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Автор unzunzvroom (1 месяц)
Was a seal filming this? LOL

Автор evan allen (2 месяца)
what if the dolphin spermed into her?

Автор Jessica Allie (8 месяцев)
And this is how Mermaids are made!

Автор gsanes310 (11 месяцев)
Maybe she smelled fishy lol

Автор Sujit Singh (14 дней)
Wow ,that's what I call Dorny!(That dolphin is horny!).

Автор MrFinHappy 911 (10 дней)
She must of had a fishy fag

Автор Krzysztof Partyka (6 месяцев)
I think this dolphin is bisexual.

Автор Floydian Nikki (4 месяца)
LOL the sound of the person laughing

Автор Miserable Pube (19 дней)
The video description XD

Автор descargamusicalny (11 месяцев)
Damn, that dolphin was horny

Автор 9nchnail (8 месяцев)
What you dumb asses dont realize is....this dolphin is doing what it was
taught to do. She has fucked that dolphin many times and didnt know the
cameras would be there that particular day. There is many documented cases
of women fucking dolphins. Its a mammal....google it!! The same shit
happens when a dog is constantly humping its female owner. The animal
doesnt care about spectators. Its a dumb animal....but in this case its not
as dumb as we think.

Автор Ubermensch (9 месяцев)

Автор Contressa Dozier (1 год)
Who ever laughing like that sound the dolpin

Автор T. Walker (7 месяцев)
I laughed so hard at these comments I thought I was having a heart attack
at one point from chest pains.

Автор DarKKnightt07 (11 месяцев)
Damn dolphins, they can shove their heads up women's asses and its okay,
when us guys try to do it we get arrested.

Автор john jingleheimer (1 год)
That dolphin is a rapist.

Автор Kim Cornwall (10 месяцев)
He thinks she's hiding a fish in there! Lol. 

Автор Jack Mehauf (11 месяцев)
Dumbass... Get out of the water! But nooooooooo, she wanted some dolphin

Автор senorretard (1 год)
forget the dolphin rape, what is that god-awful sound she is making

Автор Nettie Kez (1 год)
Fuck her right in the pussy

Автор owencrean1 (9 месяцев)
its not sex when she clearly doesn't want to

Автор GarudaLegends (7 месяцев)
What a cunt. Dont tease the frigging dolphin. Mabye it was just trying to
play. No repect for animal. PRUDE

Автор Max Walczak (1 год)
I'd have fun with that dolphin :3

Автор Tamaki742 (1 год)
Goddamn it Dolph Dolph...

Автор playingfor4 (1 год)
Did she get hurt ? I mean skratches ...

Автор MegaCaptiva (1 год)
so are they going to book a case against the dolphin ?

Автор Kitty Kat (1 год)

Автор Christina Rubino (1 год)
can't blame a guy for trying

Автор Robert Robinson (1 год)
Dolphins are not rapist. She is in his tank laughing like she wants it.

Автор Mjkl Simpson (1 год)
creepy laught

Автор VendPrekmurec (11 месяцев)
Why do I hear a chicken in this video? Where is it, where?

Автор Kaylynn Ta (1 год)
lol haha I feel kinda bad for her I think.

Автор WildDeadly Nadder (1 год)
I guess the dolphin just wanted a speacial someone I guess :3

Автор Nihlus x (1 год)
gimme dat puss

Автор VendPrekmurec (11 месяцев)
Well do you think that women don't have feromones around their vaginas
before menstruation and when they are mature? Even dolphins can notice
that. Humans have generally lost their Vomeronasal organ in noses, because
we comunicate in a different way, but animals do not, that's why they still
use this organ to detect female earliness and preparedness for their sexual

Автор SUPERNOOB565 (2 года)
And so the legacy of Aquaman was born

Автор spacdud (2 года)
Oh so it's okay and funny when dolphins to rape bitches, but not me?

Автор Tonyo1221 (4 года)
she was clearly lovin it, thats why she stayed in the water!!! Ho.

Автор Jankers (3 года)
All dolphins are rapists,

Автор Jonathan Herr (3 года)
@ViLeViZiOnArY kinda its called a beak but it's not A beak

Автор Clemens Yu (2 года)
i think that's dolphin's noise?

Автор TIYX (3 года)
@Unremarkable1000 Yes there is a guy that wrote a book about him and a
dolphin having a 9 month relationship.

Автор BoneThug Bryan (2 года)
Dolphin: " Let me get in dem pants girl! "

Автор farmvillerice (3 года)
Makes me laugh every time, my own video ahaha

Автор theamazingslazas (3 года)
why the hell am i watching this~!!!!!

Автор Judy winston (2 года)
lol must have smell fishy ..lol or smelt like his own kind....LMAO

Автор Fluffykittyz13 (3 года)
umm...how did i get here...from makeup tutorials!?...lmaoo.

Автор Непобедимое Добро (2 года)
дельфинчик учуял самочку :D

Автор ncarney12 (3 года)
she forgot to duche this morning it smells like a rotten fish thats why the
dolphin wants it so bad

Автор Jk8Z (2 года)
Just kick it in the dick. It'll get the message. ;)

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