Khan Sisters - Season 1 Episode 2 (bindass Official)

The Khan Sisters, revolves around the lives of the Khan sisters, Gauhar Khan and Nigaar Khan, and goes on to showcase various aspects of their fascinating lives, their equations with each other, their families, friends and foes, as a camera will constantly follow them and the lives they lead being a part of the high-profile and ever-changing film and television industry. A current participant of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss 7, she walked out on day forty-three with boyfriend Kushal Tandon, but returned to the house two days later.

In this episode Gauahar Khan gets injured, Nigaar Khan attends a glamour style Bollywood event. Gauahar Khan does a steamy bikini photoshoot for Maxim much to Nigaar's dismay.

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Автор Anna Diva ( назад)
I hate that Sukhi.. Ouff!!

Автор Lubaba Lamia ( назад)
hate sukhi

Автор sreyoshi rakshit ( назад)
Hate Gauhar's manager..
Gauhar should support Nigaar

Автор Mujahid Hussain ( назад)
Cheriee gohor Khan is a good person I hate u cheriee ******** fack u

Автор Yamina Ghani ( назад)
Thumbs up

Автор samira mohammadi (219 лет назад)
Gauhar khan.sukhi is mean to your sister.

Автор shararat khan ( назад)
Y the fucking uploader had not mde this video avalible for India 

Автор Juhwaira Syed ( назад)
I don't understand....they can wear mini skirts and all but bikini is bad
now ? All of those dresses are not allowed in islam to begin with so...da

Автор Juhwaira Syed ( назад)
Lack of knowledge. ...pick up a dictionary please..

Автор manta rakkar ( назад)

Автор Nanjiba Jarin ( назад)
I like Nigar ... Gauhar is so bad and mean

Автор anjel khan ( назад)
Good very good video s

Автор Cheriee ( назад)
God i hate gauhars manager, bloody sukhi pssshhtt! creating rifts hate
people like that argh.

Автор shararat khan ( назад)
Please make it able in India yAAAAR

Автор rocky maninlove ( назад)
14.51....most fake fall ever...even a kid would have done it more

Автор Anwaar Rabbani ( назад)
Dear commentators:Let me take you(today's generation) to back in 50s when
a famous Urdu monthly magazine "SHAMA" from Delhi in its specific page
"parwano ki mehfil"(Bazm-e-shama) in reply to its readers that what was the
religion of such and such actress(some with Muslim names and some with
Hindu in that era)??.The only and only reply to this question was always
that>>>"Filmi sitaron ka koi mazhab nahi hota: So it is useless or
illogical to comment in this way or to condemn stars of filmdom .Let them
have their own life to act or live. 

Автор Imperfectionist Gaming ( назад)
A bimbo really is just a dumb woman. How is that racist?

Автор ‫شروق شروق‬‎ ( назад)

Автор James Harif ( назад)
Boaring as fuck

Автор Jagori Mukherjee ( назад)
Gauhar dominates ........ but she is swt too.. n nigarr is Very protective.

Автор Anupam Sen ( назад)

Автор Sarah Elhari ( назад)
Gauhar is such a fucking bitch in this series the way she treats nigaar is
like shit WHO takes sides with their bitchy manager over their older
soster?! Especially one like nigaar?! I love Gau since she been on BB7 but
hate Her guts in khan sisters series

Автор darshi purewal ( назад)
I total agree what gaurha sister nagaar is saying but , I also like the
fact if a actress like gauhar pull off the swimsuit shout you go girl. THIS
sukhu lady is TO much Nagaar is gauhar older sister, Sukhi is to much

Автор darshi purewal ( назад)
Gaurhar act your age , no one jinks a bowling game come on

Автор darshi purewal ( назад)
Please hater leave please think postitive 

Автор Grish Shukla ( назад)

Автор revati deshpande ( назад)
i luv gauhar

Автор ankita sahu ( назад)
sare sisters aise hi hote hain,yah dekhne ka baad pata chala ki mere hi
mummy n mousi hi kyun aise hain par yeh sare behnoka dosh he.....lov u gau
jaan n lv this khan sister....i wanna watch season2

Автор Ayush Shiwakoti ( назад)
both are bitches 

Автор syed abdul rayees ( назад)
Gauhar khan ..... There is no shame left in you so disgrace

Автор LSZAI 0109 ( назад)
khan sisters season 2!!!! thumbs up if you agree<3 

Автор Uttara Sanyal ( назад)
this looks interesting.

Автор somenath das ( назад)

Автор eky weky ( назад)
Gauhar's manager is stupid.

Автор shanzey khan ( назад)
Plzzz plzzz can anyone tell me the song that is playing behind gautam n
nigaar's memories its something like "i want you" PLZZZ PLZZZ CAN ANYONE

Автор MrBenrokEarth ( назад)
It's a great shame that Muslims have traded there religion for there
desires and temptations. A muslim doing a bikini shoot is amongst the most
disgraceful thing on the planet!

Автор Janhavi Jain ( назад)
I love u gauhar and u won bigg boss7

Автор Vivek Bhatt ( назад)

Автор Suzzeet Shrestha ( назад)
retarted ; ; 

Автор Amit Fernandes ( назад)
The most retarded show ever

Автор Nimz185 ( назад)
Lol blonde bimbette means when someone is clumsy and dumb in England. Not
someone from a different race LOL!! Gauhar kaafi dumb hai. 

Автор Nida Basra ( назад)
i kno how nigaar feels wen someone tells her she has a high pitch! becos I
HAVE ONE TOO!!!! im wid u Nigaar it comes naturally!!!!

Автор Rishmit Randhawa ( назад)
haha prabhal is irritating and funny
d way he said usne press kiya, kahan? lol

Автор Saurabh Verma ( назад)
Gaur is very beautiful , qute , bold and adamant sometimes

Автор Miss Naaz ( назад)

Автор Miss Naaz ( назад)

Автор Miss Naaz ( назад)

Автор Triyambak Goyal ( назад)
Go u rockkkk

Автор Sangeet Shai ( назад)
Hate u gauhar

Автор It's Nafisa's Life ( назад)
Why is gautam even friends wit her

Автор Amit Raj ( назад)
boring ....

Автор Amit Raj ( назад)
flop flop flop flop flop flop flop flop flop flop flop 

Автор Pritesh Patel ( назад)
Love both sisters...Gauhar is very HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

Автор Yuvika Singh ( назад)
We all LOVE gauhar .

Автор Saanvi Karanjalkar ( назад)
that gautam!!

Автор mefha matthew ( назад)
was once her fan!!...buh gauhar..khan...d double faced bitch...showed her
tru colors in big boss dis season....grow up gauhar....dunt ruin ur image
not fuh ...kushal...aka bastard:

Автор mastermind11ful ( назад)
gobar used that rickshaywala kushal ........that dumb bastard !!

Автор mastermind11ful ( назад)
Gobar is a bloody bitch... I want to pick my chappals and break her face
...forty year old buddhi .........!!!

Автор jas jassi ( назад)
Abhe mitty dhalo gobar pe

Автор kareena kapoor ( назад)
cant blv that gautam and nigar are bst frds

Автор Tania rehman ( назад)
How can she dance like tht, when she had pain o.O shocked

Автор Tania rehman ( назад)
her manager is soo bitchy

Автор Tania rehman ( назад)
y display ur life infront of ppl o.O

Автор shivendra sharma ( назад)
isko main janta bhi nahi tha ab big boss mein dekha...fir laga nahi janunga
to bhi chalega :D

Автор Shivani Juneja ( назад)
I like appu ellie and gouhar...gouhar plzz cum back

Автор Iqra Nasreen ( назад)
Nigar is really really sweet and i love gauhar but she was so childish

Автор Hussain Qasem ( назад)
I personally love gouhar , kamya , appu and kushal they deserves to win
bigg boss

Автор Nazish Naeem ( назад)
hmmm.... i dont lyk guhar anymore.. :(

Автор Nada Ahmad Hjm ( назад)
soo frustrated cause she lost a bowling game...lol... y cant she accept she

Автор jaah sopo ( назад)
Gauhar rocks...:)

Автор Aliyah Khan ( назад)
Gautum rode <3

Автор Aliyah Khan ( назад)
Gautum tode

Автор chandra rai ( назад)
I hate hauhar kamiya pratyusa

Автор ramyani rizzle ( назад)
I love u gau.. U, appu and kamya r the only ones who should win BB and im
rooting for u.. Stay the same :*

Автор chocoholic2050 ( назад)
sorry to say but bikini is not classy

Автор ek_tha_KC ( назад)
the guy interviewing nigar is imam!

Автор Silver KiwiNZ ( назад)
Haha New Zealand's apples :)

Автор Mariya Kamran ( назад)
Gautam Rode <3

Автор Becca c ( назад)
These girls need to learn to stop being so negative all the time so that
their personality can match thier pretty faces.

Автор Maheen Arif ( назад)
I live and love Dubai

Автор Gerbil SL ( назад)
One thing I actually like about Nigar is that she doesn't go behind names
but rather goes for things she likes... Not bad...

Автор Gerbil SL ( назад)
Errrr.... why does she need people to come and pick her up from the
airport? Can't she just take a taxi which is what she wound up doing
anyway? >( I feel for Gauhar because I have had to put up with irritating
and highly competitive friends like that who think it's ok to play nasty
tricks and pretend like I'm the one getting all hyper... good on ya girl!!!

Автор Nand jee ( назад)
Bak****di krlo jab ni khela ja ra "NAJAR LAGAKE HAT JATA HAI"

Автор elisha singh ( назад)
vy irritate person before i like it but now hate her

Автор jaëlle hupkes ( назад)
Thumbs up if you disliked this episode of Khan Sisters!

Автор dori k (984 года назад)
lol does gahaur think bimbo is a race?

Автор dori k ( назад)
'suki' goes to nigaars house wanting to speak with gauhar privately :| why
didnt she just go to a coffee shop or something...oh wait then there
wouldnt be any dramatic drama for this show

Автор usernameissocrazy ( назад)
suki is a bitch...

Автор liza aslamzada ( назад)
Everthing fake!!!

Автор burntwaffles101 ( назад)
@vdprvpa ha there are much better sites than youtube for girls. if you want
the real shit this site has real girls nymphos who you can just message and
they send you anything have a look bit.ly/MqgUin?=vbggcom

Автор divarien ( назад)
How come they both are wearing the same clothes in the morning and during
the phone conversation at the end of the day !

Автор john ( назад)
These guys are like biting off of keeping up with the kardashians how sad

Автор yanzi lama ( назад)
gauhar's sister loves gauhar so much

Автор yanzi lama ( назад)
gauhar is too stubborn

Автор SirAFILN (789 лет назад)
lol that tiny fall.. and the drama begins hahahahahhahahahhahahahaha

Автор Benny Jenny ( назад)
mega celebrity my ass.

Автор Benny Jenny ( назад)
what a bitch is this gohar....so annoying.drame baaz

Автор dilpreet kooner ( назад)
did anyone else notice nigaar take a pic of gauhar during the shot at
48:51, maybe she was the one who showed their older sister the piczz to get
gauhar yelled at??

Автор Irtifa Khan ( назад)
Sukhi is a bitch, how can nyone tolerate her

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