Aisareru Karada Part 1/2

Well here comes part 1 again!
Fingers crossed

Yaoi Manga, please do not watch if you are gonna be offended! No Flagging either

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Aisareru Karada Part 2/2

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Автор MissRavenPoe ( назад)
OOH Snap! Old guy ewwie XP yuck!

Автор fuglyface89 ( назад)
ha ha yeah

Автор eden077 ( назад)
he will train him all right!

Автор Aubrey Bulacan ( назад)
the new instructor looks like a manianc. peace out guys. just my opinion. :|

Автор emilyismykitticat ( назад)

Автор Saspharus1 ( назад)
pedo trainer, if i was that kid i would be scared of that guy

Автор vivinagichan ( назад)
because he is masoquista XD I don´t know

Автор lolitayoung4ever ( назад)
yeah, the other instructer seems like a pedophile! i thought he was gonna
grop him, lol!

Автор als3562 ( назад)
why did he Quit? and he's now has to have that PERV train him!! there's
only one this I can say to that and it's RUN!!! ahahaha!! can't wait to see
how this turns out!! THANKS!!

Автор TaÖz74 ( назад)
thanks for your hard work...baka-flagger!!!

Автор Yuuki Estrada ( назад)

Автор theresiatl1 ( назад)
Great manga I didn't see any reason for a flag. I think they just didn't
have anything better to do.

Автор ladymina05 ( назад)
what the hell are those flaggers thinking???!!!!*pissed* this is not a hard
yaoi...well...i think they just cant accept the fact that this is a cute
video...hahahahaha well anyway...thanks for uploading it again...as a yaoi
fan...thanks soooooo much...

Автор gutche411 ( назад)
this was flagged?! this is so sweet and cute! the hell were they thinkin!

Автор Blissfullxx3 ( назад)
I want to know who flagged this!! It only has hints of shounen-ai! How can
somebody be so stupid and homophobic? Stupid jerk...but i think that this
video is so cute!^^

Автор cellabella16 ( назад)
"WA...WANT" HAHAHA!! that cracks me up!

Автор stephanycuriel ( назад)
lOVE IT! It's so cute..and i agree with SkyCrucifix ..i love it when the
Seme is the older dominant one than the uke..super kuwaii!!!

Автор RazzmatazzCrayon ( назад)
Wtf...? What kind of idoit would have flagged THIS? I mean, the most it
shows is Tachibana without a shirt. Not like you've never been to the pool
before. D:<

Автор stacylee2 ( назад)
They didn't show anything. Why would they flag this. Stupid flaggers.
Forget them. This was good. Thx 4 the upload......

Автор ShinkouAi ( назад)
O.O What the.... how was this flagged? There was juust barely enough BL
content in this chap to call it slash! Urrrrg, I hate flaggers! They need
to learn to not watch what they don't like, and leave our fun alone! >.<
~Anyway, thanks fer teh upload! Yui is so amazingly cute! ^///^
Unbelievably tiny though. Wonder why Tachibana changed. o,o

Автор aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ( назад)
STOP YOUTUBE!!! For your information, Youtube is getting rid of all Anime
videos.Every night at 10:00p.m. they have a maintenence that deletes any
videos that are Anime...To stop Youtube from doing this, You need to get
enough people to Protest...To do this, please help by Copying and Pasting
this message to all of the Anime Videos from being deleted. STOP YOUTUBE!!!

Автор munakatamira ( назад)
exciting! wonder what happened next?

Автор firefly10023 ( назад)
maybe someone flagged this because they were half naked witch is stupid,
who cares if there in little swim trunks? people these days

Автор arigatouxxx ( назад)
o know why this is flaged. those f*cking flaggers just make a hobby out of
this >_<

Автор Rose89513 ( назад)
That was so so good thank you for uploading lol great

Автор Gringo1323 ( назад)
wait it was flagged???

Автор Sisofblackarts ( назад)
How dare anyone flag this! I loved it and thanks for uploading!

Автор 122Lilith1 ( назад)
whaaaaat????? flagged ? why in the world for? grrrrrrrrrrrrrr but anyway,
don't be dissapointed, we're all here 4 u, so don't give up on us! we love
it! thx for sharing and all the work ;)

Автор blazeeruption ( назад)
thanks for the upload!!!

Автор magpie006 ( назад)
Well. i hate to tell ya but i dunno why either. Its a good and clean vid
nothing happened. ???? Who knows, perhaps someone just wanted to make you
have a bad day. Hope not!!! >< Thanks for posting and all your hard work!!
^^ I appreciate it!!! *-* XD XD XD

Автор cheery cho ( назад)
thanks for uploading! i can't believe somone flagged this!!!

Автор Riannu Algecera ( назад)
this is pretty good :-) i can't believe someone who flagged your video...
keep uploadin'.:-)

Автор Kate Macdonald ( назад)
love it... no reson to flag fuck hater

Автор BlueStarNova ( назад)
Yep no reason to flag this. Stupid people always flagging things. Huff.
Thank you.

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