Waffen SS at the battle of Kursk

Waffen SS at the battle of Kursk

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Автор docher1231 ( назад)
PETER HANSEN, Chilean SS Brigadeführer and general of the WAFFEN-SS, also a
veteran of the First World War (WW1) distinguished himself in a losing
cause here in the BATTLE OF KURSK along with fellow Chilean countryman
DIETER FIECHTER, a high ranking officer of the Wehrmacht Armored Engineers
who also participated in the fierce BATTLE OF CRIMEA also in the Soviet

Автор Morphlett ( назад)
Britain & France declared war on Germany, if the Brits cared so much about
Poland then why were they happy to leave it under Soviet occupation for 35

Автор Zukatsr125 ( назад)
@goldyn12345 Not really, but yes some Waffen-SS divisons fought very good.

Автор tranmere789 ( назад)
The battle at Prokhorovka as the largest tank battle in history is simply
just a myth. Germans had 92-109 APV's and russians maximum 393 between
10.7-12.7.43 In fact, it is smaller than a battle that took place between
the French and the Germans in 1940. In front of Gembloux on May 14-15, two
full-strength Panzer divisions (each with about 300 tanks) squared off with
two full-strength French Light Mechanized Divisions (each with about 260

Автор Jsroslav Hus ( назад)
@anaplastic Are you undercover Bolshevik? We all know that Germans commited
masive crimes of GENOCIDE on both Russian and Polish population BUT SOWIET
BOLSHEVIK GULAG ARCHIPELAG swallowed many times more Russians DURING THE
PEACE PERIOD than Germans during the War.

Автор Jsroslav Hus ( назад)
CASE OF SO CALLED whitey Race.

Автор Jsroslav Hus ( назад)
CASE OF SO CALLED whitey Race.

Автор MrBobe9 ( назад)
@c00per69 We give to much credit to STALIN but i believe that he was not
behind most of crimes in USSR , i believe the brain was MOLOTOV, much more
intelligent/evil than STALIN. STALIN was a charismatic figure the POLITBURO
used him as COMMUNISM POSTER BOY, his radio speeches and his smile were
necessary for the communists.

Автор MrBobe9 ( назад)
@NoweMandingo When we say WAFFEN SS we mean the elite fighting forces or
what every army in the world now call SPECIAL FORCES , highly selected and
trained soldiers, the waffen ss LEIBSTANDART AH, DAS REICH and TOTENKOPFT,
not the prison guards POLIZEI SS.

Автор anaplastic ( назад)
@thecarpy You fag, I gave you the numbers. USSR killed much less civilians
than nazis, I gave already the numbers, more than 10 times less. And USSR
never went rampaging against entire nations. Would I be a Soviet or a Jew
in 1945, I would have killed every german in my sight, after what these
german animals did. I am still baffled by the generosity of the Soviets,
they had means and reasons to kill dozens of millions of german bastards.
They did not do that.

Автор thecarpy ( назад)
@quest8899 Italy? LMAO! Italy was to Germany, what France was to the allies
... Who said I would rather have two German divisions in front of me than a
French division behind me ... ROFL!!!!!

Автор thecarpy ( назад)
@TheNewperson01 Excuse my French: Pinochet, pine au cul! Chileans? ROFL,
sold to the Usians! Hasta la victoria siempre!

Автор thecarpy ( назад)
@anaplastic I am anti-nazi, but USSR killed more people than were killed
during WWII - so YOU shut the fuck up. i think there are many sides to the
50 Million killed in WWII - nobody should forget the jews, the homosexuals,
nor the political opponents killed by Nazi Germany. Yet, nobody should
forget what the allies did in retaliation to humiliating defeat, the
bombing genocide. Then you have the USSR, way worse than both the previous
combined. None of the perpetrators deserve respect.

Автор Maciek Klosinski ( назад)
@c00per69 it is worthy to find significant difference between SS as
criminal organization and Waffen SS as military arm of it. In fact Waffen
SS was probably (together with airborn and mountain formations) most elite
part of German Army during IIWW

Автор dLimboStick ( назад)
Humanity 1, Nazis 0

Автор anaplastic ( назад)
@c00per69 WTF you are talking? Stalin killed his own people, 1.5 million
in gulags (including common criminals), and, unintentionallly, during the
Holodomur famine, 1.2 million. Nazis killed 21 million civilians, on
purpose and systematically. The nazis had a purpose in killing or enslaving
entire nations, Soviets never did that. I am really sick of neo-nazis like
you who say that Soviets were worse than nazis. For a nazi like you, Hitler
may be better, but not for common people. Shut up!

Автор JuergenGDB ( назад)
@Nasdaq7 I disagree with your two prong attack.. destroying Moscow yes..
and you need to take Leningrad so that the FINNS would fight. The Finns
barely attacked Leningrad and the Northern areas. Moscow and Leningrad
1941... Cauacuases 1942 after the North is secured. They could have also
added more pressure on the Turks if Alexandria was taken by end or mid 1941
with and extra Pz divison and Motorized division. (Fuel reserves for the
south) Eradicate all Brits and CW forces from the Med!.

Автор JuergenGDB ( назад)
@MAVERICKALP You should know that the Waffen SS fought for each other, and
near the end most disliked their fuher.. but loved their country.. thats
what they were fighting for...maintaining Germany's integrity from
Communist Russia.

Автор goldyn12345 ( назад)
who was the better commander von manstien or zhukov? in my opinion von
manstien everytime!!!

Автор Dylan Sauriol ( назад)
Wow what a shitty camera god next time if your going to film something
invest in a HD camera you fucking redneck

Автор MAVERICKALP ( назад)
and Waffen SS was a hell of a unit under the command of a mad corporal. . .

Автор MAVERICKALP ( назад)
and their limited on tracks handling/speeding capacity

Автор goldyn12345 ( назад)
thats right, ive heard some historians say that if he pushed on to moscow
directly then the russian morale would have been devastated, and the
germans might have won against russia. since the fall of communism it has
been discovered that stalin was willing to give hitler the ukraine and the
baltic states in a peace deal if he needed to. i wonder if hitler would
have agreed or would he have pushed onto vladivostok?

Автор goldyn12345 ( назад)
yes hitler had a brilliant army and his generals were the best in my
opinion, but yes i tnihk your right, he shouldnt have split is forces so

Автор mattabiko24 ( назад)
Hitler lost half of his best battalion & tanks during battle of
kursk.tigers & panthers are good for long range attack.but since close
range fight,tigers & panthers are usless due to thier slow turret turns...

Автор mattabiko24 ( назад)
bcoz Hitler & his generals knows that Russian gonna attack german at
anytime.thats why hilter ordered his generals to attack them even their new
panthers are not ready on d battlefield... no wonder panzers have a great
lost during that battle...

Автор goldyn12345 ( назад)
hitler was too arrogant, he thought the russians to be so primitive that
they wouldnt have tanks as good as the t 34s or even any capable millitary
leaders, he thought stalin had them executed. do you think had the germans
planned barbarossa more carefully then they might have won the war with

Автор goldyn12345 ( назад)
oh yeah the red army were a force to be reckoned with, they numbered 6
million, thousands of t-34s and aircraft. churchill especially was very
weary of them, especially after the war!!!

Автор goldyn12345 ( назад)
i,ll google it, but i assume that the russians outnumbered them. at the
battle of kursk von manstiens forces suffered 50 thousand dead, while
zhukovs losses were 190 thousand yet the russians were the victors!!!
crazy!! in my opinion the germans had the best generals of ww2. what use
were they though when hitler kept interfering.

Автор Robert Ray ( назад)
The battle is not only the result of supeior numbers, but the brilliance of
the Russian Generals and the key player the T-34, The biltz and armoured
spear head of the Panzers was actually design by a British officer.

Автор goldyn12345 ( назад)
very well put, the russians just swamped them with much larger numbers!!!

Автор goldyn12345 ( назад)
the waffen ss were an elite fighting force!!! they fought the russians to
the end, to the very last bullet!!!

Автор Alexey Tsarev ( назад)
It is all very interestingly! I very seriously concern history of this war.
Hitler was the great person despite the fact that what all consider as its
monster. Likely he very much loved the people if has decided to win all
Europe. But our fathers and grandfas have won, it was great fight! I very
much respect as Russian and Germans!

Автор Soldat oneoneseben ( назад)
yep go head and clump the army with the SS...retard

Автор Soldat oneoneseben ( назад)
When hitler sent forces into russia...that was the turning point

Автор aznf0rl1fe ( назад)
ya it is. people should not gain up its riggeed LOL FOR THE FUHRER BITCH

Автор cam ( назад)
They cheated... ? This isn't a game.

Автор waystedkiss ( назад)
retreat to fight another day ! STUPID STUPID HITLER ! Thank god for his
stupidity and the blind arrogance of those who followed him to HELL. Burn
in hell HITLER you are KAPUT !

Автор 2008NZ ( назад)
Actually they lost the war due to a shortage of mash mellows. And they did
have artillery, but they used AA guns horizontally.

Автор aznf0rl1fe ( назад)
THE SOVIETS CHEATED THEY USED ARTILLERY!!!! stupid germany didnt believe in

Автор punjabshere123 ( назад)
actually theres video evidence u hitler loving cunt

Автор Rabbi Schlomo Platinumstein (1110 лет назад)
damn.........should i trust wikipedia or youtube......

Автор swanningaround ( назад)
Brough. I agree with you in that Germans as a people are no better or worse
than the rest of us. It is just that the American person is more advanced
technologically and more intelligent. Therefore America will always win.

Автор WTCTribute ( назад)
Stalingrad was the turning point, because for the first time a German army
was defeated. Stalingrad turned the tide of the war, and the Germans were
finally on the retreat for the first time. Kursk just sealed the deal.

Автор Trev1er02 ( назад)
That's absolutely true. The Nuremberg trials were a pair of showcase
trials, and many German officials and military men were forced to admit to
their alleged "crimes" through the use of torture and threats. It's also
funny how the concentration camps "eyewitnesses", i.e. individual Jews,
were sometimes able to get away with remarkable statements and never got
questioned by the court. See documentaries like "One Third of The
Holocaust" and "Buchenwald - A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil".

Автор drugpajo ( назад)

Автор sre2464 ( назад)
You don't have a clue. Kursk was a last gasp effort by Germany. The true
turning point was Moscow 41.

Автор Robert Ray ( назад)
The Germans are the same cross section of humnanity that all other races
are, they just had the misfortune of a mad man gaining control of there
country, you can not step on a snakes tail you must strike his head, the
Nazis had complete control and didn't allow the truth if you tole the truth
you were exterminated.

Автор Rabbi Schlomo Platinumstein ( назад)
kursk is the real turning point for the eastern front not stalingrad

Автор slayersthashit ( назад)
you make me sick, but your name is gotcha so your probly trying to get a
rise out of people.

Автор jesseox4 ( назад)
gotcha109 you are a fucking worthless piece of fucking shit. go fuck
youself bitch.motherfucker

Автор jpjunior442 ( назад)
mathiehesse say the thruth just think about the amerindian people. THE
ABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS A WAR. but who know that? Winner always write
history at there advantage and now we think Native American were brutal and
merciless murderer.

Автор jpjunior442 ( назад)
I have no compassion for those jews cause they seems to gain power from
that genocide and now they do same to palestinian

Автор thorus15100900 ( назад)
nazistowskie ścierwo itak przegrało.

Автор Szturman 6BDSz ( назад)
Morda parówo.

Автор procopro ( назад)
Another summer offensive did not reap the strategic goals. Only this one
failed much more quickly than the previous two (Moscow 1941 and
Stalingrad). Now the Reds are throwing us, Nazi Thugs out of Orel and

Автор thorus15100900 ( назад)
lepsi sowieci niż niemieckie śmieci

Автор Wallas Wookie ( назад)
Waffen SS murdered women, children and elderyly people that is true. Stalin
alone murdered 10 times what hitler and nazis did. Even the allies in the
west where guilty of burning children to death within german cities using
incendiary bombs. Dresden alone expert's figure was over 1000 degrees in
centre. WW2 is now history with attrocities on all sides get over it

Автор mutdog1 ( назад)
That is for the most part BS, there are certain people in this world who
need to constantly remind us of the evil Germans. The facts are that most
SS were just outstanding combat soldiers who were known to hold against all
odds. Yes the SS did commit attrocities as have all armies. Yes they did
guard the death camps as they were ordered to do. But the SS operated
mostly in the east and from what I have read the Russian armies acts of
inhumanity against eastern Europe were far worse.

Автор tulip k ( назад)
but you have to say if not for the russians eating up the best german
troops ww2 might have been a diff story

Автор ilShearer ( назад)
It was common for germans to destroy any evidence when they were going to
be defeated. It seems that this plan really existed because it was
mentioned in other war documents. The principal which makes it possible to
recreate with a great deal of accuracy just what was contained in
Generalplan Ost is a memorandum of April 27, 1942 entitled: Stellungnahme
und Gedanken zum Generalplan Ost des Reichsführers SS (Opinion and ideas
Regarding the General Plan for the East of the Reichsführer SS).

Автор ilShearer ( назад)
Generalplan Ost (GPO) was a Nazi plan to ethnically cleanse the territories
occupied by Germany in Eastern Europe during World War II. It was prepared
in 1941 and confirmed in 1942. The plan was part of Hitler's own Lebensraum
plan and a fulfilment of the Drang nach Osten ("Drive towards the East")
state ideology. It should be noted that nearly all the wartime
documentation on Generalplan Ost was deliberately destroyed shortly before
Germany's defeat in May 1945.

Автор chrisfigaro ( назад)
As an American, I must admit that the Russians did a VERY good job during
world war II. I'm sure that attacking Russia was Hitler's biggest mistake.
Germany paid for aggression against Russia by having itself divided. Never
ever ever mess with the Red Army if you can avoid it. During the cold war,
America's strategy against the red army was to Point a huge nuclear arsenal
at the Russian homeland, blackmailing the USSR into peace. Probably a much
better stratthen facing the red army itself.

Автор Pork star ( назад)
the only thing that kept hitler away from dominating europe was the wrong
season to march an attack on russia. the d-day would never come unless the
waffen ss and weihrmacht was on normandy,but they where on counterattacks
at the eastern front.

Автор Andrew Hakso ( назад)
An "army" in this case is an "armeijakunta," not "armeija." The whole
German army did not surrender at Stalingrad.

Автор ksfloyd123 ( назад)
thanks for your en lighting feedback. Go and eat a curry

Автор accountnumberone ( назад)
if there is someone who needs reading its you.

Автор ksfloyd123 ( назад)
yes but don't forget Hitler was not on the frontline. His Generals even
began to ignore his orders later on the eastern front. Manstein would
ignore alot of Hitlers orders and as a result ultra information coming from
Berlin was not correctly true on the Eastern front due to the fact that the
Generals there were fighting their own battles to stay alive. Thanks for
the comment

Автор sens45 ( назад)
ya I think that if the western allies allied themselves with Germany
against the ruskies the world would be a better place!

Автор sens45 ( назад)
I dont completely agree with u for the reason being that Hitler did conquer
all of western Europe by being a smart strategist the situation started to
detiorate in the ussr where by the middle of '43 he stopped listening to
his generals. however, had he listened to his generals throughout the whole
war the fucking commie menace would be no more and Europe would be a rich
and beautiful continent =)

Автор ksfloyd123 ( назад)
so thankyou bcr004 your comments regarding germany and I will quote you "I
do have a probelm with 'honor' though, particularly when that is ascribed
to units like the Waffen SS." you sure because you must have a problem with
a lot of countries, religions and nationalities, you really need to read a
book before you mouth off at people on this site your a disgrace

Автор ksfloyd123 ( назад)
# 30th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (2nd Russian) # 30th Waffen
Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Belarussian) # 32nd SS Volunteer
Grenadier Division 30 Januar # 33rd Waffen Cavalry Division of the SS (3rd
Hungarian) # 33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne (1st
French), # 37th SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Lützow # 38th SS Grenadier
Division Nibelungen

Автор ksfloyd123 ( назад)
# 24th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS (Karstjäger) # 25th Waffen
Grenadier Division of the SS Hunyadi (1st Hungarian) # 26th Waffen
Grenadier Division of the SS Hungaria (2nd Hungarian),. # 27th SS Volunteer
Grenadier Division Langemarck (1st Flemish) # 28th SS Volunteer Grenadier
Division Wallonien # 29th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Russian)
# 29th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Italian),

Автор ksfloyd123 ( назад)
a reference list of none german ss. foreign ss divisions # 19th Waffen
Grenadier Division of the SS (2nd Latvian) # 20th Waffen Grenadier Division
of the SS (1st Estonian) # 21st Waffen Mountain Division of the SS
Skanderberg (1st Albanian) # 22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Maria
Theresia # 23rd Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Kama (2nd Croatian)

Автор ksfloyd123 ( назад)
if the german generals could deploy their military tactics and not the
tactics of a ww1 cpl called hitler, the soviet union and all its communist
legacy would be fairy tales.

Автор ksfloyd123 ( назад)
Hitler invades poland 1939 with the help of his allies the soviet union
then uk declare war on germany for invading poland...fair enough
considering uk and france sat there and watched poland get smashed then the
uk become allies with the soviets who also invaded poland, who after 1947
us and uk declare a cold war and a space race with the soviets and fight
communism all over the world from cuba, vietnam, laos and korea to name a

Автор ksfloyd123 ( назад)
The point you have sadly missed is. I do not justify the horrors that the
german political system implemented during the war years in europe. I
believe their soldiers fought with bravery and honour just like every
soldier does and until you become a soldier yourself you wont understand
what they went through.

Автор Buggsy61 ( назад)
They may have been sadistic and murderous but they were also phenominally
good soldiers and brilliantly led. Only the war of attrition on the Eastern
Front wore them down. Patton was lucky he never came up against them. Some
made their last stand at Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam, which was the last
bunker to fall. Great soldiers.

Автор ksfloyd123 ( назад)
go and read a history book clown

Автор DexterHollandrulez06 ( назад)
Leibstandarte was the best division

Автор DexterHollandrulez06 ( назад)
amazing footage

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