T-Mobile. Something Better. (:60 sec.)

Now your choice is simple: http://t-mo.co/ZVsPwZ

T-Mobile has decided to stop acting like other wireless carriers who restrict people from getting what they want. It's time for something better. T-Mobile. Now your choice is simple.

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Автор Furr Bear (1 год)
h/t to +Jeff Embury for the video link.

Beardy cowboys!

As for telecom - T-Mo, as the smallest of the "big 4" wireless carriers has
long been the most disruptive so their latest move isn't really surprising.
I still prefer Ting (a MVNO on Sprint) because for someone whose usage
varies widely between "at home" and "when traveling" it's just a better fit
for me.

It'll be interesting to see how long it takes before AT&T and VZW switch to
a model like T-Mo's - no phone subsidies, but separate phone *financing*available. As I've said any number of times what pisses me off most about
standard subsidy plans is that from my perspective you go on paying for the
phone even after it's theoretically paid for if you keep it after the
contract expires. 

Автор Jack Seeley (1 год)
I have a hard time figuring out how a U.S. wireless carrier will ever make
a better commercial...

Автор Ryan Fong (1 год)
Lol. So who's the Mexican? 

Автор DigiSlice (1 год)
T-Mobile new ad campaign 

Автор Nathan Brewer (1 год)
And with that, +T-Mobile 's new marketing campaign begins!

#tmobile #simplechoice 

Автор T-Mobile (1 год)
Sometimes you have to be an outsider… It's time to Un-leash something
different. A Simple Choice: http://bit.ly/14ssZAE

Автор Daniel Marcovici (1 год)
Makes me want to switch to T-mobile and becoming a pink hat wearing cowboy.
Oh wait, I'm already a T-mobile subscriber. Guess I'm half way there then.

Автор Anton Rivas (1 год)
hahaha.... this was fun!

Автор Adbrands.net (1 год)
Cute spokesmodel Carly Foulkes has been dropped as the face of T-Mobile USA
in favour of a cowboy outlaw with hidden sensitivity. Here's the new
branding campaign from Publicis USA, which aims to portray T-Mobile as the
most caring of America's big four "mobl" operators.

Автор Lexton D (1 год)
#Uncarrier +T-Mobile shattering Norms! 

Автор Stephen Huffman (1 год)

Автор edi suhardi (1 год)
kayak udah perna nontom aki

Автор LogicThEncrypter (1 год)
we get what's happening in the commercial, they just don't present the
information the advertisement is too vague.

Автор immortaljatt05 (1 год)
T-Mobile also ruined my credit when i didn't pay their cancellation fee
because i couldn't get service where i got my job. Poor service, don't
waste your time buying a phone insurance plan. T-Mobile was all a all time
high before it was bought out by At&t

Автор kaielement (1 год)
You get what you pay for enough said.....

Автор MrNs272331 (1 год)
Actually 1:01

Автор zhenya2055 (1 год)
I just switched to T-Mobile form AT&T and could not be happier! No
contract, great data speeds! And I save $40/month.

Автор Cory Vincent (1 год)

Автор LogicThEncrypter (1 год)
exactly what message were you trying to convey here?

Автор Thomas Dennis (1 год)
And without contracts they will still sell us a new Galaxy 3 phone for 100
$ ??? Awesome !

Автор bluesamg (1 год)
They were never bought out by AT&T. Its your fault for not returning the

Автор deejay12atomic (1 год)
He was Verizon.

Автор binnyrules98 (1 год)
will the current gs3 get lte?

Автор Scott Summerton (1 год)
Anyone else think there should have peen a poof and then cowgirl Carly
rides off in her pink chaps? Or, even better, on the motorbike to signal a
'leaving behind the old ways' of the horses?

Автор Sean Berry (1 год)
Now if they could improve coverage and service then they would be a perfect

Автор DisposableWarrior (1 год)
what are you talking about? t-mobile was never bought out by AT&T. the deal
never went through. as for your credit...well, you had a contract, so if
you cancel it early, there is an cancellation fee as you broke the contract

Автор Funky Buddha (1 год)
Like Wreck-It Ralph? LOL

Автор Matthew Gissentanna (1 год)
Why was Sprint Mexican? LOL

Автор Darnell Thompson (1 год)
The future of cell phone companies. No more contracts.

Автор ZivilynBane64 (1 год)
You realize that ATT and T-Mobile are two completely different companies
and that neither one owns the other, right? They both pretty much hate
eachother. You are upset because you signed a 2 year contract and didn't
want to live up to it. T-Mobile offers a buyers remorse period for you to
use your phone for a period of time to decide if it works for you in your
area or not.

Автор gameloser123 (1 год)
quality ad

Автор Anton Rivas (1 год)
I wanna see more of this cowboys

Автор Mando Lara (1 год)

Автор Anthony Carsey (1 год)
@immortaljatt05 T-Mobile wasn't bought out by AT&T. Where you get your
info? huh?

Автор Steven Richardson (1 год)
It's crap. T-Mobile is crap! I have T-mobile (until tomorrow) and I do not
have a contract. Their customer service sucks and their rates are just as
high as everyone else. That ad didn't say a thing.

Автор LegoCookieDoggie (1 год)
If that was real the guy would be shot dead...

Автор ranela (1 год)
Wow! This is pretty awesome. This might be the future for the other phone
companies. How will they compete with the new social commerce company that
pays their members referral bonuses?!

Автор Kanye East (1 год)
Why did you even go to AT&T in the first place? Welcome aboard.

Автор Daniel Marcovici (1 год)
Love it, hilarious!!! Made me want to sign up to T-mobile and become a pink
hat wearing cowboy. Oh wait, I'm already on T-mobile, guess I'm half way
there then!! Lmfao How could anybody find that offensive?!?!?

Автор Jake Nguyen (1 год)
they went Turbo

Автор G483F33LY (1 год)
But it wasn't bought out by AT&T...

Автор JIMMY PAGE (11 месяцев)
I'd love this Commercial :)

Автор Rahim Sindhwani (1 год)
Hahahahaha what a commercial. Took me a minute to get it.

Автор MrKablamachunk (1 год)
Finally! No more contracts!

Автор Anton Rivas (1 год)
T-Mobil is Awesome!

Автор commercialanalysis (1 год)
Yes, let's conflate holding someone to the terms of a contract - which they
consented to - with imposing your will upon them without their consent.
Brilliant. And companies wonder why the economy is so lackluster. It's that
exact same conflation which gives politicians power, and overtaxes and
overregulates the economy - making, ironically, this sort of cheap
pandering necessary.

Автор Erin Wallace (1 год)
Lte has not launched just yet, but it will launch within before the end of
April which will help improve speeds as well as coverage

Автор ofwgkttn (1 год)
Is this about the iphone 5? Lol

Автор Michelle Williams (1 год)
It's ok

Автор Jay Mitchell Landa (1 год)
T-Mobile wasn't bought out by at&t. Get your facts straight. I have great
service where I live and Ive had no problems with customer service, and if
my phone gives me problems I go to a store and they send me a new one free
the next day. Your credit woulnt be ruined if you paid your bill, better
yet, you should have done your research to find the service provider with
the best coverage in your area before you signed a contract which CLEARLY
states the Cancellation Fees.

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