How To Lighten a Dark Neck.

********************"Please Read me before you Ask a question"**********************************

* This will not remove Hyper pigmentation or any type of natural pigment of the skin.
* A Dark neck can be a sign of a medical condition so be sure to ask your Dr. .

* This will only work on oil build up that some people get. how can you tell if this is the problem. while in the shower run your finger nail over your neck if some comes off this may be your issue.

* Don't scrub to hard. ( some people it works right away some it might take a few months.)

*Do not use this on your female body parts.

* Also Know some part of your body Is naturally darker than others.

* Please don't ask me stuff I already Answered. I also Answer Subscribers questions 1st this is a perk....

* Do not waste you time in leaving negative comment.

* as always This is done at you own rick what works for me might not work for you.
I have been using lava soap for 18 or so years. Never had a problem with it.

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Автор Prettilady ( назад)

Автор Topix Gaming ( назад)
Thnx you made my day :) everyone please sub and like this video

Автор Summer Tapasa ( назад)
im trying this. You are the ONLY one who sounds much much much much more
educated about this problem. Ppl were tellin me its because Im big as well.
But I just wana say THANK YOU for this!

Автор Nusa Jafar ( назад)
I heard that almond oil helps lighten as well so I will try this too

Автор S Blaize ( назад)
IMMA try this lava soap. Im light skin black with a dark neck. I also seen
a video about milk, honey, almonds, and lemon juice (grated together to
make a paste). Imma try both n update yall if it works. My neck is very
dark so if it works for me it should work for anyone.

Автор jennifer jenny ( назад)
ive been trying to lighten my neck im hispanic, i want to be a nurse so im
going to be required to tie my hair which im terrifed for., i recently
purchased lava soap bar and fair and white gel cream. ima use it like u say
(both) . if it works ur going to change my life, since im very self
consious about my neckk.....thank you for uploading, ill keep u posted to
see how it goes...

Автор La Gata ( назад)
Latinas And Native American Women Have This Issue Too Thank You So Much
Been Looking For A Effective Way To Make Those Area Lighter To Match The
Rest Of My Skin

Автор Kat Witten ( назад)
God bless you sister I have tryed everything but this will try it :)thank u

Автор taetwotimesmusic ( назад)
can men use it??

Автор kevyn0921 ( назад)
I just ordered it on ebay i hope it works! Thanks for vid and im pilipino
thats why most of us have this

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
I'm not sure. never tried on white people before.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
any gritty soap.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
wal mart

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
I don'tknow

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
I am Fat. And I never cared about what other people say about me.

Автор Simone Wade ( назад)
Thanks for this video. :) I'm really sorry for the horrible comments you
got before, fat and probably have diabetes? People are restarted don't let
it face you.

Автор Danielle Wade ( назад)
I am half Spanish & black and I have and I don't like It an my parent yell
at me to clean it with rubbing alcohol an it hurt bad and burn but I will
tell my mom to try the lava soap

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
I don't know it's just soap. I guess you could.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
few bucks

Автор omar gee ( назад)
Do you think palmers skin success cream works?

Автор kynanzie ( назад)
Amazon! :)

Автор Ericka Reyes ( назад)
omg i been lookin all over for the soap can u pleaze tell me where to buy
it asap thank u

Автор Adriana Carrillo ( назад)
Definitely going to try this, thanks!

Автор sadgirl2001 ( назад)
Thank you sooo much omg !

Автор Kimberly Pena ( назад)
thank you so much for this video! a lot of people ask what is wrong with my
neck and it gets me really uncomfortable;/

Автор Ericka Reyes ( назад)
omg thanks forthe info i have always wanted to know but to afraid to ask
docz i was teased by many even fam thanks

Автор BigZ Al-Ajmi ( назад)
the problem we don't have lava soap in our country so am buying it from

Автор Bethany Sutherland ( назад)
thanks this really helped me because i have been bullied because of this
from people around me and even family i have been told that im dirty and
that i live under a rock and that a carry all kinds of dieseases thanks for
the advice

Автор Guillermo Carpintero ( назад)
Thanks, i thank you know i know that the people are wrong about the reason
of my neck being black

Автор Gabriela Morales ( назад)
how much is the lava at walmart?

Автор jalal ali ( назад)
@s pai you can order it from the Internet !!

Автор shaquoia dunson ( назад)
thanks gurrrrrrllllll

Автор s pai ( назад)
Im from india and we dont have lava soap...do you know of any natural
ingredients that i could use for the same purpose? the back of my neck is
dark. would a regular scrub work fine followed by an astringent to get rid
of the oil perhaps and a bleaching cream?

Автор ButtahscotchKisses ( назад)
Thank you for this video. I will be purchasing this soap for my neck,
elbows, cleavage,knees and my ankles. You are the best!

Автор Fathiya Mohamed ( назад)

Автор jalal ali ( назад)
I'm white , but my dad is not , my mom is also white so I toke the color
from her , anyways , can the soup still work ?

Автор Jesse Palacio ( назад)
Thank you! Finally an explanation for my dark neck.Bless you! Lava soap,
here I come!

Автор Alex Seanez ( назад)
Thank you for this video. My mother always told me I wasn't washing well it
always made self conscience. I'm 26 and to this day I will not pick up my
hair or wear short sleeves in public.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
I don't have a daughter..

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
Go to the dr. and Find out.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
I don't know Try it...

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
mix dish soap with a little sugar.

Автор maria uzor ( назад)
please please reply back to my comment down below

Автор Rocio Garcia ( назад)
I wanted to thank you for this I have had this problem since I was a small
child and I am very light so its very emberrasing. I will try wish me

Автор SOPUNNY ( назад)
I love my mixed people!! your so pretty!!

Автор calypsomorena ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
If you are white I don't know if you can use this on your skin...

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
NO, YOu should not put soap on you vagina at all... YOu will mess up your PH

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
I don't think so...

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
I don't know about arm pits.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
It can happen for lots of reason but this will only take off oil build up.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
I don't know I'm not from there but I would think so.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
I don't know I never tried it.

Автор maria uzor ( назад)
i live in new zealand i dont think its over here,and are you still giving
out free lava soap cause i would love some im interested, and plus we dont
have it here and iv been looking for something to get rid of my black neck,
because i want to be an actress and all, please reply thanks and love this
video helped

Автор rogelio olivaresa ( назад)
Would this also work on armpits?

Автор Maira Solano ( назад)
Im mexican-american & i'm scared it might be diabetes , im not diabetic
though but I am chubby and I do notice under my neck at the end of the day
I do feel like theres like dry sweat just shining . What if your skin is
like not just black but kind of wrinkly too ?

Автор calypsomorena ( назад)
im from guatemala can this apply to me? this is great advice thank you i am
going to try it anyway.

Автор Tiffany Davis ( назад)
Thank u for posting I hope to try this soon and hope it will work for me :(

Автор Kristin Campbell ( назад)
I have the same problem. Trying to correct that problem now. I got the lava
soap and xtreme brite gel. I hope it works because summer is coming.

Автор gbetart ( назад)
Thank you !! I'm so embarrassed to even tie my hair up into a ponytail
because of my neck... I hate it. Now i wont have to die of a heat stroke xD

Автор NayPerez ( назад)
Thanks so much. I had this issue since I was a little girl too. I have it
on my neck and elbows. As I got older my neck got darker. I will try this
method and see if it helps. Thanks :)

Автор MIT80smaria ( назад)
i just wanted to say thank you for posting this video. i found it EXTREMELY
helpful. i am hispanic and have had my dark neck for awhile and have never
been able to find a way that works to remove the dark ring. i have been
tested for diabetes and all other health issues that have been said to
cause this and i don't have either. i am going to try your tips. thanks

Автор Hadassah Crawford ( назад)
Thanks:-) this helped a lot!!,

Автор missolivia85ca ( назад)
Thanks I needed this tip ;)

Автор alicia stokes ( назад)
thank u! my daughter is a black and 10 years old and 150 pounds and her
neck is so black i will try this!

Автор LizTrips ( назад)
THANK YOU! I'm really excited to try this! I'm mexican/salvadorean and i've
had this problem since i was a kid. I've gotten a lot of advice, mostly
from my mom from how to deal with this but nothing has significantly
worked. I get the feeling this will though! I never thought to use LAVA
soap or fast orange. I use a hard dish sponge to wash myself, but it gets
painful if you scrub. So thanks for this video :D

Автор Candice S. ( назад)
thank you lady...i have this issue and im fairly light skinned...and mixed

Автор Domi Gray ( назад)
Thank you..

Автор Tracey Chavez ( назад)
Thanks so much! So glad you nipped all the ignorance in the bud. No matter
what size I was this has always been a problem even my hispanic bf who
dropped down 100lbs has told me he too had the same problem even when he
was thinner. I can't wait to start using this. Your neck looks great, I'm
excited for mines to look so too

Автор Mamta Singh ( назад)
i live in India and there is no Lava soap available here. So i wanted to
ask is there any substitution for it? would there be any effects if i only
use the bleack and white bleaching cream?

Автор Vanessa Gallardo ( назад)
omg thnks gurl im Mexican and I was thinking it was because I was heavy set

Автор Daniela Villa ( назад)
Great Video!

Автор Leah Oliver ( назад)
Quick question I fall in the category where my darkness of the neck
occurred from not washing it in my younger days. But now I am constantly
scrubbing my neck but the darkness is still there. Do you think the lava
soap and bleach cream will work for me

Автор Shy 432 ( назад)
I've bought the cream done all what u said n its not working pls help!

Автор Gabriella Monroe ( назад)
Im indian and my neck is starting to get brown since im growing out of my
teens years maybe, It bothers me so bad :( I scrub in the shower so bad and
It will not go away, Im ashamed of it, But thank you for the video going to
buy the cream & soap today, Hope it works for me!

Автор Mz Ebony (893 года назад)

Автор Ckisto36 ( назад)
Thanks, ive spent all day on YouTube just for this! :D So glad I found it!!

Автор liltezz71 ( назад)
Ur pretty

Автор CreativeChic101 ( назад)
Good video! God bless!

Автор solitaaa13 ( назад)
Thank you so much mamita!!!! I'm starting this today! God bless you and
thanx for sharing :-)

Автор Hailey Sieber ( назад)
will the lava soap help on dark underarms?

Автор Aaron James ( назад)
wow i taught it was me alone bleaching my neck but yhea i do people also
made me feel dirty told me it was mock but i scrub when ever i bathe and i
love bathing i9 also use backing soda as a scrub

Автор andrew pelayo ( назад)
Thank you I'm mexican el savdoren and I think when I was ten I started to
get black around my neck and they all the doctor said it because I'm
borderline diebates and I had to lose weight I I'm 6"3 I weigh 260 pound so
I'm kinda stock e but I thought I was to fat but thank for bid it really

Автор Annie Huerta ( назад)
Thanks For The Video, It Helped Me Alot

Автор fanny escobar ( назад)
Can we use this lava soap for the darkness between our legs, like close to
the vikiny line? Plz I would really like to know urgently plzz(:

Автор serafinsmakeup ( назад)
Thank you for the info hun im gna try the lava see how it works for me. :)

Автор melky jim ( назад)
Hi there, where can I buy the bleaching cream, such as the black and white

Автор LikeaStar2510 ( назад)
Thank you so much :) im african american i noticed my neck was getting
darker when i was younger. then later came my arm pits & the crease of my
breast. & i scrub till its red to make it go away! so thank you for telling
me what it really is!

Автор xXPorcelinxxRoseXx ( назад)
yeah every crease on my body is black like me neck and when i use the Lava
soap the black stuff comes off, but i also found out that im borderline
diabetic which in my case is something u would expect because from each
side of my family there are diabetics. i am 11 years old and am a MUT, i am
mixed with african american,french,spanish, and some other stuff to.

Автор NOFATCHICK1 ( назад)
i have a question can a dermatologist help me with my black neck?

Автор abelardo santiago ( назад)
What about if your Mexican

Автор theladywispa (179 лет назад)
Great video thanks I have this problem on my waist.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
@botensaka you just have to try and see.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
@xsabzz not sure.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
@MrRyan9234 I am spanish too.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
@ChickenM4ster Not sure what your asking.

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
@serpantseed08 Ambi

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
@lynl0cc Don't know

Автор ShadyLady132 ( назад)
@Nellz25 wash...

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