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Автор INDO -superb (1 месяц)
proof that why asians are tougher physically and mentally than the
westerners, im asian and my mom used to be like that too. capital
punishment is normal thing, unlike westerner cry babies

Автор Cedric Diggory (3 месяца)
Same like 1995 mothers in Malaysia

Автор Sabrina Naseri (10 дней)
Te one afghan mom (man) is so funny 😂🙏🏼

Автор BeautySultana (18 дней)
I'm not Afghan, but this is so funny! hihihi

Автор Sara Teherany (1 месяц)
very funny. thanks a lot boys

Автор GamingBros918 (1 месяц)

Автор Mena shams (1 месяц)
What is difrent

Автор Ahmed Shah (22 дня)
hahahahahahahahaha,fuck man i could not stop laughing ,by the way every mom
loves there child even she is afghani or american..

Автор El Pablo (2 месяца)
LOve this channel !!!

Автор Sadeeqa Shahbaaz (2 месяца)
sooo tru cuz in muslim countries u usually eat b4 the guests come or after
and just let the guests eat. U have certain foods 4 the guests that is only
4 when guests come over and it's only 4 them. But Americans eat with

Автор Ewelina Krzywinska (5 месяцев)
Hahahahaha! I couldn't stop laughing! Boy, Afgan Moms and Polish Moms have
sooo much in common! Same situation when coming home late, even if it is
only 4pm AND during summer afternoons when it doesn't get dark so soon.
Same EXACT situation here when (trying/hoping) to go out. Although one
question is missing here. I'm sick and tired of hearing this. Regardless,
I'll be forever defending my friends. Love my friends. Still, in my
particular and much difficult situation, I never get to go out to start
with, EVER, despite I'm 27 :( so messed up❗️❗️❗️😡 ahh, yeah, we're also
similar (at least in my family) when whispering to the kids and through the
teeth, while also pinching us or something and having a killer stare to us,
all this while all smiling like an angel to strangers. Ugh! 

Автор Sholeh Rosyidi (1 месяц)
Menurut saya itu orang afghan lebih mengajarkan anaknya sopan santun
mandiri dan mendidik anaknya agar bisa survive di kehidupan luar
(Indonesian language)

Автор ℙrℯciℴus ℛℴsℯ (7 месяцев)
Im from Pakistan and I can relate even if im not afghan!

Автор Dmitry Green (6 дней)
I think my mom lied to me, watching this got me really wondering' if my mom
might be Afghani

Автор zishan khan (11 дней)
I am paki and my parents are more or less , like that too. The Americans
are much softer but wtill best at wars because of americas atoms

Автор xcdj60 (8 дней)
hahahahahahahahhahaha that slap sound tho hehehehe you guyz are hilarious

Автор Zakariya yar (4 месяца)
this is real funny don't laugh

Автор Violet Khosh (7 месяцев)
Oh my word these are so true, the soccer one tho!!! My mom actually like
beat my brother after he played football and broke his arm 😂😂😂

Автор Rashid Raoufi (1 месяц)
Exactly like my parents

Автор FCB SOCI (23 дня)
last part is so funny , all afghans know what im talking about xD

Автор salim rasa (17 дней)
hahaha very funny Video ... tnx boys

Автор Nawa Charla (1 месяц)
Hey thats make our mum awesome :D
I kind miss her nagging question everytime i not live in my parents house :D
And the way how she so strict XDXDXD

Автор Zuhra Hafizi (27 дней)

Автор Ahmad Zaki (2 месяца)
Khodayem yare tan che waqt clip haye jaded tan ra mendazain

Автор Zain Akhtar (2 месяца)
You copied zaidalit you could never beat them.why are you copying them
think of your own funny videos to make use your brain if you have one.

Автор Marwah Rehan (5 месяцев)
This is just like zaidalit 

Автор Sameer Bhatti (20 дней)
I have a feeling they are copying fouseytube like if you agree

Автор hina rocks (5 месяцев)
Oh DamN! SO TRUE 😂😂😂

Автор Neelab Tokhy (4 месяца)
Afghan parents are so stricked when your 24 they treat you like your 5.all
my friends can go places but me I can barlly make it to the backyard with
out my mom saying iam waching you by the way guys great video keep it up

Автор Aman Baloch (1 месяц)
full of entertainment.. mashallah love it.. plz make more video like

Автор Naqib Naderi (3 месяца)
you guys are funny as hell

Автор ★ merolelele ★ (1 месяц)
Ma afghan astum

Автор Zuhra Hafizi (27 дней)
I am ahfgan

Автор mohammed kawzar (5 месяцев)
ooof same in my home also

Автор Rahul Paul (3 месяца)
out standing

Автор Snsamibarech Snkhan (5 месяцев)
keep it up bros more videos

Автор fazila shirinzada (9 месяцев)
buahahah ..guyz this was hilarious :D ii loved it :D

Автор saad ali (4 месяца)
did you copy Zaidalit for some parts well great video 

Автор J0nesJR . (3 месяца)
Im pakistani and we carnt eat when guests come, have to wait till they

Автор Zora Pamiri (3 месяца)
Afghan people are this this lol 0-0

Автор Nadema Rahimi (4 месяца)
Do u have a facebook page. I hope to see u on FB 

Автор Restu Muhammad (3 месяца)
afghan moms is also happens in my country,,indonesia...hahaha..

Автор BEDILL (25 дней)

Автор Tiago Dias (4 месяца)
hahahaha so funny

Автор Neelab Tokhy (4 месяца)
Fell your pain

Автор ℙrℯciℴus ℛℴsℯ (7 месяцев)
Lol...This is so funny!

Автор Sahil Khan (6 месяцев)
what music is it in the beginning of the video?

Автор Ava Kowalski (1 месяц)
Some American things are not true

Автор Jalda S. (7 месяцев)
Hahahaha so true xD :)

Автор ABDULAZIZ KHAN (4 месяца)
Hahhah you are so awesom and funny and the vedio is so funny a kindda true
I just want keep looking vedios like these for ever keep them coming 

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