Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and Illuminati Symbology

A haunting look at the Illuminati Symbolism in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut".

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Автор LETTY MAN ( назад)
COMMENTS •669.... Hope mine now changes those scary looking numbers
especially after looking into this!

Автор Makgame ( назад)
Kubrick dies and 666 days til 2001

Автор zoso ( назад)
eyes wide shut means ass wide open.....if you think you know its meaning,
you need to be reamed hard....

Автор Tree Funk Jones ( назад)
there's a theory that Ziegler's party and that cool kickback at the mansion
are parallels with the latter being the underlying nature of the former. if
that's the case the trees show that Christmas is what it is a pagan orgy
".... oh wait but so is the other party!... " see what's happened there.
he's showing you things through two pairs of eyes, the eyes wide open and
the eyes wide shut.

Автор B Sox ( назад)
the Christmas trees are there to show how Christmas means nothing to these
people yet for some reason they still "celebrate" it. obviously satanic sex
magicians don't care about Christmas so why do they all partake in it? it's
just showing the meaninglessness of Christmas in modern society.

Автор TheKlbrister ( назад)
How come nobody deals with Helena looking at the Barbie doll in a pink
tutu; and when they leave her with the babysitter, she is wearing a pink
ballet/fairy costume? The "La Ballet au Roses" is (probably not the right
wording) is a night of sacrifice of innocent children by the Elites. They
rape them, torture them, and kill them! Look up videos about the "Black
Nobility", and the "thousand points of light" that George Bush Sr. has
attended! It made me think that the daughter is a sacrifice, at some point
in time, for this purpose! She is young, and innocent, and that's what they
abduct for this purpose! There is the Castle in Belgium (can't think of the
name at the moment) that hosts these celebrates the sacrifice of children.

Автор punklover99 ( назад)
in the bible the original mention of hell is a separation of god, that
would mean cold so wouldn't blue be the non safe color

Автор Ocrisia Adele ( назад)
This movie may be about secret societies (the illuminati or whatever you
wanna call them) but what I don't understand is the theory that Kubrick was
killed because he made the film. I guess he died five days after showing
the final cut to WB. But, if the illuminati is so powerful, and didn't
want this shown, why would it even be released? If they have so much
power, you'd think they could shut it down.

Автор JACK LUKAS ( назад)
Kubrick is the key

Автор smallpotatoes989 ( назад)
what a bunch of shit. It s just a stupid movie. do you realy think that
elites do this kinda silly rituals. get real. life is far more boring that
you think. the world is run by money not satanism. get a life

Автор Brett X ( назад)
Likes at 666

Автор Len Hummel ( назад)
Here's the message: "The top of the food-chain is satanic and ruthless to
the core. They rule by ambition, lust for power, pleasure, and by serving
and acknowledging the "illuminating ""god"", lucifer/satan." - who is, for
now, "the god of this world." 

Автор Vedrana Mijić ( назад)
there are many events like this. star trying to subtly expose illuminati
and bang they are dead within months

Автор LeonAmarantos ( назад)
Yes, masons did the job. It's obvious isn't it??? Kubrick showed a lot of
things about them and he maybe decided to sacrifice himself like the woman
who save Cruise' s (i mean the character he played) life. In ancient times
even the father of tragedy, Aeschylus, was in danger because in his tragedy
"Prometheus Desmotis" revealed a lot of things about the ancient Greek
mysteries (Elefsinia mysteries to be accurate).He managed to save himself
in details, because he had relatives in high positions.

Автор CQN APDN ( назад)
Maybe, but I think every producer, every director, and every actor in
Hollywood are linked to the illuminati. So, why?

Автор Herbert Smith ( назад)
you repeated a tired a old line that everyone over 16 has heard a thousand
times. you're unoriginal and unfunny. 

Автор Herbert Smith ( назад)
technically, it's not your insult. your lack of originality was the point
of my post. 

Автор Herbert Smith ( назад)
what an original insult. i predict it will go viral with the 10 - 12 year

Автор Carrington Jordan ( назад)
'OCCULT' simply means 'hidden', (for those who don't know-so many think
that it means having something to do with ritualistic Satanism, etc. Of
course there are many who think they know something who practice archaic
rituals, and that this gives them some kind of 'power'. True Power comes
from within, and is Love in expression. 

Автор drumstick74 ( назад)
Yes, Anton Szandor LaVey. "Szandor" was his middle name. wikipedia .

Автор fromundachees ( назад)
Antoine LaVey was the founder of the church of Satan, no? 

Автор Rust Cohle ( назад)
Seinfeld is about a comedian who lives a repetitive life with a barrage of
cheap jokes throughout his days. that show was made by larry david who will
do ANYTHING for a laugh. a very very poor comparison to kubrick if that's
what you're aiming for.

Автор mcspikesky ( назад)
This is a particularly shit video. If you've seen the film then try the
video below, if not then you are wasting your time. /watch?v=YIFPm3F30kw

Автор 300pzl ( назад)
But Seinfeld is a show about nothing.

Автор HighFlyer098 ( назад)
This means hungarians are Satan's followers and romanians are God' s
follwers. That explains a lot, and if Hungary manages to steal Tinutul
Secuiesc from the romanians it's because of Satan.

Автор baroh2413 ( назад)
It was a charade... she OD'd, had absolutely nothing to do with it. She got
fucked senseless but when she was taken home she was fine. Door was locked
from the inside end of story.... people die all the time And the
pianoplayer was put on a plane to seattle... with a bruise... Probably
banging his wifte right now. I can't find out which character is Kubrick,
but we the audience are definitely Tom Cruise. It's up to us to decide
wether Viktor Ziegler is telling the truth or not. (think of DSK)

Автор aubhar ( назад)
money is god

Автор aubhar ( назад)
I'm a carer for people with disabilities. and i enjoy forex trading

Автор charliebadger ( назад)
oh how we laughed when the goat blood spilt from the alter all over the
priest's new robe he had just had dry cleaned. we laughed and
laughed....great (as you so rightly say)..days x and now i'm a chartered
accountant x

Автор aubhar ( назад)
yes they were great days.

Автор charliebadger ( назад)
i knew i'd seen you somewhere before. fun days weren't they x

Автор Boston Brand ( назад)
What was your source for the the cut Kubrick presented was not the one that
was released?

Автор Silver Meadow Wolf ( назад)
don't be lumping the WIccans in that that fucked up group!

Автор Tracy Renee ( назад)
Great video

Автор OMGItsRonaldJenkees ( назад)
wow this video is pretty bad and all your personal interpretation of the
movie, which nobody should take serious

Автор Peter Krumb ( назад)
Not fools, Tom is for a fact certainly initiated, which is why he's into
the church of scientology, most definitely a secret society type group

Автор aubhar ( назад)
Man I love the music at 6 minutes. reminds me of my old days when I was
doing rituals in satanism.

Автор ACEinyaFACE ( назад)
I've just seen the movie and I like this interpretation; it made me
understand the film more. Aside from what you've just said, I think Kubrick
was trying to expose the Illuminati in some fashion.

Автор Loagun ( назад)
ummmm these are mere opinions thrown in with some horrific assumptions.

Автор ptm5150 ( назад)
It seems you haven't read any history either. Historically the name
Illuminati is used to describe two groups. 1) a sect of 16th-century
Spanish heretics who claimed special religious enlightenment (Ignatius
Loyola), and 2) a Bavarian secret society founded in 1776 (Adam Weishaupt).
Illuminati is also used as a generic term for the wealthy-elite who pull
political strings on a global scale (i.e. Rockefellers, Rothschilds,
Collins, DuPont, Onassis, Li, etc.). This movie is about the latter. 

Автор Harry Moore ( назад)
Why is it that nobody knows what the Illuminati actually is. I find it
hilarious how people seem to label any conspiracy or secret group/society
as the Illuminati. Haven't you people read any History?

Автор jamie ellaworld ( назад)
What i do know is that there's a awful lot of symbolism in this movie and
what it portrays is a man looking for new experiences isnt as it seems what
i did was look past this movies distractions and saw it for what it was and
to understand that this movie has a deeper meaning and if your eys were
wide shut you will not see it.

Автор JJoe ( назад)
A short list of filmmakers who died the same year as their last movies:
Sergio Corbucci (1990) John Huston (1987) Michaek Curiz (1962) Ernst
Lubitsch (1947) Those are just the famous ones that I can think of off the
top of my head. - My point? Famous filmmakers are human, and can die (like
any human) at any point in time. Also, Christmas trees HAVE NOTHING TO DO
WITH THE ILLUMINATI. Go back to looking for triangles in Rihana videos.
Kubrick and his films are too smart for you.

Автор Sean Lyons ( назад)
You die every which way, I seriously doubt anyone killed him , his films
were too good , people don't wanna think they want their money to do the
work for them 

Автор Archeus Quintessence ( назад)
3 days after the screening, oh yes, this is purely coincidence. Life is of
course a lot easier if we think there is nothing sinister about it.

Автор buttbot ( назад)
I don't think so. Maybe. But Nicole Kidman recalls that Kubrick was really
frail at the time

Автор Sean Lyons ( назад)
People get OLD , our time is limited 

Автор awakeoilersfan ( назад)
I honestly believe we are all doomed. Strait fucked. Dead. Tooooooo many
sheeple it hurts to think about it :( Illuminati have been shaping society
with Hollywood and media since its beginning. Get ready for U.N forces to
load you on fema buses: destination incendiary bunkers at fema camp

Автор Bryan Blaze ( назад)
Why did the video skip from 1:50 ish to 3:30?

Автор seamac206 ( назад)
Silly Kubrick, If you're going to expose the llluminati, you have to use
either Sci-Fi or Fantasy as a cover-up (like ACO)

Автор Crabsinthe Malloy ( назад)
FYI 'symbology' is the study of symbols, symbolism is the act of using

Автор Mimosa Madeleines ( назад)
hahaha "seeing things that aren't there and even if they were they imply
nothing" wow yeah that makes sense :) implying a mastermind like kubrick
made a film about nothing, do you understand occultism at all? It means so
much you die for it, to keep this all secret. It's like everything in
society, hidden in plain sight last place people will look plus when you
are ignorant to a whole realm of knowldege it's easy for those using said
knowledge to bypass it over your head. Ritualistic for them. 

Автор Nadeem Leigh ( назад)
Kubrick knew this and has used his talent to uncover truth about secret
societys in this film, Psychic dictatorship in Clockwork, Origin of Man in
2010, and the truth about modern military in Apocolyp

Автор Nadeem Leigh ( назад)
The illuminatis enlightenment is about the origins of man. Pre deluvian.
Alien genetic manipulation and This film is full of Irish druidic
symbology. Ireland being the post deluvian settlement of the lumerians
after atlantis. The Hollywood you mention is from the druidic wands made
from Holly Wood. Irish and Egyptian mytgology along with all other
mythologys like the bible are coded scriptures of the true origins of evil
and of man.

Автор MolecularMoonlight ( назад)
"Christmas trees" are not christmas trees ~ they are Pagan and along with
"Easter" and other Pagan practices and holidays were absorbed by the new
religion of christianity so people would be more embracing of it. Might
want to look it up. They are to celebrate the greenman and the winter

Автор 3rk4u ( назад)
ps nice to see your sc ratching the surface keep digging.

Автор 3rk4u ( назад)
kubrick also reveals the faked moon landings by nasa in his film the
shining,check out the shining decoded,your on the right track here,nearly
all his films have hidden meaning.eyes wide shut is full of illumanati

Автор TheSankelinsurrecto ( назад)
I didn´t meet Stanely in person but I think that Stanley met a lot of
elite´s people and satanic masonry in U.S.A is powerfull about
entertainment industry, and exist any things that they didn´t show. I think
it but I don´t make investigations about it.

Автор JaraldthePale (982 года назад)
schizoaffectives. i may have that. or depression. Jung wrote books on

Автор JaraldthePale (1241 год назад)
they are using chaos magic. it takes from parts of other religions rituals
and mixes them up. it also uses technology. 

Автор qerqa99 ( назад)
this is why KUBRICK was dead Illuminatis killed him I think so

Автор vija73663 ( назад)
I happen to come across this composition in Eyes Wide Shut film (Tom
cruise), where masked ball members were having sex against the back ground
of this music. The verse is considered Holy by the pious HIndu community,
as verse in Bible or verse in Holy Quran. The film director Krubiek (?) or
the music composer Jocelyn Pook should not have used this... verse against
the devilish (Illuminati?) Masked Ball and unholy sex.. among men and
women. .

Автор vija73663 ( назад)
Translation To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well
as to reestablish the To deliver the pious and to annihilate the
miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I Myself
appear, millennium after millennium. Commentary by Srila Prabhupada,
According to Bhagavad-gita, (holy man) is a man in Krishna consciousness. A
person may appear to be irreligious, but if he has the qualifications of
Krishna consciousness wholly and fully, 

Автор vija73663 ( назад)
The male singer in this is Indian, he is singing Sanskrit Bhagvadgita
sloka... Chapter IV, Vers 8. Text 8 paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca
duskritam dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge 

my question is why would kubrick have tom cruise in his movie unless it was
anything less than satanic?

Автор Fudgiiix3 ( назад)
lol so many ignorant people !

Автор Digital Anarchist ( назад)
The "Hungarian" Is In Fact George Soros.

Автор Richard Folks ( назад)
My THREE comments, are in backwards order; THIS is Part~3, THEN, Part~2,
and finally, Part~1 ~ So, please read Part~1 FIRST! ....... Part~3: GODS

Автор Richard Folks ( назад)
Please read THIS Comment, AFTER You read Part~1: BELOW !;). ........Part~2:
TRUE FACTS: The ONLY known religious Holy Book, that teaches their God or
OTHER "gods or deities" came into being~AFTER The UNIVERSE ALREADY EXISTED!

Автор Richard Folks ( назад)
The most ACCURATE comment, written below, is FROM: Misadhiprodogy!;).
this one .............

Автор TheSankelinsurrecto ( назад)
I would like know who killed exactly to Stanley Kubrick. Final film hasn´t
realized by Kubrick.

Автор aacrowley897 ( назад)
more fools wanking off to satan idiocies when satan is not the one to
worry about. This is silly that men believe the lies they call lies in
churches but they still wank off to the same idiotic beliefs in their OUT
OF THE CHURCH yammering. there is a false enlightenment sold to the world
even the tibetans were misled. why isnt anyone studying what God told about
the creation and why its the way it is now? Do you really understand free
will and unconditional love?

Автор Zycho ( назад)
You're seeing things that arent there and even if they were they imply
nothing. Plus you are an overt christian given the emphasis on sin you are
seeing everywhere.

Автор C Fong ( назад)
Maybe just maybe there are alot of christmas trees in the movie because the
events happen over the christmas period?

Автор sedjetra ( назад)
What is most important to understand is that everything is One and the
same, everyone is equal. Of how evil they can be, they are still humans
these illumis, so everyone must unite if everyone want to overcome this! We
all shall stand much stronger against this real threat - our despots and
tyrants known to us as architectors of our world, angels and demons in one
face. Though they still are one with us, they enforce their rule upon us
and this is where the conflict is.

Автор sedjetra ( назад)
Good eye you got there! Anyway why are you thinking that eight pointed star
is evil or chaotic? Is it from warhammer? While these illuminatis are
trying to win over christians and subsequently took over the world, very
few are focusing on a real treat that is outside. This threat is playing
with both sides, great traitors, liars, deceivers, so called fallen angels
and demons that are from another world. They are playing with all and
eventually will betray their followers, illuminati.

Автор Myron Buzzwannanots ( назад)
Kubrick was a master of making people who THINK they're important LQQK like
the absolute fools they really are. (i.e. as in "Dr. Strangelove", "The
Shining" & here, of course.) He also shows the sinful/murderous tendencies
of our darkest passions/desires. (both shown in detail in this movie) He
was a genius. I believe he was murdered because of this film. humanity has
ALWAYS been ruled by a "few at the top". Why is this a suprise to ANYONE?
"We fight not against human forces" Ephesians Ch. 6.

Автор Andoni De Las Rivas Paredes ( назад)
This is so stupid it makes me want to barf. Nothing is more annoying than
misinterpreted symbolism

Автор MUHAMMED MAHDI ( назад)

Автор indira (1022 года назад)
then it wouldnt have been so easily exposed! i would suppose instead of 4
days later,he would've been murdered on set...

Автор DukeMaxiumum ( назад)
If Kubrick was trying to expose the Illuminati, then why didn't he just
make a movie about the Illuminati? Why bury the details?

Автор DukeMaxiumum ( назад)
Sidney Pollack once said, "A lot of people describe themselves as
'perfectionists' to excuse being an asshole. Stanley Kubrick truly was a

Автор Daryl Kinard ( назад)
If its just an ancient ritual then why the fuck are they doing it in 1999?
It's the illuminati. Thanks for this!!

Автор tony garvary ( назад)
LOL..He is a real man and walking about earth...that is a new one. Do you
think YOU know who this guy is?The demon hiding behind the name SATAN?SANTA
? For example - there is a powerful demon with 1ooo's years advanced
technology under his belt and phenomenal spiritual occult power.&billion
strong spiritual army at his beck and call....hmmm and he is in hiding from
mere humans in the shadows&symbols&finger signs&showing one eye??? doesn't
add up so therefore it is not true. THAT IS LUDICROUS

Автор Daniel Shore ( назад)
Stop getting your knowledge from cereal packets... Etymology Online: 1773
(as St. A Claus, in "New York Gazette"), Amer.Eng., from dialectal Du.
Sante Klaas, from M.Du. Sinter Niklaas "Saint Nicholas," bishop of Asia
Minor who became a patron saint for children. Now a worldwide phenomenon
(e.g. Japanese santakurosu).

Автор tony garvary ( назад)
Santa is also a play on Satan..they are both figments of someones

Автор wandering sadhu ( назад)
Rhapsody: A Dream Novel, also known as Dream Story, (original German title:
Traumnovelle) also take a look at the original eyes wide shut poster,eye in
the womans vagina,kind of gives it away.

Автор wandering sadhu ( назад)
Maybe rothschild was sat in the double headed eagle chair overseeing
events.LMAO Mentmore Towers is a 19th century English country house in the
village of Mentmore in Buckinghamshire. Mentmore was the first of what was
to become a virtual Rothschild enclave in the Vale of Aylesbury, as later,
other members of the family built houses at Tring in Hertfordshire, Ascott,
Aston Clinton, Waddesdon and Halton.

Автор wandering sadhu ( назад)
Elite Reincarnation ritual.

Автор machadomas (2017 лет назад)
Wow. I think it's really disturbing to see all those christmas trees
during... christmas?? Wait a minute...

Автор smithzm7 (389 лет назад)
You had me at 0:00. You lost me at 0:05.

Автор Siv Jensen (1731 год назад)
Every mise-en-scene object is there for a purpose. 

Автор ryratt ( назад)
Amazing. The story takes place at Christmas times and there are Christmas
trees in it! Definitely Illuminati.

Автор ascetic43 ( назад)
Is this directly lifted from Jay Weidner's work...?

Автор Christian91201 ( назад)
That masked ball scene was filmed in a Rothschild mansion..

Автор TheThirdWing94 ( назад)
Okay so not an opinion? Facts? Proof? People just need to shut the fuck up

Автор Ross Parker ( назад)
My name is George Soros. I'm Hungarian.

Автор Erling Andreassen ( назад)
Errr..I don't read many novels, I find most of them boring, but good
movies/directors I really love. But I seem to remember that Dan Brown's
novel where he invented "Illuminati" as a currently existing organisation
instead of the quickly banned 1700s german organisation it really was, was
released long after this movie. So I'm a bit confused here, who the..h can
Dan Brown's fantasies have been included in this movie?If the movie is
older than the book? I'm wiki'ing to see if I'm right now. :)

Автор Abdalla Youssef ( назад)
What you said is an opinion and you're entitled to it, but don't be too
confident with your ideas.

Автор nikita mokhov ( назад)
I do believe in people keeping opinion's to themselves, only issue I have
with your statement is what I said is not an opinion. 

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