Plasma Spark Plugs

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The Nexus plasma arc generator.
The inventor in this video will take you through some of the equipment and process that produces a plasma firing spark, the effects and results of this type of system are known to increase horsepower, fuel mileage, and cut carbon emissions, by introducing hydrogen and oxygen from water this system possibly can be tuned to a zero fossil fuel consumption emission vehicle.
Plans are at this link below.

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Автор bikr1975 (7 месяцев)
just curious if anyone knows if the old KML coil setup could work with
lower voltage like on 50cc moped engines? soo many attempts soo many
variations and zero success. can you please tell me how to make a simple
home made ignition booster? I figure you are quite knowledgeable with
electricity. please help me. thanks for your time.

Автор joe williams (4 года)
What is his website to get the pdf

Автор aerowerks (3 года)
Slight problem, this has been done already by Adrenaline Research Smartfire
and is patented. Another problem is that the spark plugs don't last.

Автор futurehelp (4 года)
its called an igniter we used them to start jet engines

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