Alien: Covenant Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Ridley Scott Michael Fassbender Movie

Alien: Covenant Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Ridley Scott Michael Fassbender Movie

Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with ALIEN: COVENANT, a new chapter in his groundbreaking ALIEN franchise. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

In Theaters - May 19, 2017

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Amy Seimetz, Jussie Smollett, Callie Hernandez, Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England, Benjamin Rigby

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Просмотров: 64140
Длительность: 2:23
Комментарии: 99

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Автор Metalmelting ( назад)
My ¨Friend¨ it´s coming back.See you on the screen. Life On !!!

Автор M I C H ( назад)
How many times will they make a Alien movie? Every generation got a new

Автор Pete Bennett ( назад)
please let the real aliens sequel be made now ridley ur wasting valuable
time with all this hot air

Автор Pete Bennett ( назад)
ok that looked really bad

Автор danny boyo ( назад)

Автор pratyush dhage ( назад)

Автор Abisai Guevara ( назад)
I thought this was a fan made trailer

Автор Renato Sousa ( назад)
Shaw´s fate? best guesses
1 ) she´s spelunking
2 ) She´s seeding spores around somewhere
3 ) She´s dissecting neoprotobigblackprotococks on the new planet
4 ) She died in the crash landing
5 ) She forgot her visa and was sent back to LV 323
6 ) she´s looking for predators to get somehelp
7 ) she became a mutated form of some sort of Queen Alien ( BEST GUESS Shaw
is the Queen Alien we saw on ALIENS 1986
8 ) She trying again to get a baby by fucking David´s head into her pussy

Автор Renato Sousa ( назад)
I have least ten reasons:
1 ) Another Sci-Fi landing horror film :LANDING? Again? Why is everything
that has to do with Alien must have 20 minutes wasted on landing on another
planet shit. Its a filler. Ridley is beating around the bush.
2 ) Teamwork conspiracy bullshit.: We have the skeptcist,the lover,the
bitch,the "no with me girl", the cowboy and the guinea pig ( the first
moron who got screwed by spores before being torn apart by a proposhitalien
3 ) Another "between my legs" pseudo erotic slaughter. Come on!!
4 ) Flat and pathetic dialogue lines AGAINNNN
5) What kind of shit SOUNDTRACK was that ? Enya? Era? Lorenna Mknennit?
It´s worst than Rhianna on STAR TREK . What kind of fans the moron wants to
reach out by adding a stupid soundtrack like that on a trailer like
Alien?God How i Miss James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith
6 ) Another "look! I´ve found a derelict shit ..lets go inside and see what
we can find hoorrayyyy. Fuck off Ridley Scott!! Again? A bunch of lunatics
cowboying into a ship without having a fucking clue on what they can find
inside? Only David again knows about the conspirary...predictable conspiracy
7 ) The dude´s backburst scene : Lamest CGI scene i´ve ever seen in my
life. God how i miss the 70´s and the 80´s . Pure acting and hard work
8 ) those girls screaming like whores seeing a big black cock!! give me a
fucking break
9 ) A new planet? helmets? Suits? no..no it´s not necessary. A new eco
system? Precaution? Come on;...no! it´s alice in the wonderland..lets go
out there and have some nice shooting fun time :FUCK OFF RIDLEY SCOTT
10 ) shaw´s fate? A pathetic excuse to get people heading for the cinemas?
how about new names such as Protoforms or the old xenoshitform agaain. It
proves my point ! total fail ! Total disaster
IN SUM, Crew finds shit on planet > crewmember gets infected > alien(s)
come out > crew dies one by one > female crewmember survives.
FUCK YOU COVENANT and RIDLEY SCOTT ! Respect us the real fans!!

Автор tom studd ( назад)
Loved Prometheus but this looks like more aliens. Not interested. No

Автор dreaming4ffr ( назад)
aurora <3

Автор rztrzt ( назад)
Looks like a pile of horse shit....

Автор utubedano ( назад)
I don't think I'll be that disappointed this time as my expectations are
fairly low after the atrocity that was Prometheus.

Автор noice ( назад)
I hope we see a spitter or Raven in this movie

Автор Dale Smith ( назад)
Michael Fastbender, face huggers, xenomorphs, luke skywalker, explosions,
can't wait!! :D

Автор Joey R. Lario ( назад)
I think I'm gay....

Автор Va B ( назад)
Why making comments on a movie you can not have possibly seen yet? Why
don't you just keep it like that : The trailer was pretty good. Or not. I
wanna see the movie. Or not. Period.

Автор Nekomesha ( назад)
Ridley should of real quick watched Prometheus before making the sequel

Автор tyskenfan ( назад)
Omg, just no! From the trailer we already can how the entire movie will
play out: A group of people go to an alien planet, discover an alien ship,
someone gets attacked by facehuggers, gets sick, strange things happen on
the ship, a monster kills one human after another, the last one who will
survive will be that one girl, end of the movie. But wait: the alien
managed to climb on board of her escape ship, oh snap!
Where have I seen that plot before?

Автор macmac ( назад)
holy fucking hype

Автор rackinfrackin ( назад)

Автор Nourane Zayen ( назад)

Автор googleslocik ( назад)
Looks like complete boring rehash.
Also good to see the writing is as bad as in Prometheus.
"From the writers of Transcendence and Green Lantern" Fucking Ridley Scott
went senile.

Автор Александр Ткачёв ( назад)
no offence to the fans but.. meh.

Автор LashingMrX01 ( назад)
I have doubts already...

Автор Candy Ivelisse ( назад)
yes! finally! one of my fave movies of all time. now i have to see all
ALIENS movies... pizza and beer for christmas day. :)

Автор GETSUZUGA7ZX ( назад)

Автор sulphur aeon ( назад)
Ehhh looks very bad

Автор Seffron_ ( назад)
Prometheus 2 sequel ! Planet is same, but things have changed. Looks to be
like 50+ years have passed. They even find the people who died in
Prometheus movie (dog tags). They have david-android type too... Now comes
the question if this is the old David or new one... If this is old one,
than what has happened after Prometheus ended...

Автор edwin lious ( назад)
For anyone who is wondering, the song is Aurora - Nature boy

Автор C. Kevni ( назад)
yesssssssssssssssssssss! its about time...

Автор SomeTotalRandom ( назад)
Stupid people: Part 2

Автор hocuspocus by ( назад)
The moment you make things too much explicit, they start to look straight
out of a cheap B Grade movie. Too much action spoils the impact of visuals.
Another flop from Mr. Scott

Автор nisse t ( назад)
Very excited i like all Alien movies and i'm glad Ridley are doing a new

Автор Ivan Walker ( назад)
12 Yautja deslike this trailer

Автор Douglas Walendorff ( назад)

Автор 8bcrewpreX ( назад)
Sooo, this is not Prometheous 2??

Автор BinaryReader ( назад)
So watched this trailer a few times, and the trailer doesn't look very good
to me. Been trying to work out which part of this trailer people thought
was good. Was it the return of David? The shower scene? The blue tone
filters? don't get it, it seems rather Prometheus in tone, and was kinda
expecting something else....not hyped but hopeful I guess.

Автор Darkvine ( назад)
Forget about Star Wars, the new Alien will be here soon :p

Автор RubberGently ( назад)
Never have a threesome with a xenomorph...

Автор Lauren Southwick ( назад)
....the older ones are so much scarier... Ripley, come back!!!! it's not
the same without you.

Автор Lauren Southwick ( назад)
I miss Sigourney

Автор Shit Head Turd ( назад)
I wonder if the ship blows up.

Автор ChipArgyle ( назад)
Not sure what rating this will get.
Could be PG, for Previously Generated;
or M, for More of Same;
possibly R, for Rehashed.

Автор Adam Ostrowicz ( назад)
Looks promissing,I hope the full movie will be even better than this
trailer and trailer is awesome!

Автор DILLMAC ( назад)
What happened to Prometheus 2 ??

Автор razorback0z ( назад)
Jesus so that's the plan now is it??? Just remake Aliens because lets face
it you have proved if you use your own ideas its gonna be garbage like
Prometheus. I don't suppose there is the slightest chance you might look
around one of your 15 mansions and think.... "ya know what Im not gonna ass
fuck the legacy of my greatest work again, I will just be satisfied with
400 billion dollars"..... na didn't think so...... Fuck you Ridley.

Автор Some next level gaming ( назад)
that's why we need a wall

Автор SNOW SOS ( назад)
It would be cool to see the Xenomorph kick the other alien types asses.
Also 666 views we lit fam.

Автор Spencer Leboeuf ( назад)
nevermind I think it's Nature Boy Nat King Cole cover ...looking now lol

Автор Spencer Leboeuf ( назад)
anybody know the song?..

Автор Screen Time ( назад)
We did a reaction and put our 2 cents in on theories and random information
over here!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gUHdU-PDxc

Автор SNOW SOS ( назад)

Автор snake plissken ( назад)
is jason vorhees in this?

Автор necromancerisme ( назад)

Автор Shuhrat ( назад)
What a cockblock 1:45

Автор OGMillyMillz ( назад)

Автор Dnaovrimdan ( назад)
Bruh, motherfuck the person who cut this trailer. You gave too much away.
Yet again!!!! The shower scene. You just showed how Kenny Powers got
killed. Dumb fucks!!! I hate inexperience!!! This was novice work!!!!
Fucking immature scum!!!

Автор allsoladarity ( назад)
My body is ready!!!!!

Автор TryHardGamer10 ( назад)
Wait, so no Noomi Rapace? Are they going to kill her off?

Автор salman shariq ( назад)

Автор Diego Brando from another universe ( назад)
5th comment

Автор cycleforwardtime ( назад)
Okay, so that mone checks all the boxes..... Hmmmm..... I will see it and I
will be toasted, just like when I saw Alien.

Автор Captain Harlock ( назад)
Wow Cant believe I'm this early. Make Aliens great again 2017

Автор Justice Addo ( назад)

Автор FloatingRam ( назад)

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