The Lacs - "Country Road" Official Music Video

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My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Back to the place where I come from
My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Just how long have I been gone
Lord take me home
Lord take me home

I say bye to my folks as I pack my clothes
Mama don't cry I was born to go
You gonna see my name in the big city lights
And daddy you know your boy will be alright
I thought the big city life was the place for me
But things ain't always what they cracked up to be
Fell flat on my back such a fool of my soul
Now I'm headed back down my country road

My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Back to the place where I come from
My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Just how long have I been gone
Lord take me home
Lord take me home

Get on down the road now
I got a sack and a Uhaul
I'm gonna make it back to Georgia before the dew fall
A 6 pack and a half a pack of Pall Malls
Red wine, the kind that give ya lock jaw
Old tires ain't seen dirt roads in a while
But the grass getting green so I know I'm in the south
Old back wood feen and there ain't no doubt
I was born in the south go on take me to the house

My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Back to the place where I come from
My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Just how long have I been gone
Lord take me home
Thank God I was born in the south
Country folk gonna ride on out
Lord take me home
Thank God I was raised in the south
Country folk gonna ride on out

Back roads cruising on a 2 path lane
Stopping by the field checkin' out the sugar cane
Rollin down by the creek, switch it off and just listen
My roads ain't found on that navigation system
Stoppin' lookin' at deer tracks
Grabbin' me a beer from the back
30.06 by my side, can you feel that
A right at the chicken pen
A left at the back lodge
We made it to the river and we never touch a black top

My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Back to the place where I come from
My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Just how long have I been gone
Lord take me home
Thank God I was born in the south
Country folk gonna ride on out
Lord take me home
Thank God I was raised in the south
Country folk gonna ride on out, on out

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Автор Thomas Dziedzic (15 дней)
The south is where all negative stereotypes of the south come from, To
think other wise is completely ignorant.

Автор Kostelnick (5 месяцев)
I want to lift my k5

Автор Josh Cartledge (6 месяцев)
Damn good, Damn good,… I mean Damn Good!!,.. dammnt!

Автор megamurg (1 месяц)
0:41 Is it country to not close the lift glass?

Автор annie jo camilleri (2 месяца)

Автор DeIced htims (18 дней)
My country road take me home-back to the place where i come from.....Thank
God I was born in the South........

Автор James Brittan (21 день)
Love this song

Автор zuze1991 (1 месяц)
Anyone knows where to get DIY E36 4x4 conversion ?

Автор Devon McCollum (4 месяца)
Damn good song

Автор Ron Bird Jr (2 года)
If you have never listed to one of their songs please take the time and
give this new #outlawcountry band a try.

Автор Brandon Pribis (1 год)
This is such a good song 

Автор Mitch Steckel (7 месяцев)
the black Chevy is the best part

Автор Timothy Creech (1 год)
I still Love this song!! I missed home for so long.. And it was country
roads that brought me home!

Автор Robert Froese (1 год)
Okay, going to post two more videos by The Lacs (in honor of purchasing a
new album from them), hopefully someone will find them entertaining :)

This particular one I *just* found....it's been out for almost a year -_-
... but a good chill song - fairly opposite from the first one I posted.


The Lacs - "Country Road" Official Music Video

Автор chris masters (5 месяцев)
Message to the public at large!

Agenda 21 presented by the United Nations is going to kill 90% of the
population of the world due to overpopulation. There are camps already
built and are being staffed by the Russians as your reading this. This will
be the largest disaster ever known to mankind and no one is doing anything
about this. Dont blow this off as a conspiracy because it is not. Go right
now and look for yourself or expect the worst when the government comes for
you and your family.

Автор Ken Israel (11 месяцев)

Автор ildiko corello (8 месяцев)
cool ford car

Автор Youthon Redmond (11 месяцев)

Автор Charles Holley (7 месяцев)
ewwww skoal berry that shit is horrible

Автор James Stobaugh (1 год)
But things aint always what they cracked up to be..Fell flat on my back
searchin' for my soul..Now I’m headed back down my country road..!!

Автор thomas hulst (5 дней)
damn good song 

Автор gooba0 (25 дней)
Deep. Born in Alabama, grew up in North Carolina. Live in so cal now
missing the south...

Автор cdan831 (2 месяца)
Thank God!

Автор benjamin flanagan (4 месяца)
Love them backroads.

Автор Anna Lloyd (3 месяца)
Great Song :)
Love . 

Автор noma jhondeere (3 месяца)
great song

Автор jamie mahoney (10 дней)
pretty sweet song man

Автор 1 SOURCE FOR COD GHOSTS! (3 месяца)
my 1986 k5 chevy blazer is better

Автор James Johnson (1 месяц)
Fuck man, great song!

Автор chris kilgore (7 месяцев)
people can say what they want to, i don't care. but this shit is cool, and
that ol chevy diggin...that's the shit right there. peace.

Автор Jeff clark (7 месяцев)
You boys must have known me sometime, in some life. I ain't no young man
and I love your music!

Автор Mary Leach (6 месяцев)
I was going to post "country roads" by John D. on my FB but this is keeping
it real in Georgia...I'm old as dirt but love the Lacs, live near the river
and love my country roots....just say'n...ya'll be safe now.

Автор Papa Brown (1 месяц)
Love it!!!

Автор TurennTek (4 месяца)
Thank god I was born before County Rap

Автор Angie McCoy (6 месяцев)
Love this music southern style.

Автор x2xx3x (1 месяц)
Daaamnnn Goooood Song!!!
Fucking great vocals, fucking great guitar!!! Awesome!!

Автор Austin Miller (3 месяца)
this song makes me want to go back home 

Автор Lance Coffey (3 месяца)
Bad ass makes me wanna ho home 

Автор aleibich (2 месяца)
The perfect song....... only thing I don't like about it is that it makes
my wife cry....... ATL, GA is her hometown. We're living in Tennessee right
now, she wants to go back so bad, but we just can't right now for personal
reasons. Anyway, love all your music, and will be seein' y'all in Nashville
on May 30th!

Автор DnH Brown (7 месяцев)
Back to Mathews GA

Автор jordan whitford (4 месяца)
I getting a truck setting on 40 and its going be sweet!!!!

Автор melanie molnes (5 месяцев)
Love these boys!!!

Автор Cami White (1 месяц)
I love this song! I can relate to this Lol

Автор ethan Bubba (1 месяц)
country boys getting it done again!!

Автор Paul foy (12 дней)
Love this song... takes me home on that country road

Автор Derek Hefner (1 месяц)
the one song my parents remember me by

Автор KnockMadness (2 месяца)
What if I told you that I'm from Arizona a city boy but loves the country
and mixed black and white who listens to rap music but likes this shit too.
You think I could ever hang out with these guys? 

Автор ordnanceveteran (1 месяц)
i lived in the suburbs/country....and i moved to the city it kind of

Автор Caylee Shaw (3 месяца)
Love this song 

Автор CrazyRayTv1 (3 месяца)
746 of these people are from the city me and my dad know the lacs

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