress2Extreme ( назад)
ok XD

Автор MOON studios ( назад)
i can't find dolphin porn, mybe on the deep web... i think i'm just gonna
give up and search other porn vids

Автор Peter A Azar ( назад)
after 9 months AQUABABY

Автор Clint Young ( назад)
BOYFRIEND & LETS OLD FLIPPER DO HIS THING!... Yeeoww baby!! ....🐬➕🔩=😍

Автор Петрик Сергей ( назад)
думаю еще немого и она бы ему дала

Автор Jesus Contreras ( назад)
N0 means NO, you sexy dolphin!

Автор allii khan ( назад)
Women can make even a dolphin to go for her.....poor males an their
automatics .. Pussy wins

Автор DASH PRASAD (Aadarsh Prasad) ( назад)
i want to be the girl so badly

Автор Rob Styles ( назад)

Автор Amanda Fox ( назад)

Автор Amanda Fox ( назад)
Why is everyone making such dirty comments about this? The dolphin was just
trying to play with her Ps not the sexual way for you perverts play like
young children! 

Автор MrFinHappy 911 ( назад)
She must of had a fishy fag

Автор Sujit Singh ( назад)
Wow ,that's what I call Dorny!(That dolphin is horny!).

Автор Miserable Pube ( назад)
The video description XD

Автор unzunzvroom ( назад)
Was a seal filming this? LOL

Автор evan allen ( назад)
what if the dolphin spermed into her?

Автор Nikki Wright (1823 года назад)
LOL the sound of the person laughing

Автор Krzysztof Partyka (478 лет назад)
I think this dolphin is bisexual.

Автор GarudaLegends ( назад)
What a cunt. Dont tease the frigging dolphin. Mabye it was just trying to
play. No repect for animal. PRUDE

Автор T. Walker ( назад)
I laughed so hard at these comments I thought I was having a heart attack
at one point from chest pains.

Автор Jessica Allie (Iridescence) ( назад)
And this is how Mermaids are made!

Автор 9nchnail ( назад)
What you dumb asses dont realize is....this dolphin is doing what it was
taught to do. She has fucked that dolphin many times and didnt know the
cameras would be there that particular day. There is many documented cases
of women fucking dolphins. Its a mammal....google it!! The same shit
happens when a dog is constantly humping its female owner. The animal
doesnt care about spectators. Its a dumb animal....but in this case its not
as dumb as we think.

Автор owencrean1 ( назад)
its not sex when she clearly doesn't want to

Автор Ubermensch (1126 лет назад)

Автор Kim Cornwall ( назад)
He thinks she's hiding a fish in there! Lol. 

Автор gsanes310 ( назад)
Maybe she smelled fishy lol

Автор DarKKnightt07 ( назад)
Damn dolphins, they can shove their heads up women's asses and its okay,
when us guys try to do it we get arrested.

Автор VendPrekmurec ( назад)
Well do you think that women don't have feromones around their vaginas
before menstruation and when they are mature? Even dolphins can notice
that. Humans have generally lost their Vomeronasal organ in noses, because
we comunicate in a different way, but animals do not, that's why they still
use this organ to detect female earliness and preparedness for their sexual

Автор VendPrekmurec ( назад)
Why do I hear a chicken in this video? Where is it, where?

Автор descargamusicalny ( назад)
Damn, that dolphin was horny

Автор Nettie Kez (1216 лет назад)
Fuck her right in the pussy

Автор Contressa Dozier ( назад)
Who ever laughing like that sound the dolpin

Автор playingfor4 ( назад)
Did she get hurt ? I mean skratches ...

Автор Max Walczak ( назад)
I'd have fun with that dolphin :3

Автор MegaCaptiva ( назад)
so are they going to book a case against the dolphin ?

Автор robert robinson ( назад)
Dolphins are not rapist. She is in his tank laughing like she wants it.

Автор senorretard ( назад)
forget the dolphin rape, what is that god-awful sound she is making

Автор Nihlus x ( назад)
gimme dat puss

Автор Kitty Cat ( назад)

Автор john jingleheimer ( назад)
That dolphin is a rapist.

Автор Tamaki742 ( назад)
Goddamn it Dolph Dolph...

Автор WildDeadly Nadder ( назад)
I guess the dolphin just wanted a speacial someone I guess :3

Автор Kaylynn Ta ( назад)
lol haha I feel kinda bad for her I think.

Автор Christina Rubino ( назад)
can't blame a guy for trying

Автор MjklSimpson ( назад)
creepy laught

Автор Aaxzej Yiñiesk ( назад)
0:21 Looks like she had a fish hanging out of the underwear..

Автор TheeOneTheeOnly123 ( назад)
i guess pussy does smell like fish lol

Автор matty fox ( назад)
Either this is how Aquaman was born, how Areal from the little mermaid was
born, or a what not to do in the event of dolphin rape video. Either way lol

Автор Rinat Mustakimov ( назад)

Автор GOLDEN EYE ( назад)

Автор Stringer Bell ( назад)
I smell pussy and I want it hahahhaa

Автор Girom Christian Calica ( назад)
Random youtube spree here we come

Автор Matthew Motsinger ( назад)
The dolphin probably smelled sea food, gotta hate them crabs.

Автор ke141 ( назад)
Gotta give the dolphin points for tryin

Автор Seth Sanders ( назад)
A dolhum? Are you fucking kidding me?

Автор ThatAngryJAEGER ( назад)
Dude, that's not funny. How would you like it if you were her?

Автор FiztUC ( назад)
Well ill be damned

Автор Rami Kada ( назад)
She should've let the dolphin f*u*c*k her, no STDs nor pregnancy to be
worry about.

Автор Philip Winters ( назад)
thats how mermaids are made.

Автор youlldietrying ( назад)
He's a snatch hound!

Автор weLIKEtoROCKandROLL ( назад)
probably smelled fishy...

Автор UnKleScAm1776 ( назад)
She probably was already horny and the dolphin smelled her secretion.

Автор Pastor TL ( назад)
She had sent off something

Автор Clemens Yu ( назад)
i think that's dolphin's noise?

Автор spacdud ( назад)
Oh so it's okay and funny when dolphins to rape bitches, but not me?

Автор LaDante Riley ( назад)
He smelled something funny in the water.

Автор foxes red ( назад)
Hahaha beautiful anchioooooo

Автор Stamyr R ( назад)
Lmaoooooooooooooooo ohmygosh

Автор Jk8Z ( назад)
Just kick it in the dick. It'll get the message. ;)

Автор protectbodythetans ( назад)
maybe get the bitch with the smelly twat/asshole out?

Автор SkyrimCube ( назад)
"It smells like my bretheren" Said the dolphin

Автор heysatan91 ( назад)
smelly asshole

Автор Ethan Clarke ( назад)
Hahaha lol I can feel myself about horny now x-D

Автор nicoturned13 ( назад)
i guarantee you she was on her period and the dolphin could smell the
menstrual cycle

Автор c bro ( назад)

Автор Mike Morrison ( назад)
Actually, it's a hell of a lot more common than you think. Dolphins are
highly sexual creature. It is advised you don't pet them in the wild for
this reason.

Автор Mike Morrison ( назад)
If that were my girlfriends, I would put that dolphin in a choke-hold.

Автор Ilya Taytslin ( назад)
Not only smell, but dolphin can see through her bathing suit with his sonar.

Автор Judy winston ( назад)
lol must have smell fishy ..lol or smelt like his own kind....LMAO

Автор jen Ibrahim ( назад)
at least there is foreplay

Автор Bryan Smith ( назад)
Dolphin: " Let me get in dem pants girl! "

Автор Influx27 ( назад)
oh God, and here I thought the articles about dolphins raping people was
just a joke!

Автор Bill Gaydon ( назад)
Oh my oh my

Автор jimmy johnson ( назад)
Smells like fish, tastes like chicken, hold your nose, just keep on lickin'.

Автор Непобедимое Добро ( назад)
дельфинчик учуял самочку :D

Автор rstheoneandonly ( назад)
Dolphins like tuna lol

Автор Lara A ( назад)

Автор Animus Volare ( назад)
0:48 "Hey yo, whatchu' doing with my gurl man?" D:<

Автор D3athByKittens ( назад)
0:30 it has a boner

Автор 55lolguy ( назад)
omg it is like jaws O_o

Автор kimmyfreak200 ( назад)
dolphin rape caught on tape

Автор VicaMOOR The GREAT ( назад)
Mr. Dolphin said she knew what she was asking for... showing all that skin.
He just wanted to show her how its done... Under The Sea

Автор Leopard0di ( назад)
her pussy must taste like mackerel

Автор protoman1214 ( назад)
They said they're love could never be, but mister dolphin wouldn't hear any
of that

Автор conor1423 ( назад)
smells like fish :D

Автор SUPERNOOB565 ( назад)
And so the legacy of Aquaman was born

Автор 0IIIIII ( назад)
This is what happens when they're not good enough to get into SeaWorld.

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