The Lacs - "Country Road" Official Music Video

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My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Back to the place where I come from
My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Just how long have I been gone
Lord take me home
Lord take me home

I say bye to my folks as I pack my clothes
Mama don't cry I was born to go
You gonna see my name in the big city lights
And daddy you know your boy will be alright
I thought the big city life was the place for me
But things ain't always what they cracked up to be
Fell flat on my back such a fool of my soul
Now I'm headed back down my country road

My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Back to the place where I come from
My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Just how long have I been gone
Lord take me home
Lord take me home

Get on down the road now
I got a sack and a Uhaul
I'm gonna make it back to Georgia before the dew fall
A 6 pack and a half a pack of Pall Malls
Red wine, the kind that give ya lock jaw
Old tires ain't seen dirt roads in a while
But the grass getting green so I know I'm in the south
Old back wood feen and there ain't no doubt
I was born in the south go on take me to the house

My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Back to the place where I come from
My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Just how long have I been gone
Lord take me home
Thank God I was born in the south
Country folk gonna ride on out
Lord take me home
Thank God I was raised in the south
Country folk gonna ride on out

Back roads cruising on a 2 path lane
Stopping by the field checkin' out the sugar cane
Rollin down by the creek, switch it off and just listen
My roads ain't found on that navigation system
Stoppin' lookin' at deer tracks
Grabbin' me a beer from the back
30.06 by my side, can you feel that
A right at the chicken pen
A left at the back lodge
We made it to the river and we never touch a black top

My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Back to the place where I come from
My country road take me home
Take me to the place where I was born
My country road take me home
Just how long have I been gone
Lord take me home
Thank God I was born in the south
Country folk gonna ride on out
Lord take me home
Thank God I was raised in the south
Country folk gonna ride on out, on out

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Автор Kaitlin Hamilton (1 месяц)
Country road !!!!oh yaa come on country boys 

Автор Thomas Dziedzic (9 месяцев)
The south is where all negative stereotypes of the south come from, To
think other wise is completely ignorant.

Автор Lee Ralph (1 месяц)
Great Video! Loved this video even before I saw the Pabst!!!! LOL Someone
here are commenting about South vs North or "Can you be country and be from
the north?"
People, enjoy the video and song!!! This video shows a lifestyle that can
be connected with by many in ANY state that know more then just city
This video shows rural AMERICA...North AND South!!!!

Автор Waylon Chapin (2 месяца)
thank god I was raised in the south

Автор WVU Benjisaur (7 месяцев)
Country roads take me home, to the place where I belong, mountain momma...
take me home. <3

Not quite the same as Mr Denver's epic song but close enough to be pretty
damn awesome.

Автор épic charley (2 месяца)
the life in the north is pretty harder 

Автор Edward Whaley (1 месяц)
Y'all done it again I really enjoy all the music I hear here and it helps
me enjoy my life every time I am down and out I can hallways find a song to
pick me back up

Автор Mary Ware (10 дней)
Great song I love it. Great job guys 

Автор Aim Woods (20 дней)
Was expecting a Country song and ran into this. Not bad 

Автор Mason Griswold (1 месяц)
I like this song but you can tell they edited the part out were the blazer
got stuck

Автор Nathaniel Pittman (2 месяца)
Cool video I love the lacs music

Автор Jonathon Dunigan (1 месяц)
old river road

Автор Catherine Peltier (2 месяца)
OMFG youre gonna go there people with the HATE... skin color means nothin'
kid... Im fkn multi racial... my skin color may be white but I AM White,
Black, Yellow, and Red.. I happen to like these guys...

Автор Tepig Rules101 (27 дней)
our country road our country, those city fokes come down and miss treat us
there is a fight going down so city fokes back the hell up if you think
your the boss then your wrong

Автор ryan (2 месяца)
0:07 who the fuck packs deer antlers. And the fuck SKOAL BERRY?

Автор Kaitlyn “Kait” Alewine (2 месяца)
The Lacs - "Country Road" Official Music Video: http://youtu.be/NCNc0AKkARg

Автор Ben Dover (16 дней)
I'm redneck'd as fuuuck. I don't particularly care for a rap beat. But this
shit is baaaad ass. Props.

Автор KIMBERLY TUCKER (3 месяца)
I absolutely love this song. Its song addicting. Every time i listen to it,
it draws me in more and more. Keep up the good work guys and keep it real.
I look forward to hearing more. #TheLacs

Автор KennEth Robinson (2 дня)

Автор adoptastray applications (11 дней)
not playing I am an heiress who loves ur music.

Автор Crystal Lynch (5 дней)
The Lacs - "Country Road" Official Music Video: https://youtu.be/NCNc0AKkARg

Автор Michael Brown (3 дня)
Keep it fucking redneck!!! Fuck all yuppie unamerican fucks everyone comes
her cause we are the best and they like our country!!! 

Автор wayne vanicor (1 месяц)
diz is knw how im gona start looking at life for knw on instead of all the
fukd up whase i was gona look at my fukd up wayz i really funk have bin

Автор ethan 7X57 (1 день)
songs about titty fucking! now who doesn't like that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Daniel Patton (2 месяца)
The Lacs - "Country Road" Official Music Video: http://youtu.be/NCNc0AKkARg

Автор Sherry Delgado (17 дней)
Love this style of music, I must be a redneck. Holler from north Oregon

Автор James Daniels (2 месяца)
Stay down my country road!!! 

Автор Dwayne Leet (2 месяца)

Автор Matthew Pearman (1 месяц)
love this sound. Pretty sweet K5 too

Автор Ron Meirr (1 месяц)
The Lacs - "Country Road" Official Music Video: http://youtu.be/NCNc0AKkARg

Автор Warrior Woodlands Inc. (1 месяц)
Lord Take me Home.
Thank God We were Born in The South!

Автор Chris M (22 дня)
I so wish I was coming to see ya'll tomorrow night, But i waited to long to
try to get tickets due to funds. Next time. I know ya'll will be back at
the shop!

Автор btconkright (1 месяц)
This song shows how everything is not just hip hop rather listen to hick

Автор Nick RiChard (1 месяц)
My dads fucking 7.9 liter doge Cummins would out pull the shit out of that

Автор max spromberg (1 месяц)
great job on this tune I love it I live in a little town in the country 

Автор will borio (7 месяцев)
It blows my mind how so many people from the south are so disconnected from
the north. It seems they only see chicago and new york in the north. I live
in illinois surrounded by corn and horses. I live in a town of 750 in a
county of 5000. We have not one stop light in the entire county and most of
our roads are back roads. When I was in high school we had tractor day
where all the farm kids would drive tractors to school and pull trailers
with the kids they puck up on the way. We go mudding and shooting. Yet ppl
from the south don't consider us country. Sad really they ha e no idea. 

Автор Chris Escobar (15 дней)
Another roll nice style 

Автор Laura Jackson (9 дней)
Rascisim is retarted as u get. Southern ppl are not all haters. Bible said
we are not to judge others. Well clearly some think that if ur born in the
south u r racist not True. So redneck n southern Baptist. An dam I'm proud
of my country bk roads 

Автор Mariah Richardson (1 месяц)
I absolutely love this song!!!

Автор adoptastray applications (11 дней)
DO y'all have a label yet 

Автор zachary stachowski (2 месяца)
country by the grace of God and country rap is AWESOME 

Автор Cierra Lafountain (1 месяц)
I love this song

Автор Wilson Galloway (2 дня)
People from up north need to get a fucking life it upsets me when they
think they can talk bad about us when if they wer us they would feel bad

Автор Jimmy Woods (3 месяца)
I love this song I wish I can go back to salom and go find my old house
that bert down win I was little kid man I wish I can brang it all back

Автор Mariah Bosley (7 дней)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор rellik187redrum (14 часов)
This is a good one

Автор Maxwell Cary (2 месяца)
This is my sad song.

Автор Taylor Pratt (1 месяц)
I'm a country girl I was from west plains I hate city's ......u yall make a
good songs

Автор Michelle Reynolds (25 дней)
That is a good song.

Автор Joel Benson (2 месяца)
Y'all talk about being a real man and what you chew, dip ya some

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