RC Live Steam Turbine Car Prototype "The Dart"

Test Run of Steam Turbine Car Prototype


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Автор HoldShiftt2Run ( назад)

Автор Fradias11 ( назад)
Can it accelerate and deccelerate or does it reach a certain rpm and then
it's just clutch in or clutch out?

Автор T2H Instructionals ( назад)
Really looking forward to your steam helicopter.

Автор Lester Rienhart ( назад)
I hear pistons... Where are they located?

Awesome machine!

Автор peter schiller ( назад)
Thanks for the demonstration. A turbine is more efficient as a piston. To
be perfect you should close the circuit, so you dont loose steam/water.

Автор cristian pommersheim ( назад)
Very nice.It is a great work.

Автор manuel josé ( назад)

Автор joelyboyblue ( назад)
What's firing your boiler

Автор Original engines ( назад)
sound look like JetTurbine

Автор joelyboyblue ( назад)
This is brilliant, scale up &build a real one

Автор imad omda ( назад)
is this tesla turbine?

Автор Sangyoon Kim ( назад)
It seems you have yet to install provisions for condensing those steam back
into the boiler? Eventually water will all evaporate.

Автор Isaac Harry ( назад)
We're the steam comes out from the exhaust you can put a little tank to
catch all the water and re use the water that would make it run for a long

Автор Mike Klegin ( назад)
I love the sound of a turbine spooling up, what is the power output and can
it be adapted to a bicycle?

Автор BattonFive ( назад)
out of curiosity is it able to run off glow fuel aka Nitro? it seems the
power to energy density ratio is pretty much the same but it might last a
bit longer :-)

Автор boinkboink1968 ( назад)
At the start it sounds like Airwolf hovering.

Автор Ivica Mirceski ( назад)
love the clutch

Автор ThunderDivine ( назад)
lol that's awesome!

Автор Curtis Newton ( назад)
can someone tell me where to buy parts to build such tiny engines and
vehicles ?

Автор Mac Sogandares ( назад)
A transmission of some sort would help a lot, for when you start testing
the thing on the ground.

Автор Kevin Jacobson ( назад)
You may get some descent RPMs but this thing probably has very negligible

Автор David Simpson ( назад)
using a electronic valve and a centrifugal clutch might be a better drive
option then your only using the steam when needed for the drive

Автор Bill Kratzer ( назад)
only 10 minutes per boiler-full of water ? perhaps preheat and a small
injection pump to recover some energy and extend power cycle?

Автор randomguy9898 ( назад)
that clutch is from the old tamiya tanks right?

Автор fastdrive55 ( назад)
Wow. Fast rotating axles without any cover. Take the mother in law for a
ride :-)

Автор Drew Jones ( назад)
I'm so jealous , I want to work with this subject or know everything about
it as a hobby 

Автор jpoynter35 ( назад)
umm cba to go back but if that thermomether says that water dose not boil
at 19c :/
i think its my eyes

Автор VK70001.P ( назад)
this is not a vary efficient design far too much wast

Автор ZnnXcYu ( назад)
real steam punk

Автор Kamil Czaplicki ( назад)
can you draw the clutch scheme? thanks

Автор Samsung Galaxy ( назад)
Good Boy Like 

Автор siemiite ( назад)
well i like it but you could make a better baseplate on it it looks terable
with all the fancy boilers and clutch system

Автор TrueBlogge777 ( назад)
Steam injected with modern technology the boiler held pressure all the way
the test run, which used to be an issue with them, and at 35KM what a lot
of power from this small turbine, you could run a generator with it, it's

Автор stek96 ( назад)
this is fucking cool)))))))))))
(translated by Google)

Автор yanik ivanov ( назад)
this is the future... not steam stupid piston .. but steam turbine powered
vehicles TRUCKS... bye bye diesel

Автор daweifortoday ( назад)
beautifully made... What is your fuel source though. Not entirely clear
from the video (or maybe I missed it)

Автор Onkel Deerh ( назад)
I want that engine on my long board

Автор Jack Dawson ( назад)
Real nice interensting video

Автор Михаил Мельников ( назад)
Is that a some kind of Tesla turbine or just usual bladed turbine?

Автор miles leduc ( назад)
you own allot of different rcs like a tamiya highlift ive seen the 3 speed
tranny on one of your creations and a driveshaft in this one your a rc
genius i want to make things like you do because then you can look at it
and say i built that your crazy and i love it ill keep watching if you keep
making videos

Автор crkemppainen ( назад)
Need 2 turbines, and double that size.

Автор Wisco Kidd ( назад)
Okay where did you get a turbine that size. I need one for a client? 

Автор XTrBass ( назад)
Eine der besten Konstruktionen, die ich bisher überhaupt gesehen habe!

Автор NOBOX7 ( назад)
so awesome , love it 

Автор NOBOX7 ( назад)
you need a good piston engine bro , turbines are way inefficient on any
thing under 400 hp they suck up to much steam and don't unleash the
expanding power 

Автор jelcyn666 ( назад)
And this sound...

Автор Maeger ( назад)
meine fresse was ein geiles teil ... und der gartenzaun sit so deutsch:P
herlich ^^ 

Автор snailmr2turbo ( назад)
So cool!

Автор Ashley Webb ( назад)
Thats brilliant! is the clutch custom?

Автор douro20 ( назад)
Is that a Regner Kompakt boiler?

Автор ufoengines ( назад)
Very Cool! Planning a steam turbo electric drive and time? 

Автор scott k ( назад)
Love it! Amazing machines u build, cant wait to see this turbine car drive!

Автор RCSparks Studio ( назад)
You are an an amazing, and creative person. Just simply, Wow. Loved your
spot on the Discovery Show "Daily Planet"

Автор Stratos ( назад)
This is great,fantastic,prallplatte can you please tell me do you have
steam return to the boiler or do you have a safety low level water cut off
for the burner. I mean how do you know the boiler still has water inside
and it wont melt.

Автор Julian Uy ( назад)
niice! subbed :-)

Автор Citroable ( назад)
The sound and smoke is F0kin amazing!

Автор Max Bagehorn ( назад)
ganz schön geiles zeug was du da baust!!!

Автор mikego ( назад)
How about another vid of the little car&isobot? Cheers. P. S. Soon.lol.

Автор mikego ( назад)

Автор Robin Odermatt ( назад)
Wtf i love it

Автор mukuendig ( назад)
Ich bin entzückt ! 

Автор Beebop Konar ( назад)
Beautiful sound :D Hope it will reach 35 kmh

Автор 128pro ( назад)
Vielen Dank für die Antwort! 

Автор vsci79 ( назад)
1:13 in the voice of Captain Picard... Engage! Thumbs up

Автор Maximum ( назад)
Looks sweet but i have to ask and i might have asked this in an earlier vid
but do you build these turbines and stuff by hand or buy it somewhere.
Also, What would be the use of this sweet car? xD

Автор Zach Miller ( назад)
needs transmission!

Автор 128pro ( назад)
Schöne Turbine! Ich find deine Fahrzeuge echt Klasse! Was für eine Kupplung
hasst du jetzt verwendet? Selbstgebaut oder gekauft? Würde mich sehr
interessieren. Weißt du wie viele Upm die Turbine läuft? Echt super Video!

Автор turutzi ( назад)

Автор Manual do Motor Stirling - Leandro Wagner ( назад)
Congratulations for such dedication, the sound the engine produces is
similar to a jet engine. Very good indeed and with good power. Greetings
from Brazil, Leandro Wagner.

Автор jannekrusing ( назад)
YES!! Finally a new prallplatte video! This lokks to be awsome as allways.
Nice job!

Автор TheStuffz ( назад)

Автор ChaosOptional ( назад)
Wow - der Sound ist so crass! Weiter so!

Автор turutzi ( назад)
Man ich will auch solche Reifen wo hast du die her?

Автор Dick Gibson ( назад)
Far out man that is so way kool. I can't wait to see it on the road. Do you
design and build all the components yourself? It has been awhile more more

Автор liam2317 ( назад)
Oh man, so excited to see this thing rolling! Keep up the great videos!!! 

Автор xKmotx ( назад)
Awesome!! :))

Автор robot797 ( назад)
aaaaw man if you would sell i would buy everysteam powered thing you have

Автор DoNotPushHere ( назад)
And the sound is so...thrilling! What about tinnitus? What's the problem
with it?

Автор DoNotPushHere ( назад)
My sincere good luck on the running test. This engine looks amazing! Hope
it reaches 20kph from those empty 35!

Автор mbplove ( назад)
Holy shit that's amazing 

Автор combatdigiq ( назад)

Автор Владислав Андриевский ( назад)
Turbine is so much better than pistons!!!

Автор aserta ( назад)
Looks awesome. 

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