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Free crochet pattern at www.suncatchereyes.net // created at animoto.com

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Автор tazio998 (4 года)
I made one with a sunbraro!!!

Автор emmamcivor1 (3 года)
did u make those cus if u did i would trade with you

Автор debbittybears (3 года)
immediately went out to buy some eyes for my deBBitty Bears. Totally

Автор bluesky17532 (4 года)
ultra cute ^^

Автор Brenda S (5 лет)
These are sooooooooo cute!!!!!!

Автор heidiology (5 лет)
soooo cute!!

Автор Michelle McLaughlin (3 года)
Thank you so much!

Автор AznDevil1019 (4 года)
make a big one with half of the head to make a hat XD with ears

Автор TheLkma (4 года)
Awwwwwwww :D

Автор melluzuuzvedumi (5 лет)
Cool! I will go and chek it out!

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