Test Geodesic Dome 3V

First geodesic dome in a line of domes soon to be built as a sustainable livable platform, including aquaponics setup and regular dome greenhouse.

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Автор rahman hassan ( назад)
What part of full sphere ? It is 3/4?

Автор rod banfield ( назад)
Sir. Very nice job on this dome. I built a model of a 3v 5/9 dome in hopes
of confirming the math for a full size build but it had problems.Firstly,
when I laid my 5 triangles together on the floor, they did not form the
full 360 degrees to form the pentagon, like a piece of a pie missing. They
do fit together when clamped or screwed but I thought this was strange.I
thought that if i laid 5 triangles on the floor they should form a perfect
pentagon, or 6 for a haxagon. Secondly, when i assembled the full dome, on
the outside, it is perfect, but on the inside, there are gaps between all
adjacent sidesof pentagons, hexagons triangles etc... I figure there was an
error in the bevels i used. I would love to compare my numbers with
yours. I used the Krushke flat bottomed method, and used 5 different
triangles for construction. I would like to discuss the bevels in private
if possible. Thanks. Rod.

Автор Led Dennis ( назад)
what where the measurements for the triangles
did u make the pentagons out of isosceles triangles?
and the connected triangles out of equilateral?
how did you cut the word ? how thick was the wood?
how much was the total project
sorry for all the questions I am making one of these for a children's home
charity event and this one looks very frim and structurally strong

Автор Netjez ( назад)
Congratulations on a very nice dome. This size of dome would fit perfectly
in our garden. Would you mind sharing the dome design plans with me?

Kind Regards,


Автор John Henry Reaves ( назад)
is there a place where you have posted the lengths and cuts on your wood?
You video is quick and shows the results, just not how you can get there. 

Автор The Cartographer ( назад)
Where is the door?

Автор elvis halilovic ( назад)
no connectors, just wood screws. 

Автор Dr. Zo ( назад)
looks great! what kind of connectors do you use?

Автор Vincent Tan ( назад)
ρ51i1= ATAN(h50i/_r51)... = 10.03837564°... May God Help You With The

Автор Vincent Tan ( назад)
10.03837564° 11.9000913° 7° Does... Not Ring... The Bell... To Me...
Puggsley... Will Let You Know... When I Come Across With It... AnyHow,
Speak Your Piece... If You Don't Mind... The Detail... 7° Appears To Be...
Other Than A V3, 5/8 

Автор Vincent Tan ( назад)
29.19759893° 29.29158251° Holy Angles... For Isosceles... Pentagonal And
Hexagonal... Triangles Respectively... Else I Don't Know... Nothing About
God... And His Universe... Let Me Know... Puggsley If... You Want... To
Compare... Notes A Little Further... God Does Not Play Dice... But We Do...

Автор elvis halilovic ( назад)
10° and 12° is okay. I allso use just 7° rips on all the struts for some
constructions, it makes for simpler cutting and assembly, pm. me if you
need more details. 

Автор Vincent Tan ( назад)
10.03837564° 11.9000913° Does These Angles Sound Familiar... 10° And
12°.... Respectively... Even To Build Earth II...

Автор txusicB ( назад)
great timelapse, very inspiring.... could u specify what are the angles on
both triangles?? 

Автор elvis halilovic ( назад)
if you put several fat guys and make them do backflips on the dome they
will not be able to break it. Jokes aside, the dome can easily hold 20
people at any given point, for increased strength just use stronger screws
to hold everything together. Material used is pine dimension 5x8cm, much
too strong for a structure this type.

Автор elvis halilovic ( назад)
Thank you, it's a 4,8m diameter 3v dome, very strong thing!:)

Автор fleshtheworld ( назад)
If a fat guy stood on top of that and begin squatting or trying to break it
with his weight. how long would it take to break it or how many FORCEFUL
squats? Can you afford to test it?

Автор crashythaty ( назад)
@ricksvlog thank you!

Автор elvis halilovic ( назад)
@ricksvlog everything is screwed together, if that is what you are looking

Автор crashythaty ( назад)
i have the same question as rick. i am unable to master the math required
to fit geodesic domes together without strut hubs. 

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