Plasma Spark Plugs

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The Nexus plasma arc generator.
The inventor in this video will take you through some of the equipment and process that produces a plasma firing spark, the effects and results of this type of system are known to increase horsepower, fuel mileage, and cut carbon emissions, by introducing hydrogen and oxygen from water this system possibly can be tuned to a zero fossil fuel consumption emission vehicle.
Plans are at this link below.

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Автор David Lisney ( назад)
Although I don't subscribe to some of the ideas here I built a "plasma"
ignition using a tv line output transformer and a simple 2N3055 oscillator
circuit. I retained the thermionic rectifier in a similar way to a tv. Mine
was built for a different but related purpose.....

Автор David Stewart ( назад)
can't hear.

Автор frosty ( назад)
Slight problem, this has been done already by Adrenaline Research Smartfire
and is patented. Another problem is that the spark plugs don't last.

Автор Your AveRage Joe ( назад)
What is his website to get the pdf

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