Easy Home made Wire Stripper

Stationary home made wire stripper.

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Автор Mike Bartalotta (1 год)
would be nice to see it in action

Автор Bowtie41 (2 года)
Nice,homemade stripper,but some misinformation.Not all utility blades are
stainless,but all are hardened steel which makes it a little harder to
weld.The fact that it's stainless doesn't make it tougher to weld,the fact
that it is so thin does.

Автор larry williams (1 год)
Great idea, I got a bed rail that I will try on. thanks

Автор Mike the Scrapper (3 года)
like it ...dizzy ...but like it....Peace

Автор B Miller (1 год)

Автор Lee d (1 год)
That's nice . Best one I've seen using blades.

Автор Joel Trout (1 год)
i made one with a 2x4 drill wire size holes in wide side put screws in
narrow side till tip is barely into hole far enough to cut plastic but not
wire, and screw to table and pull wire thru. thanks for the idea!

Автор PycakPlayer (1 год)
very good greets from germany

Автор justlookingsteve (2 года)
so how do you use it to strip wire .. its not clear from the video

Автор andrej13mkd (2 года)
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