The CBC NEWS | 2016 U.S. Election Special

Coverage begins at 5 p.m. ET and goes until the concession and victory speeches have been delivered
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Автор Omniscient 1 ( назад)
How does this even qualify as journalism? Good God, the panel are all
extreme left. Are there conservatives in Canada?

Автор kronos24 ( назад)
i know it was late,but its never too late to see the liberals media feeling
the pain.

Автор MarkSamuelson ( назад)
...great moment for our country....

Автор Chris M ( назад)
The coverage from the CBC was atrocious. They described Trump as being
"maniacal" and even mocked him as having "small hands" (something that is a
myth). This was unbelievably partisan to the core. The CBC should be

Автор aucourant ( назад)
Jesus I thought the BBC was out of touch, but the people on this channel
are living in an alternate universe. It's crazy listening to their biased,
inaccurate, bigoted Loony Left viewpoints. Poor old Canada if this is how
most people think.

Автор lakerfan198126 ( назад)
These Canadian "journalists" are extremely biased. Clinton supporters all
the way. Canadian Ashleigh is a well-known liberal at CNN. The token
"conservative" is a Clinton supporter too. This is too much. Canadian

Автор lakerfan198126 ( назад)
Oh my god, is there a pretense of objectivity? Or is this channel (CBC)
openly left wing and anti-Trump? As an American, I would really like to

Автор Victoria Johnson ( назад)
Is this extreme liberal bias the norm in Canada today? If so, I guess they
will welcome all of the ex-Americans who want to move there. A few more
migrants shouldn't make any difference.

Автор Dr Iggy shinbone ( назад)
I've watched all the election night coverages, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC,
Fusion, Young Turks....the verbal sewer I saw on this coverage managed to
even surpass The Young Turks. The black dyke, Bush's neocon anti trumper,
and the cnn witch were so vile that it is hard to treat them with any

Автор Jemal McQuiller ( назад)
Liberal Tears

Автор Matthew Hall ( назад)
"last stand"? It has much longer to go but just saying that endlessly won't
achieve anything politically.

Автор Sho Nuff ( назад)
Man, you gotta wonder how some people get to the position they are in. That
black chick is not very intelligent.

Автор John Alan Elson ( назад)
There is a lot of bigotry on the part of the panelists. For example, on
several occasions they referred to American's without college degrees as
"uneducated". That is both inaccurate and a pejorative. It takes 12 years
to get a high school diploma, only 2 more are needed to get an Associate's
degree, only 4 more to get a bachelor's degree. 12 years of education could
hardly be considered zero!

Although I do have a college degree myself, I find this highly offensive!
Where did they go to school to get the idea that 12=0? What they are saying
is not only wrong, it is deliberately wrong and offensive. Literate people
with a highschool diploma are *not* "uneducated"!

Автор Julia68yt ( назад)
6:41:00 faces. priceless

Автор Julia68yt ( назад)
2:07:00 predicting how Hillary willbehave... yet still pinning it on Trump
at this point. Delusional projection.

Автор Julia68yt ( назад)
Only 5 minutes in and they're already masturbating to how Trump won't
concede .... LOL
You deserve everything that came to you.

Автор CENTRAL ILLINOIS AVENGERS Football Team ( назад)
Someone want to remind the projecting democrats on here that the Democrats
are the party of slavery. Jim Crow, segregation etc. The Republicans ended
all of that.

Автор J C ( назад)
Wow CBC is such a Liberal Biased news media... There is NO real American
Conservative representation at all!!!! Liberals trying to explain
Conservatives positions is utterly Full of Crap

Автор Cynthia Jackson ( назад)
mainstream media, can you hear us now?

Автор Jaromir Lee ( назад)
9:40:30 The black woman gets triggered when they zoom in on black Trump

Автор Victor Rowe ( назад)
Wow, and I thought CNN and ABC were biased. These people are a piece of
work, which makes Trump's win all the more sweeter. Do people in Canada
actually watch such garbage networks as this? Really? I guess that explains
why so many in the U.S. have never heard of you.

Автор den-den smith ( назад)
you guys should be fired and tried for treason...news is supposed to be
fair....what a disgrace to canada...look at the dislikes

Автор bill Smyth ( назад)
WOW lol This is one of the worst biased election coverages ever. Those
effin pundits need a kick up their asse.

Автор Maximum Borkdrive ( назад)
I went from the 3 hour mark, they were so unbelievably happy then then to 8
hours 5 minutes lol they're freaking out!

Автор omelveny45 ( назад)
Is this journalism or a campaign round table among liberals, who blame
Clinton's defeat on white racism? Objective journalism and reasoning have
gone by the wayside.

Автор omelveny45 ( назад)
Gee. I wonder which candidate the CBC was rooting for? Certainly, it wasn't
for Trump.

Автор Jonathan Shaw ( назад)
Notice how they kept saying Trump won uneducated whites in a big way? Then
notice no pundit has ever said Hillary won a gigantic portion of uneducated
black people. Hypocrites! Almost all of them. Yours truly,
Deplorable from Tennessee

Автор Jonathan Shaw ( назад)
Looking at this now is amazing. Constantly saying what a popular president
Obama is according to the polls. If these polls are consistent then it
tells me Obama is far from being a popular president.

Автор BestAnimeFanservice ( назад)
9:40:42 the picture of the black guys cheering Trump and her comment says a
thousand words.

Автор matt jump ( назад)
CBC would it have killed you to not post a picture of Hillary from 2008
when updating electoral college head to head.

Автор Dan Nickels ( назад)
Hello.....? We have a what's called a constitution in the US. It's actually
"law". Not just suggested rules. When our presidents and others elected
officials dont follow it and appoint AGs and others that wont enforce laws
passed, they are law breakers themselves. Many believe Hillary would go
down that path to. She has come with a seemingly never-ending train of
scandal. A voice for law, working for all law abiding citizens and voice
for things in government neglected for years is part of the reason many
people voted for Trump. Plus even with his bad past, over the last five
years he has shown himself to be a changed man in many areas. This actually
is a good thing. And I dont think it's accurate to base who he is on the
past only and to take certain statements out of context which is what so
many in the news and other places have done.

Автор TwoCam Sam ( назад)
America has dodge a bullet....

Автор Ivy Hawks ( назад)
Hope they play this back and listen to themselves. This was a Trump roast.
Very unprofessional. Then they don't understand why we Trump supporters
dislike the biased media.

Автор 19frozen82 ( назад)
What a bunch of pathetic self-righteous cucks.

Автор Jaymarc Lagtu ( назад)

Автор pe in ( назад)
Even for the terrible MSM in the US, this coverage was terrible and the
hosts were dull and low energy...

Автор Vlogo Sphere ( назад)
merry christmas everyone! I hope u all have a GREAT christmas!From a very
small youtuber whos dream is to reach 1000 subscribers on youtube!

Автор colin moore ( назад)
christ they are even playing hilary adverts hahaha

Автор Rhaegar Targaryen ( назад)
I never realized how leftist Canada had become, it used to be a lovely
place. Seems like just another Taxachusetts hellhole importing tens of
thousands of "refugees" who have a worldview which advocates killing gays
and enslaving women.

Автор Jed Shamp ( назад)
I take it that this is CBS Canada? This is the most obnoxious media I have
ever watched about the election night, far worst than CNN, NBC, PBS, ABC,
or BBC. Maybe those celebrities should move to Canada.

Автор John H ( назад)
Oh god that black lady is awful. Plus every other commentator is
anti-Trump. No balance, no semblance of neutrality or a diversity of
viewpoints, just a bunch of anti-Trump alarmists trying to thought-control
Canadians. No wonder CBC is a massive money-loser. If the Canadian
government pulled funding, CBC would collapse within a few months.

Автор RICHARD SRNKA ( назад)
LOL. Liberals don't lose well do they?

Автор RICHARD SRNKA ( назад)
Trump won because Americans are sick and tired of the PC culture.

Автор Sam Chaiton ( назад)
I have to laugh at these taxpayer funded biased lefties. Look at analyst
Keith Boag "who has covered so many elections" according to the host. Start
at 3:19:35 before the results where he is so lively and talks about how
Trump humiliated Marco Rubio in his home state of Florida and smiles when
saying that it will be "entertaining" when the reverse happens. Then go to
8:36:20 where he has to analyse the bad news and he literally
appears almost in tears and seems to only be able to force a few words of
analysis out.


Автор white deion ( назад)
this is unbelievably biased. it makes msnbc look like trump cheerleaders.

Автор Reggie von Zugbach ( назад)
Trump won clearly. Now he should insist on voter ID and killing off
affirmative action.

Автор Joffrey Baratheon ( назад)
Why must Canada be so cucked, We need a Canadian Trump to be our Prime

Автор tom thumb ( назад)
I love watching this now. Wow the Canucks sure were bias. I like the part
early on about whether Trump supporters will riot when he loses.

Автор Sun Shine ( назад)

Автор Jo Penny ( назад)
Canuck wuss PM....hope Trump ignores him for the next 8 years. And the
biased liberals on this panel are laughable.
News for all you clowns up north......America's economic success is
Canada's business success. And the rest of the western world should sigh in
relief that America is, once again, capable of saving them from

Oh, and don't worry....none of those Hollywood hypocrites will be moving to

Автор Jaymarc Lagtu ( назад)
Go Trump

Автор Jaymarc Lagtu ( назад)
Clinton 218|Trump 280

Автор move over ( назад)
Trump is a danger for peace, for democracy, for justice, for tolerance, and
for truth.

Автор Peter Anderson ( назад)
I think this was put on to keep Americans from moving to Canada.

Автор zz zz ( назад)

Автор John Walter ( назад)
We won you liberal media shills.

Автор rich hay ( назад)
They stopped calling states when it was obvious Trump would win. He was
giving his acceptance speech when they had him at 244 votes. All of a
sudden it jumped to 279. Love the bias that was exposed.

Автор rich hay ( назад)
The black woman does not hide her racism and Anti-Americanism well at all.
Now we have a true America loving President that will not bow to every tin
horn woman hating dictator in the world. America First. You have to love
that. We are a country of citizen's not immigrants. The President must
protect his citizen's not illegals.

Автор nfwlpw ( назад)
LOL at how smug they were at the start.

Автор martjek ( назад)
I skipped around and watched for a few minutes every time..Was there ANYONE
in this show who was not anti-trump?

Автор J.R.R. Lewis ( назад)
Regardless of what two of the propagandists on the panel said, stop and
frisk was ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court decades ago and has
never been overturned. A lower court ruled that the way NYC used stop and
frisk was unconstitutional, but the policy itself is and has always been
constitutional. The woman panelist was also ranting about Giuliani locking
up black and brown men, but she failed to note that literally thousands of
black and brown men's lives were saved by the drastic drop in the murder
rate during his term in office when he started cracking down on crime.

Автор J.R.R. Lewis ( назад)
Many of the commentators in this coverage take pushing propaganda to
extraordinary levels. The problem with their Trump hatred and spin is that
they are so very obvious with their biases, distortions of facts, and
partisanship that they lose all credibility. They should at least pretend
to be somewhat objective thinkers and observers. Of course, it says a great
deal about those at the CBC that they think it acceptable for a "news"
organization to be so one-sided.

Naturally, these leftists (and the token neo-con) probably resent and look
down on anyone questioning of their nonsense, because one would imagine
they actually believe their own heavily distorted propaganda.

Автор Ervin K ( назад)
I've watched all the election livestreams on Youtube. HILARIOUS

Автор m lily ( назад)
I tried to watch this but, its just way too sickening .. unbelievable the
stuff these people believe and their unstoppable hypocrisy.

Автор WillyTheComposer ( назад)
1:42 the moment I realized this was a Canadian news broadcast

Автор Amanda D ( назад)
I was extremely disappointed to not be able to find MSNBC's election
broadcast on YouTube, but this has made my day. This channel is so
blatantly biased in its reporting that it makes MSNBC look like an
alt-right circle jerk. This was absolutely hilarious to watch. 10/10 for
entertainment value. Highly recommended.

Автор melchor atutubo ( назад)
the correspondent at the trump site is just a miserable prick..

Автор smb123211 ( назад)
An unknowing observer would assume this was broadcast from Hillary
headquarters. The "hosts" do not even bother to disguise their bias since,
of course, the only correct vote is for HC. They are truly mystified - more
evidence of their utter insularity. Hey, get out in the real world, turn
off NPR and MSNBC and actually talk to real people.

Автор Christopher phillips ( назад)
i'm watching this now for the 3rd time since the election. i just never get
tired of watching these liberals in pain. They really had no idea what was
going on in the country. it's just amazing. their heads were definantly in
the sand, along with the rest of the liberal media. Just one word can sum
up all of the results of this election....Obama. People just had all they
could stand and stood up as one and said ENOUGH!! I was one of them

Автор Raymond Michael ( назад)
CBC. Cucks Blowing Cucks.

Автор B7Scorpio ( назад)
8:04:25 - "A year ago it was a rainbow... and now there are people climbing

Автор F Dannn ( назад)
Trump is the best thing for the US, Hillary would have been more social
justice warrior and blatantly sexist feminist garbage that further attacks
the rights and liberties of the white male in North America..currently the
most oppressed demographic in western society.

Автор Jack Backenahut ( назад)
Danielle Moody Mills is the perfect example of a whining liberal poltroon.
A crybaby who does nothing but pule like a simpering buffoon when her
immoral and disgusting politics are devastatingly repudiated. The infantile
outbursts by this sycophantic Hillary Clinton boot-licker, when her
criminal didn't get elected, perfectly outline her infantile and cowardly

Автор Dennis King ( назад)
CBC = Clinton broadcasting corporation. CBC you suck as much as cnn. I hope
the government cuts off your funding Bye bye.

Автор B7Scorpio ( назад)
The tantrums begin at about 4:13:00

Автор falconwings1982 ( назад)
"Bernie bros" is a completely mythical concept. Too simplistic & lazy a
concept for people who care too little for nuance and depth.

Автор Patricktomlinson Tomlinson ( назад)
I am 57 years old, and I can remember when they actually reported
elections. This is nothing but a full on, leftist, op-ed page. They sit
there, and call everyone who voted Trump racists and bigots. No one there
to give an opposing view. Trump people are not bigots, they are tired of
being lied to by politicians. I remember in the 80s, they passed a huge
immigration reform bill. They granted MILLIONS of illegals amnesty, and in
return they said they would get the border under control, build a new fence
system, for which they appropriate a few BILLION dollars, but never built a
foot of fence. Now here we are 30 years later, and THIS time they want to
grant amnesty to around 20 MILLION illegals. And we are called bigots
because we complain! Unbelievable!!!

Автор Emer Kehoe ( назад)
Dishonest CBC deleting posts! LIARS AND SCAMMERS!

Автор Lana ODonoghue ( назад)
CBC are deleting comments folks, no surprise since we all see how biased
this shameless shithow was!

Автор Luis CS ( назад)
Best intro videos 3d and lowerthirds with 4k resolution (3840 x 2160), you
can only download here:
All these are useful for tv editors.

Автор Eckeles Tennessee ( назад)
The militant negro lesbian should be evaluated for a potential psychiatric
hold! She is the most delusional and frightening liberal snowflake on that
panel and is clearly in need of a padded room!

I praise God and the lord Jesus Christ for Donald Trump! Make America great
and first again!

Автор John Davis ( назад)
next step, get rid of Trudeau and make Canada great again.

Автор John Davis ( назад)
wow the Cbc was so sad Hillary lost. I can hear it in their voices.

Автор Bill67J ( назад)
Everyone, and I mean everyone in this video was clueless. These so called
journalist never thought of who the voters were and instead of listened to
themselves. Reporters in Canada were no better than the U.S. Shameful
display of media bias by the CBC. Shameful. To have someone on your panel
call millions of people raciest, shameful and CBC should be taken off the

Автор Jj Ts ( назад)
the 2nd host the male one... is so boring! making me fallasleep

Автор TV 단데기 ( назад)
I like U.S!!!!♡♡

Автор SleepyCreek ( назад)
This is hilarious! ;)

Автор greatsea ( назад)
Man that black girl was not happy

Автор BrandonFlorida ( назад)
They put on an excellent program, but I've never seen a news show with less
pretense of objectivity. Did they have even a token conservative or even
neutral commentator?

Автор Massimiliano Bordignon ( назад)
Three years lived in Canada were enough. Happy to leave that gang of
hypocrites and moralists 'pinkos'...

Автор Christopher phillips ( назад)
so funny to see these liberals squirming. awesome!

Автор sgtmattkind ( назад)
a table full of cucks and bitching women, go find your safe spots!

Автор william schieber ( назад)
Yeah all you NITWITS thought Trump would bash the
media..hahahahahahahahahahaha He Has CLASS

Автор Andrew Rodriguez ( назад)
Oh Canada, poor, poor Canada you've lost it haven't you.

Автор Jay Winter ( назад)
I would have liked to see her make her arguments without having to make
everything about race.

Автор william schieber ( назад)
you lost get over it

Автор pyrotechnic5254 ( назад)
Some wag said it right, "The Democrats took Trump literally but not
seriously, Trump supporters took him seriously but not literally." Best one
sentence summary I've heard.

Автор Lisa Olka ( назад)
f u cher and all you elites

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