B-52 Taxi And Takeoff (2012)

Video by Airman 1st Class Antonio Gonzalez 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs
A B-52 taxi and take off at Barksdale Air Force Base, La. Produced by Airman 1st Class Antonio Gonzalez.

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Автор Clarke Johnston ( назад)
Awesome. Worked with the BUFF at Fairchild AFB/SAC back in the day. The
B-52 needs a long runway. Standing behind a blast shield at start-up was

Автор deadboy600 ( назад)
Hopefully this bad bird is dropping hate on ISIS.

Автор John Seigal ( назад)
Proudly served 20 years. LOVE the B52 & KC-135. Still miss the SAC!!!! My
first duty assignment (after KAFB, MS Tech school) was 2 AMS. My first shop
cheif (airborne communications) 328X0, MSgt William A Ball. A true USAF
leader. 1980-1982

Автор Moe Moe ( назад)
I need to borrow that plane I want to do some loop de loops

Автор gorp27 ( назад)
Do the front set of wheels steer or are they castors? Beautiful machine.

Автор Carl Smith ( назад)
Looking for Navigators who trained at Mather AFB:

Автор ram ramon ( назад)
i seen b52 with 32 engine

Автор Mathias Larsen ( назад)
I wonder why all of those older jet planes makes such a shrieking noise? Is
it because of the low bypass?

Автор James Stephenson ( назад)
Beautiful Bird :-) x

Автор usaalways ( назад)
1 reason why we enjoy the freedoms we do in the USA? It's this gorgeous
aircraft! God bless the B-52 and all the men and women who take part in all
stages of this plane.

Автор Vladislav Tamashevska ( назад)
B1, B2, B52 world gone in a few minutes

Автор journeystarr ( назад)
My favorite war plane

Автор TheSirjohn2012 ( назад)
BarksDale AFB is where the first Iraqi missions took place at and on
1/17/91 it all began with the often seen of MITO.

Автор TheSirjohn2012 ( назад)
Those jet engines are ear deafening if you get too close and the sound of
them is so sweet just hearing them.

Автор ONLY1FLYFLAME ( назад)
Hey guys whats up here's a shout-out to the guy that makes videos on this
channel! if you got the spare time to laugh you should visit my channel
peace and keep on BURNING!!!
you see this right here that's a my CHANNEL ->

Автор Vinny V ( назад)
Honestly, these should be used as commercial planes for civilians once they

Автор Iranis nottheproblem ( назад)

Автор Charles Barnes ( назад)
do you know being british and of a certain age i am still in awe of this
beautiful bomber. if she was human she would be a princces

Автор Fleur Black ( назад)
ugly but beautiful! the guys who built these planes should be proud!

Автор Jaden Santiago ( назад)
Living in wichita now :D

Автор newtubeusername ( назад)
the tail letters changed between BD and LA, between takes, 2 diff planes

Автор アリスシン ( назад)

Автор Kyle Flake ( назад)
dont talk shit on the air force 

Автор Jake ( назад)
so sexy

Автор usaalways ( назад)
That is just too awesome! 

Автор AV8R ( назад)
Oh you did? So I assume you're familiar with how little the USAF goes out
of their way to conserve fuel. I have no problem wth the military or
anything, I just think that they could easily cut down their costs quite a
bit with a few changes. Chill, I wrote that a year ago and I wasn't trying
to start a fight. Why were you reading year-old comments anyway?

Автор jrftworth ( назад)
Damn right, thats what keeps you free, and gives you the ability to say
something boneheaded like that. Freedom isn't free jackass. I bet you never
served in the military. I did and worked around these four 4 years and did
another 12 years working around other aircraft. You don't like it, go to
Iran or Afghanistan !!!!!

Автор jrftworth ( назад)
it's called a spoiler

Автор jrftworth ( назад)
Grissom didn't have B-52'S based there, back in the day it was B-47's and

Автор jrftworth ( назад)
think you're right Howard, Grissom never had buff's based there

Автор jrftworth ( назад)
These are H models, last version built 

Автор jrftworth ( назад)
initial design was created in 1950 or so, but the birds in this video are H
models and they were not built till 1960 and last one rolled off the
assembly line in 1962 in Wichita KS 

Автор jrftworth ( назад)
No, just overall gray paint

Автор jrftworth ( назад)
actually the G model did see action in Vietnam, they deployed to Guam
alongside with the D models

Автор jrftworth ( назад)
one of these birds 60-0003 was based at Carswell AFB 7Th Bomb Wing (TX) in
the late 80's when I was stationed there. It was transferred to to
Barksdale AFB LA (2nd Bomb Wing) when Carswell closed in 1992. I miss
working on the flightline seeing these babies taxi by and smelling the
exhaust of burt JP-4 fuel (now use JP-8) 

Автор usaalways ( назад)
This is so incredible. I really hope one day I can witness one takeoff(in
peacetime of course) I really hope to live what kind of technology can
replace this. As of now God bless these pilots as they are engineering the
most powerful, most deterrent bomber known to this American! Keep America
in the skies!

Автор artiejump ( назад)
Bet the US captured some nazi engineers, which made a plane. German
engineering ftw.

Автор Rottweilermaster27 ( назад)
Are these painted with RAM?

Автор Roger Whitaker ( назад)
These planes never saw duty in 'nam. They are H models. The G's and H's
stayed in the states.

Автор George Parker ( назад)
Hard to believe it was 50 yrs.ago that I worked on the BAFB flight line
recovering, towing (loved driving the big "yuke", fueling and servicing
these planes with liquid oxygen. Joined the base Aero Club and flew above
them watching them take off during the downwind leg of my landing pattern.
In the hot summer it was neat to stand under the wings of a plane that had
just landed...the fuel in the wings was cold and cooled the air under it.

Автор broomsterm ( назад)
Translation: These planes dropped many bombs on the Vietnamese. Well, we
tried to drop them only on the bad guys...but shit happens.

Автор Kindaclear ( назад)
like how they turned the volume down to show its not a screaming banshee 

Автор Can Phan ( назад)
this was killed vietnamese people by american people

Автор Greg Miller ( назад)
185 feet of wing which translates to over 4,000 square feet of under wing
area. The B-52 can fly with over 500,000 lbs on board. and as of October
26th 2012 the youngest B-52 H will be 50 years old. Greg-Phoenix

Автор j allen Bradley ( назад)
I was born on Barksdale AFB. Grandaddy flew one of these

Автор firedrap ( назад)
what is this version?

Автор ken sheldon ( назад)
@0frets0and0picks What a cool story. You are so right in that it likely
wouldn't happen these days. Damn shame for young kids today. 

Автор ferd fernan ( назад)
I worked on these old "H" models in Minot AFB ND back in the mid 60s. They
were new then, painted white and silver with Hound Dog missles hanging off
the pylons. The Cold War was on and the northern tier states had hundreds
of these stationed there just in case Russia made a surprise attack on the
U.S. The aircraft in this video (balls 3) was stationed at Minot, we had
Balls 1,2, and 3....glad to see she's still flying..... 

Автор APV878 ( назад)
@0frets0and0picks That is so cool the MP took you on a tour instead of
being an authoritative jerk. That's the way to do it!

Автор faatkaapel ( назад)
пизда рулю!

Автор mohammedschannel ( назад)
ahhh...the plane sound. i jus wanna sit in one now

Автор Badeye Bill ( назад)
@zhorikchg That would be the spoiler it also acts as an airbrake it is a
primary flight control(Badeye Bill B52H CC from 78-95)

Автор GaryGSF ( назад)
a monster !! nuff said 

Автор Sean Hamada ( назад)
wow it has a massive wingspan

Автор AV8R ( назад)
3:27 wow! look at all that tax payer's money flowing into the air :P

Автор menacetosociety84 ( назад)
what a looooooooong ass groundroll even with this flaps setting!!!!

Автор gdwriter ( назад)
My Dad spent most of his 28-year USAF career as a B-52 crew chief. Although
stationed at Dyess AFB, TX, he did numerous TDYs in Guam during Vietnam,
including the famous Linebacker II campaign in December, 1972. To this day,
I have tremendous affection for the mighty Stratofortress.

Автор Zack20008 ( назад)
@0frets0and0picks Your right those kind's of things don't happen anymore

Автор Howard Glen ( назад)
@0frets0and0picks When did Grissom have B-52s? I thought they only had
B-47s and B-58s.

Автор Black Knight of Zeon ( назад)
The B-52 is a true symbol of U.S. air power

Автор A27 Blaze ( назад)
@0frets0and0picks Those were the times! It is a shame what the world has
come to now. 

Автор Snax ( назад)
50 years ago and still flying. Let's see how long will fly the A380 è

Автор aescobar32 ( назад)
those flaps are HUGE

Автор David Johnson ( назад)
This was a common sight back when I was a kid in the fifties...Amarillo had
a SAC base then, and the big bombers were my favs...No sound like the sound
of freedom...

Автор Michael Eyre Photography ( назад)
@AirCargoHeavy Got plenty of em'

Автор AirCargoHeavy ( назад)
Awesome machine! The B52 still strikes fear in the hearts of our enemies.

Автор hh1n ( назад)
The beast lives on!

Автор sgtredbluered ( назад)
One of these flew over while I was out on the golf course on a July 4th
'fly-by" a few years back. Awesome scream from those eight engines. I
cheered as it went overhead. Great feeling!

Автор rm688 ( назад)
its sooo long and wide, like my _ _ _ _

Автор The1theoneandonly1 ( назад)

Автор Nicholas Kirchheiner ( назад)

Автор deergamingvids ( назад)
wow. didnt realize the size of that.just the one interior flap is biger
than an entire wing on the little birds i fly. 

Автор divisioneight ( назад)
Thanks for the images of these great birds still in action. Amazing that
they're older than most of us, and still actively supporting our flag.
Thanks to those who fly them and service them.

Автор Danielgst ( назад)

Автор jss747 ( назад)
sweet vid! 

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