Afghan Mom VS American Mom

This video is made just for fun, No disrespect to any culture or parents! Hope you guys enjoy it and share it with family and friends. Thank for watching!

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Автор TheMinecraftKiller ( назад)
It's da same

Автор TheMinecraftKiller ( назад)
Ur afghan I'm iran

Автор Naaz Jani ( назад)
Hahhahahah Tuba cheqa jalib

Автор ManzalGaming212 ( назад)
The song is called Afghan Pesharak, which means Afghan Boy.

Автор Vares Seddighi ( назад)

Автор Vares Seddighi ( назад)
true story I'm afghan too

Автор LightningQuad ( назад)
The food is true my mum kills me

Автор MAS MAS GAMING ( назад)
Copy of Zahid Ali

Автор Bilalal Murtaza ( назад)
one thing is true that afghans never leave guests with a complain.

Автор Ayesha Mazhar ( назад)
where are you from

Автор Ahmed Alazab ( назад)
Afghan Mom and Egyptian Mom are same 😂😂😂😂

Автор Ghazala Khan ( назад)

Автор Sweet Honey ( назад)
Afghan mom's be like WHO speaks Germany?

Автор Fire Gamer ( назад)
I mean is

Автор Fire Gamer ( назад)
My mom id american so its the same thing too

Автор Tashfiq Shababs ( назад)
thx for english subtitiles

Автор Aara Afg ( назад)
Ahahaha OMG 😝

Автор MO shan ( назад)
You are the funniest afghan people

Автор Call of Duty Player ( назад)
my dad is american and my mom is afghan so i'm afghan-american and i'm 13
years old, so yeah...

Автор Adnan Amiry ( назад)

Автор Hanie Nawabi ( назад)
hahahahahahahahahaha 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Автор Hanie Nawabi ( назад)
hahahahahahahahahaha 😁😁😁😁😁😁

Автор kaina ali ( назад)

Автор Know your WORLD ( назад)
What do you want dear???

you want american society here.

Автор Cricket Matrix ( назад)
football sucks

Автор Muhammad Shuaib ( назад)
ډېري ښایسته تفریحي او پوهنیزي ویډیوګاني جوړوئ. بریا مو غواړو.
هیله ده پښتو برخي ته نوره هم توجه وکړئ. تاسي ښایسته او روانه پښتو وایاست
جوړ اوسئ

Автор Aliyu Lawal Majigiri ( назад)
If u want to skip school, mess with a Nigerian mom and u will rest in
hospital for a little while.

Автор syed parwaan ( назад)
the part when the american mom and Afghan Mom talks about the scarfs and
the american mom says where is Afghanistan and i was like really nigga

Автор A Jaweed ( назад)
The Device Cannot Sub

Автор Layala Mac ( назад)

Автор Basir Pushtoon ( назад)
My mom gets a little annoying when my cousin comes over

Автор Basir Pushtoon ( назад)
Every single time my mom has gest and she put chocolate in the bolls and
all the children stills it and I'm one of them in only 9 years old and I
got some mentel cosines

Автор Basir Pushtoon ( назад)
I'm at afghan too and I am so subscribe too this Chanels

Автор Rashad masroor ( назад)
hahahahhahah 😂😂😂😂 az khanda mordom

Автор MiniAssassin ( назад)
same as iranian but not muslim AHAHAHA😂😀

Автор MrNehlam ( назад)
what is the song in the end of video??

Автор Noahdaboss YT ( назад)
Me too :)

Автор Masihullah Amin ( назад)
woww.. hahaha.. I can't stop loughing. you guys are so funny, keep it up

Автор Marwa Sadat ( назад)
hahaha so funny

Автор ich mit dir jolo ( назад)
bisiar chup but

Автор Neha Hafeez ( назад)
u guys are awsomeeeeee

Автор Ali Muhsini ( назад)

Автор Neaomy Claborne ( назад)
I can relate to this so much lol

Автор Naim Abdullah ( назад)
LOL! My Bangaly mom do the same! But i feel so warm to know that someone in
the world care so much about me

Автор Rusk Moyra ( назад)
i come from russia haha

Автор CRst4R ( назад)
Hahahahaha Very good video so fun to watch!!

Автор Camimizin Hoca Kedisi ( назад)
TOO. :D :D

Автор Mustafa Najami ( назад)
same as arab parents

Автор Asad Daud ( назад)
are you from afghanistan???

Автор devin feirce ( назад)
Why are Arabs so violent lol

Автор naveedalirehman naveedalirehman ( назад)
hahaha i love it !!! der kha!!! love from PAKISTAN!!!

Автор Fards Kraft ( назад)
This is so funny! I'm laughing out loud about this video.Part 4 please?

Автор khalid Atied ( назад)
u guys r the best

Автор EmperorGaming ( назад)
the Food and dry fruit one is so Damn true... I'm tired of this shit :D

Автор M.E.F Djell ( назад)
Ah you don't know how much i hate these pro american people humiliating
them selfs just to proove that americans are better.

American mom (are you kidding me ?) means :
no eductaion
do what ever you want i don't care (smoke drugs, film a porn, prostitution,
be pregnant .....etc.).
in the weekend she brings her boyfriend to pump her and all you hear is sex
screaming (i hope she wasn't filming a porn).
after 18 years old fuck you out the house.

you never talk of this type of American moms (hhhhhhhh). what a humiliated
people you are !, the god bless you but you bless the americans.
truly, i donn't know when you will have a dignity.

Автор Shanel Are ( назад)
Hahahahaha i was just laughing OMG😂😂😂😂😂👍🏼

Автор GhostACW ( назад)
My god this is so true... My afghan mom always does this...

Автор spergha afghani ( назад)
/'( ÷*=₩$"■♧♧\\,@5$*@^!^%&#?=4
^n.dhan mum thank you for bieng the same religion as me i love you💜

Автор Hamsa Mohebbi ( назад)
im afghan whats the name if this song

Автор sadiq Afghanmal ( назад)

Автор DR. Ameera ( назад)
same here in my country . but I kinda dislike the way we treat our child
here in my country .

Автор Ali-A Abbas ( назад)
its in farsi i understand it and enjoy it cause i know farsi

Автор Freba Naderimahmood ( назад)
i speak farsy

Автор Freba Naderimahmood ( назад)
i am afghan

Автор Shakil Hossain ( назад)
same here in bangladesh.....i think in whole asia

Автор Dzakwan Tiandy ( назад)
Hahaha! different! ههههههه!

Автор kuluku100 ( назад)
Afagani mom is same like African mom

Автор Lema Toryalae ( назад)
I can totally relate!!

Автор fandan20 ( назад)
im indonesian, but my mom is like this afghan mom, :'D

Автор Chancey snipes ( назад)
Im afghan and my life is the same

Автор Sajan Jusi ( назад)
An afghan is not complete. If He or She doesnt know both Farsi and pashto.
That's all we agree with

Автор Sima and Fatima toub ( назад)
افرین خیلی زیباست میتونید بیاید sima ebrahimi

Автор Rahma Ruun ( назад)
ahahah I'm somali and this is soo typical somali moms😂😂😂😢😂😂

Автор WisdomFall ( назад)
The second one is my childhood in a nutshell.

Автор Snake Zod ( назад)
Half of your episodes are copied by ZaidAliT

Автор Salar Saleh (8 лет назад)
hahaaha this really like my mom

Автор asif anwar arain ( назад)
listen at 4:18 they used urdu

Автор muhammed rayyan ( назад)
lol so true

Автор Maria moon (592 года назад)

Автор Maria moon (599 лет назад)

Автор My Smash Corner Corner ( назад)
That butterfly knife skill.

Автор hayatullah ullah ( назад)
Hahahahah walaka der prizdam hahhahaha

Автор Maro Ibrahim ( назад)
love you best video

Автор Aaminah Khan ( назад)
That foods ready one is alsomindian

Автор Paridhi Sharma ( назад)
this is hilarious!!:D

Автор Kashmala Rizwan Rizwan ( назад)
umm that good why does,nt people like👍it?relay me

Автор Aysha Khan ( назад)
I Love s r Bros

Автор Padme Lakshmi ( назад)
OMG. Fabulous!

Автор Ajay Mukhtar ( назад)
besyar khanda awar

Автор Sekai Edits ( назад)
this is scarily true

Автор Preity Daang ( назад)
Indian moms especially Punjabi moms r same :D.

Автор Kiara Arora ( назад)
The song😘😘 aryana saed✌️

Автор Mohammed Salah ( назад)
احلى لقطة حق الطلعة هههههههه
تحقيق الين ما بطل يطلع ههههههه

Автор Mohammed Salah ( назад)
good video
but I would like understand what afghan people do speak?

is that language بشتو ?
or فارسي ?
but I don't think so that is فارسي

Автор Hafsa Fathima ( назад)
I like this video it was really funny

Автор Sarah Hazimah ( назад)
How do I relate to all that when I'm Indonesian.. hahahaha

Автор Ken Rachmadi ( назад)
I'm Indonesian but THIS IS SO MY MOM! XD

Автор Awesome_gaming_ 24 ( назад)

Автор Danish Afzal ( назад)
u guys are 2 funny

Автор Faz John ( назад)
In Afghanistan there are 6 national, one Tajik. Pushton. Hazara. Uzbek.
Turkman. and Chines. Tajik is half German and Iranian. Pushton half josh
and Indian. Hazara Half Mongolian and chines . Uzbek half Mongolian and
chines. turkman have Mongolian and chines...there are %5 chines also in
Afghanistan. Tajik peoples speak, farsi. Pushton Speak Pushto. Hazara Speak
Farsi. Uzbak Speak Uzbeki . Turkman Speak Turkmani. And Chines Speak
Chines, Afghan Chines living in near border of china.

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