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Автор Hard Koar (1 месяц)
Lmao at shifting at 9rpm... Learn how to drive this beast.

Автор Doudoule1986 (1 год)
Sympa ton montage. Je m'attendais à une plus grande différence que ça, il
n'y a vraiment pas grand chose qui les sépare!

Автор TFiPW (9 месяцев)
lol that just means you'll be replacing apex seals more often. 

Автор nikosrx8cosmo13 (9 месяцев)
Oh yeah.....MAZDA RX8 COSMO 231 HP........TOP........

τι στοκ γραφει αυτος ο βλαχος αφου φωραει εξατμιση 

Автор Waylon Chen (1 год)
whats the big deal??

Автор Mal Peacock (1 год)
this is erm piss funny!
231 model stated as STOCK!
192 modified with XS turbo decat pipe, XS power exhaust, AEM cold air
intake theres
ps the 192 has the 9k limiter as standard!!! 231 10k limiter (as shown)

ps ja ju "do you own an RX8 as you've no clips available at all!!??!!!!

& I'm aiming again to the point as there different models & 1 is listed as

"kinda comparing a ferrari to a ford escort!!" pointless

Автор Warren Villegas (1 год)
9000 rpm RX-8? How come? :-O

Автор Mal Peacock (1 год)
I'm a current owner of an rx-8 & yeah I'm pondering the point of this clip,
but also to say!!!
why the hell are ppl trying to compare the rx-8 to a rx-7!!! theres no
comparison!! the 7's have & always will be considered in leagues with
higher performance/super cars as thatws what it was made to compete with!!
& "win!" the acceleration is excellent, handling is fantastic & the power
especially when modified is beyond any rx8!!
rx-8 are & always will be a short fall for mazda! made with alot of errors
as mazda rushed in getting the car out for sale! earlier models were sold
with tons off issues "hence the current trend on seeing thousands being
broken!" the power is very lacking its not a true sport car as the
acceleration can easily be compared to that of modern day ford focus's,
mondeo's, vw golfs etc!! the styling is very different & yes they stand out!
but where the rx-8 comes into its own is in the handling as thats fare
greater then many cars if not all in the same league as the rx-8!! mazda
shouldve gone for a supercharger or turbo option even triple rotor option
or even adding a conventional engine..

also another pointer! why the hell accelerate past 6-7000 rpm as the rotory
looses power after this point just like every piston engined car!! the clip
stated "stock!" sorry the rx8 in this clip isnt stock!! more ported/flowed
or some other engine work has been done.

Автор Warren Villegas (1 год)
As I analyze of shifting a gear is up to 5. All I know it's 6 geared.

Автор Mikel Lorenzo (1 год)
I have done 0-100 km/h in 6,99 seconds with my 192 stock rx8 and 0-140 in
13 seconds. Rx8`s stock aem intake is excellent and difficult to increse.
Turboxs exhaust may be gives you a litle, but only a litle Hp gain. 231
model is not a nissan gtr and the real difference is small between the two
models on stock too

Автор dgr8one21 (2 года)
Your not a true racer if all you do is straight lines, wow thats really fun
a 1/4 mile in 12sec or less oh yea i can see a real challenge in that. NOT

Автор TheMystificat0r (2 года)
And rx-8 is better handling that the rx-7. You dont know what you are
talking about... Just add an twin turbo to the rx-8 to beat the rx-7 IDIOT.

Автор Joe Laf (3 года)
My friend got a Civic Si 2012 and he is just a bit faster than the 231 and
he is completely stock . You have to be a fan of Mazda to buy a RX8! Its a
nice High Reving car, but not very fast....

Автор TheMystificat0r (2 года)
Did you ever drive a RX-8 in real life ?

Автор infrequentflyers (3 года)
I've done 143mph 232kph in my 231, I would think that 246kph would be
achievable, I was still accelerating.

Автор Erdinc Akay (2 года)
You, my friend, have never driven a Honda, thats for sure.

Автор ΠΑΥΛΟΣ - (3 года)
@TheSkullKid94 their horsepower output , the old rx-8 cosmo used to have
192hp(i think)

Автор corres78 (6 лет)
Hey :-) Watch the vid again. from 1st to 2nd is the same, and from 2nd to
3rd too, and from 3rd to 4th my shift is a little bit slower but earllier
:-) And i reach 100 kph with 0,4 sec faster, than he.

Автор Sorayan13 (3 года)
@mercedesdrifter16 Nah, in the 5 speed 192 hp RX8 you'll shift to 5th at
200, it'll do 230, depending on the weather and road you'll be doing more
or less. The more powerfull 231hp 6 speed will do 250(I Think, i have the
192hp, don't know for sure about the 231hp version.)

Автор roykioh (2 года)
Only Honda Civic R, Honda CRX Vtec(175HP)... but none om them was any
fun... The CRX was good on a straight way but there was a huge maintenance
problems... engine wasn't To healthy though but it was the tuners fault :)

Автор RonTaboga (3 года)
I am planning to buy one of the first used RX8s that came out. For me there
is no really noticable difference in Performance. Is there a difference in
fuel consumption between those two?

Автор beehoo5 (3 года)
@jolafreux420 the rx-8 is all about the handling not the power, it would
make that honda look silly on the track

Автор johnmarkac (4 года)
@corres78 2,1 with 200Km is 120-130 meters when the other car is at 0 Km!!!
The other car is on 196Km/h! lol....they have to be maximum 20
meters...when you are on 200KMh you make about 1Km in 18 seconds, that
means 2,1 sec= about 120 as you said. But that is when you run a
distance...the other car is also on a run (I hope you understood what I
said, even if my english level is poor)

Автор Alexander Seda (2 года)
now the brz turns better

Автор Mario sp (3 года)
lol the 192 cv was having MODS and was still slower than the 231

Автор Erdinc Akay (2 года)
Well, get the one that is the cheapest(more money to invest), has the
fewest rust and hasnt been crashed. And get to know, that you will change
with coilovers, different tyres etc. the whole ride. When you testdrive
them, check out how good maintained the car is and if there is something
you need to repair. The cornerability of a stock CRX is nowhere close to
its capabilities.

Автор Erdinc Akay (2 года)
Good luck then ;)

Автор RonTaboga (3 года)
@isays i am looking for a fairly cheap used sport coupe. You are right I am
more the cruiser and not the racer but from time to time i also like to
give it the shit to have fun. I like the look of the car and the 4 seats.
The prices here in Germany are also very low for used RX8s. (3000 EUR for
one with 60.000km on the clock) But to be honest, the last days i found out
there are many problems with the engine (youtube videos), flooding and
start problems :(

Автор RonTaboga (3 года)
@isays What do yo mean exactly by wind it out? Sorry english is not my
mother language and i don´t know the meaning of that expression :)

Автор isays (3 года)
@RonTaboga "wind it out" means to drive it to high-RPMs. there are more
practical and better looking cars for less money. RX8 doesn't accelerate
very well either. RX8s are good in the corners... but you have to drive the
car hard to take advantage of that. it doesn't sound like you're interested
in driving your car hard, so I was wondering what made you interested in
the RX8.

Автор Akis Kap (3 года)
@FuckTheLawNiggas im dying of laughs

Автор roykioh (2 года)
I'm not worried about the costs... The CRX(not the Del Sol) Is an old car,
so find a perfectly fine one is hard! Here in Sweden Cars tend to rust
alot... except Volvo's(but they are made here, built like a tank! with the
same handling to!) CRX are pretty cheap though, For a pretty nice one you
pay about 800 dollars for it :)

Автор ThePwnij (2 года)
The RX-8s handling is not impressive by any means. A current gen FD2 Type-R
will absolutely murder it on any track, thats a fact. Even the first gen
Type-R cars from the 90s would still edge the RX-8 out on a track. So yes,
the Si is actually a good benchmark to compare it to. Get over it, Mazda
has fucked up with the car. The RX-7 was so much better, it was in a
different league. The Spirit R was the only japanese car that could give
the '02 NSX-R a run for its money on a track.

Автор rotarypsi (2 года)
238 hp from 79 cubic inches *2 thumbs up*

Автор Alexander Seda (2 года)
its pretty much the same but mazda lowered the redline for auto trans

Автор LauriBallak (2 года)
350Z's are so ugly that you wont notice which is uglier, you riffraff :)

Автор karkass4 (5 лет)
come on! they are NOT that brilliant. 10 yrs old Integra DC2 190 KM or even
Civic 1.8 Vti could EASILY stand up or beat the weaker model

Автор isays (3 года)
@RonTaboga no problem. I drive a 2004 RX8 GT myself with 65,000km on it,
and I love it. I just don't think its what you'd want :p The engine in the
RX8 isn't as reliable as in the S2000 or 350Z, but its still pretty good.
in 03/04, there were some engine failures, but that doesn't happen much
anymore. the 350Z only has 2 seats, but it is very sexy and has a lot of
power. don't know what the prices used are there. Hyundai genesis and ford
mustang, unless brand reputation is important

Автор munturo (6 лет)
is the 231 modded? cos the 192 that can be heard at the very least has an
exhaust system which will give 8 ish bhp wich then defeets the point of
this vid, iv been down to mazda and had a test drive in both, an the 192
seemed to hav a better low down pull and impressed me but the 231 was an
animal past 7000rpm and seemed to have lots of speed in each gear so i find
this hard to belive that there is such little differance bettween them.

Автор boyum (2 года)
The rx-8 has the least horse power out of any car I’ve owned, but its hands
down the funniest and best handing car I’ve ever had the pleasure of
driving. Past cars were s14 sil40, z32 fairlady TT, r32 gt-r, g35 s, E46
M3, now 08 rx-8 type-s

Автор derbigpr500 (3 года)
@RX8PHILRX8 Or maybe the microphone on the mobile phone is as shitty as the
camera, so it sounds very rough?

Автор bludika (2 года)
lol yea i know, it's so annoying to see these morons saying "my ____ has
more power, and more torque" and shit, who da fuck cares? 99% of morons
driving these cars with "more power and torque" probably don't even drive
on tracks or some shit, or even know how to change the oil in their cars,
probably only know how to floor the pedal on the free way, big fucking
deal. Besides, FF cars are worthless even with more power, only suitable
for rice rocket fags lol

Автор x3D (1 год)
I totally agree with you. The RX-8 shits all over the RX-7. I see we both
have pictures of RX-8s too.

Автор alamos8 (3 года)
Are the 0-100km/h times so close, really? In the vid the difference was
almost unmeasurable. May be that the mods on the 192 could have uppen its
power to 200 bhp or even slightly more, let's say 205 bhp? And it is known
tha 912 is slightly moretoruey, so I suppose both things contribute to a
virtually equal 0-100 and very very similar 0-160.

Автор isays (3 года)
@RonTaboga the high power one will eat more gas, above ~4250 it opens up
another intake port and injects more fuel. at low RPMs they should be the
same. both are pretty bad. I've never driven a low-power variant, but i
think that the limiter is set lower. You might want to find out. in this
video the low-power car had aftermarket mods, so it may have been chipped
to allow it to rev up higher. why RX8, if you don't mind me asking? doesn't
sound like you want to wind it out.

Автор Lideone (4 года)
I've done 246kph with my Revolution!

Автор The Predator (2 года)
There's a few 192 cars floating around with the greddy kit making about
240-250 bhp with a basic tune.

Автор corres78 (6 лет)
Hey dude! You have stolen my vid ;-)

Автор Erdinc Akay (2 года)
Well, its the same here in germany, but there is still a difference between
a Crx, that falls apart and a Crx that has just some rust on the rearwheel

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