24 Week Preemie - Samuel's First Year

Samuel Pope was born at 24 weeks and 2 days gestation (four months early.) He was 1 lb 9 oz at birth. This video was made for his first birthday - showing how far he has come over the past year. To find out more:

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Автор Nora Stoy ( назад)
This so bittersweet

Автор tristy tong ( назад)

Автор Frank and Kendra ( назад)
I'm so glad I came across your video. We are going through the same thing.
so nice to see the progress Samuel made. God Bless. 😊

Автор Mackenzie Cropper ( назад)
I LOVE THIS VIDEO.!!!!!!!!!!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Автор Tera Federspiel ( назад)
beautiful family.

Автор bronzerat012 ( назад)
Medicine and technology has come so far in the past 40 years or so that the
brilliant doctors are now able to save babies who were not considered
viable years ago. When my son arrived at 25 weeks they simply took him away
and put him in a humidicrib and left him to die alone, which he did, 4
hours later. Despite my pleas they would not bring him to me or let me hold
him - that was just the way it was back then. I wandered around the upper
floor from my room looking for the nursery, but was quickly put in a
wheelchair and escorted back to my room. I had a friend who was a minister
who dropped everything and came to the hospital to baptise and bless him.
He said he was perfectly formed. He weighed 1lb 10oz. I still think about
him and look at videos of babies around 25 weeks who have survived, or
died, just so I can get an indication of how he may have looked. It was so
different - and cruel - back then (1972).

Автор yelin perez ( назад)
my baby had a heart Defect and they did not want to do surgery

Автор Anton Wills-Eve ( назад)
My son Ben was born at 23 weeks in a hospital near Liverpool in October
1990. Now, aged 25 with two medical degrees, he has just published his
first book on premature babies .anyone interested in the story of how care
of premature babies has evolved over the last 130 years should read
Benedict Wills-Eve's newly released e-book on Amazon called ' 'boxes,
bubbles and babies'. It hardly costs anything and is the best work on the
subject available. Just type in Benedict Wills-Eve on Amazon for a link to
the best read you'll have for a long time.

Автор jamie schlueter ( назад)
he is so cute

Автор ItsAnEditingThing101 (635 лет назад)
Aw he's so precious!! I was born at 24 weeks too. I weighted 1 pound 6
ounces. Your sons a fighter! It's a miracle that he's alive. ❤️

Автор Ummi Sumayyah (1582 года назад)
Beautiful baby, beautiful parents😘😘😘😘😘

Автор Ummi Sumayyah (1689 лет назад)
This was soooooooooooooo beautiful, made me cry 😢

Автор Le Losele ( назад)
God is wonderful! Miracle baby
Such a testimony

Автор Pj Bourque ( назад)
hes so cute what a merical

Автор Darth Snow ( назад)
What a handsome baby! he is a blessing!

Автор LovedbcHim ( назад)
My daughter was born at 28 weeks and is now 4 and a half years old. God is
so good!

Автор Mishika Pickens ( назад)

Автор Lisa K ( назад)
What a beautiful little boy! I too am the parent of a former preemie. My
son wasnt quite as early as your little Samuel....my son was born at 27
weeks and weighed 2lbs 3ozs. I had a 10% placental abruption and went into
spontaneous preterm labor & delivery. He wasnt due until June 19 1997, but
was born March 20, 1997. He is a 6 foot tall 17 yr old who will graduate
high school next summer and is thinking of going into IT (computers). :)
God bless your preemies. :)

Автор mary furnier ( назад)
I think this was the same baby that was in the hospital with Josie duggar..
saw them on 19 kids and counting

Автор Renee Garcia (Miss Renaaye) ( назад)
what a beautiful video! Samuel is absolutely handsome :) God is good and
your little bundle of joy is a truly a miracle. 

Автор micropreemie gma naylor ( назад)
could you please tell me the name and artist at the beginning of the video?

Автор micropreemie gma naylor ( назад)
thank you so much for sharing Samuel's nicu journey.My daughter delivered
her micropreemie (25wks) on April 3, 2014. My granddaughter was born at
1lb 11oz, and the journey thus far has been an emotional rollercoaster. We
have heard all the possible conditions that she could face, and the power
of prayer is amazing. God bless you and your family and your beautiful
baby boy! This was very encouraging. 

Автор Shirl Amrhari ( назад)
He looks like his mommie :)

Автор Sheena Martin ( назад)

Автор His_Princess ( назад)
Praise the living almighty God !!! God bless & protect your fam, always..

Автор Sarah Edwards ( назад)
They were featured on 19 Kids and Counting!

Автор ané grace ( назад)
If he was a girl, 'her' name should have been GRACE.. He is beautiful!
especially in the Springbok jersey!

Автор Samantha peters ( назад)
I bad for Sarah and Michael Sarah had Chemotherapy causing Sarah to go
into premature labour at 23 weeks 5 days gestational age Samuel had

-Heart Surgery
-Chronic Lung Disease
-Patent Ductus Arteriosis
-Necrotizing Entero Colitis (NEC) 

Автор Ines Verschoren ( назад)
I'm 24 weeks pregnant right now. I allready adore and love my little guy. I
can't wait to hold him in my arms en cuddle him <3
I hope Samuel is doing good and I wish you and your family all the best!!
Loved your video soooo much! It made me cry, but it were tears of
happiness. Xxx!

Автор Samantha peters ( назад)

Автор Crystal Johnston ( назад)
Wow, what a special little man. I am a massive ball of tears! God is good.
Thank you so much for sharing

Автор Karisa Johnson ( назад)
look at those eyes!!! he is such a precious gift! looks like his mama :) he
looks very very happy! :) god bless!

Автор עלית עדן זוהר ( назад)
beautiful beautiful soul:) enjoy every second

Автор Rebecca Griffin ( назад)
Very touching!

Автор Jackie White ( назад)
Beautiful little man....I am also scared too death that many of these tiny
miracles will be something of the past due to our countries new
healthcare. Sad sad sad

Автор Travis Alton ( назад)
love this, I had my twins at 24 weeks

Автор Roxana Santaella ( назад)
Excellent video! Would love to see how Samuel is doing now!

Автор Danielle Mizell ( назад)
i weighed in at 2lb 3oz when i was born that was 30 years i was supposed to
be born april 25 but i was born feb 25

Автор Lisa K Troy ( назад)
What a great miracle! I am so afraid for new mothers like you who will
not be allowed to continue to save their 24 week premie under the new
Obamacare insurance. It iwill be just too expensive and not cost
effective. Sad but I can see it happening in the coming years. I am so
happy that your insurance company paid for all the intensive care for your
beautiful little baby and gave him his chance to live and be raised by
loving parents! God bless you!

Автор Joan Starr ( назад)
I love little Samuel. I wish I were young enough to see Samuel elected as
president of the United States. Congratulations to Samuel's family and
thanks for sharing.

Автор PeaceLoveTara ( назад)
You have such a sweet, beautiful little boy! You are so blessed to have
him! I am nearing my 24 week mark soon and tearred up watching this. The
love and hope you had for him is touching. God bless!

Автор eltoroloco Fan ( назад)

Автор Sarah Pope ( назад)
Yes, we were.

Автор Samantha Chan ( назад)
bless family

Автор fibi257 ( назад)
You have a beautiful son.

Автор xrusa irini ( назад)
congratulations to his parents and doctors who they done a big try for stay
samuel in life.....something those (stories) make me feel so
happy......congratulations samuel i hope you are always happy..!!

Автор Abby and Ethan ( назад)
exactly how it is in the uk too my son was 24 weeks and 5 days , he was a
person he could feel , cry, breath with oxygen un ventilated at 3 days old.
im not against abortion but i do beleive if you need one for health reasons
or if you been raped etc then it should be in the first weeks not this
stage. sorry gone of topic but it gets to me after seeing my baby so small
but alive 

Автор Andrea Manini ( назад)
Congratulations for your strength and your courage! Good luck Samuel!

Автор tdwpx ( назад)
what a beautiful baby loved the oreo shot :) 

Автор lorenzo morales ( назад)
I can't believe the doctor ask you if you want to save the baby? Of course!
it's their job to save the little angel! anyways, your baby is so
cuteee.... :) 

Автор soulcandybt ( назад)
Those eyes and those cheeks! :) thanks for sharing

Автор jessenia1386 ( назад)
He's so beautiful!!!

Автор wendy maynard ( назад)
absolutly beautiful

Автор Alisa Karter ( назад)
He looks like you

Автор Hannah Williamson ( назад)
you know what frustrates me. all this god saved him shit. it was the
doctors and nurses that saved this beautiful little baby NOT god, how can
someone who doesnt even exist save anyone you are all stupid. i am glad
your baby survived and is happy and healthy, thank the doctors and nurses
that helped him survive they are the ones that should get the credit...

Автор banlindane ( назад)
Just so amazing. God bless your family. Samuel is adorable : )

Автор Gloria Togstad ( назад)
such a blessing this is, he is beautiful he looks like mom

Автор Monica Hill ( назад)
omg it sounds kinda like me! I was a preemie I weigh 2 pounds and the docs
thought I would not survive or even be "normal"

Автор MyheartlovesGod ( назад)
Thank you father for their testimony helped settle my heart.

Автор AlexJBaker ( назад)
i'm so emotional watching this video! You're son is beautiful and you are a
beautiful family - Congratulations! And happy belated birthday :) x

Автор Whip Phreak ( назад)
cont'd - 1st shunt went in 2 weeks b4 we brought him home @ 5 lbs 14 oz &
nearly 8 mo. old. From that day until he was 4 yrs. old he had 11 more
brain surgeries which was when they put the 2nd shunt in, he also came home
with a feeding tube & heart monitor. He does have CP & Diabetes Incipidus &
has died once but he is barely impaired now that he's 5, he walks, jumps,
dances.. our biggest enemy has been putting weight on him.. so far so good
God Bless you honey, ya did good =) he's beautiful

Автор Whip Phreak ( назад)
cont'd - brain bleed is the scariest 1 4 me. I had 2 go 2 the hospital 2 be
with baby so he wouldn't be alone until Daddy could drive from the country.
And I got all the words dumped on me 1st thank God, I don't think my
daughter would have been ok that soon. But he did really well 2 for about 4
days. Day of the 1st brain bleed >5, 2nd >7, after that & until he was 19
wks old they just kept watching it & giving him blood. At 19 wks. they put
the reservoir in 2 make room 4 the 1st shunt. cont'd

Автор Whip Phreak ( назад)
Our little guy was 24 wks & 4 days, he was 1 lb. 14 oz & they asked us if
we wanted them 2 save him bcz of disabilities.. what kind of ? is that ?
Made me wonder if ppl actually say ""no". Watching this took me back, my
daughter has long blonde hair also & his NICU team was Life-Flighted 2 him
at the country hospital & then him & his team were life-flighted back 2 a
well known Trauma Center, while they cared 4 my daughter at the country
hospital b4 they could release her. cont'd

Автор Liberty Madison ( назад)
Such a moving story, you are a very bless family. Mom is GORGEOUS! Cant
believe our government allows people to kill children at exactly his age,
actually I cant believe they allow you to kill humans at any age,the most
vulnerable stage of your life.

Автор gt27312 ( назад)
I can't tell you how much joy your video brought to me today. God is so
good! May He continue to bless and keep your little family.

Автор MegaZiglet ( назад)
I'm in love and I don't even know him! God bless this precious sweet little
sugar plum!

Автор Musketeer117 ( назад)
I couldn't help but tear up. I'm praying for this little guy and your
beautiful family! God bless!

Автор Tara King ( назад)
So precious! 

Автор Abby Lantzky ( назад)
Such a beautiful and joyful baby! 

Автор nellie pisani ( назад)
hes adorable!!

Автор Carmen montes de oca ( назад)
awe i cried , so beautiful

Автор 0485rec1 ( назад)
Who would have known it would take 9:34 min for me to fall in LOVE! Your
son Samuel is the most hansome blessing from God your faith is beautiful
there is powere in prayer and your son is a living testament of God's mercy
,love, and living proof that miracles do happen God bless you and your
family give Samuel all our love from the Hinojosa Family in Texas <3 

Автор jon kenney ( назад)
what an amazing video!!! i loved it :) 

Автор Terry Jokinen ( назад)
I loved watching Samuel's story. thank you

Автор teachjacque ( назад)
What a blessing! He looks like his mommy.

Автор stephen durdle ( назад)
He's Beautiful 

Автор Jessica Boriack ( назад)
He is beautiful. My daughter Aria was born 2.5 months early weighing in at
2lbs 15ounces. She is healthy and beautiful. 

Автор kelsey chlebowski ( назад)
You have yourself a very strong and very beautiful little boy! 

Автор Caala Lewis ( назад)
oh man.. those eyes are just ...wow.. what a beautiful baby! well now big

Автор Last Paw ( назад)
im so sorry 

Автор Last Paw ( назад)
im sorry ubot your story

Автор Amanda Suniga ( назад)
26 wks pregnant today, I was looking for ultrasound videos and found yours.
CRIED LIKE A BABY! Such an amazing and beautiful journey. I broke when I
read that the doctors asked if you wanted to save your child. Thank you for
sharing. Absolutely amazing and SUCH a stinkin' cute little boy! 

Автор Ruby Sadat ( назад)
God blessed you with an angel so beautiful, watching this video really
inspired me and brought tears to my eyes when you can actually see that
"miracles do happen" Samuel you are an incredible baby and you have the
best paretns in the world. God bless your beautiful family

Автор tildy68 ( назад)

Автор LittleMsHopeful ( назад)
It's been a while since I've laughed and cried at the same time. Such an
incredible story, heartbreaking beginning then a montage of goofy pictures
of one of the sweetest babies I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing
Samuel's story with the world :)

Автор Heather S ( назад)
My son, who is now 5 years old was born @ 24 weeks also and weighed 1 lb 6
oz. He is a happy healthy normal 5 year old now. :)

Автор johana martinez ( назад)
que fortaleza tan grande la de los papas muchas felicidades desde mexico 

Автор Lisa J ( назад)
Beautiful video. My daughter was born at 31 weeks. God bless your baby!

Автор katrien400 ( назад)
so did he had disabilities?

Автор Stephanie O ( назад)
hey.......u guys were on the duggars......came across this video by chance.

Автор Billie Jo Hargraves Williams (Bill) ( назад)
He is so BEAUTIFUL,glad u handled the time that was so hard,GOD never gives
u anything u cant handle,and he is so precious and Im sure u will have many
many wonderful years to video,Good luck with all the times u will have and
may GOD BLESS ur family!! 

Автор katu363 ( назад)
That was heartwarming and beautiful praise The Lord for your blessing.

Автор littlekiwis ( назад)
i saw you on that program 19 and growing you were awesome 

Автор ALE5645 ( назад)
What a beautiful story! Samuel is blessed to have such a wonderful family.
God bless! 

Автор Melissa Muir (1044 года назад)
That is just a awsome video, brought me tears. My neice was born 1 pound.
She is now 10 years old very small but very smart. He has the most
beautiful smile!! WTG mom

Автор Patti Noble ( назад)
Ijust watched Samuals first year.Iam a twin we were born6weeks early I
wayed in at 2&1/5 pounds my mom had german measles while she was expecting
me and Becky I have several disabilities.If your son happens to have any
just rember that you made the rite choice. God has a plan for everyone.God
bless you and your famiely please keepthe love and that you are showing
Patti l noble qazpatti@gmail.com

Автор Linnas79 ( назад)
6:50 What a beautiful little boy your son turned into!

Автор Tameisha Powell ( назад)
I cried... so happy for u guys... nd the mother is so beautiful..

Автор Betsy Sheppard ( назад)
Thank you for posting! This is beautiful. What an angel. My 26 weekers are
still in the NICU and this video gave me hope and made me so happy. Go

Автор hellen❥ ( назад)
omg i love this video!! he is a Gift L:) and the two likes omg i swear
hearthless people!!! makes me sad!!! 

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