Leisure in Britain (5/8 ESL video)

Another Great video to use in an ESL classroom. It gives a unique insight into British life and culture. It contains subtitles and is easy to understand for intermediate students. It goes together with worksheets and it's easy to use for any language teacher.
Here are the worksheets to this video: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6gyf688xomyozl7/8DugHGWem-

Enjoy this great video, together with your student,


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Автор suhheechoi ( назад)
Thank you so much for sharing this video!

Автор María Paula ( назад)

Автор patranft ( назад)
Hi Tone, I've just updated the link to the worksheets. Try again and let me
know if it works or not. Please give a feedback about your classroom
experience... Enjoy this great video... Patrick

Автор tonedeafmunkey ( назад)
Thanks for all these great videos. The worksheet link here doesn't seem to
be working however.

Автор SIMONE RIBEIRO ( назад)
Where can I find the worksheet and transcript for this video?

Автор Manuel Arellano ( назад)
I love all your content. It really adds a special element to my esl classes
here in China. Thank You!

Автор Melissa Galbraith ( назад)
Is there any way of getting the subtitles for this video please? thanks
very much!

Автор ChristineMcGyver ( назад)
Is it my ipad not showing them or are the subtitles missing?

Автор patranft ( назад)
@pappelc I've added the worksheets, please let me know how it was in your
classroom and about the worksheets...

Автор ldltoledo ( назад)
Hey! is there any chance you would email me the worksheets? I've got
interesting stuff you might like as well... Cheers!

Автор patranft ( назад)
@pappelc soon

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