Miracle (of Allah) During Milaad in Pakistan

miracle of Milaad in Pakistan a beam of light (Noor) cam from sky and embedded a mark of Naleen-e-Mubarak (Shoes) of Hazart Muhammad (PBUH) on a peace of earth, it shines at day and night. as time is passing its getting faded. alot of people saw this miracles
during milaad with their eyes. Thousands of Pakistaniesgoing there to see that place. this place shines as noor at night.

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Автор Venom7707 (4 года)
Masha Allah Was there and saw it, its the foot print of our Prophet
Muhammad S.A.W - Its in Chakwal, Azad Kashmir Know how it happened and why.
There is a lady who is poor with a son and daughter who both WERE death and
dumb. The mother was dismayed due to not being able to afford for the
Milaad dua, she was the unfortunate out of the neighborhood still she gave
a thought of the Milaad.

Автор habob82 (4 года)
What is this????

Автор javed614 (4 года)

Автор MrFunkrepublik (4 года)
you are merely mocking. taste yr medicine in the hereafter.

Автор 1997qasim (3 года)
@TheSamsonite79 basicly. it was the month were you do malaads in your
house, and they couldnt afford it, but they still did it without any food,
and nobody came, and they started crying and prayed to allah, then the
profhet muhamed pbuh came , and left a footprint, soooo they was poor, now,
people are offering millions for that section 2 be taken out, but they are
not going to sell :)

Автор Venom7707 (4 года)
@akhysalafy Read my previous comments, a shaytan would not pray in the
milaad and neither would it perform any such miracles as stated on my
previous comments

Автор Najabat Mahmood (4 года)
as sallato as sallamo alika ya rasul allaha wa ala alika wa ashabe ka ya
habib allaha.....if u try to see with love in your heart then you will see
the miracle..haq bahu sach bahu..

Автор Venom7707 (4 года)
Discovering her children talking, the children explained that while she was
away a holy person appeared in their house praying this holy person was
described by the children with a white beard wearing white salwar kameez. A
sign that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is present and is the messenger of Allah

Автор Ameer Hamza (4 года)
ahh, good ol Pakistan, i want 2 go back home now (Pakistan)

Автор Huma Naveed (4 года)

Автор Venom7707 (4 года)
That foot print was there to prove of the existence and now the house of
the poor lady is just like a visiting destination for everyone to witness
it for themselves. The lady was offered money from the Government of
Pakistan to make her move out of the house so that that they could preserve
it and have it as a museum but she refused and even Saudi Arabia were at
the spotlight too but again she refused the deal.

Автор MrJabwemeet (4 года)
Miracle in Pakistan

Автор AMIR BOSSMAN (4 года)

Автор akhysalafy (4 года)
@Venom7707 lol, this is a blatant lie gainst the messenger of Allah

Автор henna0tobs (4 года)
can someone tell me what happened and wat tym 2 catch the proper footage

Автор Dizasta767 (4 года)
I don't understand, what is it that people are looking at here? All I can
see is an large outline of some shape and splintered dots scattered across
from one side to another. Can anyone explain what the miracle really was?
Perhaps I missed out on what we're looking at in this video.

Автор gomezsunny (4 года)
i dont see anything. nothin.

Автор Venom7707 (4 года)
@akhysalafy This is not a human error as its been viewed by many in the
Sunni sect not Wahabi as they were the one’s against the Milaad taking
place in that village in the first place. Considering that majority of the
villagers were Wahabi and they were the people in charge of its amenities.
As previously said the government of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia wouldn’t
have been trying to buy the lady’s house if they thought of this as false.

Автор Bayna Puddah (4 года)
there is a massive foot og the prophet around the little dots

Автор akhysalafy (4 года)
@Venom7707 how do they know it isnt the foot print made by shaytan/?

Автор Arsalan Shaikh (4 года)
Subhan ALLAH

Автор becharev (3 года)
ALLAHU AKHBAR! Show us more!! Faith is not enough, we must believe

Автор Adeel Lodhi (3 года)
what is happend in this video can anybody tellme please whats is
miracle??????in it?????????

Автор damyruss (4 года)
@XxSafadixX are you mad?well if i may say..read the quran well ok my
brother..stop mis interpreting things.

Автор imykhan1987 (4 года)
I went here 4 months ago when i was back home.

Автор misjuly (4 года)
what is that?

Автор Venom7707 (4 года)
. At this point the lady wondered in a despairing manner with the poverty
surrounding her. Miraculously all of a sudden the children pointed towards
the goat that they had. As a result this lady got the goat (Zabah) halal
and then prepared it for the Dua. She went out to call the people in the
village but not even a single person was ready to be present at her house
eventually the lady went back home.

Автор Bluestar460 (4 года)
u wont belive this over 1 millon came here even me i went dharabi in
chakwal ( i hate those qingi cars) though i stood here 7 hours in the sun
bt i sweated like mad i vomitd aswell but i couldnt bear it so i stopped
and i said i wanna go back to azad kashmir .

Автор Miika Toivanen (4 года)
Jesus heals eye or ear, your hand or leg, your cancer or any sickness
because He is the Redeemer of God

Автор uzair mehmood (1 год)

Автор Valii Cuca (3 года)
@najabat0786 tell me the miracle here

Автор samrinahmed (3 года)
deedar kay qabil to kaha meri nazar haa........lakin wo kabhi kuwab main
ayee too ajab kia

Автор Sayed Fawad (3 года)

Автор XxSafadixX (4 года)
oooooooomg......... ur soooo stupid... im muslim but this just shows that
you guys know nothing about islam... in the Kuraan its says that the
prophet wont appear until the day of judgement and that no miracles will be
done until then... and you with ignorance believe this is a miracle... its
just some sand man..

Автор Bluestar460 (4 года)
When I went To Chakwal To see The Footprint Of Hazrat Muhammad Sallahu
Alayhi Wassalam peace be upon Him We went Across The Dhangalli Bridge At
Sunrise It was Beautiful beyond my Dreams i thought i would only would see
this in Heaven But Allah The Almighty.. Done it When We went back to dadyal
They were selling it for 1000 Rupees as in Chakwal 10-20 Rupees!!!!!

Автор Ana Maria Baig (3 года)

Автор mahaz khattak (2 года)

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