Mirage - Pharaonic Odyssey - Bellydance

Finale of the Midnight Mirage show, 23 October 2010, choreography by Anuka. This is a modern bellydance entrance piece ("Pharaonic Odyssey" by Paul Dinletir) with Isis wings and veils. The music is available on this cd: http://www.jillinashop.com/workout-cd.html. Visit us at More at http://www.anukadance.net, https://www.facebook.com/anukabellydance, and http://www.miragebellydance.ca.

Filmed by Digital Footprint.

Просмотров: 74426
Длительность: 5:1
Комментарии: 15

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Автор Екатерина Кошко ( назад)

Автор Isis Marie (nekoisis13) ( назад)
love the it 

Автор xxMyztikxx ( назад)
VERY NICE! do u by any change know what this songs means??? I am doing a
project on this song. And I cant find a description to this song anywhere!

Автор anukadance ( назад)
Hi Starfire - they are gold Egyptian fringe costumes with a variety of blue
or teal circle skirts. Basic but pretty. :-)

Автор Don Hinton ( назад)
Love the choreography! Who designed those costumes? They're very flattering
and elegant. :)

Автор Majlha Mayali ( назад)
muy buenoo!!! :)

Автор EternalBellyDance ( назад)

Автор anukadance ( назад)
Hi Jazzy1586! It's Pharaonic Odyssey by Paul Dinletir. 

Автор jazmine sanchez ( назад)
Amazing what's the name of these song!

Автор anukadance ( назад)
@miscynical Thank you! I actually made these costumes for us, but you can
find a similar skirt style if you look for costumes called "Desert Swirls".
They have more beading and they don't have the fabric drape over the slit,
but you can add a quarter circle of chiffon over the slit for a similar

Автор Thaisa Yamasaki ( назад)
I love wings of Isis ... so beautiful 

Автор kungfubellydancer ( назад)
Beautiful coloratoin and choreography; my one concern is that it seems some
of the girls spinning were a little disoriented and fell out of sync.

Автор SeddieCrazyChick5 ( назад)
it's perfect music for bellydancing!

Автор Clinton John Leon ( назад)
Just stunning! Wings of Isis are hypnotically alluring, transitions are
great, presence of the performers is bold with controled sensuality. So
good in HD!

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