Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) ( Jackie with lyrics )

Video uploaded by: richardmegowan
Both lyrics added by: JackieWithLyrics
PLEASE, I NEED YOUR HELP !!! There are about 50 songs by Jackie that need lyrics, and I cannot do them all. Pick your favorite song from your favorite venue and add the lyrics. Or make a photo montage. Or whatever, you're the producer. I would like to include as many of her fans as possible on this channel.

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Автор Jordan Eden ( назад)
Angel voice

Автор margaret higgins ( назад)
Jacki sings from her soul, so much purity in her wondrous voice.

Автор Fernando Enéas Xavier ( назад)
Petite fleur!!

Автор Magister Channel ( назад)
Admirable talento el de éstta hermosa niña y todo un ejemplo para los
chicos y chicas de su edad. Voz entonada y una magnífica expresión en el
canto de ésta de por sí bellísima composición del maestro Charles Gounod.
Saludos desde México.

Автор Desiree Felix ( назад)
Viva Maria ,

Автор john cole ( назад)
Thank you Lord for giving us this precious gift. I can't imagine seeing or
hearing anything more beautiful in my life time.

Автор Penthesilea ( назад)
I would prefer to see a child save these high notes until older but she is
awfully adorable and her voice is angelic.

wow u little angel

Автор Margarida Almeida ( назад)
Não gosto! E nem me apetece justificar

Автор Giuseppe Giglio ( назад)
meravigliosa questa bellissima bimba.

Автор Christophe L. ( назад)
Very moving. She is really better than Vanessa P..

Автор Sir Ronald C. “KITTY CAT OF PURSIA” Uehara ( назад)
Happy Birthday! Hope it's a goody. 16 is a good year to celebrate change
and to learn how
much you mean to others and you do. Enjoy.

Автор Marina Patricot ( назад)

Автор nyhyl ( назад)
She sings with the voice of an angel.

The american flag was highly inappropriate. This is no place for national
propaganda. Not at all.

Автор Marcelo Mendes Fernandes ( назад)

Автор Zack Willison ( назад)

Автор Charlotte Pickering@CHArts ( назад)

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Even at this age, her high notes are SOOOOOOO pure.

Автор IngLouisSchreurs ( назад)

Автор jou1900 ( назад)
The only bad thing in this video is the american flag

Автор Darryl Sabbath ( назад)
this was so beautiful and my goodness the words are just perfect god bless
us all

Автор centroamerica aldia ( назад)
Que belleza!

Автор Mariola Kot ( назад)
Najpiekniejsze wykonanie .Bravo.

Автор Margarida Souto ( назад)

Автор Jára Fryšný ( назад)
Santa Maria

Автор ssarmazi ( назад)
Well done, young lady. What a voice!

Автор Antoni Chylik ( назад)
Nice! Cudenko.

Автор Orestes Nigro ( назад)
Emociono-me cada vez que ouço esta menina cantar Ave Maria neste vídeo. Eu
vi que ela está fazendo uma carreira de sucesso, mas nunca mais cantou esta
obra de Gounod com a naturalidade e a perfeição melódica que apresenta
nesta gravação. Esta menina é criação de um Deus muito inspirado.

Автор Mikel Alberdi ( назад)
qué maravilla esa niña!!

Автор Quark ( назад)
Dayam! This kid has some pipes!!

Автор Matilde Hegner ( назад)

Автор nemesis Gomes ( назад)
glorias a deus!, felicidades

Автор Univerzita Palackého (355 лет назад)
je to stašne

Автор Owen Tandika ( назад)
Holy Maria

Автор Alphonsus Wong ( назад)
Just beautiful

Автор Josef Krautzberger ( назад)
Sehr sehr gut! Jackie kann wunderschön singen, und das Lied ist überhaupt
SPITZE! Gratuliere Jackie, und liebe Grüße aus Wien

Автор Chonthicha Mooksikswat ( назад)
amazing... her voice is simply amazing

Автор nhico_ 1105 ( назад)
q lindo cantas ❤❤❤

Автор Thomas Horton ( назад)
Im so glad to see the latin flag in the background

Автор Diego Hemken ( назад)
I cried

Автор Crazy basist ( назад)
its not even that hard:(

Автор margaret higgins ( назад)
Thank you for sharing your pure god giving voice with us.

Автор asuka A ( назад)
So beautiful sound!

Автор Canal Vitorizando ( назад)
Linda! Canta muito bem

Автор ANGE DROSS ( назад)

Автор Yole Santana ( назад)
Que doçura de voz! Amei!!

Автор NGUYEN LAN ( назад)
So nice

Автор Sona Demirdjian ( назад)

Автор darmakiel ( назад)
Ave Maria (De Bach e Gounod)

Ave Maria
Gratia plena
Dominus tecum
Benedicta tu in mulieribus
Et benedictus fructus ventres
Tui Jesus

Sancta Maria, Sancta Maria

Ora pro nobis
Nobis peccatoribus
Nunc et in hora, in hora
Mortis nostrae
Amen, Amen

Автор OOSELVAROO ( назад)
I like it to much

I am muslim

Автор ClassicBird 262 ( назад)
Sorry - but I merely hear her, that thin her voice.

Автор Elena R ( назад)

Автор Lauren Avery Walker ( назад)
THIS is your real voice, Jackie. Remember. Plz remember. I love your voice.
But your decorated voice is not good.

Автор RDC Tarantula ( назад)
There are some passages in which her high tones are crisp and beautiful as
if an adult is singing and there are a few times when she sounds like Sarah
Brightman. Beautiful.

Автор Matjaž Golob ( назад)
Zelo lepo.

Автор Bonnie Oles ( назад)
So beautiful. And so is her spirit!

Автор Naito Pakire ( назад)
I simply cry.

Автор takeda426 ( назад)

Автор Александр Безкошевский (1804 года назад)
Маленькое чудо!!! Огромное Вам спасибо!!!

Автор Brad Knipp ( назад)
I love her high notes. They are so pure for her age.

Автор joan le lidec ( назад)
Quelle merveilleuse petite puce ! Une voix de diva, je t'adore mon petit
ange, tu es magnifique ! Je ferai partager ton talent à toute la Bretagne

Автор Antonio Rodrigues ( назад)
Jackie.......muito lindo, bem interpenetrado ...gostei..

Автор deimantė baravykaitė ( назад)
Thank you, fantastic

Автор Sue Arengo ( назад)
jackie evanchos version is the best you are e er likely to hear

Автор Juan Antonio Mejia Montiel ( назад)

Автор derrick howlett ( назад)
looking so angelic and singing with the God- given voice of an angel at the
age of nine (and even from age 8 til now at 15), you are such an
inspiration for so many of us who are thrilled and comforted to know that,
as you said on ABC, "Miracles DO happen!" :) and as you said and proved
with several wonderful songs on America's Got Talent, "Good things come in
small packages!" :) GREAT things, WONDERFUL things, many of us would have
to say. Wishing you and yours continued blessings, and may the Good Lord
lead you safely through the shoals of adolescence, and always! With love,
oldmusicguy [and thousands, maybe millions now, of other folks :) :) ]

Автор Kim Tran ( назад)
tuyệt vời!

Автор The beast at quick scoping Awesome (950 лет назад)
Sooooooo cute 😇

Автор Johnny Khan ( назад)
I am a Grown Man , but this song always gives me Goose Pimples and Bring me
to tears !!!

Автор Noe Bel ( назад)

Автор Sergio Tarifa Lemes ( назад)

Автор Michelle Bergoin ( назад)
pour mon enterrement si vous pouviez me mettre cette chanson au moment où
mon cercueil quittera l'Eglise. Vous verrez il se passera quelque chose
entre vous ; comme une consolation...

Автор Nikcevic Boris ( назад)
Too much made in USA moment... Waiting to see some marines and f16.....Nice
voice anyway

Автор Ana Bella ( назад)

Автор richard bell (1334 года назад)
It's unbelievable when all the elements come together to be as one

Автор Stefani Gracia ( назад)
Awww... merinding sampai langit ketujuh denger suara emasnya ini gadis
cilik. Pertama, aku suka banget ini lagu Ave Maria dan sering aku mainkan
organ/ pianonya atau biolanya kedua yang nyanyi bening banget suaranya.
Pray for us Mother Mary..

Автор Jeffrey Adams ( назад)

Автор márcio de souza ( назад)
Who is this girl ?

Автор Ihdc1 ( назад)
And someone asked what language. It is in Latin according to Translate. And
yes she can sing in English, French, Italian, Latin and Japanese she only
speaks English and when she was that age she couldn't read music so go
figure. Don't try this at home she's a prodigy and a professional singer
(millionaire) at age 10. I think she was 9 in this video I saw her perform
on 10/10/2015 and she is even more astonishing now.

Автор Greg Dodson ( назад)
One of my favorite videos. Brings tears to my eyes every time.

Автор fragile6898 ( назад)

Автор eric pierre ( назад)
La douceur des Cieux et de l'Amour de la Vierge Marie pour nous..

Автор Lars Agerbæk ( назад)

Автор Gustavo Lopez ( назад)
magneficent que genia

Автор Vivian Isabel Martínez Mendoza ( назад)
Canta hermoso😍😍

Автор mahmood sawalha ( назад)
holy shit I wasn't expecting that I would tear to that voice

Автор Jorge da Silva ( назад)
Muito Lindo. Maravilhoso video.

Автор Leyla Mahmudova ( назад)
=-0 super

Автор Theodore Cretu ( назад)

Автор shirley mello ( назад)
Essa foi direto na alma que interpretação barbára !!!!!

Автор Ariunsanaa T ( назад)
Is it in Latin or ancient Italian or something?

Автор Nurselvi Love amel ( назад)
nice singing

Автор clarine faure ( назад)
<3 Salut Sainte Marie <3 Ave Santa Maria <3 Tu es là <3

Автор yolinda martinez ( назад)
hermasa braveiro

Автор martinus mooijekind ( назад)
de toute beauté (bravo)

Автор Jerrey_White ( назад)

Автор 이상우 ( назад)
천상의 음악...ㅠ

Автор Soares6146 ( назад)
Se existir o chamado dom esse aí com é um. Não podemos dizer se é dom ou se
é realmente fruto de muito esforço e dedicação. Porém o que sabemos é que
essa bela menina tem um talento raríssimo e felizmente Deus a concebeu em
mostrá-lo pra cada um de nós pra que saibamos o quanto o nosso mundo é rico
em preciosidades. devemos explorar e conquistarmos mais e mais. Parabéns à
menina da voz não humana mas sim angelical.

Автор Lariih Kinjo (658 лет назад)
Muito linda esta menina cantando pra nossa mae

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