Hydroponic Watermelon grown indoors

Hydroponic Watermelon grown indoors with LED Grow Lights from Hydro Grow

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Автор Horses4life1001 ( назад)
Do you need bees to pollinate the flowers to have the fruit ?

Автор Felix Ezeanyaeche ( назад)
Your channel is awesome

Автор alexander rauboro abuan (2032 года назад)
Im sorry if i may ask what led light was used on this plant? I am planing
to do indoor planting but i am not sure on what light best works for me to
start pls?

Автор NoobimusMaximus ( назад)
This is perfect for me because i only eat watermelons that average out to a
cost of at least $500 each.

Автор MetusBatman V1 ( назад)
Try cutting one open, you cunt.

Автор John Gee ( назад)
At least I know watermelons can grow indoors. And as for Led's
(Cost 2 much) Me I'm Go Use 2 CFL's because if I can grow a pepper
indoors then I know this will work too. Only Difference i'm not
doing Hydro , I will be using soil

Автор David Smi ( назад)
The very reasons why LEDs for growing are in existence this early on is
because a few people that live in arid regions needed to find a way to grow
food where there was none. They have been using LEDs to grow all sorts of
food for over 30 years now. The reason why LEDs are getting more efficient
and cheap is because of the war on drugs forcing all the weed freaks to
grow indoors. Between the 2 we should have highly effecting indoor growing
systems with in the next 5 years and highly efficient growing systems using
alternative energy 10 years after that. Oh and AQUAPONICS is the new
driving force behind all of this if anyone is wondering where we are today.
Its more earth friendly and cost effective.

Автор Charles Merfeld ( назад)
They should do more in depth studies regarding indoor growing. the time
will come when we need to do it and efficiently as well.

Автор PouceVert ( назад)
how many melon plant did you plant?

Автор Hung Nguyen ( назад)
Why is this even a project? People have been growing weed with indoor
lights for centuries. Why would growing any type of plants indoor be any
different? Such waste of time, water, money, electricity, and energy is

Автор Joe Jason (1674 года назад)
all。。。。。 it should be wees. that will looks more fancy.

Автор Darren Richards ( назад)
You must have spent thousands on lights! I'm looking into LED's to grow
some fruit and veg out of season to plant out when in season to get head
start. I think 1 light for me though aha.
Do they get hot to the point of needing extraction fans? I notice you have
your tents open.

Автор frederica broadney ( назад)

Автор Gallieh Aryanto ( назад)
Pejoh opo gathel

Автор Melvin Harden ( назад)
It looks like a good video on growing,just wish i could have heard it.

Автор fuknsk8 now ( назад)
3 to 4 months to grow indoor watermelon

Автор Tang Bui Quoc ( назад)
how long for a watermelon with this method ? thanks

Автор Shane Mahlin ( назад)
I thoroughly enjoy your videos!

Автор Alper ALT ( назад)
Hi, I am currently experimenting with indoor germination and growth of
watermelon seeds to obtain 20cm seedlings. Temperature is 27C, fixed. Seeds
germinate very well, but before true leaves appear, they reach up to 5cm
(2inches) lenght in 10-12 days after germination. They were under 2-3Klux
white flos and changed it to 90W Metal-Halide lamp providing 20-30Klux (20
hrs illumination, 4 darkness), they still continue to grow to lenght (not
bad as under 2-3Klux) then fall down since cannot carry the elongated body.
Same seeds, same pots and same soil worked very well in summer, in garden.
What may be wrong with my setup? They just quickly get longer and then
fall. May they need more then 20-30Klux light? If yes, I really wonder what
kind of light source can provide this. May be color of light? I am looking
for your comments, Regards.

Автор Illisil ( назад)
3.146 pounds is not the same as 3 pounds 15 ounces. 3 pounds 15 ounces is
3.9375 pounds. Shameful for a science teacher!!

Автор ArtChains ( назад)
What was the cost of electricity for these? I'm guessing each watermelon
cost about $70.

Автор SkinnyFatBoyzz ( назад)

Автор harvey wallbanger ( назад)
good teaching tool? sure. just be sure to tell your students its not

Автор SuperLastMohican ( назад)
you should be growing weed, not watermelons nigga

Автор Shane Morgan ( назад)
how do you get so many LED lights... they are so damn expensive??? 

Автор justgivemethetruth ( назад)
Looks like some expensive watermelons! Those LED lights are really pricy,
and the electricity for 1000 going constantly is not cheap either.

Автор Laura Te Aho-White ( назад)
My right ear enjoyed this

Автор Kiki Lang ( назад)
I was wondering what the repair record was for the Hydro grow units.

Автор liamsdad33 ( назад)
Just a guess but the average cost of a watermelon after all equipment was
paid in returns would be around $10 a pound or $35 a melon not worth it

Автор 2reasons ( назад)
were the seeds sugar babies or crimson sweets?

Автор 2reasons ( назад)
Its hard to pollinate female flowers so you have to collect the males and
wait till the females are ready to make hand pollination easier.

Автор Jj Jessee ( назад)
Good on ya! But it is so sad that children can't be taught out of doors

Автор ShadowMasta ( назад)
What brand are those LED's, you mention some LED works well then others.
How are those workin out for ya.

Автор Michael Chen ( назад)
how'd they taste?

Автор Jason Yeo ( назад)
good intend

Автор Corey H ( назад)
Hahaha watermelon #weed #wedding #ass #assdiving #Ghostweed

Автор Corey H ( назад)
YOU MAN! #bonggoat 

Автор ELYOR01 . ( назад)
the worst idea ever because you lose your money

Автор leon gibbs ( назад)
i need some help with the nutrients leongibbs777@gmail.com

Автор Ohn ( назад)
He can do whatever he wants...

Автор EpicPeopleFails ( назад)
I also had the same thing happening with LED to close to plants. 2
different types of LED's and both burn when close to plant had to move them
both waaaaay up, then it was fine.

Автор Paan Wu Dong ( назад)
Actually it's more like $40.00...lol This is irresponsible science, because
it never held any promise of viability for humanity.

Автор Paan Wu Dong ( назад)
OK, you found out. Never do that again. $40 watermelons are irresponsible.

Автор Aelanna64 ( назад)
Should try the Kratky method. No pumps needed.

Автор Gina Hamm ( назад)
Good experiment. Initially when we experiment the point is not the cost but
wether or not we are successful. Then when the experiment is perfected the
process of production becomes cheaper. I grew some 8-10 lb watermelons here
in the NW in a small plastic tent - and I got two watermelons. I could have
bought a watermelon and saved myself the pain in the ass it was but that's
not the point. The point is seeing if will work!

Автор Lee Stovin ( назад)
use a quadgrow + some window light would help

Автор P Nark ( назад)
Never knew watermelon can be grown indoor and even more impressive with
LED's, lol.

Автор Andreas Mathiassen ( назад)
can´t you pick you own in the trees?? or make your own?

u r very smart... but here in indonesia all varian of vegetables, n fruits
very very prone safety for consumption, because inorganic..

Автор bulleuston76 ( назад)
Thousand Watt grow light's? Man that'll equal about thirty bucks per melon
by harvest. This is some stupid shit right here!

Автор neder beter ( назад)
you all crazy how about testing below 200watt energie saving bulb? no heat
lots of light

Автор Krister Knutars ( назад)
So the water melons weight is close to pi. I get it.

Автор Andreas Mathiassen ( назад)
I grew some watermelons too one time... haha... I got one 500 gram
watermelon that I ate... it was the most expensive watermelon that I have
ever eaten... I grew it beneath a 400 watt light bulb.... 3 months...
electricity... and all gear used... well makes the melon the most expensive
I´ve made, and gotten close to- :P

Автор YamaR6 2000 ( назад)
talking too much caca

Автор Erik Coleman ( назад)
Nicely done!! Could you do the same soil & indoor lighting? Please let me
know. -Erik Coleman

Автор ‫احمد فوزى‬‎ ( назад)

Автор wildoxidizer ( назад)
I do aquaponics myself raising fish and plants together I have 1-45 watt
solar panel and 1 pump for my whole system and all car parts rocket mass
heater for winter when it gets -20 degrees F total cost to me after 2 years
nothing I over produce food now potatoes in a wicking bucket flood and
drain system or Ebb n flow drains into my raft system then into my sump....

Автор wildoxidizer ( назад)
Shouldn't you starve the water melon of water to get big ones and high

Автор Rey Loza ( назад)

Автор Justin Edwards ( назад)
mhpgardener on youtube has a wealth of information, some outdoors and some
in a greenhouse. To take it indoors you can easily use grow lamps, LEDs are
the most expensive way, you can do window gardens (no lights required), or
hang lamps over plants. If hydroponics is an interest you can start out
with a very basic cheap kit. Search on amazon for DWC Basic Kit .

Автор Julia Tanno ( назад)
I meant working with a girl who is handicapped.

Автор Julia Tanno ( назад)
I am working a girl who is handicapped, each month she gets $183 food
stamps and $170 cash.I set her up a container garden on pallets. It is a
wheel chair accessible garden. She paid for the plant seeds with food
stamps, everything else is recycled. The garden is gorgeous. People stop by
just to look at it and talk to her. Some want to buy her organic tomatoes.
It will freezes her in October so we are trying to figure out how to take
some of her garden indoors. Do you have any ideals?

Автор jus4funtim ( назад)
I think you're mistaken. Hydroponics is far from being self sufficient,
Only the Kratky hydroponics system grown outside using a home brewed
compost tea for nutrients comes close to self sufficient. And for many
single parents, buying the cheapest food available is not an option it's a

Автор Julia Tanno ( назад)
I understand what you are saying about saving money, but the point is to be
more self-sufficient and know how to do things for yourself. Buying things
at Walmart for cheap is always an option. My grocer brings in anything that
I ask for at no extra charge. However I love my garden. It is very
rewarding growing your own stuff and the kids love watching our watermelons
grow. Peace

Автор jus4funtim ( назад)
You need to talk to your local grocer about using air freight. you can just
about have any fruit or vegetable year round and cheaper than this way. And
if they knew that the cost would be prohibitive in advance, what was the
point of the test ?

Автор rwe1havasu ( назад)
So what do they taste like ?

Автор Book Forge ( назад)
Andras Nagy, please get off the Internet and sell that awful computer of
yours. Honestly - you're wasting so much energy, that machine contains
loads of plastic and other earth-harming elements, and you're such a
hypocrite that you need to live as a hermit for a while to learn humility.
I'd suggest studying logic as well, but you'd destroy trees by buying

Автор RagingBubuli ( назад)
So growing watermelons on soil is better!

Автор Milians Mask ( назад)
I did the math, and if I were to do this indoors growth of melon in Italy,
it would cost me $ 84 equal to 66Euro for each melon. HAaaha

Автор Julia Tanno ( назад)

Автор Julia Tanno ( назад)
Good job, teach those kids and keep making these videos. You are an
inspiration to those of us in the Mid West who simply can not get fruit
most of the winter.

Автор Sapador Liem ( назад)
I love the way that this is not like in indonesia

Автор Raul Costa ( назад)

Автор John Wheat ( назад)
The sun would be cheaper...

Автор ChrisD4335 ( назад)
where these a dwarf variety or where they just stunted?

Автор Andreas Mathiassen ( назад)
I wanted to make humongus hydroponic watermelons once upon a time, I had an
indoor tent, but every time I attempted I always ended up being in a
situation where I had to be somewhere else than home watering my melons,
and giving them some water and nutrients... I miss growing plants, and I
hope I still have my indoor tent lying around somewhere..

Автор LucidDistributions ( назад)
Teaching kids how to grow food indoors in my opinion is not wasting energy!

Автор SteezyOtis ( назад)
How much are those lights? A typical LED grow light of that wattage is
around $600 right. Hope you can answer my question.

Автор Amun Ra ( назад)
there no sound to the vid

Автор AK4ourty7even47 ( назад)

Автор GOH BOMBA ( назад)
What a great way to grow own without using soil just water thank for your

Автор vambreace ( назад)
i like very much your videos!. i learn a lot about hydroponics. thanks a

Автор Collegesheriff ( назад)
can you please tell me what your hydroponic system is ? how you built it ?
or if there is any plans for it online? thanks

Автор andras nagy ( назад)
Nice way to destroy the earth! Energy wasting

Автор Placebo Sàrl ( назад)
I what to know how much Watts in LED you use per m2, do you have similar
resultes as with a metal Halide or HPS

Автор Mahesh Kumares ( назад)
It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these other normal
people are able to burn calories so easily with Shape X Booster (go google

Автор Mack Littleton ( назад)
A Lot of work for 3 melons.

Автор fireballdick ( назад)
This guy should grow weed.

Автор stringybeanss ( назад)
how'd they taste?

Автор Boiling Frog Productions ( назад)
Editing mistake....

Автор Boiling Frog Productions ( назад)
1. We wanted to see if LEDs could grow watermelon, so expense was not an
issue. It was a test. 2. Problem with this light being 1 foot off the plant
was the intensity was so great that it literally burnt the leaves of our
first run. It had to be 3 feet off of the plant so the leaves didn't die.

Автор SaturdayMorningAlive ( назад)
Yes, but putting pollen in the freezer will help the longevity of pollen.

Автор SaturdayMorningAlive ( назад)
Put it in the freezer. Pollen can last for over a year this way. Dark film
container works best.

Автор Ninja 87 ( назад)
sound way too low....

Автор Someone Ill Pass ( назад)
It's not my vid. The answer remains the same.. If you want to be specific
about it, look up the breed of what you are growing plants care about a LOT
of things as well as Nutrients.. The type of light (spectrum) Hours of
light (for Veg/flower) Temperature of water Temperature of Air, What Nuts
to give in what light cycle.. In this case hydro so Oxygen in water (roots
breath oxygen) Quality of water and air.. ~ To answer your question in
basic, Hydro food for water Soil food for dirt will work

Автор Jtinnon ( назад)
I Know that but your video is about watermelons and that is what I was
referring to.

Автор Someone Ill Pass ( назад)
sorry your not

Автор Someone Ill Pass ( назад)
yes but they don't have the longest life span pollen = sperm

Автор Someone Ill Pass ( назад)
nutrient recipe will change pending the plant you grow.

Автор Someone Ill Pass ( назад)
Eco Plus 7 Commercial Air Pump ~ It's what I use it can support 28 x 5
gallon buckets with ease! Don't use POS pump with $2000+ lights... (1-3-5
model would work too)

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