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Автор Melvin Harden (25 дней)
It looks like a good video on growing,just wish i could have heard it.

Автор Laura Te Aho-White (8 месяцев)
My right ear enjoyed this

Автор Illisil (4 месяца)
3.146 pounds is not the same as 3 pounds 15 ounces. 3 pounds 15 ounces is
3.9375 pounds. Shameful for a science teacher!!

Автор NgheNoiTot .Com (3 месяца)
how long for a watermelon with this method ? thanks

Автор Gallieh Aryanto (22 дня)
Pejoh opo gathel

Автор ArtChains (5 месяцев)
What was the cost of electricity for these? I'm guessing each watermelon
cost about $70.

Автор Alper ALT (4 месяца)
Hi, I am currently experimenting with indoor germination and growth of
watermelon seeds to obtain 20cm seedlings. Temperature is 27C, fixed. Seeds
germinate very well, but before true leaves appear, they reach up to 5cm
(2inches) lenght in 10-12 days after germination. They were under 2-3Klux
white flos and changed it to 90W Metal-Halide lamp providing 20-30Klux (20
hrs illumination, 4 darkness), they still continue to grow to lenght (not
bad as under 2-3Klux) then fall down since cannot carry the elongated body.
Same seeds, same pots and same soil worked very well in summer, in garden.
What may be wrong with my setup? They just quickly get longer and then
fall. May they need more then 20-30Klux light? If yes, I really wonder what
kind of light source can provide this. May be color of light? I am looking
for your comments, Regards.

Автор Shane Mahlin (4 месяца)
I thoroughly enjoy your videos!

Автор Shane Morgan (6 месяцев)
how do you get so many LED lights... they are so damn expensive??? 

Автор SkinnyFatBoyzz (5 месяцев)

Автор fuknsk8 now (2 месяца)
3 to 4 months to grow indoor watermelon

Автор harvey wallbanger (6 месяцев)
good teaching tool? sure. just be sure to tell your students its not

Автор SuperLastMohican (6 месяцев)
you should be growing weed, not watermelons nigga

Автор 2reasons (11 месяцев)
Its hard to pollinate female flowers so you have to collect the males and
wait till the females are ready to make hand pollination easier.

Автор Kiki Lang (9 месяцев)
I was wondering what the repair record was for the Hydro grow units.

Автор 2reasons (11 месяцев)
were the seeds sugar babies or crimson sweets?

Автор justgivemethetruth (8 месяцев)
Looks like some expensive watermelons! Those LED lights are really pricy,
and the electricity for 1000 going constantly is not cheap either.

Автор liamsdad33 (9 месяцев)
Just a guess but the average cost of a watermelon after all equipment was
paid in returns would be around $10 a pound or $35 a melon not worth it

Автор Michael Chen (1 год)
how'd they taste?

Автор Jj Jessee (1 год)
Good on ya! But it is so sad that children can't be taught out of doors

Автор ShadowMasta (1 год)
What brand are those LED's, you mention some LED works well then others.
How are those workin out for ya.

Автор Jason Yeo (1 год)
good intend

Автор dd king (1 год)
he talks a lot about melons he should weigh his melons they're probably
alot heavier 

Автор Rey Loza (1 год)

Автор Corey Hankle (1 год)
Hahaha watermelon #weed #wedding #ass #assdiving #Ghostweed

Автор Corey Hankle (1 год)
YOU MAN! #bonggoat 

Автор احمد فوزى (1 год)

Автор Raul Costa (1 год)

Автор Julia Tanno (1 год)
I meant working with a girl who is handicapped.

Автор LucidDistributions (2 года)
Teaching kids how to grow food indoors in my opinion is not wasting energy!

Автор stringybeanss (2 года)
how'd they taste?

Автор wildoxidizer (1 год)
I do aquaponics myself raising fish and plants together I have 1-45 watt
solar panel and 1 pump for my whole system and all car parts rocket mass
heater for winter when it gets -20 degrees F total cost to me after 2 years
nothing I over produce food now potatoes in a wicking bucket flood and
drain system or Ebb n flow drains into my raft system then into my sump....

Автор Boiling Frog Productions (2 года)
Well there are bad LEDs and good LEDs. I got hosed on Ebay 3 years ago when
I didn't know much about LEDs. The problem is that there are so many
different LEDs made with different Lumen outputs. This can range from a few
lumens per watt all the way up to around 250 lumens/watt. Some companies
put LEDs with low lumen output in the lights and they just don't work well.
My lights from Ebay sprouted lettuce, but it did not grow higher than an

Автор fireballdick (2 года)
This guy should grow weed.

Автор Aelanna64 (1 год)
Should try the Kratky method. No pumps needed.

Автор Erik Coleman (1 год)
Nicely done!! Could you do the same soil & indoor lighting? Please let me
know. -Erik Coleman

Автор vjiced (2 года)
AWESOME !!! keep the videos coming

Автор meanshoes (2 года)
Awesome video. I'm glad to hear an honest opinion concerning LED's I have
been considering using them as well but have little knowledge about them.
the people selling them say one thing and often you hear another. I'm glad
you did so well! Best regards.

Автор Justin Edwards (1 год)
mhpgardener on youtube has a wealth of information, some outdoors and some
in a greenhouse. To take it indoors you can easily use grow lamps, LEDs are
the most expensive way, you can do window gardens (no lights required), or
hang lamps over plants. If hydroponics is an interest you can start out
with a very basic cheap kit. Search on amazon for DWC Basic Kit .

Автор EpicPeopleFails (1 год)
I also had the same thing happening with LED to close to plants. 2
different types of LED's and both burn when close to plant had to move them
both waaaaay up, then it was fine.

Автор Boiling Frog Productions (2 года)
Trust me on the aquaponics. It only works with a 1000L tank or fish will
just keep dying. As I said early it also takes 6-8months to produce enough
waste and bacteria conversion for it to work well. This stuff is my
background. As for how the nutrients are so cheap, I buy bulk bags from
Green house supply stores. 55Lb bag will make 68 4L jugs of concentrate and
it costs about 85.00 for the bag. Calcium comes in 65lb bag for 80.00 and
will make around 85 4L jugs of concentrate.

Автор Jtinnon (2 года)
I Know that but your video is about watermelons and that is what I was
referring to.

Автор Mack Littleton (2 года)
A Lot of work for 3 melons.

Автор mreisma (2 года)
i know this is for education, but for sustainability, aquaponics would be a
cheaper alternative. nutrients are so expensive.

Автор pickerick1 (2 года)
That is amazing, growing hydro watermelons ! I didn't know that was
possible.. Thank you for the video.

Автор Gina Hamm (1 год)
Good experiment. Initially when we experiment the point is not the cost but
wether or not we are successful. Then when the experiment is perfected the
process of production becomes cheaper. I grew some 8-10 lb watermelons here
in the NW in a small plastic tent - and I got two watermelons. I could have
bought a watermelon and saved myself the pain in the ass it was but that's
not the point. The point is seeing if will work!

Автор SaturdayMorningAlive (2 года)
Put it in the freezer. Pollen can last for over a year this way. Dark film
container works best.

Автор J Diaz (1 год)
talking too much caca

Автор BAkand777 (2 года)
I am the 666th viewer hope I will be safe from the devil.

Автор Someone Ill Pass (2 года)

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