Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod) ( Jackie with lyrics )

Video uploaded by: richardmegowan
Both lyrics added by: JackieWithLyrics
PLEASE, I NEED YOUR HELP !!! There are about 50 songs by Jackie that need lyrics, and I cannot do them all. Pick your favorite song from your favorite venue and add the lyrics. Or make a photo montage. Or whatever, you're the producer. I would like to include as many of her fans as possible on this channel.

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Автор なすび ( назад)

Автор Claudine Mataczynski ( назад)
MAGNIFIQUE § ange .....

Автор milton Alves ( назад)
linda que nossa senhora nos abençoe todos joão carlos de são paulo brasil.

Автор Cynthia Ellenberger ( назад)
Simply Amazing

Автор MR. SPILL ( назад)

Автор tsumtsumlover xoxo ( назад)
Beautiful singing! I know how to play this piece on the violin! :)

Автор PlayerGam3r ( назад)
Pay attention in the pianist, he is not playing NOTHING, WTF MAN

Автор Liet Capureto ( назад)
I can't with this...
this is beautiful

Автор Myriam Lardemer ( назад)
j'en ai plein de frissons dans le dos et dans le coeur, magnifiquement

Автор Gabriela Vogel ( назад)
its like listening to an angel 😶😶😶😶😶

Автор FANNI Emilio ( назад)
cette grâce divine n'appartient qu'à l'enfance bénie ...merci mon Dieu
pour toute cette émotion de bonheur que tu nous donnes par le chant de tes

Автор MsLemonPeach ( назад)
So young and so great. Beautiful !!!

Автор Luana Assis ( назад)
Além de linda sabe cantar! ♥

Автор Rosademinas Rozado ( назад)
Que coisa mais linda!

Автор Tanha Delshekasteh ( назад)

Автор Slawomir Kaatz ( назад)
Es gibt so viele Interpreten und doch dieses tolle Mädchen höre ich am
liebsten. So umbefangen, frech und sympathisch.

Автор Elżbieta Pawlina ( назад)
Było pięknie i...znalazła się Amira ...i jest jeszcze piękniej ...

Автор Alex Silver ( назад)
oh god so disgusting,you people are so stupid for listening her dead soul

Автор Maria De Fatima Dos Santos ( назад)
Muito linda Ave Maria

Автор Luiza Ribeiro ( назад)
Perfect voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Hildegard flamenca ( назад)
her sound is good, so i like it . love u

Автор Ronald C. Uehara ( назад)
Where do we send it to? Not all of us are tech savvy or knowledgeable.

Автор Führer des Benutzers ( назад)
*Random U.S. flag on the beginning*

Автор constantine co ( назад)

Автор katou shinichi ( назад)
Gad voce!

Автор Robert Stubbs ( назад)
perfect performance well done.

Автор Marc Eder ( назад)
Can someone please tell me what the idea behind her always being so damn
late is?

Автор Joanna W ( назад)
She is Angel 😍😍😍
Her voice is fantastish

Автор Helen Weedon ( назад)
They are going to ruin this child's voice if they carry on in this way.
She has a generated not natural vibrato, runs out of breath at crucial
points (probably because of the vibrato) and pushing for top notes just to
impress the audience could curtail her career very easily. Yes, she can
hit them fine at the moment, but her chest voice, which ultimately creates
the head voice is weak and breathy. Its a shame because she is obviously
talented and all the adults are just seeing the potential money to be made
out of her.

Автор Princess LapisLazuli ( назад)
Her Voice😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор qwerty123! ( назад)
If butterflies sang they would sound like that flitting from one pretty
flower to the next drinking in the sweet nectar of life.

Автор Ronald C. Uehara ( назад)

Those far away, make believe stories can come true.
It's all up to you.

Every girl is sleeping beauty till kissed by her handsome prince.
And every lad is that silly frog,
till kissed by his lovely lady.

Since time began love ruled the earth.
Little girls played with dolls and boys with
toy soldiers. Time went by and little ones grew.
Now girls play with soldiers and boys with dolls.

Yes, the sun will shine, the birds will sing, and all
will be happy, happy because a prince kissed his
lady love and a princess her frog.

Don't you see? It's all up to you. Do it with a kiss.
Yes, do it with a loving kiss.

Note: Please accept my humble and wretched offering for a
song. When I see your shining and glorious beauty,
I am greatly humbled and hide my unworthy self in shame
You may have this song for your own. Change it. Rearrange
it. It's all yours and nobody needs to know where it came from.
Humbly, humbly, Mr. Ron Uehara

Автор Kathlene Jensen ( назад)
One of my all time favorites!!!! so young and such a beautiful voice!!!!

Автор TheBowzer39 ( назад)
So beautiful <3

Автор Kasandra Rodríguez ( назад)
the pianist is in love <3

Автор Kasandra Rodríguez ( назад)

Автор mila rose nalica ( назад)
So beautiful! As if the whole world stand still as every word of the song
flys on the air.

Автор Carlos Pelayo ( назад)
Must improve but better than Laura Ullrich in the same theme.

Автор xavier luiz ( назад)
um anjo canta para Deus Amém

Автор kinskiabg8 ( назад)
wieder so ein pädo.-video und dann noch unter amerikanischer flagge...

Автор Jordan Eden ( назад)
Angel voice

Автор margaret higgins ( назад)
Jacki sings from her soul, so much purity in her wondrous voice.

Автор Fernando Enéas Xavier ( назад)
Petite fleur!!

Автор Magister Channel ( назад)
Admirable talento el de éstta hermosa niña y todo un ejemplo para los
chicos y chicas de su edad. Voz entonada y una magnífica expresión en el
canto de ésta de por sí bellísima composición del maestro Charles Gounod.
Saludos desde México.

Автор Desiree Felix ( назад)
Viva Maria ,

Автор john cole ( назад)
Thank you Lord for giving us this precious gift. I can't imagine seeing or
hearing anything more beautiful in my life time.

Автор Penthesilea ( назад)
I would prefer to see a child save these high notes until older but she is
awfully adorable and her voice is angelic.

wow u little angel

Автор Margarida Almeida ( назад)
Não gosto! E nem me apetece justificar

Автор Giuseppe Giglio ( назад)
meravigliosa questa bellissima bimba.

Автор Christophe L. ( назад)
Very moving. She is really better than Vanessa P..

Автор Ronald C. Uehara ( назад)
Happy Birthday! Hope it's a goody. 16 is a good year to celebrate change
and to learn how
much you mean to others and you do. Enjoy.

Автор Marina Patricot ( назад)

Автор nyhyl ( назад)
She sings with the voice of an angel.

The american flag was highly inappropriate. This is no place for national
propaganda. Not at all.

Автор Marcelo Mendes Fernandes ( назад)

Автор Zack Willison ( назад)

Автор Charlotte Pickering@CHArts ( назад)

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Even at this age, her high notes are SOOOOOOO pure.

Автор IngLouisSchreurs ( назад)

Автор jou1900 ( назад)
The only bad thing in this video is the american flag

Автор Darryl Sabbath ( назад)
this was so beautiful and my goodness the words are just perfect god bless
us all

Автор centroamerica aldia ( назад)
Que belleza!

Автор Mariola Kot ( назад)
Najpiekniejsze wykonanie .Bravo.

Автор Margarida Souto ( назад)

Автор Jára Fryšný ( назад)
Santa Maria

Автор ssarmazi ( назад)
Well done, young lady. What a voice!

Автор Antoni Chylik ( назад)
Nice! Cudenko.

Автор Orestes Nigro ( назад)
Emociono-me cada vez que ouço esta menina cantar Ave Maria neste vídeo. Eu
vi que ela está fazendo uma carreira de sucesso, mas nunca mais cantou esta
obra de Gounod com a naturalidade e a perfeição melódica que apresenta
nesta gravação. Esta menina é criação de um Deus muito inspirado.

Автор Mikel Alberdi ( назад)
qué maravilla esa niña!!

Автор In fidel ( назад)
Dayam! This kid has some pipes!!

Автор Matilde Hegner ( назад)

Автор nemesis Gomes ( назад)
glorias a deus!, felicidades

Автор Univerzita Palackého (355 лет назад)
je to stašne

Автор Owen Tandika ( назад)
Holy Maria

Автор Alphonsus Wong ( назад)
Just beautiful

Автор Josef Krautzberger ( назад)
Sehr sehr gut! Jackie kann wunderschön singen, und das Lied ist überhaupt
SPITZE! Gratuliere Jackie, und liebe Grüße aus Wien

Автор Chonthicha Msk ( назад)
amazing... her voice is simply amazing

Автор nhico_ 1105 ( назад)
q lindo cantas ❤❤❤

Автор Thomas Horton ( назад)
Im so glad to see the latin flag in the background

Автор Diego Hemken ( назад)
I cried

Автор Crazy basist ( назад)
its not even that hard:(

Автор margaret higgins ( назад)
Thank you for sharing your pure god giving voice with us.

Автор asuka A ( назад)
So beautiful sound!

Автор Canal Vitorizando ( назад)
Linda! Canta muito bem

Автор ANGE DROSS ( назад)

Автор Yole Santana ( назад)
Que doçura de voz! Amei!!

Автор NGUYEN LAN ( назад)
So nice

Автор Sona Demirdjian ( назад)

Автор darmakiel ( назад)
Ave Maria (De Bach e Gounod)

Ave Maria
Gratia plena
Dominus tecum
Benedicta tu in mulieribus
Et benedictus fructus ventres
Tui Jesus

Sancta Maria, Sancta Maria

Ora pro nobis
Nobis peccatoribus
Nunc et in hora, in hora
Mortis nostrae
Amen, Amen

Автор OOSELVAROO ( назад)
I like it to much

I am muslim

Автор ClassicBird 262 ( назад)
Sorry - but I merely hear her, that thin her voice.

Автор Elena R ( назад)

Автор Lauren Avery Walker ( назад)
THIS is your real voice, Jackie. Remember. Plz remember. I love your voice.
But your decorated voice is not good.

Автор RDC Tarantula ( назад)
There are some passages in which her high tones are crisp and beautiful as
if an adult is singing and there are a few times when she sounds like Sarah
Brightman. Beautiful.

Автор Matjaž Golob ( назад)
Zelo lepo.

Автор Bonnie Oles ( назад)
So beautiful. And so is her spirit!

Автор Erika Potian ( назад)
I simply cry.

Автор takeda426 ( назад)

Автор Александр Безкошевский (1804 года назад)
Маленькое чудо!!! Огромное Вам спасибо!!!

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