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Автор Lars Erik Vestergaard (2 месяца)
Barking mad.

Автор Saucy Jk (3 месяца)

Автор bigkev3184 (2 месяца)
What a flame good God

Автор Arjun Kaul (4 месяца)
I love this interview so much! :D

Автор Tyler Miles (1 месяц)
Thats funny. Little Richard wouldnt even let Hendrix dress the way he
wanted on stage. He would get pissed and take money out of his Jimi's pay
if he did. 

Автор firemachima (4 месяца)
full documentary on dailymotion

Автор alworkedup (2 месяца)

Автор Evan Morris (11 месяцев)
And Little Richard himself is a fucking legend. Crazy-assed rock and roll
motherfucker long before that was even invented.

Автор Gregory Countee (11 месяцев)
BestYet!. Thanks!. G.C.

Автор Chev Barrington (1 год)
Hendrix played in Little Richard's band.. 'at times he used to make my big
toe shoot up in my boot'

Автор zlimagus1 (7 дней)
this nigga cray

Автор redsuxh8r (24 дня)
Wow! thats was really cool

Автор arsechips (4 месяца)
Cocaines a hell of a drug!!

Автор The Academy of Rock - where business meets music (5 месяцев)
At times, he made my big toe shoot up into my boot .... Little Richard on
Jimi Hendrix http://buff.ly/1b1yS7F

Автор steve abrams (4 месяца)
What did you do? Complaining about his playing with his teeth and his
stunts. Did you forget about it cause you were on heron' My opinion is he
was the greatest and always will be . Smokes you!

Автор arsechips (4 месяца)
1.24 Brilliant

Автор Gregory Countee (7 месяцев)

Автор mjs28c (1 год)
I was a kid in high school when this movie came out, and my older brother
and his wife took me to see it in NYC. When Little Richard said: "...at
times he used to make my big toe shoot up in my boot.", some black dude
yelled from the back of the theater: "YEAH, YOU WANTED TO FU*K 'IM!!"

Автор fuxgood (1 год)
We saw him perform a couple years ago. He is totally ageless...and a super
nice dude too.

Автор Heiki Herman (7 месяцев)
Jimi Henrdix was Little Richard´s loverboy and slave... not only

Автор Gregory Countee (1 год)
Wow BestYet!. Thanks! G.C.

Автор Roman Monte (8 месяцев)
i sound like a christian because i don't think something is reliable? you
have a strange sense of logic man.

Автор wkbbrat (1 год)
so true, so true!!!

Автор Gregory Countee (7 месяцев)
And the beat goes on. Just like my love. Let me play that song. Best Yet!.

Автор lkuchiha5 (1 год)
Why is there 24 dislikes for this song are you stupid

Автор David Marino (8 месяцев)
Heron lol

Автор noel Trace (1 год)
Happy birthday Little Richard dec 5th 80 years old wow amzing for a rockin
roll star to still be here Jesus is good Little Richard always says that he
is so down to earth fame never changed him thats what I love about him

Автор icantbelieveya (1 год)
Fact: Jimi used to refer to Little Richard as "Little Bitchard" because he
gave him such a hard time in the band.

Автор Toking Grimace (11 месяцев)
Shut the fuck up haha

Автор Stiff Peeter (1 год)
aint nothin like having a natural high

Автор Gregory Countee (1 год)
Best Yet! Thanks! . G.C.

Автор mimesis6mime (1 год)
the two most important musicians of the 20th century

Автор zeeonque76 (5 месяцев)
Rumpin and a tumpin all up under my toes...

Автор techreptdh (1 год)
Man... that is one of the funniest things I ever saw in my life!!! My
stomach hurts I laughed so hard!

Автор aabi ang (10 месяцев)
at one point it sounds like he´s singing

Автор Roman Monte (8 месяцев)
you sound like somebody who lives on conspiracy theories. so i'm going to
stop replying to you. beye

Автор Gregory Countee (1 год)
Wow BestYet!, Thanks! G.C.

Автор dav ribx (9 месяцев)
Very strong man!!!

Автор GxSimone (1 год)
DEC 5 Happy Birthday Richard!!

Автор Finko00 (1 год)
do, due, do, da da da, thats all ive got to say to you

Автор Gregory Countee (10 месяцев)
Best Yet!.

Автор Johnny Marlin (1 год)
So Funny. Love you Little Richard!!

Автор Thei909s (9 месяцев)
LOVE Little Richard, ha awesome personality.

Автор Thule000 (1 год)
never do hair-run, kids

Автор HickoryHippie (1 год)
I hate when kids do this, but I'm 16 and love all of them. Except Prince.

Автор FanOfJanis (1 год)
Yes, that's true. However, Little Richard (Penniman) was truly The King of
Rock 'n Roll; however, he was black. Therefore, Elvis Presley became The
King, because record companies and radio stations in the 1950s would
promote a white guy but not a black guy. True story. Fats Domino, another
truly great black pioneer in those days. Before them all was Big Joe
Turner. Billy Haley copped his tunes and became famous. Just saying. Most
people here are too young to know. Peace & Joy.

Автор Parson Wilkerson (1 год)
He fired Hendrix for being more a star then him. Hendrix outshone him on

Автор TheRealAmsterdam (1 год)
God damn he's black

Автор ritter89 (1 год)
No surprise that he mentions cocaine, grass and "herojuan". He was deeply
addicted to all three by this point. Love this interview. Thanks for posting

Автор Spudvader (1 год)
Hendrix was nothing like we know him before he played with Little Richard,
He was a shy and quiet fella but It was a part of the Hendrix journey that
made him what he was. Just like meeting the Animals Bassist Chas Chandler
that took him back to England then got him signed and made him famous or
just like Butch Snipes, where he got play with his teeth. It's all apart of
the Jimi Hendrix journey that made the legend, I guess he was just at the
right place at the right time for all of these things

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