Fallout New Vegas: Wild Wasteland Oddities & Easter Eggs #1

The Wild Wasteland is a strange place....

This video will show you how to encounter some odd occurrences and easter eggs in the waste.

Oddities and Easter Eggs:

What is it Boy?
Getting Too Close

Note: You must have the Wild Wasteland Trait in order for these to occur.

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Intro Song:
"Lone Wolf" Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori

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Автор redviper57 ( назад)
I got the Rex side quest and didn't think much of it...then I found Jimmy's well when I found the boomers....

Автор big chungus ( назад)

Автор Chicken Buisness ( назад)

Автор ExplodingConsole ( назад)
If you have the animal friend perk, when Rex does his arooo thing, you'll have a dialog option to ask about the well right away.

Автор JawaKiller ( назад)
It's funny, really.  I remember coming across the strange notifications and the ambience for discovery freaking me out, not even knowing what "Wild, Wild Wasteland" even was since I chose it at random when I started playing.

Автор Bilsinkir ( назад)
"are you saying i should stab the next person i see?"  made my day

Автор Sage Maneja ( назад)
How to make a triple A RPG game. Make all the irrelevant references to other media you can!

Автор Dylan Sanders ( назад)
He's at the kings do their quests to get rex

Автор MrFirebugJr ( назад)
How do you get Rex? Is it a "during the main set of missions" thing? Or do I have to find him?

Автор Puff Daddy: The Insensitive Hatemonger ( назад)
man, the wild wasteland thing went of for me like 5 times during the battle of hoover dam

Автор Andrea Menon ( назад)
#1 happened to me near Red Rock Canyon, maybe Rex feels the presence of bunker when you can meet friends of Arcade Gannon

Автор Alex Lynch ( назад)
Anyone think the wild wasteland perk is good for a first play through?

Автор TroopperFoFo ( назад)
You forgot to mention the quest I put a spell on you is a reference to The amazing band CCR ( credence Clearwater revival)

Автор Cracker Jake ( назад)
hey guys i have just started doing youtube gameplays i do minecraft and fallout new vegas mods and on wednesdays i do anygame. i have about 5 subs so far i don't mean to sound needy but check out my channel if you like fallout and other games, thank you for reading everything helps.

Автор ThePortuguesePlayer ( назад)
Ok, thx! (I don't play the game in hardcore mode, but i'll give it a try when i finish the main quests.)

Автор 張懷海 ( назад)
Food meter, only in hardcore mode.
You need eating something to recover it.

Автор ThePortuguesePlayer ( назад)
What is that "FOD" on top of your health bar?

Автор Lord Campington ( назад)
Rex, not Dogmeat. And it's somewhat rare, plus the fact you have to speak to him. Try aquiring rex, and speak to him on five different occasions. You should hear it.

Автор Sig Shooter ( назад)
I had the Wild West perk and never encountered a "aroo" from Dogmeat.

Автор nobodylikes snitches ( назад)
you forgot the alien and the giant rats also the lakelurk king

Автор Greysterization ( назад)
Yea because 400k is NOTHING only nearly a half million people watched this?

Автор John Murray ( назад)
could had more eggs

Автор INJ Solo ( назад)
you should learn how to spell 1st before insulting people.

Автор mrmrdrdr ( назад)
you jut made my day sir. Thank you.

Автор Annie Hastur ( назад)
EVE it makes effects in the game look so much better

Автор Tanner Kendrick ( назад)
at 2:53 the headshot splatter looks different is that a mod?

Автор Duckarefun101 ( назад)
"Is there a radioactive tornado coming?" - Fallout natural disaster problems

Автор MrJason005 ( назад)
omg i didn't know that people suffer from a NHD-virus

Автор Terrance Stoot ( назад)
Native-American people?

Автор AnonymousRobin ( назад)

Автор q kjjh ( назад)

Автор K1ngStealthly ( назад)
im not saying this is a wild wasteland thing or anything but at camp guardian at the edge of the map where there is a fence with barrels ( if you try to jump it you die ) theres a boat with a dead guy surrounded by poker chips. I just thought it was weird because theres nothing there to look at except a cave wth mrelurks in it

Автор Jessica Schultz ( назад)
Oh, ok. That's what I thought. Thank you though. :D

Автор nick vulcano ( назад)
It's because you chose the WIld Wasteland perk at the game beginning.. That perk adds these strange moments and it lets you know when you are seeing one of them by playing strange music and displaying the wild wasteland logo :)

Автор Jessica Schultz ( назад)
Yeah.. That kinda spooks me.

Автор Jessica Schultz ( назад)

Автор ErcoleTheGreat ( назад)
"Are you saying i should stab the next person i see?"

Oh fallout.. You know me too well

Автор Dovahkiin 4E ( назад)
And hides in the fridge

Автор Dovahkiin 4E ( назад)
After you exit goodsprings from the east you'll see a fridge with Indiana jones in it this is a reference from the movie when he goes to nuketown the nuclear bomb testing facility

Автор jon crook ( назад)
im guessing english isnt your strongest subject

Автор Zalchord ( назад)
1/16 of a Black Person

Автор STAN SPLIFF ( назад)
Quarter Asian, Quarter Black, Quarter Hispanic, Quarter white people

Автор Ian Mills ( назад)
i found some of the Wild Wasteland easter eggs, like the "Holy Hand Grenades" SW of Camp Searchlight and the words written in blood "Romanes Eunt Domus" in Cottonwood Cove.

Автор AnonymousRobin ( назад)
Half-Black People

Автор Menelik ( назад)
non black people

Автор Shad0wEIite ( назад)
The more you know.

Автор Shad0wEIite ( назад)
You haven't heard of FUPING HD? ...Pfft, You caveman. XD

Автор Justice782 ( назад)
shut the fuck up and get a pc faget. if you have a problem then fuck off!! icenjam made a good vid so screw u

Автор Kirito-Kun ( назад)
the p inst close to k or c... xD

Автор TicTacYo100 ( назад)
Will you be doing Fallout 4 and GTA 5 Easter Eggs?

Автор Jared Black ( назад)
My friend said this game sucks what should I do to him?

Автор Kane Revell ( назад)
he means fuking hd twat

Автор Jon Olive ( назад)
Upgrade your guns

Автор Jacob Hollenhead ( назад)
Oh fuckin got em ICEnJAM

Автор JDUBB2399 ( назад)
ICEnJAM you kill me bro lol

Автор ICEnJAM ( назад)
I've had HD for some time now. How about you look at my newer videos instead of commenting on my older ones so you don't seem ignorant. Unless "FUPING HD" is a new resolution I've never heard of.

Автор Dennis Klinkenberg ( назад)
u want more views??? GET FUPING HD

Автор louis maxwell ( назад)
at the beginning of the game in doc mitchells home you have to choose it then, you cannot get it anytime past that

Автор louis maxwell ( назад)
the location added is jimmy's well. it is up near the north east on the map on the road leading to nellis.

Автор robert micheal ( назад)
The ycs186 rifle that you get in the same place as the alien blaster with out wild wastland is terrence to the you're console I'd is sucks forum in the something bad forums and the fourm I'd is 186

Автор Shannon Stinson ( назад)
what map marker was added

Автор George Jordan ( назад)
The whole games an easter egg...

Автор Jacob. ( назад)
fun fact about fallout NV from someone who played it wayy too much: The cowboy repeater blows ass cheeks. my level 100 unarmed does 3 times as much damage

Автор Pablo Fernandez ( назад)
Boone: uhh... why are you talking with the dog?
Courier: SHUT UP BOONE! ... oh no! where is the well rexie?
Boone: *in his mind* why Im following to this freak?

Автор KlassicJayValor ( назад)
start of game...

Автор chandlerj333 ( назад)
i think shemus is actually spelled seamus

Автор shadowzking101 ( назад)

Автор hypr deathbylysol ( назад)
look i have a fallout picture to

Автор monodrox ( назад)
its one of the first perks you can get. i believe its at the very bottom when you start the game

Автор FREEPABLO ( назад)
forrest gump

Автор Jared Carpenter ( назад)
511 people arwe gay

Автор Mathew Lang ( назад)

Автор IXTheCoon ( назад)
a thumb up your ass, that's how.

Автор Superstar Banana Mix ( назад)
That smiley face makes your comment 100% more annoying.

Автор Panzer Funseeker ( назад)
Nice pic, bro ;)

Автор Casey Hedrick ( назад)
Im Forest, Forest Gump.

Автор xXiibusterXx ( назад)
Yes, yes it was.

Автор xXiibusterXx ( назад)
You're stupid.

Автор 666GrizzlyBeast ( назад)
yea i hate people that aks for that. thumbs up if you agree

Автор jeff kildow ( назад)
the first one must be a reference to lassie

Автор Daniel Fraser ( назад)
I know exactly what he meant, however I don't see why people say gay in that way.

Автор TheGreatEmore ( назад)
He means it stupid to ask for thumbs up, so you uses slang for it, please, learn the internet BEFORE you use it :3

Автор Daniel Fraser ( назад)
What's wrong with gay people? And how is that gay?

Автор Thebrohouse ( назад)
and is that a bad thing?

Автор vinh nguyen ( назад)
how is it that when you shot the person in the head 10 time and he still alive??? wild wasteland...

Автор Thebrohouse ( назад)
i also like your idea, but stop saying gay, it doesn't mean what you think

Автор xenos ace ( назад)
AHAHAH are you saying that i should stab the next person i see? that made me lol so hard

Автор Notsuzpicious ( назад)
Is the wild wasteland perk able to be taken on early in the game?

Автор Lewis Carlin ( назад)
This works better if you have Animal Friend perk also.

Автор Pepper ( назад)
"what a radioactive twister is coming?"

Автор Kenneth Crow ( назад)
forest gump

Автор acemanaustin00 ( назад)
considering i would do that anyway whoops did i just say that outloud

Автор Slender Spaps ( назад)
Woods is DEAD DOODE!! :I

Автор MrObviousJester ( назад)
Its strange when the two top comments are on the same topic.

Автор Hikaru Okazaki ( назад)
not rare. unique.

Автор ToxicHolyWater ( назад)
This is what california is really like.

Автор joeyghost ( назад)
And ironically they're on the thumbs up list. dafuq?

Автор kratos likes glgcraft ( назад)
You just made every gay male your enemy. Nice job asshole

Автор MrAndersonTheGamer ( назад)
ah.... boone and his "oh my!" that's why i let the cannibals have him.

Автор Toast Of Doom ( назад)
i hate it when i come across a wild wastelader thing, and dont realize its there. so i look for about 5 minutes, give up, and search on the wiki. when i finally find it, i say "wow, thats really funny! i wish i saw it on the first time because then it could have been even better!"

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