Afghan Mom VS American Mom

This video is made just for fun, No disrespect to any culture or parents! Hope you guys enjoy it and share it with family and friends. If you like this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos :) :)

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Автор Laiba Sheherbano ( назад)
Same like us 👍

Whats the song playing at the end ? I love it

Автор Liaba Khan ( назад)
the guest one is soooooo true😂😂

Автор bache adde ( назад)
Omg the soo true

Автор burn blade ( назад)
the hurt one Is only true if you do not lission to them

Автор Demetrios Arcolakis ( назад)
Greek moms are closer to the Afghan (except coming home late)

Автор Awesome World ( назад)
hahahah So Funny
brother's I'm Afghani
but It's True 😍😍😍😍

Автор afghan lovely ( назад)
Complete bullshit afghan mother are the top kind and respectable mother's
this video is totally bullshit and against mother's ,😧

Автор Police Milad Ahmadi ( назад)
Amazing and funny

Автор Marzia Alee ( назад)
afghan parents r always like this ....:D

Автор Hassaan khan ( назад)
i laughed to death

Автор Your Queen ( назад)
Omfg Ali u are the best instead of shukran and roshan :D

Автор GamerKid YT ( назад)
are u muslims i am muslim

Автор Aaron Rezai ( назад)
Big fan! Reply ko plz

Автор Hussein Attai ( назад)

Автор ManzilOfficial ( назад)
+ali amiri Hey ali as soon as I seen that I removed it someone on my phone
did it I am very sorry whoever did this I will check who did ok

Автор Ariub Khoschiwal ( назад)
That's so fucking true

Автор Ash Chal ( назад)
This video is the best it's hectic make more

Автор IboPlays ( назад)
Who in the comments are Afghan, and who are English?

Автор Gaming with Maruf ( назад)
i think afghan mother is better than american mother.our mother sometimes
gets serious and strict to us for ourselves

Автор Lunikzz YTB ( назад)
Cheka khoubesh boud

Автор mehrab ahmed ( назад)
It should be afghan vs white

Автор Afreen Sultan ( назад)
OMG!! so relatable. Except that I'm Desi but still my desi parents are like
Afghan parents

Автор INdoor Plants ( назад)
we have no freedom

Автор Ali Isapur ( назад)
فقط با این مسخره بازی ها روش تربیت شدنتانه نشان متین

Автор Nilana River ( назад)
the going out part is my mom😂😂I feel like fuvking spy

Автор Bint Noora ( назад)
Like Somali moms and Afghans are same

Автор Carrot Cake ( назад)
Somali mom are like this too omg my mom is always mad you never know when
she will snap and beat tf out of you lmaoo

Автор Crystal Artist ( назад)
afghani pashto is different from pakistanj afghani

Автор Elyas Hashemi ( назад)
بسیار جالب است برادر از خنده ماره

Автор jer yyy ( назад)
it's true😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😢😢😢

Автор Roman Habibi ( назад)
Roman Habib

Автор Epic girl123 ( назад)
I'm Afghan and this is so true

Автор Neha Satar ( назад)

Автор natasha Van Doren ( назад)
this is so funny... at least you didn't have an eccentric German mom! old

Автор Muhammad Hassan ( назад)
america american America's

Автор Muhammad Hassan ( назад)
fucking afghan mom dont hava any mercy with his child

Автор Legacy Gaming ( назад)
I'm afghan too I can understand lol

Автор Hafiz Pratama ( назад)
it's crazy hahaha 😁😁😁

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
1:00am what in the morning

Автор Mariah Proulx ( назад)

Автор Peri Alkuzay ( назад)
ot is soo good

Автор Humaira Ghazizadeh ( назад)
So accurate 😂

Автор Navid Kebabtallrik ( назад)
now do afghan girls vs american girls.... sikh!!! they are the same

Автор John Yes ( назад)
gut gemacht bin auch Afghaner sehr gut macht amerikanischen fertig😁😁😁

Автор The Unknown guy Lolol ( назад)
1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% my mum

Автор Marcoco ( назад)
Stay in your country aphgan

Автор Wahid Hazeem ( назад)
The person with the scarf whatever it is it's a boy not a girl

Автор Datuk Rajo ( назад)
why afghan considered as Asian in US Census ?? their genetic is much closer
to Russian than Chinese . 90% of them bring Y DNA R1a which Russian also
have . their language also related to other European language . They much
closer to British than they to Arabs .

Автор Bilac Cheddar ( назад)
.malay too

Автор FLAME STARGAMER ( назад)

Автор FLAME STARGAMER ( назад)

Автор Firmansjah Prasetyo ( назад)
american mom more good feeling ,afghan mom always does weird things

Автор GlassAOTU ( назад)
What does he say at 2:25???

Автор Umelkeyr Mohamud ( назад)

Автор Umelkeyr Mohamud ( назад)
They are so funnu

Автор Beyond The Limits ( назад)
and Pakistan

Автор Mahdiya Mohsin ( назад)
Are they from Afghanistan?

Автор MARJAM FOOTBALL GIRL Firouzadeh ( назад)
I'M from Afghanistan.

Автор afshan afshan ( назад)
Hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁

Автор Khidhr Mir ( назад)

Автор Izzy Lopez ( назад)
LOL! So true!!!

Автор Gloria Lavigne ( назад)
Persian moms are just the same . the one with the food being ready is spot
on smh

Автор Ceren Çelenk ( назад)
i think afghan and Turkish moms are same 😂

Автор Diana Rooz ( назад)
hahaha! DEAD!!! LOL

Автор Agustono Gentari ( назад)
ha..ha...ha.. so funny

Автор sear159 ( назад)
Song outro?

Автор ‫عليشا قطر‬‎ ( назад)

Автор Ken Kaneki ( назад)
im from afghanistan that really so xD

Автор TheMinecraftKiller ( назад)
It's da same

Автор TheMinecraftKiller ( назад)
Ur afghan I'm iran

Автор Naaz Jani ( назад)
Hahhahahah Tuba cheqa jalib

Автор BB G ( назад)

Автор BB G ( назад)
true story I'm afghan too

Автор LightningQuad ( назад)
The food is true my mum kills me

Автор MAS MAS GAMING ( назад)
Copy of Zahid Ali

Автор Bilalal Murtaza ( назад)
one thing is true that afghans never leave guests with a complain.

Автор Ayesha Mazhar ( назад)
where are you from

Автор Ahmed Alazab ( назад)
Afghan Mom and Egyptian Mom are same 😂😂😂😂

Автор Ghazala Khan ( назад)

Автор Sweet Honey ( назад)
Afghan mom's be like WHO speaks Germany?

Автор Fire Gamer ( назад)
I mean is

Автор Fire Gamer ( назад)
My mom id american so its the same thing too

Автор Tashfiq Shababs ( назад)
thx for english subtitiles

Автор Aara Afg ( назад)
Ahahaha OMG 😝

Автор MO shan ( назад)
You are the funniest afghan people

Автор Call of Duty Player ( назад)
my dad is american and my mom is afghan so i'm afghan-american and i'm 13
years old, so yeah...

Автор Adnan Amiry ( назад)

Автор Hanie Nawabi ( назад)
hahahahahahahahahaha 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Автор Hanie Nawabi ( назад)
hahahahahahahahahaha 😁😁😁😁😁😁

Автор kaina ali ( назад)

Автор Know your WORLD ( назад)
What do you want dear???

you want american society here.

Автор Cricket Matrix ( назад)
football sucks

Автор Muhammad Shuaib ( назад)
ډېري ښایسته تفریحي او پوهنیزي ویډیوګاني جوړوئ. بریا مو غواړو.
هیله ده پښتو برخي ته نوره هم توجه وکړئ. تاسي ښایسته او روانه پښتو وایاست
جوړ اوسئ

Автор Aliyu Lawal Majigiri ( назад)
If u want to skip school, mess with a Nigerian mom and u will rest in
hospital for a little while.

Автор zombkilla 772277 ( назад)
the part when the american mom and Afghan Mom talks about the scarfs and
the american mom says where is Afghanistan and i was like really nigga

Автор A Jaweed ( назад)
The Device Cannot Sub

Автор Layala M ( назад)

Автор Basir Pushtoon ( назад)
My mom gets a little annoying when my cousin comes over

Автор Basir Pushtoon ( назад)
Every single time my mom has gest and she put chocolate in the bolls and
all the children stills it and I'm one of them in only 9 years old and I
got some mentel cosines

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