Little Richard on Jimi Hendrix

Little Richard discussing Jimi Hendrix from a 1973 documentary about the late guitarist.

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Автор rickames ( назад)
Look @ Prince today & yesterday, look @ Michael a few years back! Little
Richard was an influence on their looks!

Автор Monty Benntancort ( назад)
oooooweeeeeee ! The architect of rock and roll , awesome.

Автор David Dwayne ( назад)
Even though this douche bag refused to pay Jimmi every time he out staged
him. Guess he forgot to mention that part.... The hair'o'run will do that
to you.

Автор Walter Black ( назад)
Was there speculation of Little Richard being gay around this time period ?

Автор Neil Tipton ( назад)
Is this a foreign language?

Автор Neil Tipton ( назад)
WTF is he talking about??? I bet you his PR guy would be up all night
explaining to people what the F this guy was saying..

Автор Any One ( назад)
"But you know I never got a chance to see him after he made it? They would
never let me come back, I said Why? What did I do?"

Um bad memory there huh Lil' Richard. You fired him for upstaging you,
telling him there was only enough room for one star on your stage, & didn't
pay him for 5 weeks, still owing him $1,000 when he left. Ring a bell, now?
Uh huh...thought so.

Автор Schudell T ( назад)
At times he used to make my big toe shoot up in my boot! I'm sooooo
infatuated with Pretty Richard!!!

Автор monsta64 ( назад)
My man talkin' 'bout my man!

Автор Blake Whittington (74 года назад)

I never knew jimi made little richards big toe shoot up in his boot.These
are just the facts.

Автор Kennedy Cox ( назад)
"made my big toe shoot up in my boot!"

Автор Blaine Sandoval ( назад)
Cocaine is a hell of a drug

Автор marc waldo ( назад)
He did it so good ....he gave it all to ya...that's all you want..you want
it all or none..(thank you)..'....I watch this at least once a day

Автор Alan Morris ( назад)
*Laurie-Anne, could you upload this entire documentary?* 

Автор Vicki Hatton ( назад)
Thank You for posting this!! I used to rent this documentary over and
over. one big reason is that Lil Richard clip. OMG way too many
hilarious quote in this!

Автор noel Trace ( назад)
Happy Birthday little Richard 82years old WOW! for a Rock Star to get that
age is amazing and he is still down to earth we see him all the time out
here in Nashville nice person

Автор не тук ( назад)
0:53 mark LMAO at how he said that

Автор fede4real ( назад)
this is just epic,Little richard talking about Jimi,so pasionate so 70s man
this is deep funny and epic.When I first saw this I was like who the hell
is this guy so much power and confidence and style,and so deep.This guys
THE legend.

Автор EvKrusty ( назад)
"...at times he used to make my big toe shoot up in my boot" 

Автор www.SeattleMusicHistory.com ( назад)
+SummersPep Now I am sure before I watch this that Richard is going to be
"politically correct" because his mother lived in Seattle in Jimi's
Neighborhood but its no secret that Richard had a little jealously
towards Jimi, & it wasnt that he was out to keep Jimi down and off the
main stage as a main act, it was just that he was the star of the show and
was not going to lose it to a back up guitar player who had to play behind
the curtain a lot of the times because he was so shy and to face the crowd
at this point in time in his music career mortified him sometimes! Richard
would have treated anyone like this and he did! Ike Turner was another one
who hated on Jimi in a sense because when Jimi toured with him and Tina Ike
could see who the rising star was!!! So all the people that say that Jimi
had to go to London to be discovered are not 100% accurate in their

Автор Schudell T ( назад)
He's just sooooo pretty! 

Автор Christian Anderson ( назад)
Hilarious classic Little Richard interview talking about Jimi Hendrix...

Автор Ven De Van ( назад)
0:25/0:26 goosebumps!

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
The end is not yet. Just keep the faith and things will be fine. Just hold
on to your love and keep them with you. Good post!. Best Yet!.

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
Thanks so much Mr. L.R.. My buddy Mr. J.H.. Smile!.

Автор José Varela ( назад)
higher than THAAAT! hahaha

Автор kayne lealand ( назад)
all up under my toes

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
He! shoot for the moon. And if you miss, you will be with the stars!.
Thanks Mr. D.S.. Good post!. Best Yet!. Smile!.

Автор zlimagus1 ( назад)
this nigga cray

Автор redsuxh8r ( назад)
Wow! thats was really cool

Автор Tyler Miles ( назад)
Thats funny. Little Richard wouldnt even let Hendrix dress the way he
wanted on stage. He would get pissed and take money out of his Jimi's pay
if he did. 

Автор Lars Erik Vestergaard ( назад)
Barking mad.

Автор alworkedup ( назад)

Автор bigkev3184 ( назад)
What a flame good God

Автор Saucy Jk ( назад)

Автор Arjun Kaul ( назад)
I love this interview so much! :D

Автор firemachima ( назад)
full documentary on dailymotion

Автор steve abrams ( назад)
What did you do? Complaining about his playing with his teeth and his
stunts. Did you forget about it cause you were on heron' My opinion is he
was the greatest and always will be . Smokes you!

Автор arsechips ( назад)
1.24 Brilliant

Автор arsechips ( назад)
Cocaines a hell of a drug!!

Автор The Academy of Rock - where business meets music ( назад)
At times, he made my big toe shoot up into my boot .... Little Richard on
Jimi Hendrix http://buff.ly/1b1yS7F

Автор TailorMade704 ( назад)
LoL...but what does that really mean though?

Автор zeeonque76 ( назад)
Rumpin and a tumpin all up under my toes...

Автор Buckeyecat2002 ( назад)
Little Richard, Jimmy Hendrix, Billy Preston were all gay. No publicity

Автор Buckeyecat2002 ( назад)
What about Billy Preston ?

Автор noel Trace ( назад)
No one can explain things like Little Richard he is so funny He is also
down to earth and nice when you meet him in person we love him we see him
all the time in Nashville he speaks to people first not stuck up like some
stars even kids love him from his Disney stuff hes know thru all
generations he is Amazing 81 years old now Long Live the KIng!!

Автор Nortekman ( назад)

Автор WonkaVator72 ( назад)
And Facebook? Little Richard was doing that before evre-body. It was his
idea. LR did and thought of everything first. No one had even heard of
creativity or original thinking until he came along.

Автор S Dew ( назад)
you can file this one away as "cocaine fueled interview" hes as high as a

Автор sogrozassasin2 ( назад)
trying to find this entire documentary. had it on vhs. lost it. any help?

Автор Heiki Herman Soome ( назад)
Jimi Henrdix was Little Richard´s loverboy and slave... not only

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
Are you?.

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
Best Yet!.

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
Mr. don Reid this is for you!.

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
Let me tell you something. You don't know me and I don't know you. So the
best thing for you to do is?, I don't know. And to comment on your
question, are you!.

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
Wow you all are something.

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
And the beat goes on. Just like my love. Let me play that song. Best Yet!.

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Ryan Menges ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Roman Monte ( назад)
you sound like somebody who lives on conspiracy theories. so i'm going to
stop replying to you. beye

Автор Roman Monte ( назад)
are you a kind of retarded hippie or something.

Автор Roman Monte ( назад)
you are one weird guy with some weird logic.

Автор bookguitarguy ( назад)
I just wanna say one thing-Little Richard may have pretty hair, but as far
as I can see, he's certifiable. Well, OK... I guess that was two things.

Автор Roman Monte ( назад)
i sound like a christian because i don't think something is reliable? you
have a strange sense of logic man.

Автор Roman Monte ( назад)
i don't think this is reliable

Автор Margery Hannah ( назад)
I love this man. And he is so darn pretty!

Автор David Marino ( назад)
Heron lol

Автор zeeonque76 ( назад)
I watch this video EVERYDAY to hear him say "u gotta be placed into the

Автор jrockhighscore ( назад)
Hair Ron!

Автор skidrowsux1977 ( назад)
i forgot, is little richard gay as shit?

Автор Raphael Massie ( назад)
did Eddie Murphy impersonate him in "coming to America" as "sexual
chocolate?" Anyone???

Автор braddyboy82 ( назад)
I had to look up 'recompense' in the Dictionary. Damn, Little Richard, your
vocab is crazy good.

Автор mwaddisfilms ( назад)

Автор AJ Muzik ( назад)
I am convinced. There would've been no Jimmy Hendrix without Little Richard.

Автор Nick ( назад)
LOVE Little Richard, ha awesome personality.

Автор Nick ( назад)
naw man, thats JUST how he was. lol

Автор crsurfvideo ( назад)
Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug!

Автор dav ribx ( назад)
Very strong man!!!

Автор Mark CreekWater ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
Great work Ms. Laurie A. Collins you follow your dreams and things will
always work out. Best Yet!.

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
Still keeping the jams going.

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)

Автор Gregory Countee ( назад)
Best Yet!.

Автор Dwight Jordan ( назад)
LOL HIS HAIR!! oh man gotta love little richard

Автор zeeonque76 ( назад)

Автор aabi ang ( назад)
at one point it sounds like he´s singing

Автор brodyboynumber9 ( назад)
very much so. its crazy how "nice" people talk about you after your gone
lol. there was a book i read called room full of mirrors about jimi and not
saying it was true but the book eluding to jimi being fired/leaving Little
Richard because of of LR's sexual advances towards him. Nonetheless dudes
contribution to music is evident to this day. (LR that is)

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